I want to start by saying how grateful I

am that you are all here to receive this

message I believe that this is not just

a message but a Divine word that has

been given to us by the Lord himself

and I hope that it inspires and uplifts

you as much as it has me the first thing

that stands out to me is that the Lord

is saying that we are equipped this is

such a powerful message because

sometimes we can doubt ourselves and

feel like we are not enough we can feel

like we are not ready to take on what

God has called us to do but the truth is

that we are equipped and we have been

equipped by the Lord himself he has been

working behind the scenes preparing us

for this moment he has been anointing us

breaking the Yokes of fear and stagnancy

off our lives so that we can move


this is a Clarion call a trumpet call

for the anointed it is a call to action

to step out of hiding and into the light

it is a call to take the next step to

trust that God has already prepared the

way for us and when we answer this call

we will receive mantles from the Lord

mantles are a sign of authority and they

represent a responsibility that we have

been entrusted with when we receive

mantles we are given the power to make a

difference in the world for those of you

who have been in hiding who have been

feeling lost or unsure it is time to

come out of hiding your next

instructions are coming and they are

coming from the Lord himself for those

of you who haven’t been able to hear God

clearly it is time to open your ears and

your heart he is speaking to you and he

has been speaking to you all along you

are equipped to hear his voice and he is

ready to reveal his plans to you I want

to encourage you all to take some time

after this message to sit with the Lord

and study the scripture that was given

let him minister to you in your personal

situation ask him to reveal his plans

for your life and to give you the

courage and the strength to step out in

faith and when you do remember that you

are equipped you are anointed you have

been given mantles by the Lord himself

and with these mantles you can make a

difference in the world you have been

called dear friend the sound of the

trumpet is ringing in your ears

summoning you to your appointment to

your purpose you were set apart by God

to prepare you for this very moment and

now is the time to step out of fear and

into your anointing the mantle of

authority is being bestowed upon you a

spiritual covering that empowers you to

carry out God’s plan and purpose for

your life you have been anointed to

break the Yoke of fear doubt complacency

and procrastination that have held you

back for far too long it is time to

embrace your appointment and Trust in

the Divine favor and instruction that

God is about to impart to you perhaps

you have already experienced this

anointing and you have felt the weight

of your doubts and fears lifted off of

your shoulders but for others this is a

New Journey a journey that requires

courage faith and a willingness to serve

remember the story of Elisha and Elijah

where the mantle of authority was passed

down from one Prophet to another you too

are receiving a transference of

anointing one that will Empower you to

walk in the power of Christ and to

fulfill Your Divine Purpose so do not be

afraid dear friend you have been chosen

for this moment be positioned to receive

ready to serve and open to the Divine

instructions that will guide you on your

journey you are a warrior a conqueror a

champion you have been anointed to break

chains to bring light to Darkness and to

transform lives embrace your mantle of

authority and step into the purpose that

God has called you to fulfill you are

capable you are courageous and you are

loved let the sound of the trumpet call

guide you on your journey and may the

divine fine anointing of God Empower you

to achieve greatness Beyond Your Wildest

Dreams today I want to encourage you to

rise up and step into the destiny that

God has prepared for you it’s time to

put aside your fears doubts and

procrastination and embrace the power

that he has anointed you with you were

made for this very moment in your life

for this very season it’s time to come

out of hiding out of isolation and

embrace the call that God has placed on

your life I know that sometimes it’s

hard to believe in yourself especially

when you’re faced with challenges and

obstacles that seem insurmountable but

remember the Lord is with you always and

he has equipped you with everything you

need to fulfill your purpose however as

you step out into the world and pursue

your calling you will encounter people

in situations that may try to discourage

you or pull you back into the things

you’ve already overcome but don’t doubt

the power of God’s hand in your life he

is bigger than any obstacle and he has

already promised you the victory when

you begin to see the manifestation of

God’s favor wisdom and wealth in your

life don’t be afraid instead let it fill

you with a healthy fear or and reverence

of God allow it to inspire you to go

even further to dream even bigger and to

trust even more deeply in his plan for

your life even when you grow tired know

that God is always there to lift you up

to renew your strength and to guide you

on your path you are on the cusp of a

new beginning a journey that will take

you to Heights you never thought

possible you have made the decision to

follow God for real to truly repent and

turn away from your sin and now he is

ready to use you in your fullest

capacity to walk you up to the

actualization of yourself who you truly


as you embark on this journey be aware

that not everyone will understand your

new path some may even be jealous of the

transformation they see in your life but

do not let this deter you instead let it

be a testimony of the amazing work that

God has done in your life let it be a

beacon that draws others towards the

love and grace of God however as you

continue on this path be on guard

against the influences and situations

that may cause you to forfeit your

promises stay vigilant and be Discerning

do not be deceived by the surface

appearances of people or situations look

deeper into the spirit of things and

people and ask God to impart more

discernment and wisdom into your life

remember nobody can take away the

promises that God has made for you it’s

easy to get lost in the chaos and

negativity of the world around us there

are always going to be naysayers

doubters and negative situations that

threaten to hold us back and make us

doubt ourselves but it’s up to us what

we allow to influence us God is hitting

us with challenges so that we can go out

in his power we may they feel like it’s

impossible but we have to remember that

it’s not us doing it it’s him we just

have to trust him and walk with him and

he will continue to strengthen us

sometimes we may slip up and fall back

into our flesh just like Peter stepping

out of the boat and sinking but we have

work to do and we are equipped to do it

God is giving us our next instruction

and there is a Clarion call for us to

stand up for the kingdom of God and do

what we were created and purpose to do

on this Earth it’s our time this is our

war cry to stand up and make a

difference we must have faith in God’s

power and favor we are never too small

or too insignificant to make an impact

you have been chosen by the almighty to

carry out his divine plan on this Earth

the mantles of great Heroes of Faith

have been bestowed upon you the spirit

of Elisha Deborah David Joseph and

Esther now resides in you you have been

empowered to conquer and fulfill

everything that God has purposed you to

do it’s not going to be an easy Journey

but remember that the same spirit it

that raised Jesus from the dead lives in

you the call of the Lord is upon you you

have a purpose to fulfill you have been

predestined to accomplish great things

in the name of Jesus the world is

waiting for you to step up and make a

difference don’t let fear or doubt hold

you back believe in yourself because God

believes in you he has placed a fire in

your heart that cannot be quenched it’s

time to put in the work it’s Kingdom

time you are a warrior in the army of

the Lord the battle has already been won

walk in the victory that Jesus has

already secured for you as you go out to

conquer always remember to give glory

and honor to God everything you do do it

with Excellence as unto the Lord seek

first the kingdom of God and all these

things will be added unto you so go

forth with confidence with boldness and

with a heart that is fully surrendered

to God

you have been chosen for such a time as

this you are a part of the great plan of

God may the Lord perfect everything that

concerns you may he complete the work

that he started in you and may you stand

before him on that perfect day knowing

that you have fulfilled your purpose on

this earth type amen if you believe in

the Lord



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