???'? ???????: "I'm Right Beside You" | God Message for You Today | Gods Message Now - online calculators

???’? ???????: “I’m Right Beside You” | God Message for You Today | Gods Message Now

my beloved Child come close and hear my

words I have a message for you today for

I long to speak to your weary soul and

give you

rest the season you find yourself in is

no accident for I Am with You guiding

each of your

steps I see the burdens you carry

precious one the pain the sorrow the

disillusionment you feel cuts through my


too so I come now to to lift those

burdens from strained shoulders to give

you strength hope and joy once more you

have journeyed long through the valley

of Shadows the way has been dark and

steep with pits and snares along the

path many times you stumbled and fell

many times you wanted to turn back but

my child you are still here you did not

give up you kept placing One Foot In

Front of the other trusting that I would

lead you out into the light again

and see the first rays of dawn are

breaking through the Gloom the valley is

ending beloved and I am bringing you out

into broad sunlit places where healing

and refreshment await take heart your

perseverance is now yielding a rich

reward you have overcome and now a

powerful purpose-filled future

beckons are you ready for all I have

prepared but before you cross into this

new land I am giving you it is time to

set some things down you have been

carrying unnecessary weights Precious

Child Things From Your Past words spoken

over you judgments and accusations that

do not define who I created you to be

feel the relief as I cut those cords now

and leave behind what has kept you

chained I break off the curse of dark

thoughts which haunted Generations

before you I break off the orphan Spirit

telling you lies that you are alone

I silence every voice shouting that you

are not enough no more will you be

crippled by the pain of yesterday when

Limitless potential stands before you

today yes let it all go my beloved

declutter your heart so there is room

for my dreams to take root and flourish

untainted by bitterness forgive

completely those who wounded you release

each Injustice and betrayal into my

hands asking me to redeem them for good

as you pour out your anger and grief to

me without reserve my healing balm will

soothe your Soul’s anguish until All

That Remains is my joy and


peace I know relinquishing the past

feels like losing part of

yourself but trust me when I say your

true self has been buried underneath

those layers of hurt too

long let me uncover the radiant person I

destined you to be when I knit you

together with my own

hands the world needs your light beloved

it needs your god-given gifts your

creativity your compassion there are

lives waiting to be touched transformed

by what I have placed inside of you it

is time now no more hiding no more

holding back because of fear or

insecurity my child when I look at you I

see unlimited potential and a mighty

purpose ready to be fulfilled all all

creation is longing for my children to

take their place and set it free from

Decay that day of Liberation has come so

walk forward with boldness beloved on

this new path I open before

you the old seasons have passed

away do not cling anymore to what is

fading when Heaven’s realities now stand

within your

grasp indeed a pivotal shift is

occurring for my faithful ones who have

endured the night of weeping and come

into the dawn for too long the enemy

sought to disable your progress because

he saw the threat you posed to his

kingdom he attacked without Mercy to

discourage you into retreat but his

assaults could not destroy you precious

Warrior and now as you Rise Up From the

Ashes of battle armored in Royal Robes

of Salvation even he knows you are

unstoppable yes I am

mantling my over comers with

Supernatural strength and authority to

advance my kingdom plans the training

you endured was necessary preparation

for the mission I am assigning you

nothing will stand against the brilliant

light of my glory and power blazing

through you my Champion March forward

boldly and break open ancient Gates

establish my Dominion in hostile places

that have never heard my name I am

handing you keys of access to Invisible

Realms where my Angel Armies await your

command together we will storm the

bastions of evil and drive back the

darkness Victory is

assured but first there are

relationships that need to be restored

before you can fully possess This Land


Promise unforgiveness has placed a

hindrance between us blocking the free

flow of communication and enabling the

enemy to gain footholds return to me now

in humility and repentance laying down

offense and receiving my forgiveness

aresh as I have loved and forgiven you

extravagantly so you must release others

from any debt you think they owe you

Pride insists on payment but my kingdom

runs on Grace who in your life is still

imprisoned in a cage of your own making

which broken connections are awaiting

the healing balm of Mercy to mend and

make strong again release them beloved

set the captives free as I have freed

you drop bitterness resentment and

accusation at my cross and let my blood

erase their stain completely until all

that’s left is

love yes forgive radically without

restraint as I have forgiven

you feel Old Wounds closing Now

relationships realigned to their created

purpose unity and joy being restored no

more isolation precious one no more

fending for yourself for I am

surrounding you with a new community of

support Who Will Champion you as their

own true brothers and sisters to walk

with you into Destiny guard them well

against Division and offense nurture

this holy Fellowship I am growing around

you with honor sensitivity and Selfless

Love together you will be an Unstoppable

Force to push back the darkness my

Divine rescue mission is being

accomplished in the earth through

Covenant power such as this no longer

will my children be stranded and

vulnerable crying out to me for help

that never comes from Brethren too busy

or indifferent to

respond never again will one be lost

because love refused to search and find

the one for I am igniting my body with

compassion and watchful care over every

Irreplaceable member until all know

their sacred name is eternally written

on my

hands my beloved child

lift up your head with joy and behold

the new day I am bringing you into the

past is behind you the future stands

open and bright before you this is your

time precious one your time to break

free of limitations take up your

Authority in my kingdom and shake the

Earth with bold exploits done in my name

the catalytic moment is now the fire on

my altar is spreading into an

uncontainable Global Blaze and you my

beloved will be part of the

Wildfire never forget this eternal truth

anchored deep in your

soul when I light a torch no Darkness

can extinguish its

flame Wherever You Now find yourself my

beloved know that I have led you there

with purpose no matter how small or

insignificant your position may seem you

have been strategically placed to

transform lives through my love your

value comes not from a claim of men but

from your identity as my Priceless

child I am protecting the sacred

anointing upon you for a special hour

still to

come trust my timing and process

precious one the iron must first be

forged in obscurity before it is ready

to be un sheathed as a mighty sword in

front of your enemies so come now allow

me to realign your vision to see all

things from Heaven’s

perspective the lens of Earth taints

reality distorting your identity and

situation with lies imposing artificial

limits but as you view life through my

eyes of unconditional love old barriers

fade like Mist in Dawn’s

arising what once loomed large and

intimidating shrinks back into proper

proportion Giants turn back into dwarves

when seen through the light of my

glory yes my Illuminating presence

exposes and dismantles strongholds of

fear doubt and

intimidation the enemy has imprisoned

you with for too long receive Freedom

through Revelation beloved as obscured

details shift into sharp

Focus patterns emerge making sense of


confusion step into this new day aligned

with my perfect will for you nothing can

shake you out of the center of my plan

when you see from my Heavenly View so

many price less promises with your name

engraved upon them await you in the

Eternal record books The Scroll of your

destiny lies ready for unsealing that

loyal affection is now mature within you

precious one so

come your feet have merited to walk the

untrodden courts of Heaven’s Palace the

old season has ended the new season has

come my will will be done

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