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? God Says 5 Things You Should Pray For… | Divine Guidance for Powerful Prayer ?

don’t skip this video if you love God or

have respect for the heavenly father

in today’s video we’ll tell you about

the things that you should pray for

according to Christian belief one

praise God for who he is

When you pray you want to be confident

that the one you bring your deepest

hopes Ambitions regrets and fears to can

be trusted with them

since God created all things through and

for himself he alone has the power to

hear all our prayers and answer them

so it is appropriate and important when

you pray to start by acknowledging who

you are talking with and what makes him



thank God for what he has done

without his willingness to let Jesus die

on the cross your relationship with God

would not be possible



pray that you remember God’s love and

grace for you

if you’re going to thrive and experience

the fullness of your relationship with

God you need to daily be reminded of

what that identity and acceptance are

based on his love for you

apart from him and that love you can do



pray that you would love your neighbors

there is no clearer or more simple way

to start to love someone in your life

than to approach God on their behalf

perhaps you could make a list of people

in your life whom you are praying for or

want to pray for

look over your list

five and the last one is

talk to God about someone in need

as you pray try to develop the habit of

setting aside time to talk with God

about other people

share your concerns for them because he


one of the most practical ways you can

help anyone is to invite God into their

present situation

that’s it for this video

type your prayers in the comments and

get blessed today


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