these days God is telling you that there could be someone you don’t speak to often but who thinks the world of you

this person still has incredible feelings for you even if you can’t communicate with them this person still

has strong feelings for you even if you don’t have many conversations with them

even if you don’t talk to this person very often they may still cry when they consider the possibility that they won’t

be able to express themselves to you they want you to know how much they care about you how much they miss you and how

much they love you their deepest desire is to tell you how much they hate being

ignored as much as they care about you they wish there was a way to show you how much they disregard you that is the

amount of control they exert over you all they want is for you to realize it

knowing how important this special link is to you God does not want you to sever it lest you lose what you cherish so

much the reason for this is because God is not interested in seeing you suffer a loss you place a premium on knowing god

via love and because love is God’s very nature those who lack love can’t

possibly know God very well please see this video through to the conclusion if you believe in God according to God

there are times when I think they’re acting unjustly even if they claim to be

doing God’s will nevertheless Lord God even though I didn’t realize it at the time I can now see how you have been

there throughout orchestrating events so they worked out for my good even though

you have been making things work out for me you’ve laid the groundwork for how they’ll instruct me under no

circumstances is it appropriate to disregard this desire not even if you have been trying to run things out do

not slack on this something vital will come to light over the next week that you may not be able to discuss in any

way at all a day day will come not too long away when your prayers and hopes

will have been answered keeping an accepting and tolerant outlook on other people is crucial I just wanted to say

thanks for all you’ve done to make my life better for everything that you have done I am eternally grateful your

patience with me is appreciated even though I know I am Unworthy of your love

please know how much I appreciate all you’ve done to brighten my life it’s worth taking a moment to express my

gratitude please know that the father who is Everlasting is revered and glorified by me you are esteemed the

Redemption God has in store for you can sneak up on you unexpectedly in accordance with your

intentions the door should be positioned so that it closes properly when it opens again even if it is already closed in

this way we know the door won’t be unlocked are you going to swear that you’re not completely crazy like can

share this video to express your support if you agree with God while it’s conceivable that some may go the fact

that their presence is anticipated means that there’s no need for concern that this may happen all things work together

for the enjoyment of those who love God and believe that he has a purpose for their lives as far as we can tell stay

hopeful God is listening stay with me I’m going ahead you have my advantage

protecting and caring for the important individuals in my life is something you have my undivided attention to remember

the request I made please so that it may triumph over all of the challenges and

hurdles it is now encountering please lend it a helping hand I really hope and

pray that each passing day will only help to deepen the connections between you and the people in your lives indeed

we pray in response to Jesus Christ’s invitation the joy that is about to be

yours is complete completely out of proportion to the pain that you have endured so far compared to what is ahead

for you it is completely nothing we will provide you with further information what is ahead for you is

quite different from the difficulties you have been facing it is recommended that I dispatch an angel before your

journey to watch over you guide you and provide you with the location I have planned this is important because I will

send a guardian angel to help you please be attentive because I will soon send an

angel to stand before you please make sure you are prepared for it please put

people in my life who are intended to be with me and please get rid of those who aren’t a good fit as soon as possible

pay attention to the people who should be a part of my life I have high hopes that you will guide me to your love and

provide me the pleasure that you promise I also hope you can answer yes when I

ask whether you will be able to satisfy me with within the context of Jesus Christ’s call we pray even if no one is

paying attention to what I’m going through right now there are a number of situations in which people’s ability to

view certain types of data is restricted everything that I am experiencing is known to God remembering this brings a

sense of relief being fully aware of the circumstances gives me complete confidence that he will help me overcome

this obstacle at all times I have full Trust in him no matter how bad things

become we shouldn’t give up since Victory is within our reach through the Lord therefore we shouldn’t give up

trying to overcome these obstacles you may not be able to avoid him no matter how hard you try in the process of

surpassing all of your expectations you will undergo a life-altering event it

will become crystal clear to you that this month marks a significant turning point in your life’s trajectory in

too when you let your instincts guide you you’ll see the precise command that

God has given you to follow surprising things may happen right in front of your eyes if you’re willing to give them your

undivided attention and awareness listen to the advice your gut gives you when

you’re not sure how a certain activity will turn out and then choose the high road hello my baby listen to your heart

and make a decision based on it that’s the guidance God gives Humanity I want

you to feel enthusiasm for life again that is the message God is sending you

please remember that you are not the only one responsible for avoiding this I want you to feel passionate about life

again I have a genuinely First Rate answer for you therefore I need you to put your trust in me and put your

anxieties aside I am now reviewing your issues and have already sent angels to

assist you in every way I can without a doubt this is the very reason why you would be pleased at a later date My

First Rate resolve is about to shake your planet to its very foundations and all glory and honor be to the

Everlasting Daddy I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all the wise counsel you’ve given me even though I

know I am Unworthy of your love you have been impacted by me nonetheless you are

an inspiration to me in the name of Jesus I beg you to hear my prayer and

provide my loved ones with the resources they need to overcome any obstacle that stands in their way I would greatly

appreciate it if you could keep an eye on someone important to me Love Finds Its greatest fulfillment in the Quest

for knowledge not in the payment for illicit acts wishes are not offered by

love love does not provide tenacity love abandons Faith at no cost love is always

there to defend always has the right idea and is always popular because it

never gives up never gives up hope and never gives up trying currently your

lives are under God’s Authority and he has a good reason and purpose for them

for the rationale and strategy are both remarkable those who put their

faith in God should take solace in the fact that he isn’t always taken aback by your life’s circumstances and can even

when you don’t understand how craft a Flawless plan for everything that happens because he’s never more than a

few feet way you can almost always assume that he’s thinking about you you

have my word that he will keep an eye on things and defend you from harm this is

the request I make on your behalf and this is the prayer I ask God to Grant

you is it possible for the God who grants desires to also anoint you with

the holy spirit’s ability to overflow with desire Faith may be defined as the

willingness to believe in something despite the absence of of evidence to support it praise and honor be to the

everpresent father I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for all

the incredible things you’ve done for me you have been impacted by me even though I know I do not Merit your affection I

know who you are even in The Darkest Hours the words of God are there even if

the world is going through a long period of very stormy circumstances we believe

that your aspirations are honorable and that if we look hard enough we may even

discover them within the Majesty of a completely Exquisite celebration that is flagged for us with that said we believe

it is fair to say that your intentions are good and that your prayers are being heard we implore you to keep praying

since things are progressing well since God has declared that he is long gone

and that your adversary has been utterly crushed by the power of Jesus’s name you may no longer feel despair hopelessness

or complacency we have defeated and slain that adversary not only is the

person no longer physically there to answer for their actions but this has also made them legally responsible for

everything that has gone wrong in your life since we spoke to each of you like a parent would his own children the

person responsible for those things is no longer with you God has called you

into his kingdom and glory and you know that we have pleaded with and urged you to live life lives befitting him this is

because we treated every one of you with the same care and concern as a parent would for his own

children with man this is impossible but not with God Jesus said after a brief

examination of them in God’s hands everything is attainable let us know

whether you are willing to accept this blessing the path of the one who seeks the Lord is paved with good things still

he may fall nevertheless the Lord will help him up so that he does not stumble

instead of abandoning the practice of coming together as some have done let us stay committed to supporting one another

you need not be afraid little sheep because your father has given you Dominion because he enjoys being in

charge and wants you to rule over him therefore you should not be afraid as

the day approaches in fact I think we could all use some inspiration from this passage as we discuss various ways to

encourage each other to do acts of kindness and love knowing that the Lord your God is with you all the way should

put your fears to rest maintain composure and strength because he will never leave your side or turn his back

on you you’ve positioned the desk smack dab in the center of my enemies and

prepared A Feast for me you have anointed my head with oil and my cup is

full I know that there are two things first that I will spend the remainder of

my life in the house of the Lord and second that you will love and care for me no matter

what those are two immutable records as we seek solace in God who is both our

strength and safety we may be certain that he will be there for us just as he always has been by sharing this video

you can help get the message out even if the Earth were to collapse and the mountains were to crumble into the depth

of the sea we would not be scared you are free to live your life as you like

even if the floor is shaking and the water is foaming and crying from The Surge of the Seas perhaps now is the

moment to answer the decision to this lifestyle you were when you made your suitable confession in front of many

witnesses hold on to your faith as you fight for justice in this struggle seize

the everlasting life that has been bestowed upon you since the day God created me he’s the one I’ve been

longing for and the only one who can really fulfill my taste for Spiritual rest actually it is in God that I will

find rest for my spirit he is my solid foundation and deliverance if my

sincerity is evident he is my stronghold and I will not be moved from my place

God who is both my companion and my solid foundation is the one on whom my deliverance and my dignity rest you

should always have complete faith in God and pray to him honestly since he is our refuge love that is genuine must be

honest and the best way to deal with adversity is to focus on the pleasant rather than the bad be sure to

appreciate one another and yourself secondly you should always be enthusiastic while serving the lord

instead you should focus on maintaining your religious Fire by finding ultimate

joy in the desire to be patient in your suffering and trustworthy in your prayers when you put your trust in the

god of Hope might he not fill you to the brim with his perfect joy and Tranquility along with the power of the

Holy Spirit may you have boundless hope may you also have boundless hope as you

put your trust in God the Lord here in the United States because I know exactly

what I have in store for you plans to make your life easier not harder plans

to give you the life you want in the future as you seek me out I shall be revealed

to you in your search for me you could come upon me as you search for me you

will find that I am here while you call upon my name and come to worship me I

will be found whatever you say I can remember it very well I may be located

if you happen to come across me give me your problems and I will see to it that they are resolved as God promises I have

the power to solve any issue and provide you with it Eternal Tranquility even when things in your life start to get

tough you shouldn’t give up on your desires as you relax in the divine

presence and wait for the answer to your prayers it may be revealed to you

tonight it will probably be the perfect place to let go of all the worries you now have about your life you won’t be

concerned about anything even while you wait the knowledge that you are held by

the right people could provide you with some comfort I can provide my tools of

healing Victory and serenity when you believe so long as you are committed to

finishing this fight never forget that I will always act in your best interests

no matter what happens no matter how bad things go for me right now I will still

manage to do something fantastic gather your resources so you may Relish in the

fruits of your labor which will come straight from your toil I’m about about

to make something really amazing evidence that now is the time to give you a great blessing is the fact that

God has spoken these things and announce that today is the day if you want your

physical mental and spiritual health to return to its former Peak I can do

miracles to restore it this is a fortunate day for you and things are going to improve in your life soon in

the not too distant future you will be showered with plenty of of Good Fortune

something that happened recently may not have been a random accident in any way shape or form you have a Divine prophecy

that says you will be surprised with success and a great quantity of benefits

he goes on to claim that this might happen immediately and that the alterations would be

invisible giving into prayer or faith in a higher power is your way of hoping for

significant improvements in your life therefore if you want to make significant changes in your life you

need to make sure that you stick with both of those things you should be ready for a new period of success as soon as

possible since it is coming everything that is meant to happen in your life is

already occurring because of the changes happening right now and because every single one of your events is an

immediate outcome of the universe’s actions the sun is rising stronger in your life your dreams are going to come

true and your Grandeur is about to be realized you may not be able to ride out

the incredible surge of excitement and Delight that you experience when you share the most incredible news with us

for very long in the not too distant future you are going to be a part of a

celebration so one may continue to have significant value in your life you’ll

notice how suddenly everything changed for you and it’s hard to believe that it happened so fast looking back it almost

seems miraculous that everything happened to you in such a short amount of time God will perform a miracle the

day after this morning that will alleviate all your Agony and anxiety because they care about your achievement

and believe in these things the angels are trying to convince you to trust in synchronicity and the timing of divine

intervention give them permission to help you believe this is real God who is

Great and Mighty has sent that special person to be with you so that you may face whatever the future brings with

strength and protection you may be certain that the almighty will not spare you any hardship or setback since you

are God’s baby in order to ensure that this does not happen to you he will use

all of his efforts he does not want you to fail in any way even at the moments

when you feel unworthy I will keep an eye on you and shield you from worldwide evil God assures his people please hit

the like and percentage buttons to show your support for this video whenever you have confidence in God down below you

may be able to see a beautiful monetary miracle in the not too distant future

eventually those who are hurting and crying will stop and better times will come following you will ensure that no

one else receives God’s favor somehow the cosmos will alter your life’s

trajectory so that it takes a more elevated turn you have no idea the

magnitude of the impact this blessing will have on on your life it will be more than anything you could have

anticipated in the next days not only will your bank account be brimming with

more money than you can possibly spend but you will also be provided with many new options to earn money of course if

you have faith in it you must prioritize turning toward me with the time you have

since the whole world is only going to be here for a short time if I decide that I am more important than everything

else in your life I promise that I will bring you nothing but happiness I am

everlasting God declares according to God I am Eternal if you decide that I

should be your first priority in life the new knowledge you’re about to learn tomorrow will change your life for the

better and put you on the road to success happiness and boundless Delight

you will be better prepared for future success with this information never forget that no matter how difficult

things become I can handle them all you would think it would be easy for me to make significant changes to your life in

only one day given that it took me six days to create the universe and everything in it according to Jesus I am

the source of eternal life whoever submits to his authority and seeks his guidance will never be thirsty or hungry

again According To Jesus I believe they will be spared the horrors described in

those accounts because their acceptance is genuine pray not just because you

need something but also because God has many blessings for which you should be

grateful instead take time to pray since you really have so much to be grateful

to God for not only is this an important reason to desire it but it is also a

very important cause a miracle may already have been performed for you as

you may discover this may come as a total surprise to you when you awaken Tomorrow based on these numbers you are

in for a complete shock without giving God the glory for the miracle that has happened you should

not let this threat pass you must not ignore this danger make the most of this

opportunity no one can harm you if your actions and intentions are in perfect harmony with each other at least until

you reach this stage it’s possible you won’t have access to the resources you want maybe you should hold on off on

getting what you want until you’re at this point in your life if that’s the case please come amen it may take you

some time to get your character and your goals in harmony before you can compose a worldwide Symphony but once you do

you’ll be able to compose anything as long as you believe it to be true with God when you have completed all of your

objectives this Symphony will be played in the background as a memorial to your

success you will be in a position to do everything you put your mind to after you have finished this Quest you must

endure another night of crying and steadily increasing anxiety about the

situation nevertheless be certain that this will be the last night of crying

and stressing over the problem I am able to bring your desires to fruition and

will lavish you with wealth good health positive evaluations and joy like all of

these other great benefits I can bring any and all lovely things into your lives those with the knowledge to study

this may be pleased to hear that the once frustrating situation is now almost entirely resolved and they may be

delighted to study this competence the fact that this is an immediate outcome of the tremendous

power financial aid Miracles and blessings that the universe is presently

bestowing upon you will be a tremendous source of delight for those who are capable of comprehending ing it not long

from now things in your life are going to improve significantly in the Noto

distant future this week this will be true a great deal more will be added to the blessings that God has already given

you in the future the same holds true for spiritual gifts and all Fabrics

everything from the physical to the metaphysical is a part of this and it promises to be an unforgettable

Adventure that will provide you with a level of fulfillment unlike anything you’ve ever felt before both in terms of

the stories themselves and the comparisons to others in their genre one

of the problems that has been giving you trouble for a long time will soon be dealt with so you won’t have to worry

about how to handle it anymore so one of the problems that has been giving you

trouble for a long time won’t be something you have to worry about for much longer you won’t have to stress

about dealing with it in the future anymore because of this your financial

situation is only one area where you will reach new heights of success

whether you’re physically well emotionally stable and able to form strong bonds with others you care about

your relationship with each other will also help you attain new levels of success I will ensure that you are

surrounded by positive and inspiring people so that you can fully embrace your adventure and the people you

encounter I I hope you have the most enjoyable time possible I hope you enjoy

yourself to the fullest because that is how I have always protected you while I have been watching over you in the

Hereafter and it will continue to be the same way when I am watching over you in

the Hereafter I will continue to observe you in that way one must learn to be

patient and to trust not just in their own abilities but also in those of those

around them you are seeing the pristine real I ization of your ideal lifestyle

unfold before your eyes right this second although things are fitting together more and more in this way it

might seem that this is both fantastic and impossible and that everything is falling into place everything will fall

into place for the best just when it should and you are entering a new phase of your life where this is happening

with each new unmarried couple this section will start at this exact moment

and go on in definitely this degree will remain on file for the duration of this

phase which you have indicated however up until this point everything has been

going swimmingly for you and now you’re about to enter a phase when everything will work out perfectly there will be a

very lengthy duration to this era you are seeing the Fulfillment of a prophecy that has long been inscribed in the

stars the chance to accumulate immense wealth you are about to get a boon from

the universe that will allow you to live the life you’ve always dreamed of along with an infinite quantity of money

thanks to this Boon you’ll have an infinite supply of money and the freedom to spend your life as you choose

according to God you should always keep it in mind keep in mind that every

morning is a fresh start and with it comes a chance to be grateful for everything that I have keep this idea in

the back of your mind at all times those opportun unities are waiting for you to find and seize them you shouldn’t give

up because today was tough rather you should find solace in knowing that tomorrow is a fresh start full of

wonderful opportunities waiting for you it is crucial that you do not do this

because if you do you will not be eligible for any of these rewards your reaction to the obstacles in your path

will determine how far you go in achieving achievement and those pursuing you will be utterly distracted by your

actions you are on the cusp of accomplishing what you set out to achieve and you’re also extremely close

to making progress you are very close to fulfilling the promise that God gave to

his human creatures saying that it would be done when the time was right God

eventually turned this into a promise to his people you are very close to accomplishing what you set out to do

there will come a time when you can start making your dreams a reality you may be able to get some sleep in your

modern home by the month’s end your bank account will be credited with funds and

you and the people that matter most to you will have a fantastic time also you

can be sharing a home with the person you’ve grown to love and consider your soulmate your deity the Lord is now

working to alter the course of your life in profound ways these modifications will lead to improvements they may

influence the path your life takes when he becomes a part of your routine

everything that has been a source of misery for you may suddenly become a source of joy in a similar vein he will

transform whatever has previously brought you failure into an opportunity for achievement the beautiful things that

are planned for you in the future with the intention of making you smile whenever you think about them far

outweigh everything that caused you to weep in the past in the future you may

look forward to these things and they will make you smile every time you think about them you may Savor these things on

your own in the future it seems like something even better is in store for you in the future because it is part of

God’s designs for your destiny which involves something bigger and better in

addition their plans suggest that something similar may be waiting for your fate embrace your authentic self be

ready for the life-changing event on the horizon and get fired up for the present moment that is just around the corner

despite human limitations I will accomplish what the Lord has promised his people the Angels want you to

succeed in your Endeavor so they’re pulling for you and encouraging you to maintain the highest level of virtue

that you’re now practicing keeping a positive frame of mind while going about your daily tasks and responsibilities is

crucial if you want to maximize your life running hard is not for the benefit of

other people it is for the glory of God God will maximize your efforts more than

any other human being in the end no one will benefit from your efforts and

sacrifices but God you should no longer rely on your job as a major source of

energy instead you should rely on the faith you have in God as your primary

source of energy because the fact that you are installing the paintings shows that this is why you are doing them

keeping the files and documents in their entirety is his responsibility he must

ensure that they are preserved in their original condition at all times since

God has comforted you it will be your time to do it in the future so you may

as well start preparing for it now since God has comforted you you have nothing

to worry about about the next stage of your life that requires you to rely on him and give it your best shot

you will absorb your lifestyle so there’s probably no need to worry about what comes next according to God up

until this point you have relied entirely on the autopilot to handle

everything this is something that has persisted for a very long time being

gifted in the present and seeing the incredible things that may happen all around you is difficult for you because

of this you may find it difficult to appreciate the amazing things that may be taking place you will pass up some

incredible possibilities because of this this means you won’t be able to fully appreciate the stunning natural scenery

all around you you have encountered a great deal of opposition and difficulties related to this matter take

a short break from your current activity so that you can focus on your breathing

while you do it I will wait here in the present moment be aware of the existence

of devices that could be nearby in your immediate environment all of these things can be just around the corner

from you right in your immediate surroundings if you would like my help in creating a more peaceful and tranquil

lifestyle for you please send me a note if you need assistance I’m here for you

help is at hand I’ve arrived I can understand where you’re coming from and

I can assure you that I will always be here for you you brighten my days in every way imaginable no matter the event

things are starting to move in an exciting New Direction and they will be moving quite a bit in the not too

distant future things are going to change significantly in the near future an intriguing enhancement indeed while

this is happening you should prepare yourself for the next changes so that you can make the most of your current

abilities because of this you need to start preparing for the changes that are coming shortly because of this you

should start getting ready ready for the changes that are coming shortly the Bible describes life as an

exciting Journey that might be filled with joy and sadness all at once tell

yourself that a better day is on the way when you’re down and give yourself some time to get ready for it so you can

enjoy it to the fullest by the time this is over you will have a better

understanding of the situation if you’re feeling down because of what’s happened it could help to tell yourself that a

better day is just around the corner you are the bright star of each day and if

you’re feeling down know that you are one of my days put an end to trying to

convince yourself that what is happening right now in this D was the result of a random event otherwise this should

provide you with the much needed comfort and reassurance that things will work out all right in the end God is now

constructing a road to run through the center of the desert so you will soon have a way to Traverse a location that

was previously uninhabited tell me little one what the Lord may want you to know about the field if the Lord wants

you to recognize something please tell me what it is previously I was well

prepared to meet your expectations since I was well aware of them as they were

evolving and conveyed as necessary when you consider that I am aware of how amazing this topic is to

you I will respond to you as soon as I possibly can with the answer you were

hoping for I can go to it right now if you need me to your eager anticipation

of its coming is well known and I want you to know how much I admire your patience and

determination this isn’t always something I do for you so feel free to wallow in your own anguish and self-pity

about what happened to you after all I didn’t submit my son to the cross in the

event that you have fallen get to your feet and continue traveling in the same general direction as before your

willingness to help me out in times like this is very evident to me you put your

faith in me and I am the deity you adore put your trust in me and genuflect

before me you are the bright spot in my day and I consider you a celebrity in my

life the abundance of blessings that are about to descend upon you in every facet

of your life will make it so that you will forget about your problems long before this weekend arrives this is

because the abundance of blessings will wash over you so rapidly that you will forget about them if you want this favor

you will educate yourself to the point where you may relish existence while also bringing about the results that are

most wonderful for you you will be drawing closer and closer to this objective going forward you’re going to

direct all of your energy toward this goal have you ever received the motivation to start a process with the

intention that it would continue by keeping an eye on me you can find the

path that leads to life so you won’t have to walk through life in the dark

living in the dark is the only option for you if you refuse to follow my lead you are going to get into trouble with

your lifestyle if you don’t listen to me you may as well spend the remainder of your life stumbling about in the dark if

you don’t follow my example there is a verse in the Bible that says I am the light of the arena

and it is said to be from God what is beyond the darkness around you will

remain a mystery unless you follow my lead God immediately delays all of the

awful consequences he has imposed on your lives so you may immediately experience a greater degree of pleasure

than you’ve ever known before for your whole existence this is going to happen because God will remove all the negative

consequences he has imposed on your life life you may want to mark this event on

your calendar in the future you may anticipate experiencing more love and

financial satisfaction than you ever have before which will lead to more happiness than you’ve ever known in your

whole life something is about to happen shortly God supposedly cleansed it so

that not everyone would be tempted to capture you which explains why not everyone does also it’s often believed

that not everyone can understand your pronunciation anymore this explains why some people can’t grasp the message we

were attempting to convey that you had to choose to be disappointed and also refuse to give in to the reality that

you want to feel that way choosing to be angry is something you have to fight for

your intended meaning in this line is clear to me on every single one of my days you are the center of attention an

enormous change is about to occur in your life a difficult problem that has been weighing you down will soon be gone

and you will soon be able to take advantage of a fantastic opportunity that becomes accessible to you because a

major shift is about to occur in your life this major transaction is going to take place soon a major shift is going

to occur in your way of life and this transformation is causing this shift to happen if you believe that Jesus is Lord

you will see a dramatic increase in the quantity and quality of blessings and opportuni that come your way today as

well as a dramatic expansion in the diversity of those things and opportunities you may expect both of

these things to come back to you soon these attitudes will all be relevant in the present day in a very short amount

of time this will begin to progress and take place there will be major changes coming to your lives in the not too

distant future so it is crucial that you express your thoughts and feelings to

those around you as soon as the ball starts rolling we should expect such life-altering

changes to occur very soon you’re about to embark on a new chapter in your life

and by the time you get there you could find that you have to make some of the biggest decisions that will affect the

rest of your life during this time in your life you have the opportunity to

make some of the most important decisions of your whole existence while many wonderful things will happen in the

future your lifestyle is already beginning to grow in the manner that was intended this is true even though many

more wonderful things will happen in the future this is only the inevitable

outcome of things as they were meant to be for you this is precisely the intended outcome you have been in a

position to enjoy God’s benefits from the beginning of the system and if you agree with God’s plan it won’t be hard

to continue enjoying them because of where you are now someone or something is seemingly pleading with you to be

safe and protect you from harm an outstanding signal may be this your

complete trust and Reliance on it are crucial because of how important it is

you should find your faith in the things and people that are readily accessible to you right now all of the allotted

time for Preparation has been fully used up one may utterly wow you and leave you

speechless and you’re going to have a fantastic time because of it you made an

effort to put it into words so that others might understand how incredible it became by expanding your energetic

field and raising your vibrational frequency you make yourself more accessible to the positive energy that

is always flowing into your life by doing so you may be able to harness the

power that is being bestowed upon you you will have the ability to tune into the energy that is being channeled

toward you in the event that you accomplish your goals your prayers will

be answered swiftly and you may remain hopeful for immediate blessings as a

consequence of your prayers have faith that things might work out well did you

ever get the green light to start the process so it could go on worrying about

what to do next in your life is now unnecessary putting your faith in me and

painting as hard as you possibly can are all that is required of you you shouldn’t stress about what comes next

in your life God wants you to know that your life doesn’t have a purpose so you

can stop worrying about what’s next and trust that he has everything under control just as he has given you his

confidence in this count number do not fret about the events that may or may

not take place in the course of your lives so that you may make the most of your journey and the people you

encounter I can put you in the company of wonderful and encouraging people I

demand nothing less than the the best from you I really hope you enjoy yourself to the fullest which I have no

doubt you can you have been in my thoughts and I want to keep you in my thoughts for the time being I can make

sure you’re watched I am not involved in allowing this to happen for any reason

there is a great deal of curiosity about what you are doing right now a great deal of good fortune and success in all

your endeavors are likely to be yours today under no circumstances is there

even a little chance that this might have happened due to chance it is completely puzzling think positively

about the destiny that will come to pass because very soon a lot of great things will start happening for you and the

path that the remainder of your life will take is about to change for the better so be optimistic about what’s to

come sure just enter amen instead your attention is appreciated


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