?The Lord Says; "YOUR TIME HAS COME, THIS WILL HAPPEN NOW" ? God's Message Now | God Helps - online calculators

?The Lord Says; “YOUR TIME HAS COME, THIS WILL HAPPEN NOW” ? God’s Message Now | God Helps

beloved child of God this message comes

to you with love encouragement and Hope

from the heart of your father in Heaven

he wants you to know today that no

matter the situation you find yourself

in he is able to show up and reveal his

power and glory in your

life the enemy desires nothing more than

to discourage you make you weary and

convince you that your season of

breakthrough blessing and harvest is


but God is speaking to your spirit today

you’re not finished yet the Lord who

began a good work in you is faithful to

complete it he has purpose for you and

eternal plans to prosper you there is

more he wants to do through your life

more grace to pour through you more

people to impact more territories to

take for the kingdom as long as you have

breath you have

Destiny Child of God it does not matter

where you have been what you have done

or what you are facing right now the

Lord comes to deliver and restore what

the enemy has stolen he specializes in

taking hopeless situations and

performing The Miraculous what diagnosis

addiction Affliction or lack you see is

simply an opportunity for the glory of

God to be revealed in and through you

stay close to him keep your heart soft

and sensitive to his Spirit he has not

given up on you or counted you out on

the contrary he is working powerfully

behind the scenes making crooked paths

straight and renewing your strength like

the eagles your father Delights in you

he longs to wrap his loving arms around

you and reassure you of his constant

presence in seasons of uncertainty he is

your rock in darkest valleys he is your

light he never leaves nor forsakes his

children even when you feel far away his

Spirit draws close and Whispers I love

you over and over you are the apple of

his eye his treasured possession safe

and secure in his hands he knows your

name he knows your heart he knows your

pain and he knows the plans he has for

you plans to give you hope and a future

his dreams for your life far exceed

anything you could think or imagine

yourself do not believe the enemy’s lies

that say you are too far gone God’s arm

is never too short to save he will come

to your rescue if he has to reach down

into the gutter or pull you up from the

trash Heap there is no pit so deep his

love cannot reach you call on him today

cry out to your father commune with the

spirit talk to God as you would a close

friend and watch as healing restoration

and breakthrough Begins the chains that

have kept you bound will fall every

stronghold will crumble your weeping is

turning to Joy Redemption draweth nigh

The Battle Belongs to the Lord and he

has the final Victory fix your eyes on

Jesus the author and finisher of your

faith take comfort in these promises

found in God’s word fear not for I have

redeemed you I have called you by name

you are mine when you pass through the

waters I will be with you and when you

pass through the rivers they will not

sweep over you when you walk through the

fire you will not be burned Isaiah

to too child of the most high God your

father encourages you today not to lose

heart or give up hope by his mighty

Spirit he shall revive and restore you

the storm clouds will

pass the battle rages but your

breakthrough is

imminent get ready to testify of the

great and marvelous things God has done

your deliverance is here you shall rise

up in the authority of Christ Jesus

more than a conqueror the Lord your God

walks with you every step of the way His

Banner of love over you is constant his

hand of protection upholds you your

vulnerabilities are becoming victories

the ashes of your past are turning to

Beauty every door the enemy closed God

is opening everything he has spoken will

come to pass in his perfect timing wait

for it with patience and expectancy

God’s promises never fail what he said

shall surely come to fruition the Bible

tells the miraculous story of a man born

blind found in John chapter the

disciples asked Jesus if this man or his

parents had sinned to cause his

condition but Christ makes it clear that

this happened not because of sin but so

the glory of God could be put on

display sometimes God allows adversity

so that his power can be revealed as he


Deliverance what the enemy means for

evil Vil the Lord turns to good your

hardship is preparation and platform for

greater as Jesus healed the blind man he

will heal restore and break every chain

of bondage holding you back from his

best have faith rise up child of God

renew your mind refresh your spirit

refocus your vision God is opening

rivers in desert places new dreams new

gift gifts new opportunities are upon

you even now Jesus said in John to

as long as it is day we must do the

works of him who sent me night is coming

when no one can work while I am in the

world I am the light of the world child

of God you too are called to let your

light shine now more than ever don’t

hide it under a bushel don’t believe

you’ve disqualified yourself ask the

Lord to continue continually renew and

refine you that Christ’s light may be

seen brightly in and through you be a

courageous Kingdom Ambassador bringing

hope and help to the hurting your

prayers Avail much power your worship

ushers in breakthrough your decrees

release angels to war on your behalf

stay on the offensive this is no time to

back down but to stare your adversary in

the eye and declare with boldness all

that God says about you believe with all

your heart but the truths God has spoken

not one of his promises will fail you

anchor deep in his word which stands

forever settled allow the spirit to

comfort you with scripture and Empower

you through it patiently and expectantly

wait on the Lord who renews strength he

shall lift you up on wings like eagles

you will run and not grow weary you will

walk and not faint Isaiah

blessed child of God your father

Smiles on you today he is proud of the

warrior you are becoming in him shine on

dear one Shine On The Darkest Night

still ends with the Rising Sun your new

Day of Victory Is Here sing praise to

your king lift your head and square your

shoulders March forward in the power and

purpose he is Awakening within you your

best and brightest days are ahead God

bless and keep you you are deeply loved

child of God the enemy tries his hardest

to derail your destiny and distract you

from the greater plan and purpose God

has for your life but you have the mind

of Christ you have power to take every

thought captive and make it obedient to

him refuse to be swayed by the enemy’s

tactics your breakthrough is sure your

Victory secure in the finished work of

Christ keep standing strong dear one

keep believing your reward comes Heaven

stands with you Holy Spirit intercedes

for you God orders your steps and makes

provision for every need to be met you

lack no good thing when you seek first

his kingdom he is Jehovah gy your

provider Jehovah Rafa your healer

Jehovah Shalom your peace continue

looking unto Jesus the author and

perfector of your faith he who began

this good work in you remains faithful

to complete it you shall finish your

course with joy walk confidently Into

Your Divine Destiny as a history maker

for the kingdom the enemy is already

defeated greater is he who is in you God

bless you abundantly as you Steward with

Excellence all he has entrusted you with

for his Nam sake and Renown you are

destined for greatness in him child of

God your father wants you to know it is

your season of restoration where there

has been lack he is bringing increase

where there has been Brokenness he makes

all things new your weeping is turning

to Joy Redemption and reward are here

the enemy tried to take you out but God

stepped in and said not today his hand

of protection is over you no weapon

formed against you can prosper Every Lie

spoken over your life is now silenced by

the truth and Light of Christ walk in

Freedom walk in wholeness your past pain

cannot hold you anymore the old is gone

the new has come you are a new Creation

in him his strength is made perfect in

your weakness his grace is sufficient

for all you face continue to let your

light shine your mess is now your

message your platform to tell of his

goodness and faithfulness you’ve come

too far to quit now your best is yet to

come finish your course strong righteous

child of the most high hold fast to his

promises and your inheritance in Christ

Jesus not one word he spoken over over

you will fail Heaven stands with you

until you cross the finish line into


purpose God bless you you are deeply

loved if you believe in God like the

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