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?God Says, “BE READY, YOU ARE LEAVING…. God’s Message Now ? Gods Message Today?

my beloved child I know your heart grows

weary in this broken

world you feel an unseen Sinister

Darkness threatening to overwhelm your

spirit take heart and fear not for I Am

With You

Always though the evil one prospers for

a season his Dominion is limited and

time short cling to me your rock and

Redeemer I will sustain

you yes sorrows and afflictions will

come even to my faithful ones but my

grace sustains you even walking through

the Valley’s Shadow I never leave or

forsake my

own my resurrection power Works mightily

within all who believe greater than any

opposition you face you have overcome

because I have overcome sin and death

forever the enemy ruthlessly accuses my

children seeking to dishearten and

defeat he wants you blinded to my

victory over Darkness through the

cross but lies hold no ultimate sway

over those who take refuge in the most

high You are not alone or unequipped in

this ongoing spiritual fight for I Stand

closely by your side

beloved my light has permanently

scattered the powers of Darkness broken


grip where do you currently feel most

discouraged or defeated beloved what

stream of condemning lies have you

believed keeping you

bound bring all these burdens to me

today only my blood can wash away sins

Break Every Chain receive my forgiveness

doubt and despair must flee at the foot

of calvary’s cross when you surrender

all walk in renewed freedom and joy for

in me you have

overcome my strength is perfected in


weakness rely fully on my spirit living

within you not

yourself I alone equip you to firmly

stand your ground against the enemy’s


schemes you have authority through my

name to tread upon serpents and

scorpions overcoming evil with good

courage isolation leaves you vulnerable

easy prey for the Devourer

walk each day led by my Holy Spirit step

by step through life’s

journey my fruits flourish in a yielded

heart and renew your

mind love joy peace flow freely

out this personal transformation is my

testimony to the world of my living

presence and

power guard vigilantly against idolatry

my beloved child this world’s system off

offers many glittering distractions

wealth a claim status

pleasure but lasting joy and

satisfaction is found in close

relationship with me

alone I created you for intimate

fellowship with me remain rooted in my

healing presence I am sufficient for

your deepest

needs this narrow path of following me

requires sacrifice but Eternal reward

awaits my faithful ones who finish the

race strong abide in me the True Vine

and Let My Words abide richly in

you our Vital Oneness produces lasting

fruit that remains and has value Beyond

circumstances or

Seasons I have called you out of

Darkness into light to shine brilliantly

in this increasingly Godless

generation walk in Purity and Holiness

reflecting my character to all you


take heart for my ways bring life joy

and peace not legalistic

heaviness my yoke is easy my burden

light for the humble and lowly I

lovingly prune and shape you to reveal

more of me stay on the potter’s

wheel have courage my beloved this world

hated me first so it will inevitably

hate you too but take heart for I have

conquered the world world my

resurrection and Ascension secured your

Eternal Destiny with me in

glory not even the gates of hell can

ultimately Prevail against me my Holy

Spirit my constant companion dwells

within to guide your every step pray for

ears sensitive to hear my gentle

Whispers each day over the chaos and

noise delight yourself fully in my will

alone and I will shape your inmost

desire to align with my

purposes by my strength take up your

cross daily and follow in my

footsteps take heart a radiant new day

of joy and wonders is coming very soon

when I make all things

new until then I call you to walk in

Holiness and Purity by my enabling


power I have assigned you a purpose and

prepared opportunities to serve in My

Kingdom use your unique gifts

passionately for my glory all I possess

belongs to you my dearly loved child

through our unbreakable

Covenant ask of me daily and I will

generously equip you for every good

work stay humble and perpetually

teachable before

me in interactions with others be quick

to listen slow to speak slow to become

angry and offended I have much much

wisdom and Revelation to impart to those

with submitted trusting

Hearts but prideful arrogance blocks my

instructions and

blessings give thanks to me in all

circumstances even amid trials and

suffering Allowed by my hand see each

day each moment as a gracious gift from

above no matter how difficult the

unwrapping maintaining heart gratitude

keeps your focus on

me it defeats the enemy’s lies and

accusations never doubt my purposes and

plans for you are all together good not

evil a future filled with hope meaning

joy and overflowing

love I order your steps daily going

before you to make the way

clear follow closely where I lead with

childlike joyful


this Faith journey together ultimately

leads safely home to our Eternal

Paradise prepared for you before the

foundation of the world despite

surrounding Gloom and Chaos there is

still light and Beauty in your life if

you have eyes to see my loving

handiwork rejoice in creation’s splendor

in simple human kindnesses in the gift

of life

itself use all to give glory and thanks

to your creator sustainer and

Redeemer I still work miracles if you

notice beloved I have graciously grafted

you into my chosen beloved family after

being lost in darkness once an orphan

now securely home in my household of

faith you are my precious child in whom

I Delight no one or nothing can snatch

you from my strong Loving Hands have

utmost confidence in my UNC conditional

unending love for

you stay spiritually alert and Vigilant

that the day of my return does not

surprise you like a

thief the battle between light and

darkness good and evil rages all around

us though Victory is assured in

me daily put on my full armor that you

may withstand the onslaughts of the

devil wield my Eternal Word skillfully

by my spirit who equips and empowers you

do not grow weary in well-doing my child

the Midnight Hour creeps up on this


age there is still much Kingdom work to

be done while time remains you have

barely scratched the surface of your

god-given potential and Destiny in

me all Heaven eagerly cheers you onward

great is your Eternal reward stored up

in heaven as you walk in obedience and


endure to the end my beloved child you

have indestructible hope purpose and

more than enough power to persevere

joyfully in

me our intimate relationship will endure

every struggle and

trial though waves of adversity crash

around us I will never leave or forsake

you no one no circumstance can separate

us remain securely Anchored In Me

I am your rock strength and Portion

forever rest in my finished work the

battle is

mine I hold you safely in my Everlasting

Arms of love and Delight my dream for

your life is that you discover who you

truly are in me you are my treasured

possession the apple of my eye precious

and honored in my sight lell have

crowned you with glory and favor beloved

you have no idea how deeply cherished


are how your love and devotion ravishes


heart our time together is eternal

Unbroken by the bounds of this fading

world even death cannot separate us for

you cross from mortality into the

paradise of my presence more glorious

and real than you imagine In Your


Dreams until then walk in the truth that

you are seated with me in the Heavenly

Realms at my right

hand though I am everywhere present make

your Dwelling Place in the secret place

of my

presence from this place of Abiding Love

and trust you have power and bold access

to my Throne Room pray Kingdom prayers

that release heaven on Earth decree and

declare my word until you see

breakthroughs and manifestations in the

natural realm I have put eternity in

your heart precious one that inner holy

longing can only be satisfied in

meaningful connection with

me come find your rest refuge and joy In


Embrace listen for my voice of

affirmation that secures your identity

as my

beloved don’t settle for surviving when

you can truly thrive in the Abundant

Life I came came to give

you nothing is impossible for those who

believe launch out into the deep Waters

of faith and adventure with your hand

securely in

mine fear and comfort keep many bound

but I have created you to soar on Eagle

wings say yes to my

assignments you will glow with joy and

confidence in the center of my will my

child take these words of Comfort wisdom

and encouragement to

Heart may they renew your spirit and

strengthen your faith as you walk each

day in close fellowship with

me I will never leave your

side our journey together leads to

Eternal Joy have courage and stand firm

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