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my precious child I come to you this day with an important message I wish to impart one that shall unlock blessings

and breakthroughs within your life draw near and hearken for my words

give life for some time now heaviness has gripped your heart I have peered

upon your hidden tears and heard the soft size as you have wrestled with unrelenting trials maybe you have begun

to query whether I notice or care feeling over looked and disregarded but

I tell you my beloved your struggles have not escaped my sight I am the overseer of all no tear Falls or

sorrowed notion enters your mind before I am present with compassion to unfold you tenderly not once have I abandoned

your side even as the path grows dim and my presence ephemeral I remain

steadfast I shall never forsake you the adversities you have so valiantly faced

are known to to me and I share in your griefs for I consider you my own I care

because you are my child handcrafted within your mother for my

purposes my darling one will you elevate my words above the false Whispers of the

deceiver who craves only Devastation he is the father of Lies

whose sole design is to ravage and demolish with cunning efficiency he scatters seeds of hopelessness seeking

to distort perspectives of my goodness and thus derail the plans I have for you

but fear not his schemes shall not succeed incline your ear this day to

capture my voice fix your musings on that which resides above not Earthly

chaos fathom I see the deepest Cry of your heart and long to unveil the revelations that profer Clarity

Direction and initiate breakthrough the enemy’s fondest aspiration is that hopelessness will

disillusion you driving you from me in a tempest of disenchantment but be assured that I

have overcome and through me you shall also rise Victorious over every

difficulty place your unwavering trust in me allow me to revive and restore you

perhaps you query what constitutes divine revelation it is discernment derived from my heavenly Throne Room

pondering once veiled now illuminated by my spirit for your edification divine revelation peers

behind surface interpretations to Glimpse what transpires in invisible Realms when I grant divine revelation

you Traverse from Earthly confinement into broader comprehension of my perspectives which transcend

limitations dear child when you gain a deep understanding it’s like a light

shining on your situations making everything clearer remember remember when I said you don’t have things

because you don’t ask for them it’s sad that you often don’t ask for the blessings I’m ready to give but when you

truly understand you start to pray boldly expecting great things this understanding helps you

realize that I as your loving father am happy to give you these blessings if you

just ask this deeper understanding also reveals the obstacles and negative

patterns in your life often caused by our enemy me the devil I want to free

you completely from these I’ll show you where the enemy has influenced your life

spreading lies and creating barriers between us my revelation will bring

light to these dark areas so you can move forward without stumbling seeing everything

clearly but remember with this deep understanding comes a big responsibility I’m inviting you into my

deeper plans and secrets things that are meant only for those who you are ready to see and hear them hold on to these

Revelations tightly as they are more valuable than anything on Earth ask my spirit to help you see the

scriptures in a new light take time to listen to my gentle guidance write down

the visions and dreams I give you as they are part of my plan then confidently declare that my will be done

on Earth as it is in heaven following the direction I have shown you I assure

you nothing can stop my plans from happening when you pray like this

beloved there are three important promises in divine revelation for you to

trust first when I highlight something it means I’ve already started making it happen in the spiritual realm just like

I created the world with my words my words are powerful and always

achieve what I intend so when I reveal something to you

things that were stuck or not moving will quickly start to happen obstacles will vanish chains will

break and paths will open just like they did for my servant Daniel in his

youth remember how he fasted and prayed for Israel’s Freedom after weeks of

prayer My Messenger told him that his prayers had been heard and soon after Israel was

freed second Divine Revelations help you pray in a way that stops the enemy’s

plans to harm you just like it did for Daniel when I show you the truth you might face

more challenges but I’ll also make you stronger to overcome these plans you’ll

be amazed to see how I turn the enemy’s plans against them their words and plans

against you will fail and you’ll be able to bless your enemies instead of fighting them I’ll show you hidden

dangers so you can avoid them nothing can stop what I have decided to do

through you lastly when you ask me for things

I’ve revealed to you and declare my will what seemed impossible will start

happening in your world even if others doubt your faith strengthened by Revelation won’t give up

until what I’ve shown you becomes a reality for everyone to see such prayers have a lasting impact

far beyond your life when you pray Heaven’s decisions change things in your

favor bringing life and freedom suddenly I can change situ situations that seemed unchangeable

against you the moment you pray based on my Revelations old limits are replaced

by new possibilities and the things I’ve shown you will be free from any hindrance as the power of Heaven

enforces my will on Earth my dear child I encourage you to ask boldly and

believe wholeheartedly in the grand plans I have for you don’t limit yourself with narrow thinking or human

logic when dreaming of the best possible outcomes remember I have said that that no eye has seen nor ear heard the

Wonders I have prepared for those who seek me the wealth of heaven is far beyond

what you can imagine or handle right now even if I showed you everything I have for you it would be too much for you to

manage in your current state so come confidently and receive the blessings I

have already bought for you ask me for better health for miracles like those experienced by Saints in the past pray

for prosperity to support good works across the land all you need to do is

ask declare my will and you will see breakthroughs happen like powerful winds changing your

situation overcoming obstacles that seemed impossible by human

standards remember what I see and plan for you is much greater than what you can see for

yourself work with me align your heart with my will revealed to you and

together we will achieve the impossible my beloved come closer and listen

carefully to what I have to tell you believe that I want the best for you and

am ready to give you more than you can imagine I have plans for you carefully

crafted throughout time leading to your success and well-being the enemy might try to

confuse these plans with lies but he will not succeed when You Face trials

see them as signs that great things are about to happen these challenges confirm the precious

Destiny I have specifically designed for you in our private moments I have shown

you glimpses and Visions meant to strengthen you when the world gets tough

keep these images in mind believing they will soon become

reality the Fulfillment of my promises might seem delayed but they will come at

the perfect time just like habac said my vision has a set time and will happen

exactly as I have planned even when you feel like I’m silent know that I am carefully watching

over every detail of your life my dear child do not be afraid no

plan against you will ultimately work out the enemy’s plans are weak against the good things I have in store for you

his attempts are just noise and show trying to scare you with a false sense of power but just like the night runs

from the day confusion and darkness disappear when I speak when I declare your destiny and

true identity it’s clear and Powerful the enemy tries to drown out my voice

with all sorts of distractions but when I finally say it is finished all that

noise will stop don’t be misled by the chaos around you focus on the vision

I’ve planted in your heart it will surely happen my blessings pour out when

you earnestly seek the them and are ready to receive keep knocking persistently and

the treasures of heaven will open for you ask boldly think big and dream

Without Limits and I will respond more generously than you can even

imagine my blessings are not limited by Earthly standards they come from a place

of endless possibility don’t limit me with small thinking or limited dreams

get a glimpse of my boundless love and generos it in the scriptures and through my affection for you then get ready for

even more as you welcome my blessings remember what you give out will come back to you in Greater measure give

generously love fully and you’ll see the rewards multiply under my watchful

eye I decide when the time is right for these blessings But be sure they will

come at the right time don’t let doubt creep in trust in my nature and faith

faithfulness I can definitely do what I have promised my storehouses are full of

blessings waiting for those I love I’m eager to shower you with favor and abundance until you have more than

enough never think I don’t care about your needs or can’t meet them the real question is whether you’re

ready to receive all that I want to give you try to see things as I do as you let

yourself be shaped by my guidance and discipline I’ll make you into a vessel of Glory ready to handle the abundance

of heaven with joy and integrity I am always looking for people who are willing to help distribute my blessings

to those in desperate need those who are ready and have surrendered themselves catch my

attention as they are prepared to be channels for miraculous Provisions miracles of abundance are

waiting to happen at my command all I need are empty vessels ready to be filled through obedience and

Faith when your intentions align purely with my desires there are no limits to

the blessings I want to give be radically generous and become a channel

for these Supernatural supplies let go of any selfish goals that might block this flow instead fully

commit your life to being Guided by my spirit letting my kindness and love flow

through you freely I am a master Craftsman and art creating Unique Treasures from Ordinary

People you are a Priceless Masterpiece made in my image designed to show my

Glory by unleashing your creative potential true beauty comes from surrendering to my shaping hands embrace

my transformative vision for your life stay connected to me like a branch to a

Vine and find your destiny through my divine plan your true identity comes

from our close relationship ship not from your achievements you are already loved

Chosen and accepted by me use this as a foundation To Boldly take risks and

build something great alongside me stand firm on these promises trusting in my

proven character and history remember I bring life to what was dead create abundance from nothing

and Foster unity in reconciliation I love turning to space air into Beauty demonstrating my power

through what seems impossible for humans as you look ahead with faith driven

Vision the boundaries of your influence will grow vastly remember as a child of

a Victorious King you have great power expand my kingdom every day by

surrendering to my spirit with me nothing is impossible never

underestimate the strength of your partnership with me and the angels that fight alongside you now is the time to

deepen your commitment to me and receive more profound insights and Revelations

reserved for those who Focus solely on me free from worldly distractions there’s always more for

those who let me work within them Embrace new responsibilities that enable you to show Powerful Love in

society be brave in the areas where I’ve given you authority to bring about change the word world is ready for a

spiritual Harvest pray for more workers to join in this effort but don’t forget

about the mission field right outside your door in your own community and daily

interactions see those around you as I do deeply loved incredibly valuable and

destined for a Divine Purpose share the truth with wisdom and kindness look

deeper than just people’s actions and pray for insight into the under underlying issues and hurts that need my

healing when relationships break down Envision them being rebuilt through

forgiveness and unity the enemy tries to create Division and

isolation counteract this with compassion and my love be filled with

bright hope for the promises that seem delayed are not denied I assure you I won’t withhold any

good thing from those who walk Faithfully with me let your hearts brim with Great Expectations today as you

receive my overflowing love and generous gifts given in response to your prayers

Rejoice for the best days are ahead as we walk together I’m leading the way

preparing paths for you to follow without hindrance together we will see our

influence and territory grow on earth stand up in faith and boldly step into

the great Destiny I have for you your moment of breakthrough is here

my dear one come up higher with me to a place of Wonder don’t lose hope for the

Fulfillment of my promises is approaching like the sunrise Don’t Fear The Enemy who

pretends to be powerful but is actually weak and defeated dismiss his threats and lies they have no power over you

I’ve taken away his authority remember you have triumphed over the enemy through my victory use my name to stand

against him when you face challenges on my word and see fear and opposition

disappear lift yourself from sadness and fear you are no longer bound or silenced

declare your victory over the enemy rule with the authority I give you as all

creation is waiting for your command nothing can stop my blessings or change my plans for you my precious

child so don’t be afraid of attacks or Darkness focus on me your Refuge and

comfort I will show you who you really are loved and perfect in my

eyes our relationship is sealed Forever by My Sacrifice no one can take away what we

share as you listen more to my spirit you’ll find yourself walking in a refreshing life-giving flow Joy will be

yours as you experience my salvation barriers and lies will fall away in the face of my

generosity I am doing something new in your life I announce to you a new

beautiful world is emerging join me and I will lead you out of hardship into a land of

promise we will climb to Heights of Wonder together with a path laid out

across Eternal Landscapes your journey will be full of life and new experiences you are now

surrounded by joy and celebration dressed in my righteousness you are no longer abandoned but are strong and just

showing my glory I bring beauty from ashes Joy instead of sadness your past

Sorrows are disappearing in this new joyful Dawn look up for a new day is

coming where there was once despair now there is hope and transformation I bless you with abundant

favor like rain bringing life to dry land in this secret intimate place we

share deep truths and Revelations here you will gain wisdom and greater faith and through you

miracles will multiply in My Kingdom even the least

will achieve more than the greatest Deeds on Earth as you are filled with my presence you will soar to new heights

not just hidden valleys we will journey together through Uncharted territories

bringing light and freedom to those in darkness as your God I lead the way

burning away darkness and destroying strongholds my love for you is like Fierce lightning

Unstoppable and Powerful I am always watching over you

ready to bless you every day nothing can stop my love or the Abundant riches I have for you my

special treasure my glory will soon surround you I have incredible Revelations waiting for you things

beyond what anyone has imagined our adventure is just beginning but for now

stay with me in the safe place I made for you among the high peaks rest in my

presence and prepare to see the Wonders I have planned since the beginning of time come and spend time with me my dear

one your heart longs for deeper understanding and more of my love and I am eager to reveal Mysteries and glories

to you your current understanding is just a fraction of what I have in store together we’ll go beyond what

you’ve ever thought possible as we journey heart to heart I’ll guide you you safely into new

wonders immersing you in possibilities beyond your dreams in my light any limiting beliefs

will disappear I’ll break open the narrow box of your understanding I have a vast Destiny for

you planned even before the earth was formed do not underestimate Small

Beginnings your life is fertile ground for incredible blessings seeds sewn

quietly will soon bring abundant harvests promises made in the quiet will soon be proclaimed loudly showing my

glory through you I will fulfill what I’ve spoken over you partial glimpses of

Glory will become the full Splendor of who you are in me my voice once a whisper will become a powerful

Declaration of your identity and Authority as your desire for deeper

experiences grows I’ll Take You Higher I will satisfy your soul with visions of

unknown Realms and your longing for more of my spirit will be met with overwhelm whing presence my glory in you will draw

others to me as you let my spirit work within you my revelation will shine

brighter in your life you’ll break through Darkness radiating the Brilliance of my son the Bright Morning

Star in these last days even as the world faces turmoil you will know

perfect peace and confidence in quiet times with me you’ll find

strength from these trials you’ll emerge bold older ready to speak life and

Truth healing will come to those who have been spiritually blind leading many

from Darkness to light a new generation is rising to show the world who I really am in genuine and refreshing ways and

you my beloved I have chosen as a brave lionhearted Warrior clothed in my

righteousness Lift High the banner of my love and Proclaim Victory As you move into new territories meant for this

moment no weapon against you will succeed and no plan of the enemy will

overcome you as long as you remain in me the one within you is greater than

the one in the world who seeks to destroy together we will build an unshakable Bond unaffected by chaos or

disaster stay close to me feel my heartbeat and let our Unity guide you

into untapped areas of Kingdom potential there are no limits to what I

can show you no boundaries to how far and deep we will go are you ready child

are you willing to go further faster and deeper than ever incredible things

unseen by any before await you with each Revelation your soul will experience new

excitement you will carry these Treasures reflecting my light into the world’s Darkness turning night into day

for those at life’s Crossroads Greater Works of my kingdom are just ahead more than you’ve seen so

far a pivotal moment is upon you as I pour out my spirit on all people in an

extraordinary way all of creation eagerly awaits this time of divine

visitation now beginning celebrate for your freedom is here the dawn of a long awaited Revival

has arrived the night’s long sorrow is fading as the Morning Star Rises with

healing from east to west no part of the world will remain Untouched by the

outpouring I am bringing the time is now for you to take your place as I establish my rule

through those who yield to me look up to the high places I’m calling you to let

go of Earthly limits set your heart on Heavenly things joining me in my mission

we will venture into Realms once thought impossible always in Perfect Harmony I

am leading the way into unexplored territory just follow me closely where I am you

will be too you’re about to see wonders beyond anything you’ve known the Marvels I will

accomplish through those who are willing are Indescribable The Impossible will become

ordinary and all of Creation watches this momentous time in history you were

born for this moment step forward with confidence keeping your eyes on me take

my hand an incredible journey awaits filled with wonders beyond your

imagination as we climb ever higher together you will see greater things by

my side than you ever dream possible my beloved each step along the path reveals

more blessings Untold more glories waiting to

unfold what wonders will we behold around the next Corner the Shadows

recede as Dawn illumines our way Green Pastures stretch wide on every

side Lush fragrant vibrant with life Still Waters Sparkle under boundless

Skies as your Shepherd guides your footsteps gently through this land I have prepared uniquely for you my Pace

matches yours precisely my strength upholds when weariness sets in I know

every phase of your journey intimately our route has been mapped since before time began anointing

multiplies exponentially in surrendered ones who lean wholly on me as deepest secret places open freely

to my workmanship awakened dreams take flight on Winds of Destiny your enclosure

enlarged Beyond former Realms Pathways emerge leading ever higher Horizons

expand at each upward step until all limitations recede from view breathe

deeply precious one do not doubt your ability to scale such formidable Heights

in my power I crafted the deepest valleys and highest peaks alike the

entire Earth proclaims my Majesty you need only take my hand again as onward

we soar something beckons within does it not an inner urgency prods you higher

still further up than mortal frames were designed to climb but promised Mysteries

cannot remain hidden soon explosive light will stream over sharp Peaks spilling Revelation once

guarded for this climactic hour are you ready the next ledge reveals spectacles

too stunning for words but Whispers within resonate with

familiarity like forgotten Visions birthed ages ago now recollected in a rush of

Wonder Divine imprints lodged long ago in human Spirit now ignite

recognition though your eyes behold Majesty here for the first time your inner depths

testify Humanity forgot its Destiny during long centuries groping in

Shadows but Radiance Dawning over this Summit quickens that ancient memory implanted in every soul Before Time

began you were fashioned for Glory I have not brought you this far

only to withhold completing every promise stored up for you in Heaven’s Reserve eres greater Revelations of me await

than you have capacity now to Steward you were fashioned for flight

built to soar no Earthbound shackles can contain the release of your creative

potential Now Behold a fresh mantle settles round your shoulders your

training here scaffolds strength for ventures Beyond human capacity Rejoice

the borders of your realm expand exponentially this day all you you have witnessed thus far merely samples

glories yet undisclosed my beloved child consider the farmer who plants corn kernels in

the dark soil at first the field looks bare with no visible signs of the potential

waiting to emerge but the farmer has cultivated the ground laid the

foundation and trusted in the process then green chots Push Up From

Below reaching for the Sun in time tall stalks bear many ears heavy

with ripe kernels each one containing dozens of new seeds from only a handful of corn

planted a great crop arises through patience and care my child you may feel your efforts

thus far have been small or insignificant like Single Seeds lost in a vast

field but do not underestimate their latent power when combined with my

blessing the seeds you sew will push through adversity cultivated by my

hand in my timing your faith and works will bear good fruit that nourishes many

you have Heavenly Capital to invest if you desire increase bring to me your

talents dreams relationships and resources both spiritual and practical

allow me to guide their cultivation what you freely offer up to my purposes I can multiply

supernaturally beyond your present capacity as my willing Steward boldly

risk investing all that I have already entrusted to you expect a significant

return imagine a flowering Vine tended carefully through seasons of pruning

training and patient nurturing in time its expanding system

of healthy stems and branches Bears luxuriant blooms that continue regenerating year after

year the Gardener finds great satisfaction witnessing the plant reach its genetic potential as loving

cultivation unlocks once dormant Beauty my precious one you are like that

vine alive with promise our relationship refines and strengthens you

incrementally so you can bear lasting spiritual fruit in caring for you I celebrate each

new Bud that opens as you yield more of yourself to my hands joyfully expect ever more

abundant blossoming still awaited my purposes for you continue ripening behind the scenes in deeper

Realms though you have already seen much fruit the best Harvest lies further

ahead what I have seated in your soul is merely the first fruits of far greater abundance still coming to full maturity

within you the blooms you have enjoyed thus far give only a small taste of your true

creative potential yet to be revealed take heart and press onward my

beloved the travail of this season is temporary while its glories are Eternal do not lose hope in my

transformational process at work in you the pain of pruning and waiting Make Way

for life soon you will stand in awe at the abundance your tending brings

blessing many more than you dreamed possible the Harvest ahead is truly beyond measure

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