⭕God says, my child, you have only a few days left| God’s Saying Now | God’s Message Now

God is speaking to you right now the thing that is in maintain for us

subsequent I have better things in store for me if I keep going replace all of

the stressed out details on your road with far less work you have my undying

love and support never give up keep moving forward or else perish the

Messiah of the place what have you accomplished with us he exclaimed come

to destroy us or what you are the immaculate one of God and I know you

startings getting noticed in public is a sign of inspiration believe in miracles

for he is removing the pain worry anxiety and anxiousness that you are

experiencing you will eventually enter a season of change so there’s no need to

strive or be anxious accept everything by entering thank you I release all

curses in the name of Jesus and bestow blessings upon the individual reading

this in these tough times type to obtain it may you and your family

be filled with the holy spirit so that your Sorrows become Joy there will be

Delight in your mour for a message that remains unchanged and will quickly meure

you towards the next phase of Life watch this video through to the finish for

your breakthrough you are the next in line all of the blessings that are

coming your way will be magnified by God who is also taking out every negative

from your life kindly refrain from lying to one another as you have shed your

previous identity and its Customs replacing it with a renewed sens of self

that reflects its Creator’s image wear clothes of compassion

generosity humility gentleness and patience because you are God’s chosen

people holy and substantially loved God is telling you to never give up today

without delay he is there to bestow upon you an abundance of blessings we should

focus on his message and joy if you’ve been having trouble with your situation

you will learn how to use words to stand up for yourself and your family from me

now is the time for you to receive ey perseverance and trials even during the

most trying circumstances God is ready to surprise you with a huge achievement

because he has heard your prayers you’ll witness this very shortly thereafter for

he is powerless to stop the people who God has decided to bless we say Amen in

the sacred name of Jesus have faith Please Subscribe if you profess faith in

the Divine and join me as we pray together for protection and healing I am

extremely preferred the more everything I encounter today will succeed I made a

decision to just learn about Jesus Christ and his crucifixion during my

time with you I give him water and whomever drinks it will never thirst it

is true that whatever water I give him will grow into a spring within him that

will flow to eternal life you should expect a dramatic Improvement in your

situation indeed God says that he is providing for you and your entire

household abundantly above and beyond your requests I oppose every Devi is

plan trick or strategy employed by the enemy to keep me from being everything

you want me to be press yes to claim it in faith God is prepared to bestow upon

you even more blessings than you have asked for having seen the difficulties

you confront we watch the entire film for hours while taking in the public

wonders you can be sure that he is removing your pain pain tension anxiety

and Terror prepare for breakthroughs by opening the door and accepting the

healing that is coming your way something is changing I believe that at

some point along your trip you will become blind to the bigger Vision which

frequently results in a profound shift you are headed toward a better future as

you go from uncertainty to clarity and from scarcity to abundance though God

occasionally puts us in difficult situations and life can be unpredictable

he is not shocked by your current circumstances hold on to your faith you

are going to experience healing hope and great improvements the Supernatural is

orchestrating your comeback so keep going and be strong your times of

despair will be met by God who will turn them into Times of prosperity have faith

in him because you deserve to live a happy and meaningful life we are taught

to trust in the almighty with all of our hearts and refrain from depending on

your own understanding in the proverb – – even though we might not fully

understand the consequences of our dis cusions dear heavenly father we are

grateful for the serenity you offer it is not by accident that you are reading

this this is a supernatural appointment God’s holy spirit is burning within us

nagging us to have faith even when the road looks dangerous even the most

turbulent circumstances and be turned into Times of joy and calm by the peace

that the creator has for us we move move forward in trust and redirect our

attention to the new opportunities that the Messiah has introduced into our

lives as we formally acknowledge Him to be Lord as we give thanks May Psalm

His blessings fall upon us and Mark the Messiah heals an unclean Spirit man

demonstrating us that he is always there to support us during good times or bad

en vision realizing your aspiration while surrounded by those you love

acknowledging each accomplishment that has testimony to God’s favor no matter

what barriers we encounter his kindness will be made evident VI us have faith

that excellent things are happening today blessings will be abundant remain

consistent in your faith knowing that God will fulfill his promises to you God

will will never leave you and you will become times better in every area of

your life click thank you if you’re persuaded would you please give the

Divine a few minutes of your time today child I send you my best wishes and

envision amazing benefits in your future if you put your complete confidence in

God you will experience his refinement eliminating of imperfections

and blessings of wealth adhere to his commandment destroy whatever that stands

in the way of your Spiritual Development and wait until the very end to

experience miraculous healings with excellent things at your doorway and an

amazing strategy made specifically for you a plan for success and happiness for

the remainder of this week you will emerge more powerful more pleasant

and better than before anticipate the amazing gifts that are headed your way

anticipate a major life transformation and the discernment to

overcome every obstacle with God’s help it’s time to take back the life that’s

meant for you A life of joy and divine sustenance I am going to support you and

I am going to save you if the number is appears to you take it as an

indicator that you are stronger than any conqueror and that God has prepared you

for bigger things such as chances for peace and wealth that far outweigh your

sorrow and anxieties to claim it declare

God will bring everything back to you and you will succeed particularly if

you have a deep passion for Jesus Jesus stay in touch in order to confirm that

your requests for help are being heard input to if you think that prayer

has power we are whole steadfast in our faith and prepared to receive

opportunities health and financial benefits beyond our wildest dreams

because of Jesus scars have faith in God to bring about victory he is at your

side throughout life recall that the best is still to come and that God is

about to Lavish you with more blessings then you can imagine if you understand

and have the willingness to accept advancement and healing in the midst of

Heartache type amen God is working public Miracles out of your private

prayers I pray that you will experience his Love’s warmth and that you will find

peace healing and victory you are a selected one designated for a greater

Mission and you’re not just an individual in this world your pace is

going to pick up speed God will provide you the power support and healing you

require via prayer with an interior full of Faith pursue the path of lawfulness

and see how God changes your life to lead you to walk in success and wealth

amen put your recuperative journey first

and cease attempting to control circumstances instead put your faith in

Heaven’s plenty of resources the following three months will bring progress achievement love and

improvements that will surpass your expectations so don’t worry I’ve got

your back brothers and sisters your troubles that have followed you for

centuries are about to fade and you are going to Triumph amazing things are on

the horizon keep in mind that I have a fantastic plan for you so any

difficulties are only temporary angels are saying to you remember who you are

how you face your challenges and enter my presence every day like Christ did at

Cana and gy and you are welcome to observe Miracles he assures you I

comprehend what you are going through and I am here to direct you to your ultimate goal which is filled with Good

Fortune Freedom economic growth and miracles in all your

undertakings the later half of is expected to provide great

Prosperity favor and pl of Peace choose a peaceful place to pray and spend time

with the Lord When you pray picture yourself with wealth and happiness rely

in the Divine strategy even if it takes you in unexpected ways to get you ready

for things that will blow your mind the Angelic message for today acknowledges

your difficulties and confirms that benefits and righteousness are being weaved into

your everyday existence and ways that are beyond your wildest dreams God is

busy writing your story in a way that will bring healing success plenty and

prosperity even if you may not be able to see it at this point you and everyone

in your household will be impacted by the steady stream of positive energy

that the next days are going to send your way changing the world around you

in ways you previously would have imagined put your trust in this method

and get ready to be astounded by the remarkable results that lie waiting I

thank you countless times Heavenly Father for sending Jesus to bring

Direction and safety we know that you are our take shelter and stronghold and

that you have chosen us for reason we trust in your power and stand steady

because you have said over there am I send me for those who follow the lord

Jesus you should expect success in anything you put your mind too you have

been given opportunity and have greatness in store so let go of the

worries from yesterday and welcome this morning of transformation recall that

God loves you without conditions as his beloved child there is no need to

hesitate any longer as the person you sought validation from as already

acknowledged your value and bestowed up on you numerous rewards thank Lord for

his boundless Grace as your path becomes clear your breakthrough is drawing close

by and challenges that appeared insurmountable are being overcome when

we pray Pray For Change God frequently leads us to transformation and directs

how we should proceed typa meant to express your belief in God and your

commitment to serve as a living example of his goodness Jesus peace serves as a

continual reminder to act with affection and honesty in all of our encounters

knowing that a miraculous change is about to occur in your life life get

ready for the Lord’s gifts and miracles that lie ahead of you it is said that

for will bring about unheard of achievements and breakthroughs recognize

the difficulties we encounter but also the development and maturity brought

about by persevering through them much more joy and high vibrating energy are

going to enter your life you and your family are about to experience God’s

Limitless strength and prosperity so have faith in this development your

sorrow will become joy and your mourning will become dancing allow today to be a

period of renewal from the Lord fully accepting his love discard any lies or

doubts that have prevented you from moving forward have a sincere desire to

experience the Lord’s presence presence in every area of your life since it is

in his presence that true happiness can be found and wonders can happen you have

the potential to experience the fullest extent of God’s love as you travel by

trust in God and that God will work miracles and Providence in every area of

your life God’s abounding kindness will turn hardships into successes and

Sorrows into Joy in if you are prepared to enter a

season of boundless god-given mercy and you are convinced of this declaration of

Miracles enter when you feel like you’re lost and

bewildered for no apparent reason you must always keep in mind that you are

protected by God and that you are meant to soar above the common place the skies

are resonating with your sincere prayers and a momentous breakthrough is

approaching a path where obstacles turn into opportunities for unfathomable

gifts put the Lord Jesus Christ as my stronghold to serve as a constant

reminder of the amazing blessings that are waiting for you and as a statement

of your faith God invites you to live a life that goes beyond doubt and a very

paralyzing where his grace makes up for past transgressions and errors even

though you’ve experienced abuse and endured apparently insurmountable

challenges believe that God has plans for you that will ultimately lead to

Victory and Reconciliation the happiness that awaits you is far greater than the

suffering you experience now sing a song of Thanksgiving for you have been chosen

to experience healing restoration and wonders throughout your life enter

to access the benefits of chapter an offering that assures you that

the Angels who protect you will always be at your side directing you toward an

eternity in which every setback to your dreams transforms into God’s promises

becoming to pass Heavenly favor is aligned with your path and divine

oversight is in place during your travels a crop of benefits a monument to

God’s unfailing grace and strength is about to be bestowed on to your

unwavering Faith Give the Lord your whole attention and you will discover

the Serenity and solutions you’ve been looking for in his Temple you should

anticipate ipate that as you maintain your faith your life will serve as a

testimonial to Jesus atoning love and as a lighthouse of hope you can claim great

tranquility and favor the triumphs and wonders that lie ahead are only framed

by the storms you are currently facing to come in line with God’s purpose and

observe how facets of your life become an expression of his strength and love

you are under the watchful eye of angels who work wonders and guide your heart to

the love and patient Chris likeness that you were meant to have for people who

are about to give up this message offers hope the next phase of prosperity safety

and productivity is about to begin and the hardships you’ve endured are almost

over you are about to go into an Uncharted period of expansion and

progress consider approaching any decision that appears unusual with

meditation and decision making believing that God’s wisdom is unfailing if you’ve

experienced feeling pushed to take a leap of faith such as buying a lottery

ticket in times of fear or uncertainty keep in mind that all all necessary to

experience God’s assurance and serenity is to make a simple phone call you are

just starting a new magnificent chapter in your life that will be full of God’s

boundless benefits your narrative is far from over if you are willing to accept

the Miracles that are happening in your life and you accept in this heavenly

self assurance typen in light of what is about to happen to you I declare in the

prophetic name of Jesus that the god of his faithful hands says don’t presume

you know there will soon be significant improvements Jesus heard his mother say

they don’t have any wine unexpected blessings will flood your home this

Angel Number week prepare for a bras of blessings his disciples saw the

manifestation of his brightness was ative action has already begun there’s

going to be something amazing I am the source of blessings you’ll be amazed by

what I promised you’re about to receive amazing news and significant

developments I send blessings your way and to your family there’s going to be

something big your romantic life will become better God promises Miracles

affirm with the amen I have have a plan dear friend I will educate you to stand

up for what’s rightfully yours wealth happiness Independence and self

assurance it’s possible for happiness to come to pass away but it won’t endure

forever close your door and pray before your heavenly father in secret said the

Messiah and I’m going to take you out to go fishing for people you are going to

experience blessing and miracles the hour of Deliverance is coming you tell

yourself I’m patient with my own self as you consider the wine and wonder where

it originated from loved one even in the most catastrophic situations have faith

that Miracles are on the way and never seek revenge thank God who upholds you

even though you may have experienced oppressed it’s a privilege to know you

you type you are going to discover to appreciate life according to Angel

Number that which comes may come again but it is fleeting you endure life’s storms

without faltering since the coming Kingdom of paradise is almost here

though it has been abused in many ways you have a good heart grab this once in

a lifetime opportunity God is giving you favor and Fresh Starts you’ve shed your

old self and all of its habits and put on your new self that you are creating

space for something better something heavier give up thinking about what has

gone wrong and get ready for the gifts that will greet you when you wake up the

next day don’t wait peace will arrive oh my love there is going to be a beautiful

ceremony your year will be packed with Adventures that will change your life

making every second of waiting worthwhile Rich Delight Tranquility wealth and hearts full of

Thanksgiving are all represented by the number it is true that I am a god

of resources and without my trials we wouldn’t ever develop into complete

human beings he said does when you acknowledge Him He will straighten your

path and bless your life with longlasting success and prosperity we

repudiate conflict disagreement and hardship I will restore what is damaged

the Lord says as job found out you begin with little and end up with a lot we

express our gratitude to the source of our many blessings by saying I app

appreciate you for the atmosphere that I breathe each day you are flourishing

wealthy and extraordinarily fortunate since all you own is a gift from above

why take pride in anything the water drawing servants were aware of this as

the first of Jesus signs water was transformed into wine causing our mouths

to wet and our lips to erupt and joyful yells all right you’re going to receive

blessings love will Triumph in the end and he will be delivering us and

appointing his angels to watch over our lives God promises you the significant

Improvement and real change tonight put negativity aside and begin speaking as

your future self me your constant companion determines your fate not any

outside forces I promise that I’ll bless you beyond your darkest

expectations no enjoyable thing will be lacking from you we ask that you teach

us how to count on you the moment you exist is now fixed and unchangeable

there will be intentional deeds and Heavenly interventions throughout this week Angel Number

, indicates that an end is near for your difficulties and struggles the

following days will be of great significance a turning point in your

path to realizing Your Divine calling the bad times are over on the

professional front continue to hope and never give up my intentions will come to

pass kindly typow man if you approve of blessings including healing and

financial breakthroughs are on their way to you miracles or showering down upon

us if problems continue he will set up fixes type absolute to indicate that

you’re ready for life to surprise you as Guided by the guardian angel and

spiritual guidance aspiration won’t be let down with great gladness he will

support you with his holy right hand you will come out stronger smarter and more

Fully Alive Distributing your blessings and gaining a clear peaceful and

compassionate perspective on other people let the past rest and peace and

look at the future as your reward live a life based on your faith and never

forget that God is greater than all of your problems sorrows and anxieties any

suffering the Holy Spirit tells us is only temporary though the reality is far

closer they had created a rigid erroneous picture of the outcome that

was to come de ready and organized for what lies ahead aim for monetary

assistance blessings that will change your life and amazing discoveries

happiness is on the way your return will be a spiritual Beacon Savor each chanced

age understanding that no weapon created to harm us will succeed I will lift all

generational curses and restore your health in this year of my return your

naysayers will be amazed by your comeback you are God’s unique property

intended to exalt him and she called people out of the Shadows you can rely

on my support at every turn they never stopped spreading the good news from

household to family member since reality is so close to altering there will be

healing divine intervention Fresh Starts in love contentment Serenity and an

ending happiness you’ll come out stronger more knowledgeable and content

press on man if you’re convinced God is telling you that assistance is coming

your way since he is not upset with you right now as you instruct and chastise

one another with understanding let his word abide among you abundant late.

triumph over setbacks and accept unforeseen favors God says you are going

to enter an exciting period where everyone will work out for you taking

the place of hardships and setbacks and replacing them with pleasure and

satisfaction as well it’s finally finished thank you please show us your

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