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??? ???????: Now it’s Your Time To Be Blessed | God Message Today | God’s Message Now For You Today

my child I speak to you now Heart to

Heart through these words you find

yourself in a season of waiting a time

that may feel stagnant and

unproductive yet in this waiting there

is profound

purpose the foundation of great things

is often laid in silence and

obscurity do not underestimate the value

of these Small Beginnings for in my

kingdom it is often the smallest seed

that grows into the largest

tree remember the temple in Jerusalem

was not built in a day each Stone was

carefully placed each design

meticulously followed so it is with the

work I am doing in you every experience

every challenge every Victory is a stone

in the building of your character your

faith your

destiny do not be discouraged by your

current circumstances even if you find

yourself in a place of unemployment or

uncertainty the vision I have given you

is not dependent on your current

situation it is I who provides I who

makes a way where there seems to be no

way as you wait be faithful in the small

things in my kingdom faithfulness in the

little leads to Greater responsibilities


blessings trust that I am working in

your life even when it seems like

nothing is changing the path set before

you seems impossible the promise I have

given feels so far away but do not lose

hope I Am with You guiding your steps

each day the work has begun though you

cannot yet see the end building my

temple was no easy task for those who

came before laying Stone upon Stone they

struggled under the weight of this

calling were they fools to start this

work not knowing how it would be

accomplished no for I was the architect

and I would bring it to

completion just as I moved moved through

prophets and Kings long ago so now my

spirit stirs through you I am building

my Dwelling Place once more you are my

hands you are my feet though the task

Towers over you like a mighty Mountain

though you feel small standing in its

shadow take heart it will become level

ground before me not by human effort not

by Earthly power or wisdom but by my

spirit will my promises be

fulfilled my child

I have placed a dream in your heart a

vision for the work I wish to do you

feel the blueprint burning within yet

dayby day it seems no closer to

reality unemployment Bears down doubt

Creeps in let me quiet your worries help

is coming connections are being made

even now behind the

scenes but be wise in Discerning who

joins you in this labor not all who

offer assistance build according to my

design seek those whose hearts are

aligned with mine who want my glory

revealed the time has been set the New

Year marks the beginning something new

is being birthed out of the established

order it will happen suddenly wind

blowing life into long dormant places

dreams Once Dead will be resurrected

passions and talents buried will spring

up fresh and strong rivers in the

Wasteland such overflowing abundance

cannot be explained except by my grace

for All My Children feeling stuck and

stagnant take heart I have not abandoned

the work I began in you even when

nothing seems to change I am moving

strategizing preparing patience must

have its perfect work so that you learn

to rely wholly on Me Faith is proven

genuine in the uneventful waiting times

trust the promise I have spoken though

fulfillment terries long soon you will

emerge from this cocoon stage and

dazzling transformation will surprise

you you in my perfect timing not a

moment late suddenly swiftly I will

bring it to pass and all exclaim in

Wonder only God could do this my

Dwelling Place my temple is not made of

bricks and mortar it is built of Living

Stones you are those stones polished

carved shaped day by day through

adversity and joy each one essential

placed according to my wisdom into my

Holy Temple when all is completed a holy

habitation for my spirit to fill you

will look back at words once spoken over

Barren ground and Marvel at fruit now

growing that Small Voice urging you on


impossibility has led to manifestation


imagination the blueprint and vision

first glimpsed in hazy outline has

become substantive solid real and All

God’s Children shall shout Grace Grace

look what love has built I receive all

glory as The Giver the architect the

Builder and the finisher of every good

work begun in you my Living Stones my

Holy Temple is not yet complete but I

will finish what I have started I affirm

this promise to you my precious child

not by human might or power but by my

spirit believe and see my child I know

the tediousness of waiting how each day

seems no different than the last do not

lose perspective Ive I dwell outside of

time I see the completed work even

now what seems static and dull to you is

actually rich with purpose consider the

farmer who sews a field yet sees no

sprouts for weeks is the time wasted no

under unseen activity soil transforms

seed to plant hidden growth silently

matures until vibrant green bursts forth

announcing Harvest comes my ways are not

man’s ways I speak of banqueting tables

prepared for you by enemies I call you

to rejoice in suffering why because my

vision is not limited to here and now I

use all things to bring about an

ultimately glorious

future scene by scene season by season I

Write Your Story beware measuring

progress by worldly scripts here lies

the key fixing your eyes on me when I

become your constant reference point

identity security purpose and

fulfillment and temporary troubles lose

their sting urgency Fades discontent

gives way to rest as you relinquish

unrealistic expectations for how I ought

to do things reach Beyond surface

interpretations to grasp the deeper

spiritual reality I am

unfolding there are intricate

connections unseen right now refuse

doubts Hollow lies that I have forgotten

you that circumstances reflect how

little you matter to me that problems

imply my ways are flawed the evil one

Whispers such deceptions hoping to

unravel my work in you dismiss these

accusations as The Great Deceiver tired

scheme to diminish your faith in me his

fate is already sealed why credit his

campaign of Lies I am redeeming all

things this is my Grand Vision beloved

creation imprisoned by evil Bound by

sin’s Darkness enslaved by fear and hate

despite it all I declare ultimate

victory over the powers of Hell death

defeated for all eternity the cross

mocks despair’s delusions the open Tomb

proclaims now and the coming triumph

which no enemy can reverse I have won

the war I will win each battle my

children walk as light against

encroaching Darkness hope lives on

through their perseverance and

proclamation of Grace by faith they

partner with me in ransoming this Fallen

World back under benevolent rule

though at times the forces against us

seem overwhelming have confidence that

greater is he who is in you the birth

pangs do not cease until all things are

made new but take heart Victory Day

draws nigh I am pouring out my spirit on

All Nations my glory as endless Waters

cover the

sea what enemy can stand against this


tide I am coming as a triumphant King to

claim my blood bought inheritance and

you my living Stone chosen to belong to

my temple you will shine as a jewel and

torch in the Kingdom radiant Beauty will

exalt your offering of humble service

the broken vessel repaired by Grace will

overflow with a new thirsty heart your

whispered prayer of desperation in

Darkest Night will transform into a bold

song welcoming Dawn’s fresh Mercy for

now I say again

courage trust my working in Hidden

moments though visible change terries

rest in my unhurried Pace though

impatience wears at your resolve hope

sees Victory through cross-shaped means

Love Never Fails fix here your sight how

I yearn for your eyes to Glimpse

realities Beyond the Veil to perceive

the Untamed glory and Majesty that even

angels shield from view the radiance of

my presence overflows with desire that

you know truly know the extent of my

devotion for you beloved cling to this

Evil’s seeming gain is but death’s last

defiant torment before that serpent

meets its rightful end beneath my heel

no longer struggle nor travail only joy

drenched peace embracing my realized

purpose for all things yes you will

grasp just how essential was the role

you played hold fast to this while I

make all things new do not Retreat back

behind fear’s barricade in The Quiet

Moments When doubts a sale and the night

seems endless know that I am fashioning

strength within you the Stillness is not

emptiness but a Sacred Space where my

voice Echoes clearer in these silent

hours I am molding your character

refining your faith in this world of

constant change and uncertainty find

solace in my unchanging nature I am the

same yesterday today and

forever my love for you does not waver

based on circumstances or

time a amidst the chaos find your

sanctuary in my presence in me find your

true north the uniring guide through

life’s tumultuous

Journey yes my plans for you are plans

for good plans to Lavish hope to restore

righteousness to redeem life from


grasp continue leaning hard into me

continue standing stalwart upon my

promises which cannot

fail I shall bring fruitfulness from

this agonizing winter I shall transform

tears to laughter Beauty for Ashes

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