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? ??? ???? : If you don’t have a minute ? Then…

God is saying to you today in the chores of life and the wild wind of

your thoughts I see your struggle your uncertainty and your doubts

know that I am here right beside you holding you and guiding your way pause and take a deep breath

feel the presence of my love surrounding you in moments of hesitation remember that I have

given you the gift of discernment use it wisely and Trust in a path I’m Illuminating for you

God says stop and reflect before making any decision if you seek a closer relationship

with me start by saying no to sin the closer you draw to sin the farther you will Drift from me

I love you unconditionally and I’m always ready to welcome you back into my embrace

feel the weight of my grace in your heart allowing it to Anchor you in times of Temptation

embrace the choices that align with my light and watches your connection with me deepens

type amen if you believe in God and the teachings of Jesus

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