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finding your center of gravity my darling is like unearthing a gold mine

of riches being in this condition is absolutely incredible and

Priceless having a harmonious connection with the Divine is important but so is

maintaining Harmony in your interpersonal interactions to main kinds

of people will cross your path in life those who encourage you to become a

creator of everything that God has planned for you and those who

unfortunately are negative and poisonous influences that prevent you from

reaching your full potential as you pursue the Lord’s will

for your life you may encounter unexpected obstacles along the way even

from those you’ve chosen to travel with in light of this I implore

you to whom are you listening for Life advice and whose thoughts about your

existence and purpose are you choose to trust my

friend please typ on man if you believe that being in harmony is a great gift if
Typ on man

you share this sentiment a lack of strength or

spiritual stoicism is not necessary during times of hardship and this is

something you must recognize Jesus didn’t put on an act of

empty religiosity even as he approached his crucifixion rather he prayed fervently

to his father for a way out and he sweat droplets of

blood but in the end Jesus Took up the cross with an intense and and unwavering

pleasure even though he had experienced immense human suffering joy that had been tempered by

sadness and was keenly aware of the misery that mankind inevitably faces as

opposed to a shallow pleasure that ignored pain God’s will is to mold and

perfect you as a human being God is actively developing

extraordinary character inside you not tarnishing it in your times of

vulnerability and you SOB in pain you will want more after such a

voyage therefore you will be happy and unhappy all at

once Heavenly Home even if you already have a strong connection to it if this
God is actively developing extraordinary character

message speaks to you please like this video to show that you

agree Heavenly Home even if you already have a strong connection to it if this

message speaks to you please like this video to show that you

agree a new and exciting chapter in your life is about to begin if you have

unwavering confidence in God my friend and Leash the latent potential inside

you that has been lying dormant for far too long all of the events in your life are
A new and exciting chapter in your life

building up to a major Climax and now is the time to seize new

possibilities and get spiritual rewards you are about to enter a period

of unbridled growth when you will break free of all constraints and

fearlessly claim your innate Power by typing yes to declare your Readiness and

eagerness to accept this new chapter your individual experience
Your individual experience through University

through University is woven together by the interconnectedness of your blessings

difficulties triumphs and the journey through both falling and

rising in the enormous tapestry of your life each of your gifts and talents fits

like a jigsaw piece the reason why God lets you go

through periods of weakness is so that he may grow you up to be stronger and

more robust the groundwork for breakthroughs is laid in the breakdowns God has
The groundwork for breakthroughs

purposefully arranged your whole life’s events so that you would be ready for

this particular time since you are not what you believe yourself to be he

extends an invitation to you to come before him even when it’s hard to keep your

trust in the face of disappointments and losses the promises he has given you are

Heavenly guarantees of what is ahead not idle teases never forget that God’s

faithfulness endures regardless of how many times we doubt you can be feeling

inadequate or disqualified from God’s promises because you’ve been dwelling on

your errors from the past perhaps such assurances have become

a distant memory let this message be a gentle reminder that your hope is not in

this world or the things in it but in Jesus the bounds of our disbelief cannot

contain God’s faithfulness the world around us may

seem desolate yet God’s word says his promises are

permanent there has never been a better moment to reignite your religion opt to

have faith in God’s steadfast nature remain unwavering in your trust in him

because he is trustworthy loving and unchanging as you go through your trip

you you are changing and becoming stronger in spite of your fears and
You are changing and becoming stronger

skepticism God wants you to know that you can achieve whatever he has set your

heart to do through Christ achieve not be afraid or give up

on your aspiration because you are not alone with God by your sigh you can

achieve all you set your mind to the love story you have with yourself is the

most significant one you will ever have the key is to find your inner power

pursue your own path and accept yourself just the way you
Just the way you are

are this is the story of how you overcame your pessimism found happiness

and made your dreams a reality this is the tale of your quest

for me mean in life where you found out what really matters to you and how to

follow your heart you can’t measure true riches by
What really matters to you

how much stuff you own it’s also related to the intangibles the vehicles you

passed on buying the gems you didn’t get the Home Improvements you didn’t get

around two the Wardrobe you didn’t have and the first class upgrades you turn

down your knowledge experiences and development as a person

are the assets that you have amassed for those who put their faith in God and

draw strength from this message true riches lies not only in material

possessions but also in the immaterial and the

meaningful reaffirm your beliefs by typing yes as a result of your

incredible journey you are an inspiration to everyone around you you

are the amazing person you are now because of every event you have had good

and bad reaffirm your beliefs by typing yes

as a result of your incredible journey you are an inspiration to everyone

around you you are the amazing person you are now because of every event you

have had good and bad you are strong but when you mix it
You are the amazing person

with kindness people are drawn to you and feel at ease your best traits have

emerged as a result of the most difficult times in your life your

tenacity and resolve are evident thank you for being an

inspiration to so many people people even those who don’t realize how of a

difference you’ve made does not stop at the people right

in front of you at what is often known as The Midnight Hour God works according

to his own schedule he never arrives early or stays
The Midnight Hour

late he does everything at the exact moment he thinks it’s

right he isn’t apathetic on on occasion he waits until the last possible second

before stepping in but that’s just so you don’t get your hands dirty and his

impeccable timing can shine through if you want to trust God’s

timetable you have to give up your Independence and self-will as you wait

for your breaker it’s important to believe that and let go of your own

schedule trying to be Flawless is sometimes feudal since God is at work in
Human Error

you for his own good that you like a re realize humans are capable of making

errors no matter how pure your intentions are no matter how good your

performance there will always be room for improvement but remember you are a

work and prog progress always evolving and rising to new heights of greatness

whatever you do Jesus Will prioritize please God listen to his

voice and do what he says at the end of your efforts prioritize God in all that

you do always keep in mind that God’s desires for you are just as significant

as your own whether it’s a time of Spiritual
Prioritize God

Development separating from destructive people or learning to obey you should

welcome his call put God first in your life and don’t allow anything else to

detract from his [Music] prominence God points out that we go to

the wrong people and things for approval and affirmation all the time despite

what God has spoken about us us we put our faith on our official titles the

status of our relationships and the views of

others we shouldn’t let fear hold us back instead we should welcome the

courage and assurance that come from knowing we have complete

approval internal Sensations and promptings are common ways that God

communicates with us these are signs from God not

coincidences God uses our feelings of an knas or inner prings to guy and protect

us whether it’s to be kind to someone or to steer clear of a dangerous

circumstance instead of ignoring the signals we should just follow

them God has promised to lead us on the right Road in life

if we would just listen to his quiet little voice therefore when he gives us

instructions we should not question or reject them but rather believe and

Obey it takes bravery to push for Change and abandon old habits every aspect of

our life including our mental emotional and spiritual health is enhanced when we

make the conscious decision to go outside of our comfort zones and better

the lives of others around us various areas May benefit from

improvements made to one another you are undeserving of worldly approval since

God has already embraced you the love and acceptance of God remain

constant no matter how much rejection you feel feel keep in mind that you are
Use your imagination

a beloved child of God your capacity for creative visualization is a potent asset

if you want your objectives to seem familiar and doable use your imagination

to figure out the specifics the next reasonable step

toward realizing your goals may be found by following your imagination there is a

a chance for permanent transformation at every instant if you choose to stay in

the same old patterns you can or you can find out how to change things for the

better you are capable of embracing change so believe in yourself connect

with others laugh relax soak up some sun and feed your body and spirit with good

influences embrace the unknown and declare your
Embrace the unknown

willingness to adapt there will always be emotions it’s

just a part of Being Human embrace the process of trans transition and progress

and know that you have what it takes to make your Ambitions a reality and build

a better future in light of this reality I think

it’s crucial for every believer to work for emotional stability we need to stop

letting our emotions rule us and start actively seeking God’s

counsel you should make developing your emotional intelligence at top priority
Develop your emotional intelligence

if you’re not good at controlling your emotions I encourage you to pray for

wisdom on how to become come emotionally mature it helps to be aware of the

things that make you feel vulnerable so you can avoid or cope with them more

successfully being mindful of these factors might assist you in better

managing your emotions Despair and fear are weapons the adversary emplo to take

our attention away from what’s really important

important instead of giving into Despair and fear we should keep in mind that God
Despair and fear

gives us the power to persist in the connection that God wishes with

us although it is easier to seem strong and confident his power is evident even

when we are weak he battles for his children providing hope and a chance for

Resurrection spend some time in prayer and meditation and let God fortify your

inner fortitude through your vulnerability just as he fortified

David in the depths of Despair he is there to comfort you dry your tears and
God has a plan

stay by your sigh according to what we read in the Bible God has a one

wonderful plan for our lives believe that even when life seems

to be throwing you a curv ball there is a higher power at work directing your

circumstances for the benefit of people who love you There Is Love from God even in the

darkest places and we learn more about him in The Valleys than in the Peaks so

don’t let the presence of Sorrow fool you remember that God does not send us
Strengthen your faith

trials to destroy us but to strengthen our faith it is at times of Despair that

we should sincerely pray for God’s assistance keep in mind that you needed

his Spirit to survive and thrive instead of trying to figure things out on your

own rely on his presence and ask for his advice

embrace the idea that God is with you always you don’t have to confront life’s

hardships alone simply write yes to indicate that
Amazing as it may seem

you are prepared to proceed amazing as it may seem God’s word is never returned

to him empty of its power you may have faith in his word

because everything he says about your life will be

fulfilled God as he has already mentioned is not like us once he has

promised to bless you with a child the marriage or anything else he will not

renig on his promise you can trust him to keep his

promise God is not limited by whatever this world they throw at him so keep
God is not limited

that in mind even when things seem hopeless he is no longer dead true to

his word he would pause to think about the empty coffin where his corpse had

Lain it’s a strong symbol of his unwavering loyalty attempting to provide

for oneself is unnecessary in your life God will carry out his promises since he

is responsible for their fulfillment if he says he will do
Be quiet

something he will make sure it happens your part is to be quiet believe that he

will provide for you and have confidence that his wonderful riches in Christ

Jesus will cover all your needs true goodness Lives In God’s

Presence thus it’s important not to run ahead of him when life’s business is

going on take your time and enjoy the journey
Be patient

you may be tested and and front Fierce fights but remember that God is

constantly working in your life be patient and allow him to lead you in his

perfect time if you feel like God isn’t there you are being taught to depend on

his promises rather than your emotions and he is elevating your trust to New

Height perseverance it’s possible that you’ll have to wait and face

circumstances when turning to God becomes your only choice are you

go have confidence that the eventual path to your heavenly benefits will be
Take comfort

via this trial of your faith when things seem to be spending out of control take

comfort in the fact that God has you firmly grasp in his hand he can handle

whatever thrown at him his abilities are

Limitless a place of refuge and tenderness is in his grasp Triumph

fortitude and provision rather of fixating on anxiety and depression

remember that the Lord has you safely in his hands as you face the unknowns and
A positive outlook

difficulties of Life a positive outlook may be your compass embrace the positive

outlook and confirm that you are prepared for whatever the future

brings regardless of the difficulties you’re experiencing right now keep in

mind that God is on your side rather of allowing yourself to be crushed by your

problems look up and imagine how God is changing your

circumstances bring your heart to believe and concentrate on his favor
Advancement and benefits

advancement and benefits you will experience miraculous breakthroughs that

may take you to new heights as you remain focused on God and choose to

follow his word holding you firmly in his Victorious right hand God guarantees

that his perfect for your life will be fulfilled it may seem difficult at first

particularly if you are in the midst of a difficult

season but keep in mind that being thankful is a potent weapon even when
Being thankful

things are tough there is always something to be grateful for you don’t

need to count your blessings every single day focus on the good things things God

has planned for you rather than the bad things that have happened you invite God

to intervene on your behalf when you show thankfulness God wants you to be

thankful because it strengthens your relationship with him and opens you a

channel for his power and strength you may emerge from adversity
A life of boldness

stronger smarter and better than before if you keep an attitude of thankfulness

and declare that no matter what being grateful will change your attention and

allow you to see God’s Mighty hand at work a life of boldness is your calling

as a follower of Jesus Christ when you stand firm in your faith knowing that

God is on your side you will experience confidence and Triumph while putting

fear anxiety and doubt in your place feel free to embrace this reality
Embrace your righteousness

and let go of any doubt or fear that has been holding you

back Proclaim your identify as a child of God with boldness begin to Proclaim

God’s truth over your life embrace your righteousness in Christ and de declare

that you are more than a conqueror doing this will provide you
When things become tough

The Liberation and Tranquility that come from trusting in God’s promises When

Things become tough and you start to question God’s presence just keep in

mind that the instructor remains silent throughout

tests no matter how quiet God seems he is always there keeping a closed eye on

you and providing wisdom from his teachings have faith in his time and his

purpose relax take a deep breath and let
God is always there

go of your anxieties and uncertainties because you know he will strengthen you

and get you through this test like no other keep in mind that you’re Are Not

Alone and that this to will pass you are about to experience some good changes

you are on the cusp of experiencing the Breakthrough you have been dreaming

about remind yourself of your progress even when you want to quit in many cases
You are not alone

this is the exact time when you can make a change for the better change is

necessary for the manifestation of your goals

take a step back Center yourself and look at things through the eyes of your

higher self this will change your perspective on yourself and your present

situation you are stronger than you may ever imagine it is said that when you
You are stronger than you may imagine

put your confidence in God as planned for your life will be expedited the

speed with which your dreams will materialize will surprise you overcoming challenges won’t take

yours meet the one or get out from under your debt God is moving quickly and you

will be propelled forward in yours to come by his favors to show your confidence in the
God is moving quickly

Lord type amen put your confidence in him because

he has a divine plan for your future that is greater than anything you could

have imagined a discovery that will change your life as about to happen to

you today you may be worrying about money

and having financial difficulties one second and then suddenly you’ll be

drawing wealth to yourself like a magnet today God wants you to listen
Listen carefully

carefully to what’s going onr you in order to distract you from what is

actually important in God’s kingdom the adversary may be using those you know to

bring false allegations and smallscale assaults against

you pray that these people would remain steadfast on their course in the Kingdom

rather than becoming distracted by their Petty concerns it is my solemn vow that

I treat myself with kindness by saying an affirmation you

are pledging your Devotion to yourself and to the Abundant Life contentment and

blessings that God has planned for you as you put your faith in God you may

confidently declare that he will speed up his plan for your

life surprisingly your dream will come true faster than you think you will not

have to wait for a long time to overcome challenges when Deb over or find true

love you are being propelled toward Triumph and blessings as events are

being orchestrated at a rapid speed by God give him complete control over your

life and let him figure out every aspect [Music]

may you find the restful night sleep he has promised and may you be filled with

the same patience and love that God has shown

you pray for the discernment to say what is right when others are heing and ask

God to help you select your words carefully pray that you may reflect

God’s mercy and Grace in your relationships with others and express

thanks to him for his love and forgiveness have trust that God will

rearrange your circumstances to get you to your destiny even when change appears

Elusive and know that no one no matter how big powerful or powerful will be

able to stop you God is at work in the background and

change may occur at any moment acknowledge this Divine process and own

it trust that God is working good things in your life even if it doesn’t seem
Today is the day

like it right now today is the day to believe and trust any circumstance may

be transformed by his favor maintain your unwavering faith

knowing that God is always at work prepared to change things for the better

identify this heavenly presence and make it your reality right

now you won’t get the Serenity and understanding you want by dwelling on

what to come in fact it might lead you astray from the road you were meant to

take shift your attention back to being in harmony with your best self and give
This message has arrived

the universe the rest this message has arrived at the perfect

time to comfort you that no matter how bad things seem right now everything

will turn out well in the end even if it doesn’t seem that way know that there

are forces at work that will help you through this difficult time the cosmos is already moving in the

direction of your heart felt wishes and prayers now is the moment to let go of whatever

uncertainties or anxieties you may be harboring relax and take comfort in the
You may be harboring

fact that your heart’s desire is in root to you chill down and trust that

everything will work out for the best as the universe ranges it dreaming and seeing a better future

is important but being f focused on the Here and Now is where your strength

Serenity and atmost perspective lie being to preoccupied with the future

is usually an indication being disconnected from the here and now stay

rooted in the present moment the presence of God in your life is orchestrated by him and he wants you to

not faith in God’s ability to open doors of opportunity and bring the perfect

connections into your life whether you’re seeking a career or lifemate he

has the insight to put you exactly where you need to be at the right time with

the right people and circumstances to show your faith in God

type [Music]

amen [Music]

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