⭕”THE Final WORDS OF JESUS Regarding YOUR Future.”| God Message Today |

God is speaking to you right now I’m

giving you

reinforcement Solutions wound healing

and enough more Smiles financial success

and so forth through God he is passing

on wisdom in jesus’ name sisters the

purposes of God is always more Exquisite

Angel Number n rise up and that

unpleasant circumstance will quickly

turn into the greatest gift of your life

I will shout Praises I pledge a fable he

gave them was that no one ever puts new

wine and old wineskins the fresh wine

will shatter the Skins spilling it and

destroying the Skins if he does cudly

there is no law against such acts

something amazing is about to happen

because God heard your request in jesus’

name no harm can come to you as long as

you know that the Creator is with you to

surround you with his Serenity I have

dispatched a regiment of angels let us

ask God believing to provide us a

peaceful week ahead of us. life I am

going to provide you the person who has

hurt you in the past your ideal soulmate

beginning with the words I am not going

to dread but I will confidence verse

emphasis EMP izes God’s ability to show

your love and confidence and peace the

Apostle Paul

you will experience an abundance of

blessings if you are grateful in certain

circumstances God is at work to bring


transformation maybe at first they felt

scared but now that God has stepped in

they feel blessed continue to believe to

pray and to put your faith and

confidence in Jesus Christ to atone for

your sins have faith that God heard your

request last night someone will be sent

by God to meet your needs dear lord your

angels number

is a word from God that promises

fulfillment his Blessing of wealth will

be bestowed upon you in proportion to

your love beyond what Moses and the

prophets predicted that is all I am

saying you will be amazed at the manner

that God who is in control is working

the roots you take right now are setting

you up for Success later on you should

not hold oneself responsible for

previous errors God will Elevate you

when you humble yourself and get you

ready for what’s to come Jesus is our

distinctiveness he is great greater than

any fear you can have above all it is

the appropriate moment to give thanks

it’s not just you God is with you he has

heard your prayers there is hope

Serenity joy and loving is love for you

that is deeper beyond the deepest part

of the sea although love overcomes death

blessings and favor come from allowing

the spirit to govern your life God is

clearly saying do not be afraid now

remain consistent in your faith no

matter what it’s your moment to be

blessed by God forgive yourself and

undergo baptism everyone your you in the

Holy Name of Jesus Christ for the

Redemption of your offences there will

be change soon nobody can shut the doors

that are opening a Divine source that

you cannot yet reveal feel as guiding

you admit their early concerns but

that’s it for now blessings will come

your way enabling you to give generously

at all times this is a sign to keep

believing if you’re seeing it right now

I am going to open miraculous doorways

for you the future is broadening and

your struggle is getting closer to its

hand pour water into the jars Jesus

command handed the servants you will

have the means to follow your dreams as

long as you have faith in them have

confidence in the almighty with every

fiber of your being and refrain from

depending on your own knowledge the

curse has been broken and any

unfavorable word pronounced against you

will fail John screamed out make amends

both in public and in secret if the

angel number

appears it is a sign that blessings

are coming your way it will increase you

beyond your imaginative thinking

declares the almighty Matthew calls us

emphasizing our mental health to be

fissures of men in response Peter said

every one of you repent and be immersed


, serve as an illuminated Sun

to direct you toward blessings as we

begin the New Year let your light

radiate casting out all Darkness fear

not in the face of difficulties God

promises to guide your path and shield

you from harm engaging with this message

will demonstrate your confidence and

Trust in God’s plan which will be

appreciated God promises you that his

plan is magnificent for your life

little one achieve Triumph by openly

declaring his promises you are being led

to a fulfilling existence by this

divinely blessed Adventure follow Christ

for he will never abandon us will always

be there to encourage us and will show

us the way to an Abundant Life Hebrews

there will always be challenges and

heart take but light will find its way

to you if he thinks so typas no one

faces hardships alone demonstrating his

authority over Darkness he commanded the

unclean demon to be silent and come out

God values your life much and is

sincerely interested in hearing your

requests Ephesians assures you that by

trusting in the Son and the Lord you

will experience breakthroughs healing

Miracles and and fresh chances we

realize astonished that God is providing

us with extraordinary

opportunities take it as a sign that he

is there and that things will change

together say Lord Jesus I Believe in

Your Truth he came in the flesh the

spirit Justified him and now he wants to

bring your happiness and health back

this Celestial alignment of feelings

indicates that something good is about

to happen to your situation your

victories are built on the foundations

of your hardships the Lord my God is my

light and my hope of Salvation with whom

shall I be afraid your life’s Fortress

Is him God’s blessings will provide

protection for your house and hasten the

answers to your hopes and prayers they

will also offer healing opportunities

and peace with God on your side believe

that everything is possible expect your

life to be filled with successive

Miracles there is a road to Miracles

wherever there is hope the holy ghost’s

power drives out all negative returning

us to a state of strength and

demonstrating our tenacity recall that

Prosperity love and a ACC lishments are

coming your way when you see consecutive

numbers God is saying to you today that

you’re never alone and that no matter

how things seem right now good things

are coming your way he gives us advice

on how to face hardship headon maintain

our composure practice thankfulness and

have faith signify your preparedness for

the Creator’s Divine favor and embark on

the path to Better Health closer

connections and spiritual fulfillment

Miracles are on the way his plan is

above our

comprehension it is beautiful and

purposeful a basis for miracles exist

wherever there is trust say Amen to

declare your faith in God’s plan which

includes success in all Endeavors and

supernat natural events a thousand could

arrive at your sight come Noonday fear

not life’s challenges have the power to

transform and clear the way for your

destiny your dreams and money will

prosper guiding you toward your intended

course most importantly I know who you

are and how you struggle forget the

gossip and the hurt you’re about to see

something surpassing anything you’ve

ever seen or heard heard about you’ll

soon see your desires come true because

he witnessed the tears you wept confirm

your prayers and ask God to provide you

with the necessary resources may you be

provided with a once in a lifetime

chance have physical healing and look up

into the face of the Lord and of his

grandure announce that restrictions are

broken and that your finances are

increasing and your health is becoming

better before I gave you my counsel God

has planned to give you his blessings


– give thanks focus on prayer with

gratitude in your hearts and have faith

I Proclaim that you are being elevated

by God above your previous challenges

even though everything around you seems

dark if you direct your problems toward

God tonight your life will change

dramatically God is with you so don’t

stay in the shadows follow me instead

the fruit of the spirit will lead you

but perseverance is essential don’t

discount any information that God gives

you about someone it’s the clarity

you’ve been praying for you’ll notice an

Abrupt change in your Revenue give

thanks when you make make your wishes

known to God anyone who comes to me

shall not spend time in nothingness he

declares you are blessed by him who made

the world the sea the skies and

everything in them in the name of Jesus

Amen whatever I touch today shall

flourish let the certainty of God’s

faithfulness and serenity flood your

heart as you begin this new week remain

honest with your signif ific an other

and continue to pray anything that tries

to stop you today will be silenced and

unimaginably large Miracle will take the

place of your hardships I am praying and

hoping for your well-being recovery and

release from the stresses of this life

timing and details are known only to God

your home is blessed and you will have

access to Opportunities and re resources

that will bring prosperity and good

health because of your faith you are a

strong complete and meant for Success

after watching this video you should

anticipate a big change in your life

rest and stability and for their

attempts to cause you grief will be in

vain God will protect your life and any

bad intent is sent back to the cender

God has covered so relax your enemies

will be shocked by your return and when

you least expect it Miracles will happen

blessings advancement and healing are on

the way I am the nourishment of life

this is the body that I have given for

you declared Jesus at one point put your

complete trust in the Lord and show

kindness faithfulness and gentleness to

not hesitate in your faith I stand with

you no matter who opposes you or the

difficulties you encounter Financial

spiritual or emotional put your faith in

God he’s your stronghold and Sanctuary a

constant source of support when things

get tough you are going to have no more

losses to financial obligations or

defeats as you enter your winning season

God’s blessings and promises are about

to pour into this new chapter of your

life God is working out a magnificent

plan in your life so don’t be afraid

Liberation is on its way you are not

alone may the Lord make his face light

upon you give you peace and prosperity

and bless and preserve you when you face

difficulties never forget that you are

the the Creator’s field his Masterpiece

created to be seen by others you will

experience blessings from your struggles

and your connection with God will grow

God encourages you to know that you are

protected by the blood of Jesus and that

he is at work on your behalf God’s

unending love and patience will be

demonstrated by the happiness and joy

that tomorrow will bring greetings are

in sequence from for God’s promise will

start to materialize in your life

starting at in the morning put your

full trust in him just as you did when

you originally believed God is giving

you the assurance that your future will

be prosperous and meaningful you will be

in complete Wonder of what he is going

to accomplish keep praying and having

faith in God’s timing your perseverance

through adversity Financial spiritual or

emotional will pay off in ways you never

would have predicted seek after

justification Faith love and peace

keeping in mind to Timothy to you are

headed for greatness and are surrounded

by an explosion of untapped potential

your trip is being divinely directed

even if the challenges of life

sometimes seem overwhelming you can rely

on me for guidance since I am the path

and a never ending supply of blessings

know this the drinking water that I give

you will become a fountain that flows to

eternal life if you are thirsty for more

John ver pray have compassion on me and

acknowledge me and trust that you will

be shown God’s grace even before for

tomorrow the best days of your life are

about to arrive therefore

congratulations are in order you trusted

God to handle your worries bills and

debts and make things right for you in

ways you couldn’t have possibly imagined

and you remained firm in your faith even

when answers were illusive declare your

confidence in God if you think he is

able to fulfill his promises major life

changes are represented by the angel


your private requests are becoming

public Miracles as a result of God

answering your prayers he has the power

to change your life and situation recall

that even though a night of crying may

pass gladness arrives in the next

morning Psalm to expect success and

productivity for you and your entire

household this week as God takes you to

new altitudes God has allowed this trial

to come to you for a purpose have faith

that he will establish a path of

blessings towards you your house and

your loved ones trust in his timing you

are about to see something truly amazing

happen God is granting you unexpected


while also removing the issue that has

been weighing heavily on your mind and

heart as Jesus stated My Moment has

already come God’s presence gives

courage and Assurance signifying that

everything happens at the proper moment

and that God is in control of it all

today God says it is opening paths for

you it is making a way throughout the

Wasteland while an easy visit was never

promised he did offer his unwavering

support and presence offer up prayers

for safety and protection for your house

parents kids and friends Keep Your Home

peaceful no matter what happens we have

trust because we understand that

everything comes from goes through and

ends up with God put your faith in his

process and you will will experience

both bodily and spiritual healing even

though you may be feeling down God is

closed by and ready to give you New Hope

and happiness we’re hearing your prayers

enter Amen to show that you believe that

God’s plan is going as it should someone

who truly inspires admiration in them

God will now give you rewards for your

Abundant Life wisdom and benefits to

claim it type

those were very false Notions about

you and the name of Jesus I saw things

that I never believe I would oh God you

have been annihilated the illumination

of the earth we look to you for guidance

as we weave our way through the enormous

fabric of life he did not give us eyes

behind the recesses of our skulls as we

we frequently discover what he did enter

our lives on the Sabbath enhancing our

physical mental and financial well-being

he was accepted by the world and

ascended into Paradise I give thanks to

God for keeping me from giving up the

realization of all that you have

promised fills me with immense gratitude

both personally and professionally I am

getting everything for which I have

leared HED and waited for more insights

please subscribe to our Channel allow

your goodness to radiate and honor your

heavenly father you are entering a

period of successive Miracles you will

be fortunate in all your relationships

and Pursuits prepare for God to step in

and bring about peace no matter what

you’re worrying about right now never be

afraid of the night Night horror or the

daytime Arrow we are grateful that you

have blessed us more than once heavenly

father I now see how true it is that God

never leaves us hope and Tranquility are

taking the place of our dread anxiety

tension and suffering you are going to

get the answers and you had tears in

your eyes and waited long enough for

your breakthrough God is preparing us

for something bigger by using these

difficult circumstances type the Messiah

is Lord for additional benefits if

you’re feeling lost and confused you’re

about to make a breakthrough recall that

you have to give up your Earthly vices

such as impurity lust bad desires and

greed which is idolatry Jesus never

forgets that God is with us and will

lead us through every difficulty rare

wonders will soon take the place of your

irritation and restless nights it is

doable and will beyond your expectations

to spread positivity and Good Karma

after those lies were uncovered they

were motivated by a really positive

effect to establish a genuine Bond

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