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God is saying to you

today you will forget everything you’ve

gone through and who wronged you because

of certain benefits I have comeing your

way you’ve had twice as much

difficulties as you deserve but more

Good Fortune is on the way let go of

what you lost and what wasn’t

fair type yes to

confirm in the event that you are

reading this at this very now please

know that the gifts that are on your way

much outweigh any worry suffering or

restless nights you are presently

experiencing it’s almost time for your

breakthrough so keep praying and keeping

your head up your prayer for the

seemingly impossible issue will soon be

answered thank God

if you think there is a God please like


video your mental emotional and

Financial State will have drastically

changed in months continue in prayer

reading the Bible and self-improvement

the Victory will be

yours press enter to confirm I’m ready


shine entirely soon you’ll be telling an

entirely different tale A Narrative of

how you came to find Miracles a

remarkable tale that is really

motivating when many people see how much

you overcome and yet succeed you will

inspire a great deal of optimism in them

a film is your

life don’t let anxiety consume you God

is an excellent man to have around what

God says about you is the only thing

that counts regardless of what other

people may say about

you remember not to let your experiences

depress you rely on the Lord and He will

provide you with strength and

support to type amen and have faith in

God our greatest resource is our choice

it’s all a matter of preference infinite

possibilities surround us we have an

endless number of doors to close and

opportunities to open with every

decision we

make we may make a quick decision at any

time to alter the course of our life we

have the power the heart and the

intellect over

everything it’s as if the deity is

inviting you to embrace the highs and

lows of Life allow them to introduce you

to life to a greater extent excruciation


Bliss intense bitterness and Beauty your

experience as a soul is

inexhaustible and life is merely a

single breath in that existence you

should be able to reflect on your life

and claim that you really lived and


everything type yes to make a

claim your vibration is rising to the

frequency of boundless abundance and

unwavering love the Divine is

saying it seems that you have lofty

spiritual goals to strive towards you

won’t hold on to the hurt and

disappointment of the past the

completion of this procedure requir Ires

lives that point of accomplishment is

finally being reached by you transmit

love and live from your

heart your life may have changed around

you since Saturn is entered retrograde

the angels are telling

you it is putting an end to certain

chapters in your life and letting others

in good things are occurring for you

right now you’re moving on from the


you this represents your triumphant

return after a prolonged period of

waiting and perseverance through the

challenging times it is your moment so


it to get it

typs with a single little adjustment to

your morning routine you may open The

Floodgate to Limitless prosperity joy

pleasure freedom and

confidence God is saying to you right

now you can do anything just keep going

I have nothing but blessings for you you

are capable of greatness and I am here

to assist you reach your full potential

keep your spirits up and have faith in

the adventure that lies

ahead making a clean slate and letting

your Ambitions and aspiration come to

you in their own time will lead to the

most amazing life

possible to affirm type I embrace my

power your drive and energy levels will

soar in October allowing you to achieve

the objectives you’ve been daing with

for a while you’ll show your body more

respect this month than you have in the

past this month will be the one when you

let go of your need for Perfection and

embrace your true

self this month you will accept and make

good use of your Sexual Energy the

progress you’ve made to become the

everpresent person you are right now is

a stepping stone that this month


the cosmos is communicating with you

right now encouraging you to seize the

opportunity to live fully in the now

life happens right

now recall that you have the power to

choose happiness and that when you put

it first in your life pleasure will

follow if you’re ready enter

amen take stock of your life where you

are in it and where you want to go by

accepting and acknowledging your own

facts you cannot go ahead with Po and

confidence unless you have a firm

understanding of where you are in your


life whatever you may not be aware of

God adds your spiritual unfolding is

happening all the time if you put your

faith in the Creator it will come to


the one with the light in their hand in

order to accomplish its karmic Destiny

her soul is always seeking for the light

just like a

Lotus there are however intervals of

rest and darkness during that process

the universe is in a state of natural

cycle and

movement input I am evolving to

confirm you are currently undergoing a

rigorous transition into the next phase

of your life the God is saying to you in

contrast to your previous more gradual

adjustments in

Consciousness this one is moving along

rather quickly leaving no time for

hesitation or reflection to such drastic

changes you could even feel

unprepared after faith that everything

is happening for a reason and that you

are operating in Divine

time press the yes key every day is

possibility for

Success you are hearing from the

universe today that things will change

sooner than you think and in surprising

ways have faith that these adjustments

will improve and enrich your life as

well as get you closer to your life’s

Mission this is the moment when life is

finally giving you back the angels are

telling you you’re about to enter a

phase of immense growth and

celebration hasn’t life been waiting on

you long enough acknowledge that when

things go your way it’s not a

coincidence or a fluke rather it’s the

result of your your persistent efforts

and dedication to your

aspiration it is now the moment to

cleanse your mental physical spiritual

and emotional bodies of any

disappointment worry fear trauma and

negativity you are a spiritual being

experiencing a natural life dream it

Envision it hone it you are healed and

fly of Love bravery strength knowledge


love in case you get this statement type

I claim

it keep trying be committed to your

goals and have faith in your ability to

build the life you want you already

possess everything you need to

emerge you deserve a bright future and

are more than enough do of your prior

experiences you are a powerful Creator

and should be thankful for what you have

now we’ve heard your prayers and

something excellent yet unexpected is

going to happen to you each instant is

an opportunity to consider the things in

life that you find meaningful and to

adapt to the changes that come with

it pay attention of fresh Endeavors and

Prospects that have the potential to

blossom into something much greater than

you could have ever

dreamed hopefully you will see the face

of the

Lord let rid of the ideas that diminish

your value and the notion that you

aren’t capable of improving and growing

have the courage to let go and go

on revealed the divine within let rid of

the people and routines that keep you

from achieving your goals it’s time to

let go of outdated self-limiting

ideas you’re deserving of excellence and

everything that this world has to give

you’re going to be pleasantly surprised

very soon with an incredible

opportunity that will change your life

life all that doesn’t serve you should

burn away in the fires of transformation

for you deserve this blessing make the

decision to move on from the past you

are going to be blessed today by someone

you did not anticipate the open and

expect it nice things are about to come


way your intuition is always right and

it will be nudged is you to follow your

deepest truths you are being directed

stay focused on your

vision claim it by typing

yes sometimes it takes a little Spark

ignited by Spirit to explode into a

transforming flame yet your spiritual

fire is developing inside and you have

more power than you realize from your

spirit and new door will open as you

explore your

creativity connect with your passion and

utilize your imagination to bring the

idea that is blooming inside of you to

life you are being guided to

materialized nourishment for your

soul a deeper aspect of yourself than

you previously realized is about to

surface keep in mind that your inner

mission is to become aware of who you


are move Beyond previous bounds projects

a distinct energy notice accept and

embrace the two Roots ahead do not

revert to your own routines simply

because they are

comfortable God’s plan is always greater

than ours therefore pray today that your

heart be given up to his flawless plan

and will be obedient loyal patient and

diligent before

purpose press enter to confirm I’m ready


shine one does not need to add but

praise God if they are going through

hardships they do not need to act as if

everything is

well just hours before his crucifixion

Jesus began to sweat blood toch the

father for a way out and did not seem to

spiritual or sing in a

garden yet in the end Jesus walked to

the crucifixion in a state of pleasure

not a naive comfort that is ignorant of

suffering but a joy that is enhanced by

grief and the realization of Humanity’s


with a single little adjustment to your

morning routine you may open the

floodgates to Limitless Prosperity Joe

pleasure freedom and

confidence do you adore God please

subscribe to our


you may scream in pain because God

is constantly working to make you more

human not less and that Candor God is

molding you into a superb human

being since they already have a better

home yet want for One such a Christian

experience is both simultaneous

happiness and

sadness in order to confirm type this to


Pass Once Upon a Time I really believed

that I had destroy God’s intentions for

my life but God is a god of

reconciliation taking the shattered

remnants of and turn it into your own

once again something


should your dream have been broken

be certain that God can repair it it has

not vanished

but has been postponed until we become

more refined and capable of handling

what he is presenting to

us should your dream have been broken be

certain that God can repair it it has

not vanished but has been postponed

until we become more refined and capable

of handling what he is presenting to

us press and enter to confirm I am


aware consider God’s faithfulness for a

minute and then stop once again to

express your gratitude to him for all of

his loving giving and loyal actions


you decide in your heart to place your

confidence in God while you are in this

grateful posture even if you are unable

to see a path to the promises

realization make the decision to live

fearlessly today and to keep taking

risks in faith just as Abraham

did to validate type I’m gentle with


God is a god of restoration there

was a moment in my life when I was very

certain that I had ruined God’s

intentions for

me your life may be transformed into

something lovely Again by him using the


Parts if you have faith in the Lord type

consider God’s faithfulness

for a minute and then stop once again to

express your gratitude to him for all of

his loving giving and loyal actions


you position in this thankfulness

regardless of whether you can see a path

to the Fulfillment of a promise resolve

in your heart to place your confidence


God make the decision to live fearlessly

today and to keep taking risks in faith

just as Abraham

did if this is true type

if you seek God with all of your

heart he will transform you even if you

may still be living according to Old

patterns you have Hope for Change but

you cannot change


, we want things done right away but

God does doesn’t care about our

timetable therefore don’t be in a rush

for God to complete using

you you may have plans that are defeated

by the adversary but God has a unique

plan for you that cannot be

thwarted stay ferociously passionate and

focused on God’s purpose for your

life go all out for what he has planned

for you nothing in this world is worth

going above and beyond


, dear God I am so grateful for

today and for being with me in every

moment I am so grateful for your

consolation in times of pain and your

Serenity when things seem

overwhelming rest in peace my love your

strength in the times of weakness your

pleasure in the moments of

sweetness as you are my God and I adore

you so much please revive my intellect

invigorate my spirit and fortify my

heart for the day

ahead say Amen to express

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now if you think there is a God please

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Channel you will always have the

strongest relationship since all you are

he and everything you do originates with

God authentically connecting with God is

a journey

that is both exhilarating and flawed you

won’t always get it perfectly or have it


together God loves you so much that he

will constantly provide you with chances

to reestablish a connection with him but

you have to make the decision to do


in spite of your circumstances God

remains good his kindness is unaffected

by Your Heart Take or the sense that

everything is crumbling around you God

is wonderful even when life is not so

you may keep believing him in spite of


situation for those who believe in the

Lord type

was it not evident to you that

whatever God prophesied over you would

be carried out regardless of other

events errors or situations if God spoke

it it will be carried

out keep trusting God for your

aspiration your desires and your prayers

he loves you and he won’t let you down

it’s already in the works and it will be

an incredible

experience God is Sovereign over all

things he holds every moment of your

life in his hands and he will always

exalt his name in your situation God is

good and he remains good even when life


not see to your own

needs please choose yes if you’re ready

then forward this video to five other

believers in





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