⚠️MY CHILD IT'S AN EMERGENCY । God's Message Now For You Today | God Helps - online calculators

⚠️MY CHILD IT’S AN EMERGENCY । God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

my child come and listen to my words I have seen your struggles and I

have seen your growth the storms of life have battered you relentlessly yet here

you stand weary but unbroken for so long the shackles of

your past have weighed heavily upon you the wounds inflicted have cut deep

shaping how you view yourself but know this your identity lies not in hardship

or heartache who you are goes far beyond the cruelty of others or the storms you

have weathered you see I created you intricately and

lovingly I knit you together and destined you for Glory from your very first

breath the plans I have for you overflow with promise and purpose my child you

are not what happened to you you are what I say you are a precious treasure

valued and cherished my beloved one ransomed and

restored so come now release the chains that have bound you for too long shed

the rags of unworthiness and step boldly into the Robes of my righteousness the

season of pain and poverty is over your inheritance awaits Rejoice for your mourning is giving way to dancing the

ashes are being traded for beauty just as I promised and know this the enemies

from your past cannot follow you where I am taking you next their schemes and Whispers will find no foothold in the

destiny I have prepared did they expect you to crumble

to fade quietly into the Shadows after all they put you through oh how mistaken

they were for my power infuses those who hope in me I restore the broken and

revive the faint of heart you my beloved will finish your race strong stronger and more courageous than when it

began so lift your eyes The Horizon glows with the first light of dawn the

night may have lingered but joy comes in the morning I am making all things new

right here and right now the former things are passing away the battles you

have fought so relentlessly are over and done you have passed the test and your

reward awaits Rejoice that the Wilderness wanderings are ending even

now I lead you out of the desert dust and into land flowing with milk and honey the wastelands of your past will

soon be but a distant memory a fading dream upon waking into the Abundant Life

I have prepared and oh the restoration I have in store no more will you dwell in

lack or fear scarcity open your hands wide I am filling them to

overflowing the cycle of leanness has been broken Prosperity now chases you

down until you are overtaken debts erased resources multiplied needs

abundantly supplied according to my glorious riches the seed you have sown in tears will reap a bountiful unending

Harvest of Joy beloved child your day of reward has come where you have known

lack and despair favor and Vindication now blossom in their place Mercy

triumphs over judgment Beauty adorns the ashes Joy overwhelms

sorrow no weapon formed against you shall prosper every storm has run its

course and spent its Fury you have been refined by the fires of Affliction and

found to shine all the brighter where others denounced I defend where others

abandoned I Champion when you pass through the waters I am with you and through the

rivers they shall not overwhelm you the Flames will not consume you I the Lord

your God go before you and guard your rear you are safe in my hands so come

now lift your head higher as we walk together into this new frontier I have

prepared uniquely for you beloved one the past Fades behind you and the future

stands ripe with promise do not look back the sunrise beckons trust in this

my child I will restore to you the years the locusts have eaten and you will

praise your God the lifter of your head though enemies and adversity yet lurk in

the shadows fear not every evil pronouncement is rendered powerless before me I am your shield and Defender

the accuser’s voice is silenced those who sought to undermine and destroy you

will themselves be caught in the snare they laid but upon you my favor rests

you shall Tread On The Lion and the adder trample the Young Lion and the serpent underfoot for I have given you

authority to overcome all the power of the enemy nothing shall harm you so now

as you stand at the edge of this new frontier I have set before you hear a new the Destiny for which you were

created see the boundaries removed the limitations broken the chains left shattered in your wake no longer able to

hold back the plans and purposes I have planted within you your captivity has ended the darkness is receding awake

awake clothe yourself in strength and dignity rise to the full stature I

created you for take possession of the land I am giving you a land abundant in

prosperity and purpose drink deeply from the wells of Salvation I have opened to

you taste and see that I the Lord your God am so very

good beloved child a table is prepared for you in the presence of your en

enemies a feast of abundance and joy which overflows come and partake without

fear the past is behind you the future belongs to me your weeping has passed into the

night and joy comes in the Morning Light the dawn breaks over the horizon so lift

up your eyes and behold the glory of all I have prepared for you the war is over

the struggle ending hardship Fades like Mist before the sunrise

The Battle Belongs to Me and I have won the victory on your behalf let praise be on your lips

continually as you walk into the destiny I have prepared since before time began

the past is but fading dreams upon waking scattered by the glory Rising

within you the light of my presence illuminates your path and no enemy shall overtake you keep your eyes fixed on me

beloved one and watch as dead places revive dream dreams long deferred

manifest hopes realized at last wonders and signs will follow you

because you are mine and I am with you always dry your tears lift your head and

press onward your future Glory far outpaces all you have known my child I have seen the trials

you have endured and the burdens you have carried I know the loneliness the Betrayal the scorn you have faced from

those around you but take heart for I have not abandoned you to walk this path alone even now I am bringing

blessings into your life rewards for your faithfulness recompense for all you have suffered Prosperity shall be yours

promotion and increase because your Devotion to me has refined you like gold

the things I am preparing are no accident but my intentional and extravagant demonstration of

love for too long the world has told you that you you don’t matter that your

dreams are foolish that you will never amount to anything I have seen every tear you have shed heard every cruel

word spoken over you and I have stored up repayment for every hurt do not

despair over those who betrayed and abused you they were under the influence of the enemy allowing themselves to

become agents of Destruction but where sin abounded my grace shall much more abound I will turn

their attacks into to blessings for you using even their evil intentions for your good I tell you a mystery the very

ones who wounded you shall witness my goodness in your life I will set a table for you in their presence honor and

favor heaped upon you and they shall know that this is no accident but rather

the direct reward for all you endured it is my love for you being revealed my hand healing your broken

heart the blessing bling shall be like nothing you have seen before rare and

precious Treasures this Rich inheritance is no accident but rather the Harvest you will

reap from the seeds of loyalty and devotion you have sown do not grow weary in the waiting

but shake off every voice that tells you this Harvest will never come cut off and

remove those who poison your soul with their doubt and unbelief instead fix your eyes on me I

see you I know you and I have prepared wonders beyond your wildest dreams you may look

around at the barren ground of your circumstances and wonder how can breakthrough ever come from this but

beloved I am the lord of the Breakthrough what I have determined shall surely come to pass a tide of my

goodness and favor is rising over your life even now you will no longer be defined by lack and rejection but by my

joy and prosperity for you passed the test you did not retreat in the day of battle or

curse my name when darkness was all around you even when you did not understand still you clung to me in

faith and now that faith is being rewarded promotion is yours increase is

yours blessings and restoration for all you have lost no more will you depend on

people on their fickle affections and additional approval I am teaching you to find your

acceptance in me alone I will Crown you with honor and love I myself will meet every need you

have in overflowing abundance no more lack no more shame

this is my promise fear nothing for I am with you to deliver you from every

scheme of the enemy the accuser’s mouth is shut over your life by my blood and

my angels encamp around you in strength you have endured the testing now comes the time of reward Rejoice sing out with

joyful praise to me your Redeemer for I am making All Things New in your life streams are coming forth from the

Wasteland flowers blooming in the desert all that was dead will live

again barrenness shall give way to fruitfulness at my command beloved child lift up your face

see the first rays of Dawn breaking through after the long night you have come through the valley of Shadows

through the Refiner’s Fire now comes the ascent to the Mountaintop now you shall dwell under an

open Heaven no longer hindered the past is behind you and

before you lies the vast Horizon of my purposes for you go forward without

hesitation into this new day I have given you the old limitations and rejections have lost their hold on you

for in my presence is Joy Eternal and Triumph Without End you shall sow and

reap Bountiful harvests at last no longer eaten by locusts and worms for I

have decreed a release over every area of lack in your life breakthrough is

here advance and possess the promises freely taking hold of all I have opened

before you unhindered a table is set for you by my own hand a table of richest Fair

come and eat without restraint in the house of your father let your soul be satisfied and overflowing in my goodness

I have thrown open my storehouses holding nothing back from you my beloved Feast on my boundless resources There Is

No Lack for those being fed at my table and as you are nourished in my presence

know that I am also using you to nourish many others just as I have rewarded your

faith Under Pressure I will now entrust you with wealth and influence to be a vessel of blessing you will be a Beacon

of Hope to the broken sharing with them the light I have shown into your Darkness release to others the healing

you have received from my hand restore and rebuild ruined places through the

resources I give you and to all those who abused and betrayed you to those who

danced over your Sorrows I will reveal the truth in my timing do not speak

curses over them in bitterness but rather release them into my hands for me to deal with pray for their souls

that their eyes be open to walk in truth bless and forgive them for in so doing

you Empower my kingdom and leave room for me to work repentance in their hearts but regardless if they turn from

their evil or cling to it I will ensure that perfect Justice is done like hmon

they will surely reap the consequences of all they have sown wait and watch as

my righteous judgment unfolds but you my beloved turn your gaze away from those who have hurt you

look not into the past but set your eyes intently on Me on the dawning future I

am unveiling before you a sound of abundance of rain is coming without

delay to water the Earth new life is springing up in you and around you where

you have wept now there is Joy where you have travailed now you will give birth go forth with courage

Advance boldly into broad prosperous places without fear no more hiding or

shrinking back no more struggling merely to survive thrive in the richness of my

blessings Prosper under Open Heavens moving from glory to glory in my Abundant Life this is my heart for you

life abundantly poured out and running over Beloved the storms and Sorrows of

the past season have prepared you for this moment you are a proven vessel tested through the fires of Affliction

created uniquely to pour out the rare Treasures I have entrusted to you Revelations and resources unknown to

others Stand Tall precious one lift up your head and set your face like Flint

toward the purposes I have prepared for you from Before Time began for the wealth of the Nations

shall come to you the resources of the wicked are even now being transferred into your hands as I

establish my Covenant with you I am your exceedingly great reward and as you have

loved me in word and deed so shall you be loved and cherished by many yes my blessing will be

unmistakable even to your enemies and accusers but do not exalt yourself

rather humble yourself more deeply as I exalt you higher use every gift to serve

and Empower those around you not wielding power for your own gain this is

my heart for you beloved that as you walk in intimacy with me the old nature decreases and

Falls away while the beauty and fragrance of my spirit increases through

you allow my mind to become your mind so that you may walk in the fullness of my

calling cast off the grave clothes of the past season be trans formed and

transfigured into my likeness yes my precious one you have walked through the

valley of the shadow of death and emerged refined like gold even as I have

tested and refined you so also shall I now entrust you with riches and

responsibility be faithful to Steward my treasures with Integrity of heart that

which I am giving cannot be contained it must overflow through you to the world around you others will be shaken by the

gifts I am Awakening in you you shall be rebuilt stronger than ever before the

tears and trials have prepared you for such a time as this Rejoice for this is

the dawning of your day for too long you have endured tests and trials pain and

humiliation you have shed many tears and felt forsaken but I have seen every

moment nothing has gone unnoticed by me and now the season of testing has come

to an end you have passed you have overcome this painful chapter of your

life is closed forever never to be reopened the time has come for me to

reward you openly extravagantly abundantly I know that is hard for you

to believe after all you have suffered you still see yourself through the lens of the past as unworthy unsuccessful

unimportant but I am telling you you the truth I see you as my precious child

there is no condemnation no accusation against you any longer you are blameless

before me so come enter this new season in joy and

expectation except that it is truly finished the old things have passed away

everything has become new this is not wishful thinking or blind

optimism it is my promise for you confirmed by my very Spirit within you I

have new things in store for you more than you can ask or imagine as you step

forward in faith clinging only to me I will lead you along paths you have not

known before ways of pleasantness and peace fear nothing not even the

unfamiliar territory ahead this new move of my spirit is not random or accidental I for ordained this

moment long ago AG go to show my glory and goodness through you even before

time began I saw you complete and whole restored to fellowship with

me the enemy saw my plans too and did everything in his power to sabotage

them his attacks were Relentless because he knew what I had in store for you he

knew the impact I wanted to make through you the lives I wanted to touch through your testimony so he tried his best to

destroy you before my blessings could flow freely through you but he has failed utterly and completely and now

nothing can hold back the tide of my grace on your behalf are you starting to understand the past is gone never to

return Embrace this new day I have given you allow me to surround you always with

my glory let me fill your vision with my beauty and Splendor gaze upon my Majesty my

Holiness and power there is no greater reward than knowing me and from this place of encountering

my heart daily you will receive wisdom and direction for all other areas of

life my still Small Voice will guide you continually along the best

path sometimes the way before you will make sense other times it will seem strange

or unclear initially but my voice will always bring peace to your

Soul assuring you that I go before you to prepare the way learn to wait for my timing which is

always perfect I know it can be challenging especially when you long for answers

immediately but sometimes I choose not to reveal the next step until I have

prepared your heart fully and even when I call you to step forward boldly by faith without Clarity

I reward that kind of trust remember this promise whoever believes

will not act hastily as you yield to my timetable instead of demanding your own you will

reap the blessing of seeing my powerful intervention on your behalf miracles happen in my timing so

leave room for mystery and wonder with me I Delight in surprising my children

it brings me so much joy to overwhelm you with blessings you never imagined possible don’t limit what I can do in

and through You by declaring logical rational understanding is good but childlike faith is

better let your mind take a backseat to your heart’s connection with me logic

and Analysis have their place but you must also believe even what seems

impossible this is the kind of Against All Odds faith that moves

mountains this is the kind of resilient faith that pleases me most I love to

vindicate my children’s bold daring courageous trust in me many will

ridicule you at first when you share what I’ve spoken to you in the secret place but never mind the scoffers and

mockers they laughed at Noah at Moses and at David you follow me and don’t

look back speak what I tell you with boldness and confidence no matter how foolish it seems to the world my

thoughts are higher than your thoughts and my ways are higher than your ways I

specialize in things thought impossible remember who you belong to now you are not your own any longer but

have been bought at infinite cost your body is a temple of my holy spirit so

nurture your health carefully treat yourself kindly as you would care for

someone you love deeply take time to rest properly do not feel guilty for

spending time alone with me instead of always laboring non-stop for the

kingdom be intentional to withdraw and reconnect with me often so you do not

deplete your reserves let me restore your soul in the Stillness guard your time alone with me

jealously for it is in these moments together that you will receive my guidance for releasing creative miracles

in the lives of others like a well-watered garden you shall bear be abundant fruit

effortlessly in and through my Living Waters ask freely for the resources you

require for fulfilling my call on your life do not hold back out of

self-consciousness when I prompt you clearly understand that it is my good

pleasure to give you dispense them freely so that many will be impacted stop trying to wedge open doors I have

closed instead Focus your expectancy on the entrances I am opening before you

currently my blessing always manifests through open doors not closed ones therefore do not keep banging your

head against walls to no avail simply shift your gaze to concentrate fully on

where my light is shining presently then follow boldly as I illuminate the way ahead step by

step there are faint lines appearing on your forehead already from frustration

and discouragement in times past I do not want to see new scars

permanently etched due to impatience and busyness take more time to pause and

play engage your creative gifts more frequently whether through writing artwork dance or song any outlet that

brings you Joy and makes your spirit sore these activities are not merely

frivolous Hobbies with no Eternal significance they are essential to opening up portals of Revelation and

intimacy with me Moses encountered my presence at the burning bush after years

spent shepherding sheep in quiet obscurity King David connected with my

heart as a small boy composing poetic Melodies in Green Pastures while watching over his father’s flocks By

Night rather than criticizing your desire to create as something optional or distracting from real work it is my

gift to you Embrace and nurture it as a vital Lifeline of nourishment from my own hand

for in Stillness I unlock Mysteries and birth Vision in tender seeking Hearts the progression is simple and

predictable first you wait and listen in my presence until the flow of inspiration

begins true beauty take shape effortlessly when your only aim is to

glorify the one your soul loves no need to stress about outcomes and results you

leave that part to Me Your Role is simply to create space for inspiration

to arise and overflow from our chamber of holy intimacy into works that spark

life and awaken Destiny in those around you as you pour your passion freely through creative conduits I Forge

uniquely in you expect to watch Miracles spring up abundantly in the wake of your

surrendered Devotion to me mountains move and Nations change one artistic

risk taker at a time I see you graced with strength for the journey ahead I

see you mature and complete lacking nothing I see you anchored firmly to the

Rock who never fails you what a delight to walk alongside you like this you

notice more details when you intentionally slow down allow your spirit to drink its fill from scenes

easily missed along life’s hurried highways pause long enough to fully Savor this life I gave you do not

disregard the small yet vital pieces that form the bigger picture of my glory revealed on display all around you never

lose sight of how cherished you are you are irreplaceable unique and Priceless

to me there is no competition in My Kingdom only completion each part

blending building and flowing and sync together as one under the master conductor’s watchful

eye Hush Now beloved and lend your voice to the song arising even through storms

and sorrow though seasons change and Horizons shift my message remains resilient and sure do

not fear for I have redeemed you I have called your name you are

mine rest securely in this unchanging identity this permanent inheritance you

are indeed loved with an everlasting love that empowers you to walk as one chosen set apart safe In My Embrace now

and forever this is only the beginning mere foraste on borrowed time of boundless

Life to Come face to face at last but even now you make your home in

me as I dwell richly in you so very pleased to call you my

own listen for my soothing Voice singing Over You always drowning out all harsh

condemning lies I declare this reality steadfastly over you now as absolute covering I seal

this Heritage of Honor for eternity upon your forehead you are mine I am yours

One Forever And you are loved beyond all telling so very very loved now rise up

boldly beloved child whom I adore choose again to believe my declaration spoken

so tenderly over you align your thoughts with my thoughts speak living words in

agreement with my scriptures of Promise Hemming you round about on all sides

wield this sword of the spirit deftly to sever entangling cords of fear still

seeking to ens snare you at times but recognize quickly when you have believed subtle lies and

immediately take refuge safe In My Embrace let us walk in confident trust

again together as I gently realign your vision to see yourself through my eyes

of love for a time it is vital to retreat into still ESS with me building

up your Most Holy Faith until you truly grasp my steadfast heart unchanged toward you I know you grow weary

sometimes when targeted trials drag on it is enough beloved your season of

seclusion will nourish and prepare you for restoration soon I am removing heavy

yolks of people pleasing and performance weighing you down relentlessly I am tearing holes in toxic

mindsets that hold hold you hostage far below your identity and inheritance

receive deep emotional healing that only my spirit can impart to wounded Souls be

cleansed from former mindsets rooted in lies about your worth and purpose receive freedom to walk tall in

confidence as a chosen cherished one of the most high stay fixed on things above

not passing Pain Below soon you will shine like a star holding fast my word

of life amid crooked confusion all around but now rest in the shadow of my

wing until your soul regains its strength again be still and let me

Minister Comfort to your weariness in ways that overflow to other weary ones

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