you will feel the holy energy in the

next minutes if you don’t skip or

shorten them you’ll feel as if God is

watching over you after those five

minutes what the Lord is now speaking to

you it seems like this time of year is

when unusual things happen God will soon

do it in a manner that will surprise you

your prayers will be answered in a way

that surprises you plan ahead before you

go a huge number of individuals have a

conscious Awakening he still has life in

him soon a great number of God’s people

will be able to celebrate their Triumph

I witness shattered Hearts get back

together charm out of Ashes this season

is different from previous ones and a

few ways prepare yourself for whatever

it was he in tended to provide put on

your shoes and go moving then everything

at once everybody living at the time was

aware that God had previously prepared

the people for what was about to happen

as you can see the Lord has given you a

new entryway break it open March as when

a lot of individuals begin their New

Year it’s your turn now now that the w

forward is

clear from the end of March until the

beginning of April there are chances for

fresh Beginnings you will be able to

achieve the promised future with all of

this what a lovely moment brimming with

God’s unique kindness and

Promises the time for engagements is

nearly here new Royal Weds will soon be

joining us the spirit spirit of God has

shown himself a few of you will be able

to commemorate the accomplishment of a

leld dream in

God gives marriages as a favored

dot now across the kingdom lasting

strong Partnerships characterized by

commitment. couples that exemplify the

treatment of their wives as Christ would

many are starting a divinely guided

Romantic Period which sounds like a very


experience I am aware that you are

unable to sense my pain even if you can

see it even though it seems like your

dad is tormenting you there is more

going on here than meets the eye the

agony is what motivates you to pursue


promise you are unaware yet the pain is

giving rise to something quite different

you are getting ready for the biggest

Miracle of your life via the suffering

God is going to provide for you

suddenly despite the challenging

transition you’re going through at the

moment you will still enjoy your

year-end Miracle he still has the rest

of the year to do

it say Amen to yourself to reaffirm

confirm this God’s child fight the

temptation to believe things that aren’t

true you’ve got everything just right

the idea that you must be an expert by a

certain age or date is untrue each of us

is a unique person living through


circumstances the location the time and

the root are all set in stone I

understand that it may be disheartening

to watch others reaping the benefits for

which you have prayed more fervently and

to feel as though you are lagging

behind but rest assured that this does

not mean that your amazing gift is being

withheld you were on time the weight was

certainly worth it for this beautiful

surprise eventually the whole picture

will become clear to you and and

everything will make perfect sense

you’ll realize why it hurt so much in

the end you will discover that during

your whole existence God was watching

over and providing assistance you’ll be

fascinated by the battle am possess a

thorough comprehension of it you’ll

quickly see the advantage that underlies

this disagreement if you only wait

everything is going to alter drastically

in another manner from waiting for it to

wearing it at last the crying gave way

to laughter in the process of healing

from breakage to wholeness from total

exhaustion a full

recuperation in a few seconds the father

will intervene honor him now as the day

of our Victory draws near this season is

very powerful the world is about to

undergo a dramatic transformation a

whole new season the updated better and

whole new

you just click the I’m abundant button

that’s all God told me that Christmas

would come early this year and that many

of you will observe the occasion with

your word this word validates all that

God does he’s acting with vigor and

firmness you’ll realize that it was made

possible by his strength alone it is now

the time of a significant occurrence

this is a season that you must not miss

some people have already experience

there now if you agree hit Amen on the

keyboard I understand that you have had

a difficult year it did not live up to

your Flawless standards yet you still

have God’s favor I ask God to sustain

your provision for a few more months at

the very least to let him know how

worried I am about his potential I feel

the energy of him all around me he’s

using the technique there’s something

fresh in the air clearly something

uncomfortable is

happening the Lord spirit says the next

several months are crucial for many your

destination will now appear out of

nowhere the good father is taking care

of your adversaries as you get ready to

enter the lovely country he has given

you you should take advantage of this

time of year nobody is able to obstruct

the path to Liberation it’s time to open

the doors that have been locked doors

that seem to be closed seem to be

opening at this moment God is going to

really W you in the second quarter of

this year get ready God is about to show

up in a big way in your life your

opponents will quickly come to regret

not treating you more

equitably this is where you have to

decide the already occurring change in

climate is soon to be reflected in the

natural world get ready it will have a

significant impact it’s time for most of

you to get ready prepare yourself help

is on its way just as promised so

prepare yourselves thank God it’s

already out in the cosmos when making a

decision trust your instincts as well as

appearances it seems like a good

idea to get this done right away Orient

yourself Your Role at this time of year

is to genuinely experience it not only

fantasize about it the only person who

can claim credit for the unity you wish

to make his

God it’s important to keep in mind that

your patience paid off it’s a fantasy

wedding built with you in mind and he’s

getting married to the queen simply

enter the phrases I am ready to shine to

to express your

preparedness we have a station that you

should watch a few to in a deity for

some of you it might not be too far off

loud and sorrowful I hear the same cries

even yet a sincere SOB hearing someone

say God did it makes me feel

something his soul was present at that

very moment I’m happy to say this so

buckle up here at last is the right

moment for transformation I feel like

something is changing the tone is

changing there is life in God’s

hand the era of Plenty is upon us

according to many there’s always another

fortunate break thank you very much God

depends on your success the reassurance

is much needed the benefactor will soon


someone father please come true every

dream I have please give our sincere

please some thought you have witnessed

every rip and hardship you know what a

difficult task this has been please

accept our Earnest prayers and grant us

our deepest

wishes allow our faith to be our

strength and heal us tonight click the

yes button just to be sure in God’s

kingdom your marriage has a very

significant function your marriage is

well considered and will have a great

impact on a great deal of people even

though the future may provide challenges

the impact it has is greater than

you realize I ask God to Grant you the

ability to quickly locate the connection

you you have been seeking may this be

the moment when you can finally say wow

this is what I was hoping for if you

believe type and forward this video

to seven other individuals who have

faith in God it may appear as though

you’re in the midst of nowhere yet God

is ready to bless you and send you

somewhere else away from suffering and

errors he won’t abandon you to suffer in

this location this is a fresh start

instead he’ll fulfill every want you

have and let exalted shouts of Happiness

to overpower your Melancholy you have

this portion my

beloved in a little while your grief

will pass and you will be surrounded by

love not just any love but the kind of

love you have long and

desired God will restore your wholeness

as if it had never


, God is working out the specifics of

your healing right now and the end

result will be a glorious life this is

the last day of the war and you win now

is the moment to keep the promise the

suffering is over and you may finally

enjoy the grandure

that was

predicted type if you believe in

God something has changed today and I

feel like something new is beginning to

emerge everything will eventually

complete a circle his grandure is upon

us this is an important time this is the

most important time of year I feel the

promise displacing the anguish as it

lessens I see it it’s there for me it

feels like it to me you’ll always be

grateful that you held off on asking God

to Grant your greatest hopes and dreams

when it was merely the start of a new

season God was going to send the one

you’ve been waiting for his eyes are

about too open his alignment is going to

occur a glorious change is on the


the sky will become more open and more

light will seek through the clouds each

day God has directed your Miracle to

appear instantly so the enemy cannot

keep your blessing captive for too long

simply typing I’m gentle with myself is

a positive message that you are

delivering to

yourself even while some of you are now

fully recovered and ready to embrace the


there are still some of you going

through the healing process give

yourself over to the love of Jesus the

road ahead may not be easy but the

payoff at the end will be well worth the

effort if you put your trust in him

you’ll see where this road to Beauty

lead you since he’s got your back kindly

check yes if you concur

God gave gave you a taste of what

was to come and you were thrilled when

he first planted that desire in your

heart this is addressed to the

heartbroken during the waiting process

though you were shown a wonderful sight

you are now asking God when since time

has past and your heart is tired do God

answers your pledge is still in effect

do not let that fleeting glance distract

you I will attempt it again tapping out

I am Sovereign is assertion if you

believe in God please subscribe and

watch our channel for for even when

we Face challenges that push us Beyond

of our comfort zones God is always at

work in our lives fortifying our faith

in the process he wants us to reach that

place where we can accept the truth of

his promises without feeling any emotion


all sometimes he may make us wait longer

than we would like to or he will lead us

down roads that make it clear that he is

our only choice if our trust is based

solely on our

feelings type for if you are ready

but if our confidence in him is the

foundation of our faith then it will

bring us into our divine promise I hope

and pray for blessings and encouragement

in your life this is the moment when one

door shuts and another opens you will

have a significant this extremely

strange sign suggesting a new and new

chapter in your life is about to begin

though your enthusiasm will sustain you

keep in m that you are traveling for a

purpose even though you may feel like

you’re on fire to be sure click yes you

have the opportunity to use your

strength and make significant progress

so don’t worry about what other people

say the Angels should be advised first

and you should be extremely clear about

your goals if you are unclear your

strength and influence will be sapped

you have had enough time to embrace your

core beliefs and take a position for

what you stand for five five five the

big job you started needs to be

completed perceive the distinction

observe your requests it’s going to

improve your life provide you great

inner peace and make you feel happy to

discover something important about

yourself you spend so much time trying

for things that today is about returning

to a more basic state of being give

thanks for everything in your life and

for all that keeps your mind and soul

with ease it is referred to be a reboot

and you Merit some long time one of the

most important stages of development and

maturation is taking it easy dot yet yes

there will be a yesy yes to development

and healing things might not have gone

as planned even if you could have heard

a lot of NOS God is going to make a way

where none wasan transform people’s

hearts and thoughts to be nice to you

please check our men if you agree

you will receive something enjoyable

today from an unexpected source so be

open and maintain a positive attitude

concentrate on the objective your spirit

will guide you to make decisions that

are consistent with your basic beliefs

as it understands what is best for you

it is yours to Claim by checking the Y

box have faith that wonderful

experiences are ahead of you and that

blessings are on their way own your

uniqueness and be confident in your

identity since this is a once- in a

lifetime opportunity Prejudice that is

constructive to proceed just click the

yes button

cast yourself in the role of the

lover warrior hero or someone who

overcomes adversity to emerge stronger

on the other side of life and tell the

story story of your life search no

longer outside of yourself for your

treasure instead find it within and know

that nothing and no one can ever take it

away your awareness of your energy and

the significance of living a life in

harmony with it is beginning to grow dot

it’s better to beware you are then to be

everywhere because you are

transforming accepting the life

and entering your body to become whole


if you

believe you are about to go on a

momentous Journey that will reveal to

you the qualities and hidden skills that

lie within you you will have the

opportunity to overcome obstacles move

away from outmoded programs and

establish your Authority in the upcoming

pH way so be ready at this point your

undying belief in your ability to

achieve your aspiration to objectives

plans and desires is the only thing

stopping you you greatly underestimate

your own power remember there are no

limitations match up utilize your unique

area of expertise give up on the endless

possibility abilities you

possess first right time

optimistic stop concealing and start

being who you really are it’s time for

you to claim your own this world is

crying out for you and you are exactly

what it needs you are drawn to being

your best self so don’t hold yourself

back go forth and make your own magic

and shine since you will get a very

significant Hint it would be quite

prudent for you to move on with your

aims setting aside your fears in favor

of your beliefs and objectives can keep

you in alignment with your spirit and

safe on your trip hit enter and believe

in your own progress by saying I am

evolving prepare yourself to be

delightfully surprised very soon with a

once- in a lifetime opportunity since

you are deserving of everything life has

to offer and destined for greatness

six six you are able to receive this

gift by relinquishing things that no

longer serve you and letting the fires

of transformation consume your old

baggage your intuition and inner

direction are good places to start from

for information you may Embrace change

without resistance if you push past your

phobias constricting beliefs and

necessary conditioning type

if you believe in Jesus if you agree

check the yes box you have step into a

new dimension where all of your greatest

wishes will come true your ideal self

you you are entering a new world give

yourself over to the change that is

occurring and concentrate your efforts

on helping others around you you’re

going to go in the right way with this

because you have persevered through

adversity and overcome great obstacles

you serve as an inspiration to others

with everything going against you you

persisted in moving courageous ly toward

your peace purpose blessings and joy

therefore this message is meant to

comfort you that things will get better

you’re about to level up in every way

possible you can take a step back and

start planning for the future thanks to

the circumstances you find yourself and

right now the affirmation I embrace my

power is one that you can type how

however I would like to speak with God

and I invite everyone who shares my

sentiments to pray to God about their

worries do it pleases God who is the

judge of the universe when we submit our

worries sins and Sorrows to him even

though he already knows your side of the

story present your case because he wants

to hear it you’re going to learn

Essential Knowledge that will open doors


self-actualization and provide you a way

to achieve healing and

Tranquility you are strong powerful and

blessed this will teach you new ways too

reestablish your connection your spirit

and rejuvenate yourself a hearty amen

would do tonight I’ll reach you through

dreams shine my light on you and assist

you in figuring out whatever it is

that’s consuming you and causing you to

have a horrible life when a key barrier

to your advancement is removed new doors

will open a profound Awakening that will

heighten your consciousness of your

inherent direct connection to a higher

force is about to transpire I love how

unique you are all you have to do is

click the I’m abundant Buton your soul

will show you the proper path to follow

on this new trip that lies ahead of you

have faith in your skills you are Divine

and magical you own everything you will

ever need and when you are ready to take

the proper Road it will materialize dot

God desires for your delegate heart to

be released from the crushing weight of

hopelessness he senses your grief and

Witnesses your Agony you can experience

complete healing complete

revitalization and unfathomable Delight

from his love because it is so strong

wonderful things are in store for you

you are in his hands and he will never

let you go when you’re prepared clicky

ass and then forward this video link to

five other Christians in in order to

assist us kindly enable Bell

notifications and subscribe to our



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