????Jesus says : ???? Your victory is near My Child ✝️||god's message today - online calculators

????Jesus says : ???? Your victory is near My Child ✝️||god’s message today

my dear child listen closely to my words where you find Healing strength and

everything you need I have so many promises for you and I give you messages

every day because I want to fill your faith until it [Music]

overflows When you pray feel confident about all I have promised

you you are worthy you are my cherished son my beloved daughter you deserve

happiness and that’s why I keep asking you to listen to me each word nourishes

and renews your soul when you hear my voice it lifts your spirit from sadness

and despair the trials the struggles the sickness the pain they might be heavy

but they don’t have to weigh you down forever in the light of my words you can

always find Freedom you don’t have to carry the same burdens all the time your past doesn’t

Define your future future you are important to me and to those around you you must live you must

keep fighting keep believing with all your strength you must Rise Above All

That troubles you now and hold these promises close to your heart say these words out loud so you

don’t forget them today I urge you to keep my love in your thoughts every day

because your enemies will try to throw dirt at you to Sully your feelings to discourage you to make you give up

everything but you will stand strong against these attacks through prayer faith and by reflecting on this holy

love that has never left you no matter what comes this love will

never leave you after you finish listening to this message completely cover your face with

your hands feel the warmth of your breath feel the texture of your skin

in that moment feel a Divine emotion flowing through your hands wrapping

around your entire being you will be joyful and full of energy after hearing my words I will

anoint you with this holy oil cleansing the emotions that steal your peace my

child my son with tears I urge you to accept my

love your enemies will always lie to you trying to mislead you

how could I abandon you when I’ve given everything for you you are not forgotten or alone in a

Barren desert you’re not at the bottom of a deep Abyss I stand firm in my

promises I will be with you in days of joy and nights of trial I will put my hand on your

shoulder and always remind you that my Holy Spirit within you is stronger than any challenge or

attack you are very important to me I pay attention to everything you do think

and ask of me with every step you take I protect and support you today I give you

a special unbreakable Supernatural Faith Learn To Expect Miracles that will Amaze

you everything is possible for those who give their lives to me avoid evil cling

to my word and truly believe that I will grant whatever good they ask of me the

trials you face will make you stronger the problems that arise will be

opportunities to discover new blessings Place great importance on my

words and let my wisdom guide your path do not be swayed by the

entanglements of this world nor be disheartened by its deceits remember I never abandon those I

love even though it might sometimes seem like all your troubles are piling up

always remember I’m your loving father who desires your success in everything

you do I aim to remove your obstacles and give you strength I will bestow upon

you my Supernatural wisdom which will help you achieve your goals and realize your

dreams do not give into obstacles nor disregard all that you have

accomplished do not Overlook the opportunities I have given you if you embrace my words you will be be a beacon

of light in the darkness a testament to my love and grace for your dedication

and desire to know me better I will open the doors and windows

of Heaven for you and your family showering you with marvelous

blessings youve already seen how good I can be but I assure you even greater and

more beautiful things are yet to come if you accept my words you will experience true happiness

and success in all your endeavors trust in me and you and your entire household

will be saved believe in my word and your past will be left

behind the sadness you feel today will disappear and never return if you trust

in my power to perform Supernatural Miracles so hold on to this Faith bring

me your plans desires and dreams and I will help you call on me and I will answer take refuge

under my protection when you feel overwhelmed I am here to relieve your burdens and bring peace to your heart do

not think of me as a distant friend you are incredibly valuable and important to

me step outside look up at the sun shining on you and the clouds that

Shield you from its heat they exist because you are very precious to me

the heavens the Earth the universe the stars all were created for your enjoyment to make you feel deeply

blessed however there will be times when your life seems stagnant when problems

and conflicts weigh heavily on you and you might wrongly think there is no way out that despite your prayers the

blessing you’ve been promised keeps eluding you now give me all your remaining doubts and lean your head on my shoulder

my love will show itself right where you are even though you face challenges

today you will feel my presence my words will heal your sadness and calm your

anxiety my love will clear your vision and open your spiritual

eyes Harmony will dominate your home I will show you a future filled with peace

and Tranquility many of the challenges you face are there to strengthen you to de

in your faith to help you know me better and to show you that I am a real and all

powerful God nothing is too difficult for me

through my sacrifice on the cross and my resurrection I have given you Eternal

salvation in the spiritual realm you are seated at my right hand I have blessed

you with an inheritance and the tools you need for a highly blessed life so

you can overcome all your challenges so nothing and no one can stop you and so

you can joyfully fulfill the wonderful plan and Destiny I have prepared for you

now will you believe and start looking to your future with

faith the enemy tries to use the guilt and remorse you feel over past mistakes

against you but you’ve already laid all your sins before me my powerful blood has

cleansed you through my word grace and the power of my res res Direction you are

forgiven and if you stumble again remember I am your Advocate defending

you against all accusers get ready for a great surprise

for you will see it with your own eyes many around you will be astonished and Afraid when they realize that I am truly

with you they should not oppose you for in doing so they challenge my

authority I will silence those who try to drag you into depression with accusations from your past I will stop

the tongues of those who slander and try to tarnish your future do not dwell on what people say

or open the door to gossipers who divide families do not Harbor lies in your

heart or spread slander avoid speaking ill of anyone do

not let your soul be contaminated by the negativity others bring to you

there is a fountain within you flowing with beautiful emotions born of my Holy

Spirit use your words to bless and build up to share love with those you care

about to offer encouragement to those who are suffering to uplift the

downtrodden and to prophesy Miracles and healing if you heed my advice and follow

my teachings I assure you you will find the inner peace needed to overcome any obstacle in life

my words nourish your soul they strengthen you to endure hardships they

are a sharp sword that can destroy any army raised against you trust in me no matter how dark the

path ahead may seem I will always be by your side giving you the strength to

persevere and stand firm I admire your Warrior spirit and your faith amidst

adversity you’ll achieve great things your determination inspires those around

you your resilience and courage have been tested you’ve encountered unexpected challenges and obstacles yet

you’ve never allowed yourself to be defeated your faith in me connect your

spirit to mine lifting you to a higher spiritual level than you can

imagine rest in peace and approach your journey with faith and courage today

I’ve taken away your sadness and given you strong assurance that whatever you you undertake you will prosper

greatly write down with your own hands I believe it this new day I will surprise

you with good news you are about to receive the answer you’ve been waiting for today I will

transform your life because I have seen your suffering your faith and your

dedication the miracle you’re about to receive will bring immense joy to your

heart you might think it’s impossible but listen to me right now and get ready to receive your

blessing open your hands clear your heart of doubt and

mistrust because what is coming into your life today is bigger and better than you ever

imagined I’ve seen your daily prayers crying out for me to open the door of opportunity for you today I’m telling

you that door has opened everything you’ve asked from me

is about to happen do you believe in my power do you accept my

blessing have faith and be courageous accept what I give you with

confidence don’t turn away what I place in your hands even if your problems are

huge even if the struggles keep coming even if things don’t always go as

planned I am your God I have control over every situation and your life stand

up in faith Faith look at the sky and always hold your head high because I do not lie I never fail I don’t lose

battles and I will never leave you feel the peace I send now beginning

to fill your heart with calm trust in this peace and rest in it

so you can be filled with courage and start dreaming again Believe In Love

Again forgive those who have hurt you and have the wisdom them to know when to

give someone a chance or when to say no and walk away from a harmful relationship or a bad

friendship maybe you’re not used to living surrounded by peace and happiness because of everything you’ve been

through you were so troubled that you couldn’t enjoy my blessings but be brave and don’t waver

except this new life your spirit is renewed and your feet will walk A New

Path the future ahead of you is great and wonderful but you must believe in it and

accept it say it out loud I believe it let me embrace you where you are I want

to hold you in my arms in this challenging moment I hear your thoughts

and I know you’re suffering today from the moment you woke up I’ve been listening to

you your troubled soul felt alone but I was already here and I’m not leaving

there are days when you are very strong and your spirit feels

different but in this world full of hardship don’t feel guilty or

defeated if your faith feels weak I want to tell you this you believe in me

you’ve witnessed many miracles and you know I’m always ready to help you time and again listen to me and make this

promise if you feel good you’ll believe and if you feel bad you’ll still

believe my love covers you my hand holds you and my word strengthens

you come to me every morning and night don’t stop just because you think something isn’t right in your

life if you have failed my arms are open to forgive you if your faith has faded

you and I know it’s not true your faith is still there it’s your emotions trying

to deceive you you’re reaching a spirit maturity where you will begin to walk by

true faith not by what you imagine or feel but by trusting in my

promises if I said it I will do it if I promised it it will

happen I am not a man to lie if I said I love you I won’t change my

mind if the power of my blood has cleansed you don’t see yourself as guilty and burdened

anymore your sin is in the past and your feet walk with faith toward a brighter

future often you will come into my presence and yes you will feel

me but you and I Know It won’t always be like this if you want to depend on me

and see Mighty Miracles trust in my promises with joy and don’t rely solely on what you feel or see open your Bible

my word is the truth everything I have promised you and your family will happen

because all things are possible for those who believe in me I love you and am tenderly touching

your life with holy affection I hold you close and protect

you from evil with my holy mantle I understand what you’re going

through your trials are hard and I see your struggles I know your efforts and I

feel your desperation it’s here and now that I show you my faith

the best thing you’ve done today is believe in me and bring your troubles to

my feet I know you can’t handle everything on your own and that’s why I’m here I

want to help you support you and heal you my plans for you are good peaceful

and prosperous I will always love you because you mean so much to me I will keep speaking to you as I am

today you woke up feeling low with a tired body and happiness slipping through your

fingers feeling like no one around shows Compassion or love but remember I am here I’m not too

busy nor have I forgotten about you I care deeply about you I’m not distracted

by temporary issues I am focused on your eternal life your endless happiness your

complete salvation so after hearing this don’t forget my words your soul will be

renewed your strength will grow and you will be filled with new Supernatural

courage you didn’t expect me to speak to you directly but as you listen your

desire to keep fighting will grow now I want you to smile and realize that I

haven’t forgotten you need me use your Quiet Moments to talk to me and don’t

think you’re alone you have me as your god father and friend

be grateful for that let me tell you again so you can hear it one more time you are not alone

I will pour out my spirit on you I will strengthen your soul give you wisdom and

fill you with my love you will succeed in

everything look at your life all the things you’ve faced all the battles you fought all you’ve endured and yet you’re

still standing I admire your attitude and persistence this message is to remind

you that you don’t need to worry don’t let fear steal your dreams

don’t be afraid to dream big and face challenges knowing that I can help you achieve your plans reflect on this you have shown

remarkable courage think about the situations that seemed impossible yet you managed to

overcome them all since the day you handed over control of your life to me you haven’t

lost a battle so rest your heart and keep

trusting it can be hard to stay calm and keep faith when everything seems to go wrong and conflicts try to overwhelm

you but in those moments my child block out the enemy’s voices ignore the

threats of fear keep walking and trusting in my promises they’re very dear to me before

you were born I had something great planned for your life I am taking care of every detail

every second I am always watching over you don’t let sadness take over I fill

your heart with joy continue to walk with the eyes of Faith because Victory is sure and what I

have prepared for you is more incredible than you can imagine I love you and will remind you

of this every day when you wake up I’ll be here you’ll feel me and hear me

in your heart when you seek me when you pray when you feel the need to come and

pour out your heart I’ll keep speaking to you even when you don’t feel like listening when

you’re tired and discouraged when you think it’s not worth it anymore and you no longer feel like living or fighting

I’ll still be with you your doubts can’t stop me I won’t

reject you because of your attit ude I’m always faithful I can’t deny you this

Divine love made just for you it’s my mission and purpose for you to believe

and feel it to kneel and love me with all your heart because that’s how Miracles

start I will perform great wonders in your life if today you tell me with all your heart that you truly believe in me

I love you forever today I will be guiding you on Paths of righteousness

I do not want you to walk in darkness I want you to feel loved and protected

that is my will your faith pleases me your way of believing is your worship

before my throne and when you worship me peace and

strength are poured out on your soul I will continue guiding you you keep

seeking me these times are difficult but I will continue helping you even in the

moments when you feel weak when your faith wavers and you think you have distanced

yourself from me even on those days I will be by your

side I will continue guiding you I will take your hand if you need it I will

carry you in my arms you have told me that you love me you have considered me your friend you

have given me your time and I have shown you my love and I do not

change you know that I am the same in your moments of difficulty I will not

leave you in your days of weakness I will not move

away in your moments of Doubt when your mind becomes confused and filled with

questions I will be there beside you and once again I will answer you do not be

intimidated by these situations in difficult times never be afraid your almighty God tells you there

is nothing impossible for for me Mighty miracles in your life I will

perform listen my child hear my voice take in my words with peace and calm

fill your heart I want to bring stability to your mind joy and fulfillment to your life don’t be

troubled about what you no longer have the time that has passed or the people

who have left you feeling sad and hurt one day the enemy tried to convince

you that I didn’t love you anymore that I wasn’t with you because of all you’ve suffered but today you feel my presence

and you believe in the truth I love you deeply and you know I will never leave you my Holy Spirit my

Majestic presence will fill you and bless you I love you very much this message is specially for you

and it’s no coincidence you’re hearing it now I know you’ve wondered if I’m listening

feeling like your words disappear Into Thin Air not getting answers to your

prayers you’ve been moving through life facing one conflict after another

constantly fighting without any rest you’re feeling tired and empty come

my child don’t keep suffering come to my side and listen to

what I have to say you worry too much about things you can’t control for getting to rest in

me leave those concerns with me and trust that I will handle them receive my

peace I will touch the hearts of the people you love I will watch over those

who are far away whom you haven’t heard from in a while they think they are acting on their own but they don’t

realize that I am gently guiding them soon you’ll hear from them and not

long after you’ll see them again don’t judge them tell them you love them and

that they are welcome back home they will realize their mistakes and repent crying for the pain they caused

you the financial issues you’re facing are temporary don’t worry about the

future focus on seeking me learning from my holy word to make wise

decisions I need to keep speaking to you until I get your full attention your wonderful heart will

always be in my hands you’ve always belonged to me I

watch over you every day uring no one deceives you or tries to take you away from me my beloved

child keep striving but don’t let your soul and mind suffer too

much remember the words I’ve spoken to you I will take care of the things

beyond your control keep trusting in me this is the sign you’ve been waiting for

the answer to your prayers call out to me ask for solutions to your problems

and I will respond this is no coincidence you’re hearing these words when you need them

most my Holy Spirit Embraces you strengthening your life you felt that I

wanted to speak with you for days but I chose the right moment to show you my love I’ve been preparing you in many

ways through words phrases powerful message messages written in your Bible that shine when you open it with a

sincere heart today you’ve opened your heart to listen to me and renew the

Covenant you made with me to give me your faith trust and all your hope I

hear your pleas you must believe them so anxiety doesn’t afflict you thinking

your words don’t reach me since the first day you cried out an angel has

left my Celestial throne holding the key to your

Liberation but you’re a special person a battle is being fought for your life in

the Heavenly realm the enemy wants to see you crawl but my armies fight for

your future against the forces of evil every conflict that’s come suddenly

isn’t a coincidence you must be aware of this be careful with your words don’t

share your secrets with anyone be cautious of whom you trust the

enemy wants to destroy you with lies and deceit to destroy your faith your future is filled with wonders

and miracles a supernatural life awaits you some who offended you will return

asking for forgiveness and you won’t deny them but your faith and trust will

only be in me even if people promise you the world you won’t believe them no one

else has the power to bless you or deliver you from evil nobody else has the true word that only I can give I

never fail or lie if you stop believing in me and start trusting empty promises from false people your blessings will

vanish and some won’t return so this is your time anchor your faith in this

powerful and Eternal Word live and Powerful firm and true for all eternity

the time of decision is coming soon choose my love my affection my comfort

My Embrace make a serious commitment to come to me every morning to listen and

fill yourself with this word that has shown you the way and given you a reason to fight come without fear I want to

hear you no matter how you come or how you feel my doors are open my ears are

willing come before the sun rises it’s the perfect time to bring me your

requests and feel my loving Embrace talk to me

because your words reflect your thoughts and having me in your thoughts is a sweet offering like a fragrant incense

full of tender praise and pure worship share with me your dreams your needs your frustrations your

doubts tell me everything because I am your friend the only one who truly

understands and knows you completely you’ve been battered by life’s hardships faced unexpected

moments of anxiety and felt the sting of Cruelty that has left your soul weary

you seek peace and I assure you peace you shall have I will fill your heart

with strength amid your troubles I will be your calm in times of

weakness you will be strong and when you feel faint you will not fear hold on to

my promise and when your burdens feel too heavy come to me never forget that I am always with

you don’t let doubt take away the blessings that are in your path I bless

you because I love you and I choose to I bestow favors and mercies upon you

because you are important to me you are deeply loved truly

mine my love for you is constant and everlasting today is a special day a day

of victory that you’ll remember forever with My Sacrifice I have sealed

these promises you will find happiness I offer you eternal life in my presence

there will be no more tears or pain this is your Assurance open your eyes the challenges

you face will vanish the help you’ve been waiting for is on its way the provision you need will be met I love

you today this is evident tell me you love me tell me you believe in me rely

on me and stand strong keep moving forward the obstacles you encounter are

only temporary you will overcome them all but to win you must face these

challenges headon do not fear nothing bad will happen to you my spirit is your

protector and my powerful word is your weapon continue your journey and if you

pause let it be to pray reflect and rest spend time with me each day I have

much to share with you you must understand and believe with all your heart that you are significant your

faith is valuable and your life is precious trust what I tell you and ignore those who have diminished your

worth for so long I see you with eyes full of love I am your father and to me

you have always been are and will always be significant persist in prayer and in

studying my word nourish your spirit I know you grasp my message tell me now

that you believe and that you will seek me every day you will do it I love you

yes I love you dearly what more can I do to prove it to you if I keep giving you

signs and showing my love will you trust me don’t let doubt disrupt our

relationship or extinguish the flame of our first love I want to give you

wonderful blessings I promised that if you called out to me I would answer and show you

Supernatural and mighty things but now it’s time for you to take a step of faith I’m waiting for you stop

thinking that you don’t deserve the blessings I bestow begin to accept and believe with all your heart that I have

transformed you you’re not the same as before I have forgiven your sins and

you’re Reborn through the power of My Sacrifice you are a new person and the

profound change I started in your heart will grow like a spring from within you it will alter your personality and

how you interact with others I give you these words so that you may receive them

Ponder them and believe them do you want me to clear the path through your struggles and lead you to a place of

blessing then you must believe what I say I love you you are my child I have

great and marvelous plans for you the table is set I will provide for you

abundantly I have a surprise for you but to see it you must use the key of your

faith your faith brings me joy you’ve seen how pleased I am when you show

confidence and perseverance keep believing even when times are

good hold on to me when doubts assail your mind when your faith is tested

and your beliefs are challenged some might criticize you pointing out your flaws saying you talk

about God and Faith but look at your mistakes listen to me instead turn

towards me follow my commands and trust in me those who criticize are not looking

to help you I’m here to give you life and to save you I promise to bless you

and transform you I will do incredible things in your life your future doesn’t

depend on other people or their opinions it depends on me right here right now

you must trust me focus on my promises and the blessings that are coming your way I

love you believe in the wonderful plans I have for your life and tell me you

will today as you hear my words let them settle in your heart and carry them with

you always for I am your lord and savior and I have plans for you so please don’t

give up before I complete my work in you keep the faith and keep going come on I know you can do it be

strong and courageous because everything I tell you in my word every promise I

have made I will fulfill I have a great and wonderful

reward for you I understand that life can be tough sometimes and it might feel like you’re

fighting an uphill battle a battle you think you can’t win but remember you are not alone I am

with you I will never leave you or forsake you even when Others May despise or abandon you I will always stand by

you have you forgotten that I stay by your side even when everyone else turns against you when those you thought were

your friends leave you to face your challenges alone remember that I am the one who loves you

unconditionally I do not judge you for your past actions I do not point out

your flaws or mistakes instead I am always ready to forgive you to lift you

up and to heal your wounds no matter your past I will always forgive your sins as many times as

needed trust in me and my plans for you you will never face a challenge a trial

or a test that you can’t overcome with my help I know it’s not easy to believe

especially when you feel like you’re running out of strength I ask you to make one more effort and believe in my

words believe in me even if you feel lost or unsupported remember that I am

by your side no matter your circumstances I will support you

strengthen you and comfort you because I have a unique and speci special purpose

for your life remember every step you take is surrounded by my unconditional love no

matter how dark the valley you walk through I will be your light no matter how heavy the burden I will be your

strength trust in me and you will see that my promises are true and my

faithfulness Everlasting so do not give up do not be

discouraged or despair move forward with courage faith and

perseverance because I am with you and I assure you that with my help you will

overcome this trial with my power you will surpass every obstacle and

challenge that stands in your way get up you can do it don’t linger in the past

my mighty hand is holding you with me by your side you’ll overcome any Challenge

and reach the heights I’ve set out for you never forget that you are my most treasured creation my beloved

child always hold on to my words reflect on them and confidently declare I can do

all things through Christ who strengthens me embrace this and I promise it will

Empower you it will transform your life leading you to health prosperity and

blessing trust my child just trust and you’ll see how my love elevates you you

to places you never dream possible to Horizons you’ve never before

seen those who trust in me will never be let down so stand up with renewed bravery

and face each day knowing you are not alone my Holy Spirit lives within you he

will guide you strengthen you and comfort you always when you see the storm approaching don’t be

troubled trust and I will fill you with

a peace that surpasses all understanding and a joy that fills your

heart lift your head and walk confidently on the path I have laid before you knowing that each step takes

you closer to your destiny keep your eyes fixed on me do not deviate from the

path of Truth and righteousness endure to the end and you

will inherit all the blessings I’ve prepared for you since the creation of the world go forth with my love as your

shield and my word as your guide nothing can stand in your way press on secure in

the knowledge that I am always with you and I will fulfill my promises in your life in ways you can’t even

imagine let these words sink deep into your mind keep them in your heart and

treasure them like precious jewels they will direct you on the right path

and provide the knowledge and wisdom you need to receive tremendous blessings in your life do not lose faith for The Best

Is Yet To Come you may feel your strength waning and think you can’t go on you might feel trapped in a maze each

step seemingly taking you further from the way out but today I remind you that

you are not alone I am with you in every moment of your life through every tear

and every smile I am the one who supports You When Storms threaten and I

remain by your side when peace returns I will always be there when you need me

today I urge you not to lose Faith keep hope alive within you continue without

faltering trust that the promises I have made to you will be fulfilled do not

give up or be discouraged simply trust in me for the best is yet to come you

might be facing tough times and it might be easy to fall into negativity you might even think things

won’t get better but I want you to know that you are mistaken because it is my will to

bless you to transform your life and help you overcome any obstacle trial or

challenge that comes your way no matter how dark the path may seem

how Fierce the storm or how heavy the burden you carry my love for you is

unconditional and my hand is always extended towards you ready to lift you up and bring you to places of peace and

hope so do not be afraid for in the middle of the storm I will be your calm

in the darkness I will be your light and in your weakness I will be the strength

of your life believe in me and I assure you that there is no burden too heavy or

obstacle too great that you cannot overcome remember life is a journey

filled with highs and lows but each challenge you conquer makes you stronger

each tear you shed teaches you a lesson and helps you grow each smile is a reminder of the

beautiful things in life worth fighting for so believe in me trust that things

will get better believe that brighter days are ahead because I am working in your favor my grace is always available

to you it may not be easy but don’t be discouraged because I am here to help

you remember you are never alone I am always by your side guiding every step

you take I will not let you fall into the world’s snares nor will I let anyone

take you from my hands with me by your side you can overcome any challenge

nothing and no one can stop you do not be afraid to move forward and don’t hesitate to ask for my help

when you need it I will place people in your life who will love you and be ready to assist you at any time and in any

situation just believe in me and in my power to transform any adverse situation

into an opportunity for growth and strength remember after the darkest

night a clear and bright Dawn always follows and after the fiercest storm the

sun will shine again no matter matter how much it seems All Is Lost and there is nothing more to do there is always

hope just keep striving and be brave never give up because after every trial

there is always a great reward remember that your destiny is not determined by the world or its

circumstances but by your faith and your determination to move forward you have

the power to write your own story to overcome challenges and to achieve your greatest dreams

do not let fear or uncertainty paralyze you trust in me and the ability I have

given you to face any adversity remember that every step forward brings you closer to your goals and to the person

you were meant to be do not let diffic difficulty stop you confront them with courage and

perseverance using them as stepping stones to propel you toward a bright and blessed

future you have a unique and special purpose in this world keep moving

forward with determination never lose Faith keep hope alive in your heart and

walk with the certainty that you are not alone I Am with You Believe in Me and my

promises and you will see mountains move and paths open before you remember the

problems of this world do not determine your destiny your destiny is written in the palm of my hand and it is one of

great and beautiful blessings so go ahead with courage for great things await in your life just

believe and persevere I assure you that the path ahead will be filled with light love and prosperity persist do not lose

Faith a bright future awaits you my child I understand the difficult and

challenging moments you are experiencing I know all the losses you have faced fear and doubt have led to sadness

dampening your spiritual life clouding your vision and causing you great pain

your expectations have diminished leading you to abandon many of your dreams and projects all these things might make you

feel overwhelmed like you can’t endure any longer like you might not make it

but trust in me for I Am with You always ready to lift you up and lead you to

places of peace and hope I know that every night you sigh

reflecting on your past yearning for what you once had you used to rely completely on your own abilities and

sought approval from others making yourself the center of attention but your heart was full of

vanity and pride you exalted yourself drifting away from me and neglecting my

words now you find yourself overwhelmed by sadness and feeling lost as if the

days and months pass without any change yet I have not abandoned you I

have always been by your side that’s why today I urge you to listen to my voice and heed my

words I call on you to turn back to me return to my presence with true repentance and I will strengthen your

faith seek me wholeheartedly so you can find a fulfilling life in me and reclaim

the blessings the enemy has stolen from you the enemy aims not only to take from

you but also to bring this destruction and death to your life therefore my child today I am here to liberate you

and extend all my help turn your heart back to me give me

your entire being and I will cleanse the bad within you I will restore and renew

your spirit everything you lost everything taken from you will be

returned to you manold you just need to trust in me with all your heart all your mind and all

your strength remember my promises have always been faithful and true have faith my child

you will see how everything you once lost will be restored you will experience joy peace security and an

abundance of blessings all you need to do is trust in me believe in my words

and allow me to shower you with all the love you deserve let me guide your life and

provide protection at every step please un understand my child it doesn’t matter

how deep the abyss you’re in now or how many times you’ve turned away from me

I’ve never left your side and I will always be here to support you and Lead You towards the light towards your true

happiness so trust in me trust in my power to heal and restore and you will

see your life blossom a new in me you will find the peace you seek and the strength to face any

challenge or adversity life throws your way remember I am with you in every struggle and battle you do not fight

alone I am aware of every wound in your heart but I don’t want you to blame yourself for these things because in my

presence forgiveness is Limitless in me you can find all that

you need there is no situation too difficult when you rely on my love and wisdom just trust in me and I will heal

your wounds renew your spirit and lead you to your true destiny don’t give up my son don’t do it

don’t abandon your goals or discard your dreams don’t let the enemy steal the desires I have placed in your heart

because in me there is still a bright and promising future waiting for you

rise now take my hand and walk with me I will take care of rewriting the story of

your destiny a story filled with faith hope love and

purpose always remember my son You Are Not Alone on this journey I Am With You

by your side with every step even during the darkest moments of your life never

forget that my love for you is unbreakable and my Mercy is Limitless even if you have strayed from me

countless times I will never leave you you just need to learn to trust in me

and understand that you don’t need to carry all that weight alone because I am here to Bear all your burdens and

needs take my hand and you will find that with me no burden is too heavy to

bear come to me my son rest in my arms of love I’m always listening to your

words and every Whisper of your heart let me be your refuge in the storm and

your strength in times of weakness it’s time to look forward with hope

don’t let regrets from the past stop you from enjoying the present and dreaming of a better future remember that each

day is a new opportunity to start aresh and in the dawn of each morning you will

find my favor my grace and my inexhaustable love so do not be afraid because even

though the paths may seem uncertain I am the light that will illuminate your path and guide you towards a life of

fulfillment and great blessing today is a beautiful unique and special

day this will be a day where you will face great challenges and emotions which

is why I want you to put your trust in me and also feel confident in

yourself because I assure you that with me by your side you can achieve everything you set out to

do remember that my strength and my love are always with you and that you are

never alone before you start all your tasks and activities place all your trust in me for I have a beautiful plan

for you so do not fear the challenges that may arise on your path do not be

intimidated by the tests or trials that may come your way because I will be there to help you overcome them move

forward with faith and determination do not stop I urge you to

be brave to be kind and to be generous generous to those around you share a bit

of my love and light with the world remember there’s always someone who

could use a smile a kind word or a small act of kindness don’t be discouraged by

difficulties or be tempted by the fleeting desires of this world keep your eyes on me and I will give you the

strength and wisdom to overcome any obstacle you face trust in my plan and

move forward with faith for I am always with you in each step you take and every

challenge you face know that my love for you is steadfast in the storms and

uncertainties of Life hold tightly to my hand and let my peace fill your

heart do not fear what you do not know for I’m fully aware of your life’s

details and I have a perfect purpose for you as you go through this day filled

with both opport opportunities and challenges keep focused on me and my love which will Propel you

forward let not fear or doubt hold you back for my power is made perfect in

your weakness trust that in every decision you make I am working for your

good and to demonstrate my glory through your life know that you are deeply loved that

you are Priceless in my eyes nothing can match the beauty of your heart

so stand up courageously today Knowing You are not alone I am your guide your

protector and your strength trust in my promise to be with you at all times to support and

strengthen you through every trial challenge or obstacle remember you are my child

unique and wonderful with a special purpose in this life keep moving forward live this day

to its fullest for I am open doors of blessings and opportunities for you to

embrace my desire for you is blessings peace and prosperity so do not be afraid of the

challenges that may come do not avoid the tests you must face and do not be

daunted by difficulties in every challenge there is a chance to grow a lesson to learn and

strength to discover within yourself trust in your power your

courage and your ability to overcome any adversity remember you are my most

precious creation my perfect Masterpiece and I have filled you with my love and wisdom so you can shine brightly in this

dark world so shine my child shine as a

beacon of my unconditional love on Earth let your light illuminate every

dark corner you encounter with every loving gesture with every encouraging word plant seeds of of hope that can

transform the world around you being compassionate kind and generous continue to press on for today

will be a wonderful day filled with chances to grow to love and to radiate

with the light of my presence today you will discover your true potential which will enable you to

surmount any obstacle with my grace and favor always remember you are never

alone in this journey for my love is with you and every step you take in every decision you make and in every

dream you chase I will always hold you close wrapping you in my healing light

Whispering words of encouragement and strength so press on pursue your goals

and realize your dreams and aspirations secure in the knowledge that my love

envelops you and my grace upholds you do not fear the unknown or the

trials ahead I will be your Shield your rock your strength and the encouragement

that lifts your head today tonight rest in the comfort of my loving

Embrace let my peace wash over you and provide you with rest and comfort in the quiet of this night let

me fill your heart with words of love words that flow from My Heart Like a River of

Love Tonight I want to remind you how deeply I love you and that I am always with you from morning to night I see

everything you do every heartbeat of yours Echoes In Me reminding me that you

are my cherished creation made with infinite love and carefully shaped by my

hands at this moment know that I have been by your side guiding each step of

your journey I’ve been the gentle breeze on your face the strength in your stride

and the light shining during your darkest times on this challenging day I understand today was tough filled

with difficult news and unexpected challenges that brought anxiety stress

and frustration I know you feel burdened by pressures and the many tasks you face

daily you are weary my child so tonight I open my arms to you come and rest In

My Embrace let the light of my presence fill you bringing peace and renewing

your energy I will take on your worries and fears my light will brighten every

part of you chasing away any Shadows of Doubt or fear and in their place you’ll feel a

sense of accomplishment and satisfaction for facing life’s hurdles bravely remember no matter how fiercely

the storms Rage or the winds blow I am your safe haven my arms are always open

ready to comfort and strengthen you as tomorrow brings new challenges and

trials do not be afraid for I will guide you I will be your compass and light

dispelling any darkness that lies ahead tonight entrust me with your

thoughts and burdens give me all your concerns and desires I will provide the

rest and peace your body and soul Crave in my arms you’ll find the Tranquility

you seek I promise to watch over you in yours tonight my hands will protect your dreams Shield

you with my protection and keep any fears or dangers at

Bay while the world rests tonight I will keep vigil Over You Like a Shepherd with

his flock my protective hand will keep any disturbances at Bay because you are

my beloved child and it is my deepest desire for you to live the full and Abundant Life I have planned for

you before you sleep release any bitterness from your heart forgive those

who have hurt you remember forgiveness is a powerful gift that frees you from

resentment and allows for restful peace rest now in my Everlasting Love

sleep peacefully like a child in their father’s arms Let My Words tonight

soothe your weary soul and awaken you refreshed invigorated and eager to

embrace the new day I’ve prepared for you when Dawn breaks I’ll be there

Illuminating you with the light of my word renewing your strength and filling you with

hope each heartbeat will remind you of my love and every step you take will show that I am guiding you with Grace

and wisdom as you go about your day act with love kindness and compassion treat

others with respect for these virtues reflect my boundless love for all Humanity

my son my dear daughter tonight I grant you restful sleep so that when you awake

your heart will be full of gratitude looking forward to a day of Joy blessings and opportunities to grow in

love rest now my beloved child in my eternal love know that I am with you

always in every heartbeat and Every Breath You Take may my peace and love accompany you

as you sleep and prepare you for a new day filled with the Wonders I have arranged for

you my dear child I send you blessings of love peace and protection this very

hour my angels are watching over you and as you dream tonight you’ll discover the

marvelous gifts I’ve prepared for you I love you dearly tonight rest securely in

my loving embrace my Brave and diligent daughter your strong faith will surely

be rewarded since the beginning of time I’ve held a special purpose for you in

my heart a destiny I’ve lovingly shaped with my own hands remember nothing can stand against

what I have declared for you you are a precious and unparalleled treasure in My

Kingdom I write this to remind you you are never alone I am with you at every

moment sharing in your joys and smiles I am always right beside you my love for

you is unshakable and my power within you boundless pay no heed to those empty

and foolish words that say otherwise March forward with faith and courage and do not be daunted by life

storms the rising Waters or the burdens that seem too heavy to bear look to the

heavens for the strength you need the same strength that has upheld many before you fear not for I am your father

your safe haven and your stronghold you my daughter are a warrior

of the spirit equipped to overcome any challenge do not succumb to

discouragement or fear nor to the voice of the adversary for the power of my

Holy Spirit dwells within you let this Divine fire ignite your heart and allow

his wisdom to guide every decision you make stand tall as a courageous daughter

a driven leader ready to impact the world remember you are unique your voice

can change hearts and your love has the power to mend the deepest wounds resist

the ordinary and the lackluster Temptations of this world you are meant for an extraordinary life rich with

purpose and significance therefore do not fear for I am your father your protector and your

defense my daughter as a Warrior in Spirit you possess the strength to face

any adversity let not your spirit be crushed by discouragement or fear nor by

the deceit of the enemy for the mighty power of my holy spirit is within you

let his fire continually burn in your heart guiding all your

ways stand tall as a courageous daughter a passionate leader ready to make a mark

in this world know that you are unique that your voice has the power to change

hearts and your love has the ability to heal the deepest of wounds do not be swayed by the comfort

and mediocrity the world offers you are meant for an extraordinary life filled

with purpose and significance dream big and Chase those dreams with unwavering Faith don’t be

deterred by life’s challenges stay true to The Virtuous path I have set for you

it’s vital for you to embrace bravery and gratitude itude always as gratitude is a powerful tool that will open new

doors for you be grateful for every breath each sunrise and every new

opportunity even in tough times always find something to be thankful for as

this gratitude will bring you peace that transcends all understanding remember I am the god of

the impossible and what may seem unachievable to you is possible through

faith in me believe in the power of transformation be bold in pursuing the

dreams I’ve placed in your heart don’t be brought down by hardships for they teach you valuable lessons and help your

soul grow always act in love giving freely without expecting anything in

return let your heart continuously flow with compassion

forgiveness and Grace love your neighbors and lend a hand hand to those who have fallen

through love you will discover true joy and the completeness of my

[Music] presence lay your worries and burdens at my feet do not carry the weight of your

fears and anxieties alone trust in me and walk confidently

knowing you are bathed in my endless Majestic love know that I am your shelter during

storms your light in the darkness trust in in me and my peace will always be

with you dear daughter continue forward keep faith and guard it with the courage

and virtue that Define you then you will see abundance in every aspect of your

life your dreams will come to pass your desires fulfilled and your talents will

flourish nothing and no one will be able to stop you for I am at your side

providing strength wisdom and knowledge so that all you do will

prosper let nothing in this world intimidate you for you are my daughter

the most precious flower in my garden you are brave strong and diligent

your faith courage and resolve showcase the beauty of your soul keep advancing

my daughter and always remember that I love you more than you can ever comprehend treasure these words in your

heart let them be a seal within you guiding and inspiring you to live a life

of Faith purpose and love I cherish you my daughter May today

be a day of joy in your life marking the beginning of a life filled with grace

peace prosperity and immense happiness listen to me for a moment I

have so much love and goodness for you beloved child spare me a few moments for

I have something in important to tell you know that I’m always near I have not

departed and I will never leave you I know you might feel that your

current struggles are because I’ve turned away from you due to your mistakes and failures however this couldn’t be

further from the truth I know your heart intimately and there’s absolutely

nothing you can do to make me stop loving you my love for you is eternal

and unconditional it burns brightly and ceaselessly no matter how distant you

feel or how deep you might fall My Love Remains

steadfast a constant light guiding you through any storm understand that nothing can put

out the flame of my love it is stronger than any challenge you might face even

during times of Doubt when the world’s burdens feel overwhelming my love holds

you up it’s a love that surpasses all human understanding and breaks through the

limits of this Earth my dear son know that I love you forever and I’m fully aware of your

needs I understand your worries and the distress you feel when things don’t go as planned but don’t be

afraid I’m right here with you there’s no need to worry anymore don’t think

that I’m unaware of your struggles or your pain I’m here to comfort you to

wrap my my arms around you like a soothing Breeze Whispering reassurance that you will

prevail I am here to support you to give you strength and to uplift you so that

your life can shine as a testament to my divine power my presence is with you at

all times simply trust in me not in the offerings of the world which only bring

sadness and distress instead I offer you blessings joy and happiness trust in me and move

forward with bravery March forward with confidence for my love envelops you like a cloak

lifts you like a breeze and shields you like a fortress my love for you will never

fade I love you so much son never doubt my love or my

faithfulness always remember that there is nothing you can do to make me turn away from

you my love is a freely given gift not something you can buy or earn it’s given

by grace and it is Everlasting so keep going forward

son don’t give up my daughter no matter how dark your path may seem my light

Will Shine Your Way My Love Is Your Eternal Refuge a Guiding Light in even

the darkest times helping you find and fulfill your purpose on this Earth

remember my child in me you find the strength to face any challenge life

throws your way your purpose is unique and meant only for you so don’t let

doubts and worries Cloud your vision trust that I am with you in everything

and while circumstances may change my love for you remains steadfast and

unchanging always remember in challenging times when the load feels too heavy you can hand those burdens to

me I am here to carry them and ease your worries providing companionship in your Solitude and comfort in your sorrow

offering you understanding and eternal love move forward knowing you have a

Divine Purpose and every experience even the tough ones helps you

grow know that you are never alone and you are stronger than you think because

my strength is in you I’m with you at Every Step celebrating your successes

and supporting you through challenges trust in my plan for you for it is a

plan filled with hope and wonderful blessings you bear a heavy burden that I

cannot ignore you need not struggle alone for I’m with you I’m not distant

or uncaring about your troubles I’m close by ready to assist you to be your

strength and steady support I see how your worries keep you up at night how your tears in solitude

weigh on your soul let me assure you today you are not

alone every concern you have is important to me I am attentive and never turn away I am aware of every detail of

your life you may feel like all doors are closing and the paths you walk are

growing darker but remember even in darkness my light shines bright do not be afraid for

where there are problems there are also opportunities

where there is adversity there is growth and strength know that my plans for you are greater than you can

imagine sometimes trials and hardships are what shape your character and reveal

your hidden talents although it might seem you are alone in this

battle rest assured you’re not for I’m with you every step of the

way trust in me and my provision and you will see that even in times of need I

can open doors of Plenty in confusion I can lead you to Clarity don’t be

overwhelmed by current challenges for my grace is sufficient for you my love knows no bounds and my power

can conquer any obstacle or adversity I love you dearly my child my

daughter keep hope alive in your heart do not be discouraged by current

circumstances or feel defeated for what seems like a a setback today might just

be the preparation for a great Victory so do not let criticism deter

you or fear stop your dreams believe in yourself and your ability to overcome

any challenge for you are a conqueror and the one within you is greater than the one in the

world so my child I want you to know that as you walk through this dark

Valley I am right there with you holding your hand remember I have equipped you with

the spirit of strength and have placed alongside you Faithful and capable people of

Faith these people are here to support and help carry your burdens rely on them

strengthen each other in faith and in the strength I provide trust in me for

they will serve as my hands and feet in your life showing you my pure and tangible

love through them I will work pouring Grace and blessings upon

you so do not hesitate to ask for help when you need it and do not fear turning

to me needing support doesn’t make you a failure it makes you human in this world

you will undoubtedly face struggles trials and hardships but rest assured if

you trust in me and hold on to my promises everything will work out remember that everyone goes through

tough times my will for those who trust in me is always good pleasing and

perfect so trust in my timing it is impeccable I understand that you want a

quick solution right now but don’t lose heart I’m working in your favor and

nothing bad will happen to you understand that there are still lessons to be learned and growth to

experience in this process just keep moving forward and never underestimate

the power of perseverance and patience my plan is unfolding in your life even when it might not be

visible on this day I encourage you to remain strong and determined do not fall

into despair or let the enemy steal your dreams though the storm may seem

unending the sun always shines after the heaviest rains do not give up my child look

beyond your current circumstances and envision a brighter future I assure you it will come to pass just

maintain your faith and trust that I am specially working in your life I know it might be hard to see

right now but I promise you will Triumph for those who love me and trust

in me everything works together for good my child I love you more than you can

ever comprehend trust in me completely and don’t let life’s

challenges shake your belief in my love for you I am here to dry your tears heal your

wounds and lead you to a full and Abundant Life I will never leave you or forsake

you especially in your times of need trust in my love and my power I

will turn your circumstances around and transform any adversity into a chance for blessing let go of your worries and

hand over your burdens to me let me take charge of your life and ensure that

everything turns turns out well remember I am a faithful God and will never leave

you when you need me most rest in my peace dear child and let

my love envelop you find comfort and hope in praying and being in communion

with me remember I am your safe haven during the storm and the solid rock you

can always depend on Amen



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