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✝️God says – “IF THIS VIDEO GOT YOU, YOU ARE BLESSED” | God’s Message Today ।

today God is trying to tell you something have a restful sleep precious

little one you will get a big sum of money the next day via the kindness of

God in prepare yourself for an

unprecedented year of miraculous occurrences advantages optimism and

relevant knowledge if you believe this video to be accurate in God’s eyes

please like it you should not be worried about your

finances since God will send a miraculous gift via a person within the

next days witness this I will restore your health you will experience an

abundance of tranquility and safety love and healing in

abundance a plethora of wonderful things which are right yours are rapidly

approaching I love you God are some kind words to

say your life will be showered with Miracles like a gentle rain all of your

frustrating experiences may be transformed into Limitless

Joy if you watch this film all the way to the Finish you should expect great

things to happen to you you will be the recipient of unexpected cash gift within

the next day Miracles will begin to happen for your life the moment you believe it with

my assurances and fettered by your circumstances hurdles or previous

disappointments you are entering a time of blessings and miracles now is the

time for monetary plenty Eternal tranquility and Heavenly

interventions your financial situation will surpass all of your

expectations in the coming months while your love life and spiritual path will

Thrive I will replace your fear with trust and lead you through difficult

situations just as Jesus said launch your burdens and stay for me now not for

yourself money will pour into your life because I am bringing out new Financial

opportunities that Beyond Your Wildest Dreams yes my dear friends I have chosen

you to receive my blessings you are on the road to being richer extra hit

happier and healthier think about it my children you

have the ability to bring Limitless Health riches and and success to your

families L you have the capacity to change your own family’s story forever I

am the almighty God the creator of everything and I will be by your side

throughout as you rest this night the miracle you have longed for will be

fulfilled it will change your life and take your problems away a miraculous

recovery is on its way offering complete healing from any illness and relief from

the financial strain that you have been under your health finances and

relationships will all see progress this week and I will provide you with solid

Fitness safety and an unexpected money

boost God’s advantages will pour down on you like rain is great

wisdom compassion and favor will surround you completely I can open the

doors to Blessings which include love riches healing and New Opportunities so

that they may float to you easily a simple will indicate your

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attract an endless supply of wealth into your life by a simple the today

morning routine remember my children I am a god

of Miracles I can make rapid changes to your lifestyle even when it seems

impossible God will open first straight doors for you instructing the right

people to speak positively about you and removing impediments from your

path you must have faith in me and receive my benefits with

thankfulness for I am God the creator of all things and I will be with you always

I have chosen you my beloved to receive my love kindness and assistance I would

rather give you riches heal and success here I am standing guard over

you shielding you from harm both visible and invisible I am able to fall any

wicked plots against you for you are my beloved and nothing can touch you you

have been born again a child of God a disciple of

Jesus you have access to the great Riches of Heaven the promises of God and

the joys of redemption because the Holy Spirit lives within you

directing enabling and transforming you to be more like

Christ you are more than just a conqueror or Survivor you are a coair

with Christ a partner with God a conduit of Grace and an eyewitness to the

truth praise God loudly God reassures me when I’m alone God is everything to me

even when I’m nothing God Is My Hope and joy when I’m lonely and

sad I humbly submit my thoughts desires and emotions to you in the name of Jesus

Christ because I know that you have wonderful plans for my future and that

you will provide life-changing benefits in the near future I intend to help you financially

open the door to abundance and Lead You In a wealthy Direction every day

something wonderful will happen to push your problems and Sorrows to the Sigh

instead you will be filled with immense jaw and receive numerous

blessings please recite in the event that you need

this please if you have faith in Christ lead our Christian Network with a super

thanks donation of up to $ so that we may continue to share the

gospel throughout the world Amen I am very grateful this year God will elevate your

life to new heights exchanging your grief for Joy your battles for

advantages and your losses for miracles you are entering a fantastic period in

which everything will line with your goals I Lord grant you peace

recuperation and Triumph every air is met with Grace

every setback with restoration every loss with a new beginning and every

setback with a successful return this weekend I may bestow many blessings onto

you and your family enabling me to alter your lives

irrevocably in case you openly declare that Jesus is Lord and believe for your

coronary heart that God raised him from the dead you may be saved so consent

with your heart to be justified and confess with your lips to be saved this

is your season of restoration prepare to be astounded by the

overwhelming abundance let us coming your way your Prosperity health and

success will reach unprecedented levels you have a special place in my heart and

I love you God always grants wishes and all

that the adversary has stolen from you your peace prosperity and cause good be

return if you would only may say this with me I’ve been crucified with Christ

and it’s no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me get this you are entering a new era

of Liberty plenty and abundance the dark days are passing and the light of a

fresh start is just around the corner this year you may find yourself enriched

monetarily physically emotionally and and

spiritually I know you’re struggling with money Health and Family Matters but

know that I’m always working for your good today I will shower you with

blessings like Victory Healing and peace get ready for benefits that will change

your lifestyle remember that I am a merciful and gracious

God who loves you no matter what and who takes advantage of you

constantly I declare in the name of Jesus that in for God will rebuke

everyone who tries to harm you or cause you pain God will protect you from all

evil remember that when we surrender everything to God we store up Treasures

in Heaven and unlock doors to Prosperity on Earth it is is not your own efforts that

will bring about your ideal marriage rather it is the grace and love of your

heavenly father that will bring about these miraculous healings Restorations

of shattered connections and openings of doors of Plenty that you have prayed

for repeat after me I am grateful for the money I have already received and I

am open to receiving more if you have been going through tough times financially

recently more money will come into my bank account than I can ever imagine I

want to alleviate all of my money worries by manifesting million this

week to confirm please enter according to God in for the

almighty will bless you heal your wound wounds teach you the way provide for

your wishes and keep you safe God has a unique blessing in store for you before

this month ends you will find solace in God’s presence when you are lonely have faith

in God when you feel lost and deserted if you entrust everything to God he will

provide for all your needs the difficult situation you you

are currently facing will soon pass and a remarkable extension of your lifestyle

will begin put all your trust in the Lord and

not in your own wisdom seek his guidance and all your ways and he will show you

the way God keeps his promises and his word is always reliable keep in mind as

you study and meditate on God’s words in the Bible

he possesses the power to transform them into the reality of your life I am able

to heal your wounds and support your aspiration I buil heaven in days and

rested on the th your lifestyle can be transformed in

an instant if you pray to me seek my help and direction and I will give it to

you in spite of pain and sorrow light will

always triumph over Darkness keep in mind that the Lord is your Shepherd

remove any obstacles in your path and we will provide you Prosperity Beyond Your

Wildest Dreams this week may be filled with extraordinary

Miracles everything you need will be provided for by him his love and

kindness will be there for you every day you will experience his presence

constantly your guardian angels are leading you to Fantastic chances and you

may achieve great success a blessing that will change your life is about to

come your way and God is letting you know that it’s going to be a miracle

precious child instead of dwelling on sorrow give

your attention to worship because the next week brings correct knowledge

answered prayers breakthroughs Miracles and favor if you hold fast to your faith

I swear you may find the greatest blessing you have ever experienced for the rest of your

life always keep in mind that God is watching over you as an author he will

provide for your every need as you go through life Jesus once said I came so

that you might also have and revel and Lifestyles and have them

abundantly living life to the fullest is what God wants for us and I am not alone

on this road with you angels from above are watching over you all the time ready

to step in and assist when times become tough always remember that where there

is God there is a wish you are never really alone because God is always with

you the storm you have endured will no longer destroy you you may upward push

up strong blessed and affluent because you are important to me and I really

enjoy you to speak it type

amen you are being guided through difficult times and shown the way out by the Lord who

sees your troubles and hears your prayers God is bringing you tremendous

energy and financial assistance Miracles and life-changing blessings are on their

way regardless of the challenges you may be facing in the present you should

persever and tell yourself I am blessed I am prosperous and I have God’s favor

trust that God will soon restore your health relationships and

finances as you drift off to sleep tonight I want you to know that the

answer to your prayers is almost here your anxieties will soon be replaced by

Joy the anguish suffering and lack of sleep that you’ve endured will finally

be over it’s like you’re on the verge of a lottery win where your life is

constantly being exchanged for something else be prepared to be astounded by the

tremendous success that is coming your way my dear friend in the month of

November you and your loved ones are about

to experience benefits opportunities and abundance like never before your health

money Additionally the standard of living is going to Skyrocket your

lifestyle is about to be brimming with financial abundance this wealth will

lift the weight of monetary responsibilities and completely

eradicate your debts if you follow this movie all the way to the

end I am the bread of existence Jesus said and you must never forget these

words those who seek me out May Never Go thirsty and I may quench the hunger of

my Believers I declare that heaven will not

rest until you are completely blessed in jesus’ name I demand all of your

troubles and difficulties to be eliminated if you would just give your

heart to Jesus he will replace your Agony as Joe and

peace I am sending my most powerful son to die on the cross for you because you

are so precious to me I am watching over you constantly loving you no matter

what I am exchanging your worry stress and frustration for Everlasting peace so

that you can experience all the joy and beauty that I have for you God is

listening to your needs observes your cries for help and will alleviate your

suffering prepare yourself to receive an incredible abundance of blessings from

God which will leave you amazed and eternally

grateful while we have nothing left God we witness surprising Miracles that

might affect our lives forever as we approach God will provide recuperation

provision protection and divine Direction into your

lives press Amen to confirm as you watch this video

abundance gash achievement genuine love and pleasure are already manifesting in

your life God says today be prepared prepared to be amazed by the abundance that is

coming your way you may enjoy countless riches accurate Fitness and prosperity

in your life before the month ends in response to Jesus invitation

your physical health Financial stability and personal family will flourish God

will miraculously remove barriers to your life speak well about you to the

right people and open doors for you as you surrender to God he will

improve your life and the lives of your loved ones menend broken hearts and make

a way out of difficulties this week is very important for you and you will enjoy successive

victories and boundless advantages I can bring a blessing that

will change your life life into yours before the end of this month imagine

something wonderful and unexpected happening this week and you will get

double blessings Miracles and breakthroughs God is also announcing

healing and restoration over you here we go again breakthroughs are

becoming a regular part of my life it’s not a trickle anymore it’s a River of

God’s power it’s a flood of recovery knowledge and style I love to think

ahead and I’m a person who often has breakthroughs as you journey through

this time of transition remember that God is merciful and Comforts

all he is transforming your life right now transforming your Sorrows into Joy

and leading you to success and prosperity I anticipate that God will

amaze me with his desire and crush me with his goodness remember that God is your

strength even when you feel weak and vulnerable God is rescuing you from your

enemies bringing your desires to fruition and guiding you in the right

route even when it seems to have no end God will shower you with blessings that

exceed your wildest dreams what seems like a lack in your life your dreams

relationships Health finances and joy is actually being renewed every day by God

your trials are turning into memories and your abundance into

abundance you are a child of God and he wants to bless you so much that he can

change your lifestyle forever when you give your will to God you can store

riches in heaven and open the floodgates of wealth on Earth just type on men to get

it God says I want to make you happy forever heal your wounds and satisfy all

your desires as you go on your journey put your faith in Christ Jesus who is

the mediator between God and Humanity believe in him

wholeheartedly and know him in all that you do when Jesus said that he is the

resurrection and the life and that whomever believes in him would have

eternal life even when this world passes away we will be with him forever some

people didn’t believe since they hadn’t seen Jesus in a human form

some nevertheless were fortunate even though they did not see

him he assured us that he would console us like a mother consoles her baby by

being always there to give us the peace and consolation we need we who believe

in Jesus Christ have confidence in his atoning death on the cross and in his

promise that he will return to take us to God forever in months you may encounter

very extraordinary mental spiritual and financial circumstances but fear not

because God will restore your health and put an end to your suffering your

disappointment and your despair with God’s blessing and

assistance you will prosper and see your dreams come to to

fruition everything you do this week will be successful I can bless your

relationships money health and companies you will have peace restoration Miracles

and more just keep praying reading the Bible and working on improving yourself

God will bless you beyond your wildest dreams enjoy it more than ever before

today is the beginning of a new era of boundless blessings Eternal tranquility

and God’s desires he will bestow upon you certain places that he has chosen

only for you God loves you no matter what and he

will perform miracles to improve your life you are about to experience a

life-changing metamorphosis and nothing you have gone through thus far far will stop him from

his purpose in the next week you might meet the love of your life settle into a

stunning new house and aass sufficient wealth to provide for your aspiration

and those you care about a miraculous change is brewing in

every area of your life including your responsibilities finances health and

relationships remember that having faith is key to

thrilling God and that those who seek Him will be rewarded God will also bring

people resources and money your way which you never believed possible angels

will also be set to defend and guide you and your

family you may get it by typing amen if Daniel could put his confidence in

God when he was in the Lion’s Den you can put your trust in him how you are

going through tough circumstances Jesus is both a source of

sustenance and a luxury if you seek him you will never be thirsty or

weary God the father of our Lord Jesus Christ who is full of mercy and Grace

and the source of all comfort here’s your prayers today and will turn your

grief into Joy the year for may bring great breakthroughs Miracles and

significant exchange new beginnings and exciting

chances await you this week I can bestow numerous blessings upon you transform

your pain into strength and turn your troubles in into blessings I am also the

god of healing and I can bring joy out of sadness and create good from terrible

circumstances I can repair anything that has been stolen from you even if it has

been broken here are five things God wants you to know tonight have faith in

God and he will help you through this difficult time rest in his love love and

he will meant whatever is broken every detail will fall into place

according to God’s plan he knows the enormity of your desires and will not

let you let them down when you feel like giving up God will strengthen you to

hold on he will lift you up when you’re down and make a way for you even when it

seems impossible you will emerge from your trials more powerful and resilient than

before stay focused on Jesus Christ Our Lord and not on your problems for

awareness is with God not with your problems you may experience

healing God always has a better plan for you no matter how bad things get if you

lose a process you’ll find someone better if you get sick you will become

stronger he will make the rest of your life as good as it can be no matter how

bad things get I am here to back you while you reach new heights of satisfaction and

influence your financial situation the magnificence that God has bestowed upon

you will be seen to everybody let us pray together dear Lord

I am beginning this new month with the firm belief that good things are on

their way to me your kindness and love never grow old

and your word Gives Life In The Name of Jesus Christ I ask that you will use my

weakness to accomplish great things and I believe that with your help nothing is

impossible healing tranquility and plenty are are on the

way as God rushes to rescue you from suffering strife and

need Jesus is Savior Please say it

well everything is possible with God According To Jesus even if it seems like

there is no method he could create a manner keep counting your blessings for

being alive even in these trying times provide Everlasting Las in lives

plenty and total happiness your health will be magically

restored and you will experience advantages that change your life

forever a wonderful Miracle is about to happen for you and your current pain and

tears will soon cease keep in mind that I am capable of doing everything you

want when you phone me I delighted to to fulfill your deepest desires and respond

to your prayers I will save you and fight fiercely for you I am Overjoyed to have

you and I will refrain from scolding you anymore on the contrary I want to enjoy

myself while you sing you mean the world to me and my

love for you will last forever instead I would rather reward you monetarily and

spiritually and get you back in shape cost and connections within the

context of Jesus call you will get it if you pray to me and ask for guidance

Assistance or both have no worry I will bless you despite your opponents I will

turn this situation around rapid progress toward your

financial spiritual and romantic goals is possible the intercessions of your

grandma continue to Shield you and your loved ones from evil God will surprise

you and make you eternally thankful by providing a beautiful excess of

riches all of your cares and concerns will be alleviated and you will experience a

wealth of opportunities that you never imagin Poss possible in the same way

that God’s tremendous power May influence your Fitness it will also

influence your life and bring about lifechanging

rewards things like Prosperity happiness excellent health

and strong relationships are swiftly approaching you get ready to receive

them with reverence and appreciation it is my sincere wish that this week offers

you nothing but good fortune and New

Opportunities is it possible that God hears your prayers and gives you the

strength to overcome the obstacles you are facing right now regardless of the

challenges you are now encountering know that God is fighting on your behalf and

will see you through to Triumph no no amount of harm can come to

you since Jesus has vanquished the adversary long ago may God hear your

prayers and protect you from harm even as you face this

difficulty quickly I have something special in store for you your release

advancement marriage and Recovery are all in my

plans when you needed someone to lean on or when you were at your worst I was

generally the one I was I assure you that I have not and will not disappoint

you to put it simply I like you and think highly of

you to acknowledge it type amen your parents guardian angels are

guiding you towards wonderful Miracles and benefits so know that you are making

great strides financi eventually many people benefit from my blessings yet

they fail to see me when things are going well for them think about me my love for you is

no bounds and I would rather you remain by my sigh I pray that God watches over

your Affairs and as you say seeks Vengeance against those who oppose you

may this week be filled with many benefits for you and your

lifestyle and that he hears your prayers and makes it possible for you to

overcome the tests of today the Lord your God is the one who goes with you to

fight for you against your enemies to offer you Victory reminds us that

regardless matter the circumstances we can always rely on

God please know how much I have appreciate this wonderful day and the

wonderful opportunities for living that you have given me Heavenly Father it

means the world to me that you love me baby by the grace of God

Amen keep in mind that having a connection with Jesus is the most

exclusive relationship someone can possibly have Proclaim this with

authority I can do all things through Christ regardless of the world’s

problems God’s glory will shine through me in the next days you may experience

breakthroughs Miracles and blessings that change your life a new blessing is

on the way to you I listened intently as you prayed my generosity will W you in

no time your finan Financial Good Fortune is on its way to you and nothing can

stop it prepare yourself for the benefits you will get and the Marvels

you will do put your fears to rest God will redeem your situation and shower

you with blessings even while they see your foes I will soon be able to flood your

life with my love healing peace and prosperity also simultaneously

eradicating any trace of worry dread tension and suffering it may seem to

detail for what is required but keep in mind that the Lord your God can do all

things you will see his miraculous changes to your way of life if you put

your faith in him God promises that you will skip the

test these days the pain suffering and restless nights are almost over

advantages that will change your life are on their way to you gather your

faith and thankfulness and prepare to seize them you will be saved if you publicly

declare Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God resurrected him from

the dead teas in your past inspiration for your gift and best wishes for your

future may all be conveyed by me if you put your faith in me I will bring about

miraculous changes in your life God will protect me and my family

in if we put our trust in him as it says solve your burden on the Lord and

He will preserve you he will never allow the righteous to be moved Psalm – I

am watched blessed and motivated because of

God things are coming together in the most beautiful Manner and it’s

impossible to ignore them behind the scenes God is creating a miracle for you

and you won’t even know it you will recover true love will find you and God

will shower his Abundant Blessings on you and your loved

ones of all the things that contribute to my way of life I am most grateful to

God there would be nothing else for which I am thankful if he did not exist

give thanks in everything that is what God’s desire for you in Christ Jesus

this is the conclusion of an era of suffering for you

deliverance from dependency depression and disillusionment is on the way thanks

to God remember that God is never oblivious

to your cries unresponsive to your petitions or mute in your pain he is

attentive he is aware and he will provide some locations you haven’t even

set foot in yet are already mentioning your name in the next days I will do

something very remarkable for you you are being drawn to plenty by the

cosmos the Fulfillment of all your desires is about to come to fruition

this is what I’m hoping and praying for many people ignore me are their

living extraordinary lives even if I bless them do not forget about me me it

was my choice that you reside nearby convey such worries to me once I

have everything I will be able to provide you resources healing and help I

can provide you with joy wealth and absolutely no

Tranquility what has been lost may be found again and what has been shattered

will be repaired soon the cosmos is helping you get back on your feet this

week so you can have the greatest comeback ever greater benefits and

possibilities are on the horizon believe that this next week will

be filled to the brim with joy stunning experiences remarkable people benefits

and impacts that extend well beyond the mundane pay your debts M your broken

heart Shield your loved ones and have a fantastic day because the universe is on

your sigh your prayers were never overlooked By Me on sometimes I find solutions that

you didn’t even think about more laughter more contemplation and more

love to you and the Hereafter I will restore all that you have lost

put in I really like you God I Will Never Let You Down even if

the Lord promises that others wo I have your life in my hands and can create

your boots right now no longer is God’s mission to lead you into the future

rather he is revealing himself to you so that others may see that the Lord is

watching over you appreciate app what you have now so

you can appreciate everything that is to come benefits are on their way I know

you can’t see my moves but if you keep praying I swear it will all make clear

in due time look I can restore your health and

well-being I can cure my people and give them a sense of great tranquility and

Security in a Flash you will be reving in an unprecedented event sharing

accurate information with your loved ones can bring you immense

satisfaction and happiness because you are both strict

and kind oh Lord and your love for those who seek you is an ending my dear

friends may we be able to love one another since God is the source of all

True Romance those who love have both known God and been born

again soon opportunities will present themselves that will put you in a

position where you will never have to borrow beg or fight for anything

again plenty of money will come your way the next three days have the potential

to be brimming with extraordinary benefits wonders and breakthroughs

even though and may have shocked and tired

you my darling little one I am going to pick you up in

bestow healing blessings and favor onto you every bad habit you have is

being broken by God a new era of Liberty plenty and power is upon

you Peace Love healing and blessings will flood your life as he eliminates

all stress anxiety strain and suffering a huge windfall of money is in root to

you at this very now this miracle is all it takes to transform your financial

situation from dire to Fantastic your life may be filled with

boundless wealth excellent Health full fulfilling relationships and eternal peace if you

focus on God’s voice in everything that you do and wherever you

go press Amen to confirm God promises that things are

going to change for the better and that you and your loved ones will have

prosperous and trouble-free lives anywhere you’re suffering he’ll

heal it the remainder of this week is packed with topnotch Miracles fascinating facts

and the most significant advancements you’ve ever

experienced in my time of alone God reassures me so I will declare

absolutely God is my salvation I will believe H not be afraid

the Lord is both my strength and my shield he has arrived to be my

salvation despite my insignificance God remains my first

priority God brings me pleasure and Tranquility even when I am unhappy and

lonely God is my strength even if I am weak and defenseless every member of

your family improves and wonderful things happen just when you want them to

God is about to perform an economic miracle in the next month that will

alter your lifestyle forever could health love chances and

favor may come your way keep in mind that God knows what to do in any

situation trust him after he menend your wounds your pricing range will be better

than before your best time ever will be guided by

God my Limitless love healing tranquility and advantages May dispel

any anxiety worry stress or suffering you may be experiencing peace and a

wonderful life which Jesus came to provide are within your reach in Jesus

name I ask that you be filled with God’s joy and peace

always keep in mind that the Lord is watching over you you may have whatever

you want even a Shepherd you will be pursued daily by his love and kindness

and you will spend eternity in his presence you and your family are being

showered With Better Lives as God turns your situation around with each setback

comes a Fant fastic return and your troubles may be cured rest assured there

is a greater plan for your life from God than anything you can

imagine things don’t always work out the way you want them to and that’s when you

know that God has a greater plan God may give you miraculous financial aid

life-altering benefits and other forms of support so that you might experience breakthroughs

and blessings a plethora of benefits like

excellent Health Tranquility love and freedom of choice are waiting to be

showered upon you by am men your Creator God Is Watching Over You so keep that in

mind whenever you need him he will be there to Aid and save

you to confirm and yes God says be ready for he is about to

provide twice as many blessings as you want more than enough to compensate for

all the hardships you’ve endured this month might be jam-a with accurate news

if you can transform your problems into worship instead of letting them bother

you before the month is over I prophecy that you will see miracles Les that seem

like they were performed by God I want you to prosper no matter where you are

in the world because I am a God who gives abundantly unexpected benefits accurate

news and miracles might come your way at any point during the year you will

overcome all obstacles heal and experience Joy beyond your imagination a

Divine hand will protect and bless you you will be graced by his presence which

will illuminate you he’ll make a good impression on you

and provide you Tranquility get ready for an incredible Miracle this week if

you ask God he will bless you with a healthy bank account physical healing a

restoration of your marriage and the strength to overcome

addiction you may anticipate great blessings since you are being infused

with God’s power you are being preserve because God is destroying every bad

habit in your life you are entering a new era of Freedom success and

plenty I am your God and I will fight for you while you are alive my precious

child you were made by me and I will always be able to SA save you if you

need me rest assured I am here to protect you

from harm my angels will protect you no matter what you do so you won’t have to

worry about any setbacks a new era of contentment and

happiness will Dawn upon you and my love will be yours and a manner you’ve never

experienced before think on the fact that wonderful ful things are

transpiring in your life have faith in yourself and know that I am with you at

all times I am a caring deity that hears your pleas and demands nothing less than

the best for you if you come to me with an attitude of gratitude in your heart I

will show you the way through the difficulties of life to contentment and

joy I am able to provide you Elegance happiness and

love may this holiday season bring you Joy love and an improved budget I will

shower you with plenty if you trust and KN and my plan these days I’m going to

say that nothing can hurt you your well-being finances ideas and

family are safe with me since I am your protector you may trust that I will

protect you and guarantee your Triumph if you think of me in that

way simply type amen if you’re thinking about it I am opening doors of Health money

and success so that you and your family may enjoy then Jesus

says if you are loyal and obedient you may get a reward and your family will

enjoy the fruits of your labor restoring things to life as my main

focus much like how I resurrected Jesus your life’s worthless Corners will be

revived by me you won’t have to wait long for the riches you

want allow me to bless you because I am the Wellspring of all good things

therefore open your coronary heart I the Lord your God I am making every effort

right now to change your life if you’re sad I can make you happy

again and make you triumph over obstacles keep in mind that I am at your

side at all times at some point in your path I will

be your faithful companion through good times and bad through happiness and

sadness through challenges and triumphs join me in prayer as I ask God to bless my way

of life I am appreciative of the opportunities that have been bestowed

upon me and the power that allows me to fully use

them thanks be to God for being my rock and Times of trial and for strengthening

my will to persevere through thick and then your unfailing support has carried

me through every Challenge and kept me going and I know that I can always count

on you to be my source of Solace and encouragement I am very grateful for all

that you have done for me and I pray that God May spare my family and myself

from suffering thank you God it is because of you that I have been found

blessed and inspired there will be many miracles

this week and they will all before for you good things will happen to you in

all area of your life from Monday through Sunday bringing an unprecedented level

of Happiness richness and Tranquility with it a rise in your salary might put

you in a better financial position your Fitness level will rise and your

relationships will flourish this is a period of great Miracles so arm yourself

my dear friend triumphs and advances I will

demonstrate to you how effective I am recovery trade and a plethora of other

things are headed your way but it’s much too late as we enter the year

your sorrow will give way to Joy your pain will fade and the challenges you

face will pave the way to numerous rewards there are advantages to seeing

this video all the way through please take it as a fact that I

am aware of what is first straight for you and that my timing is perfect a

miracle may be happening right in front of of your eyes if you can just feel

gratitude in your coronary heart you will find that your life has

turned out great and fruitful if you take the things I give

you God promises that you will be prosperous healthy and successful in the

present so that you may enjoy life to the fullest when you retire I am the

greatest restorer so there’s no need to worry maintaining or improving your

Fitness relationships and budget are all within your reach wonder what wonders may be

happening if you agree I’ll allow you and then you may have a life full of

love success and wealth you were formed by me and I am the loving God no matter

what I am always able to handle you and provide you a hand let your heart open

so you may receive all the benefits I have in store for

you nothing negative will happen to you your health your time your money or your

family within the scope of Jesus call my love will crush each obstacle in your

path put your anxieties pains and concerns in my hand hands and I will

alleviate them rather I will fill you with all the

good things in life including love healing Serenity and more before the

week is over you’ll see an abundance of benefits that will alleviate your

problems and provide you Delight prepare yourself to accept it with trust and

gratitude my promises will materialize within the next months my darling I

have already aranged for you to become wealthy therefore it will happen you

need to be prepared to see a larger sum of money than you ever thought in your

bank account also know that I am fighting for

your life right now I will transform your pain into strength your anxieties

into understanding and your problems into opportunities I am a dedicated ISU who

can unlock Heaven’s Gates just in time to bless your existence this year

Everything You Touch will flourish I am preparing the perfect time

to reveal my Marvels to you so have faith in my perfect timing I can create

a method even if the arena claims there is none if you have faith in me I can show you

that your life can be transformed keep this in mind as you go through

life you are well on your way to achieving material Prosperity personal

fulfillment and good health permit yourself to be free of any uncertainties

or anxieties that may attempt to hinder your

progress I am planning a string of spectacular events tailored only to you

so take it as real I will provide for you how you are alive because I am your

God you were made by me and I will never leave your side or abandon you a

mountain of Love tranquility and fantastic Tales is on

its way to you my dearest child grab hold of them let them fill you with

desire Ires Jo and unshakable religion and open yourself as much as you

can get ready for a miracle that will change your life in the next

week you are about to undergo a profound metamorphosis as You Follow the guidance

of the celestial bodies you have my word that an infinite

stream of riches will pour into your life bestowing benefits that will

Astound you furthermore may you be showered with plenty good health joy and

extraordinary opportunity to get it type


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