??? ??????? ?????: Prioritize Me and be saved | Gods Message Now - online calculators

??? ??????? ?????: Prioritize Me and be saved | Gods Message Now

Jesus says watch this video for two

minutes and father will give you

everything you want today

like the stars that light up the night

sky God’s love illuminates even the

darkest corners of your soul

when you feel lost and uncertain

remember that God’s map for your life

leads to a destination of purpose and


God’s love is an unending Symphony with

each note playing a melody of Grace Hope

and boundless compassion

In The Garden of Life God’s blessings

Bloom like rare and exquisite flowers e

each with its own Beauty and


when life’s challenges seem

insurmountable God’s strength becomes

the unyielding Rock upon which you can


embrace the uniqueness of your journey

for God’s fingerprints are imprinted on

every chapter of your life story

like a river flowing with wisdom God’s

guidance navigates you through the

twists and turns of existence

in the mirror of God’s love see the

reflection of your true worth for you

are fearfully and wonderfully made

just as the sun rises each day God’s

mercy and Grace Dawn upon you offering

new beginnings and fresh perspectives

God’s love is the master artist

skillfully painting the canvas of your

life with colors of Joy resilience and


thank you for watching

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Divine blessings

God bless you always

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