𝐆𝐨𝐝’𝐬 𝐌𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐚𝐠𝐞: “I WILL PROTECT YOU” | God’s Message Now For You Today | Gods Message Now

my beloved I am bringing you this

message today to strengthen and


you I see the unrelenting spiritual

attacks you are facing the unusual

hindrances and barriers that appear from

nowhere to slow your

progress I see accusers rising up to

speak lies spreading false reports to

undermine what I am building through you

their slander Grieves me but I tell you

do not lose perspective or heart the

very intensity of this opposition

signals that breakthrough is imminent

you are on the verge of a major advance

of my kingdom and the enemy is panicking

his resistance always intensifies when

my light is poised to break

through I want you to remember who you

are my child I crafted you with my own

hands stitching together each detail of

your personality and

giftings you are an original work of art

not a copy how it brings joy to my heart

to see you fulfilling your purpose

displaying my glory in unique ways do

not expect your path to look like anyone

else’s Journey the qualifyings I take

each of my children through are tailored

and personalized yours have prepared you

well for the assignments set before you

so move forward in confidence no need to

second guess or compare yourself keep

your eyes fixed on me as you walk out

your calling my opinion of you is all

that matters

anger stirs within me at the sight of

the injustices you have faced the harsh

words that break spirits and so seeds of

bitterness are a stark contradiction to

their intended purpose the power of

speech meant to inspire and heal is too

often turned into a tool of hurt and

Division in you however lies a profound

wisdom in the face of evil choose to act

with kindness Embrace forgiveness even

when confronted with acts of Spite and

cruelty by pardoning those who wrong you

you rise above and set a higher standard

such acts of forgiveness especially

under extreme hardship are the truest

form of strength and Grace thus let go

of minor grievances against you offer

blessings in place of curses steer clear

of the poison of bitterness leave the

matters of justice and retribution to me

for these are burdens not meant for you

rest assured in the fullness of time

balance will be restored rise above

every wound of betrayal through eyes of

Faith fixed on

me I remain your shelter in life storms

your strong tower upholding those who

take refuge in me I long to pour out

unreasonable favor upon you even in the

midst of opposition wait for me with


endurance the troubles will pass my

plans and purposes for you stand secure

upheld by my hand no human schemes can

override my intent for you those who

tried to harm you will answer to me lift

your head high beloved walk forward with

dignity and

boldness this is no time for fear or

settling for compromise there is too

much at stake have I not prepared you

for such a time as this to deliver

breakthrough to captives abundance where

there was lack healing for the sick

freedom for the sound Justice for the

oppressed the fields are ripe for

Harvest my child as you give yourself

fully to the work I have called you to

be amazed at the acceleration I will

bring opposition Rises to match the size

of the Breakthrough promise so do not be

surprised at the intensity of battles

ahead but remember greater is he who is

in you my power prevails always Heaven’s

full force is backing you no weapon

formed Med against you can hinder what I

decree each test of your faith results

in an increase of Glory believe in my

goodness dear one have confident

assurance that I am for you

unconditionally who can stand against

that any curse from the fall is reversed

in Christ sickness and disease must flee

At The Mention Of jesus’ name lack and

insufficiency dissolve in the light of

Heaven’s provision even deepest sorrows

and losses will become sources of Joy

those Bound in any kind of prison will

walk free the Lost will be found

wholeness shall be the new normal

goodness and mercy shall pursue you all

your days I will bless you thoroughly so

you can turn around and let it overflow

freely you receive freely give be my

outstretched arms hugging a hurting

World Pour Out Rivers of Living Water

Everywhere You Go you my precious child

are the light in this world a city on a

hill glowing brighter as Darkness

descends the schemes meant to Snuff out

your light will only make you shine that

much farther what man means for evil I

redirect for good to save many lives my

purposes Prosper through willing vessels

I waste nothing even death cannot stop

what I start soon enough eternity’s

Revealing Light will illuminate all

things and you will understand perfectly

every puzzle piece will fit together

give me your weakness embrace my

strength release your limited Vision

receive my eyes to see from Heaven’s

perspective pour out your fears at my

feet be fueled by mountain-moving faith

abandon yourself fully to me take up

residence in my promises bring me the

crumbs of your resources watch me feed

the multitudes and provide

overflow I have equipped you anointed

you appointed you you will never be the


your reward will certainly be great both

now and forever more do not lose heart

or grow weary consider it pure joy When

Trials arise they are temporary

endurance results in maturity and

completeness you are so loved so

empowered so accompanied by Waring

Angels the very hosts of Heaven fight on

your behalf no weapon can touch you

though storms rage all around you have

my perfect peace to Anchor your soul now

restore and disciple others from

Brokenness back to wholeness love boldly

with my love keep your eyes lifted

heavenward for you are seated there with

me in Christ

Jesus and remember though the journey

May Wind Through hardship all things

work together for good for those who

love me and are called according to my

purposes you my precious treasure are

most certainly called and I am

intimately committed to ensuring your

success I am your rear guard as well as

the lifter of your head I go before you

to clear the way I am with you to

strengthen you and behind you to cover

your back so now press onward toward the

prize of your High Calling in me run

your unique race marked out for you with

endurance refusing to quit go all in

hold nothing back buy up every

opportunity to make my love known never

compromise the original authentic person

I created you to be ultimately it comes

down to living in intimacy with me above

all else this is your joy Your Privilege

your purpose Union with your God I have

called you to glorify Me by bearing

fruit that remains allow me to prune and

cleanse you for greater

fruitfulness come Feast at my table and

drink the new wine of my Covenant one

day you will stand face to face with

your Creator and see the beauty of my

story from Heaven’s view until then take

courage and stand confidently in who I

made you to be the forces of Heaven

stand at your command when you live

according to my kingdom purposes War

surrounded David yet in me he found

peace Beyond understanding take up the

sword of the spirit which is my eternal

Living Word wield this weapon skillfully

through sustained practice and intimacy

with me its double-edged blade will cut

through the enemy’s lies effortlessly

truth dispels Darkness every time use

this God breathed script to decree

promises affirm your identity in Christ

and declare breakthrough against

strongholds with this sword and my

loving presence ever interceding for you

you cannot

fail my precious one I will bring

healing and freedom to multitudes caught

in the snares of the enemy every

prodigal still lost wandering aimlessly

down pointless paths to empty Pursuits

will taste my extravagant love through


witness my passion for Souls Burns

through you not one is

forgotten when you see them as I do

sincere compassion will compel you to

intercede and act the Godless systems of

this world built upon greed oppression

and lust for power will

crumble No Authority in the heavens or

on Earth Rivals mine all Thrones and

dominions will bow down before the king

of kings and Lord of lords many lost

will be found I will pour out Visions

dreams Angelic visitations confirming my

word and while deceivers abound my truth

prevails you live in solemn precarious

times as the day draws near but do not

despair or reach for counterfeit

Comforts cling fervently to me alone and

my presence will sustain you many wander

off the Narrow Path chasing temporal

things rather than pursuing me first

find your joy purpose identity fully in

me I hold Time and Eternity in my hands

my reign shall never end through

struggle Reliance on me

increases Miracles shine brighter

against tumultuous

backdrops my way sometimes leads through

Dangerous Waters through Valley Shadows

but my rod and staff protect you my word

lights your path the Shepherd leads his

sheep to Green Pastures by Still Waters

I restore your soul as you commune with

me my spirit comforts you with songs in

the midnight mourning into dancing as

truth replaces lies Freedom expands and

strongholds shrink now rise up in

courageous Faith to be and do all I have


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