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God is saying to you

now it won’t be long until you tell a

different narrative an account of how

Miracles have come your way a Triumph

that is very

inspirational when others see how much

you overcome and yet succeed you will

inspire so much hope in

them if you think that God exists please

like this video

God is telling you today stop talking

and thinking negatively talk and think

about the times I answered your prayers

the times I brought you health

advancement you will advance in trust as

you recall your successes which have

halted the mishaps and solved the

issues type yes if you believe in God

God’s plan for your life is Unstoppable

by the adversary there will be

breakthroughs Liberation and healing in

the near future God will soon make an

appearance in your

life if you only remain still the Lord

will fight for you need Exodus

the enemy’s scheme will never

Prevail against God the salt that has

been launched on you your loved ones

money health and

home you won’t be able to fulfill your

destiny or maintain

relationships remain calm don’t be alarm

God stands up for you I’ve already won


war to confirm this

typs God speaks I I want you not to

focus on all the negative things that

are going on in your life rather I ask

that you pray for me considering that

with my heavenly assistance those issues

will soon pass and become

successes God’s kid open your eyes

everything is changing even if you can’t

see it right now soon when you look back

you’ll finally see why the war was so

difficult it will all become clear to

you as you gaze upon the gift that is

before you this is where Beauty

Rises enter yes in case you

think it seems like the whole world is

resting on your shoulders and God is

saying to you today I know you have a

lot on your mind right now your family

your health the health of a loved one

your money your

profession you feel alone my child you

are never alone pray to me about all of

your worries and I will answer with

resources healing and

assistance don’t worry I’ve got you

covered how clear a path for you and all

of Heaven’s resources es will support

you I bless you with a blessing of Peace

nope and repair tonight I Proclaim that

families are reuniting relationships are

being repaired and hearts are being met

again in the name of Jesus I announce

that all bonds and strongholds are torn

off from you and your

family enter I Love You Lord to express


agreement they said you wouldn’t make it

they said you didn’t deserve it they

tried to keep you from getting my best

God is speaking to you today my child no


promotions and blessings come from

me remain steadfast in your faith as I I

am going to shower with blessings that

no one can take away stop or ruin what I


you please leave the area if someone is

attempting to restrain you or cause you

any difficulty that will not go well

according to the psalmist the trapped

the adversary prepared for

you they will fall in themselves God is

working in ways that that you cannot see

it may look like opposition but the

reality is it’s the hand of God setting

you up for

promotion keep on adoring when the

suffering is too much to bear he is

there he will not let you down he is

supporting you throughout this ordeal

he’s aware of what they did to

you he keeps a bottle of your tears near

his heart he you will take this anguish

and turn it into something

beautiful I Proclaim over you that God

will make a powerful appearance in your

life this week prepare yourselves

healing Supply response discernment and

lucidity the

reconciliation advancement and

restoration you have been hoping for

will UR continue to be loyal obedient


focused input I am prepared to shine to

confirm with just one little alteration

to your daily schedule you may invite

boundless prosperity joy happiness

Independence and self assurance into


life could you want it visit the Linkin

the com ments section below to learn the

Rich’s secrets for drawing in a lot of

money love God subscribe to our

channel it’s time to get excited again

it’s time to remember you are not in

this alone I’m working on your

challenges I have already assigned my

angels to you God is telling you

today so relax and have faith than me I

have a fantastic conclusion plan for you

in fact that’s the reason you should

start feeling enthusiastic once

again for the happy ending I have

planned for you will really rock your

world tonight God is telling you it will

all work out I have all authority you

tell me what’s on your medical report I

am a aware of the state of your

finances I see the individuals who are

trying to stop you I’m aware of how

lofty your goals are and to see me

clearly I’ll not let you

down to get it type

yes perhaps you have experienced some

door closings in your life God sometimes

needs to shutter a door entirely before

he can open doors to other

possibilities everything around you will

be improved when he finishes the task he

is working

on just in case you are having trouble

sleeping tonight let me remind you that

God heard your request you are going to

be okay God Is providing for you and

angels have been s to console you

God has wonderful plans for you you are

valued valuable and capable of anything

through Christ blessings are on the

way input I embrace my power to make it

official I could have created David

anything other than a Shepherd kid but I

refrain from doing so I will never allow

something to happen in your life without

a purpose God is telling you

today because even before Samuel saw

David I had already declared David to be

King David’s main duty as a Shepherd was

to ensure the safety and well-being of


sheep he had provided the animals with

grazing guiding them to locations with

abundant feed and shielding them from

both wild creatures and harmful

Flora it was not a waste of the previous

events in David’s life sense as I was

teaching him to be king the protection

and well-being of his subjects is the

main duty of a

ruler conversely don’t worry about what

occurred in your life or why it happened

instead use the past to to prepare him

for the future I had planned for

him have confidence in me and instead of

looking back trust that your history

will not be wasted rather it will simply

point you in the direction of the future

I have planned for

you for affirmation type I am

strong remind yourself not to be too

harsh on yourself

nothing occurs for a reason and our

errors don’t Define who we

are they occur as lessons to help us

learn right from Rome and put ourselves

on a course towards making better

judgments as well as to discover our

true selves and develop into

them put I am evolving in text to

confirm sometimes times when we’re put

to the test we pray for it to end right

away but instead we should beging God to

reveal to us what we’re meant to learn

from it and quit hiding from our

growth that’s the reason you keep

traveling around the same Mountain

everyone is crying out for a break

through but no one is prepared to give

up you don’t have to worry about your

future it’s easy to go through life

hoping that we make the right choices

worrying about our money and wondering

how things will turn out life is

magnificent in

you God is working everything out

according to his will not based on who

loves you how talented you are or

anything else the Apostle Paul states

that everything is already planned and

arranged it’s according to his will

regardless of your upbringing or number

of Errors you do he is working in the

background not only guiding your steps

but also the steps of the people you

need to

follow he is not only in charge of your

life but also of your circumstances

nothing occurs by accident and you’re

not helpl

in the face of

Misfortune it’s not going to block you

from your mission rather it’s bringing

you there so you don’t need to be angry

because a door closed God wouldn’t let

it if it wasn’t part of your

pattern if you think that Jesus is the

Lord type

God always has another plan I

Proclaim that anything you’ve been

fighting is going become better in the

name of Jesus if you think it’s over


again it’s not over God is going to move

on your behalf something that has been

blocked is opening

up I know you have been struggling for a

long time God is speaking to you now

emotionally spiritually and financially

allthough many have mistreated you you

have a decent

heart there have been several attempts

by the devil to drive you insane you are

in the middle of your storms even though

you have been deceived in numerous ways

I am with you which is why you are still

here I will not let the development of

any weapon used against you don’t be

alarm I will save you from your ad

adversaries and bless you remain true to


religion if you’re prepared typ I’m

optimistic when God sees you carrying

out your

responsibility leaving when you don’t

see any evidence of it giving him thanks

in times of weakness and stepping out in

faith even in the face of

discomfort God will strengthen you over

your natural capacity and enable you to

do things that would otherwise be

impossible for

you become a subscriber to our Channel

if you follow

God God has more plans for you the days

ahead of you will be better than the

ones you had this is only the beginning

God is going to take you into a new

realm keep your your current in mind

circumstances depress you as your

starting point will not be your


point this degree of Brilliance you have

experienced is just a taste of what is

to come prepare for the days of your


days and though you started with little

you will end with much suggest that you

should keep going since things will only


better God is arranging things so that

you will benefit from them he will

enable you to do what you could not

accomplish on your own this is the year

that God will turn things around for

you your role is to remain in faith and

to keep announcing that God is at work

it will be more than you could have ever

imagined it will happen faster than you

could have ever imagined and it will be

more fulfilling than you could have ever

imagined remain hopeful that he is

working things out for your benefit

after all this is the year of God’s

favor and you are just one shift away

from receiving everything that he has

planned for

you you have so much more ahead of you

than you can possibly see or comprehend

right now so there’s no need to be

concerned there are still many rivers to

Bridge and mountains to climb but it

will all happen eventually even if it

takes Al to reach the

Summits God is still Dependable in

guiding you to the right place and

everything he does is done with Divine

Purpose so take your time you may need

to go a bit further to reach

them when you know him there’s no haste

the celebration won’t begin without you

no one will take your place you won’t be

forgotten or

replaced he’ll guide you exactly where

you belong and always provide for your

needs fill in I am awareness with


God will collect those yours and return

them to you if you feel as if you have

squandered them working at the wrong

place spending time with the wrong

people or engaging in inappropriate

activities he will use the experiences

the opponent intended to hurt you to

your advantage using them to make you

stronger smarter and more fortunate than

you were

before you may go further into your

destiny with him than you ever could

have imagined have hope today because

with God nothing is ever

wasted to make a claim type I am

Sovereign I can only think the number of

times God has saved me that I’m not even

aware of thank you God for always being

there there even when I’m not aware of

it amen God has protected me more times

than I can

count God is telling you that amazing

things are about to happen to you

tonight things are going to alter

drastically for the

better your patience perseverance and

faith will soon pay off and you will be

showered with

benefits affirm by typing I’m

ready God is telling you that you will

succeed in life today change is in the

air the devil is starting to slip away

this isn’t the moment to quit up the

gift I have given you is needed by the


planet you must get work done it is your

life to impact you are

indispensable now get up and move

you’ve been here long enough God is

ready to show you unexpected favor the

holy spirit is advancing you to a higher

plane this is your breakthrough all of

the enemy’s assignments have been

cancelled and then everything will come

together you will be relieved that God’s

plan Prevail over your own and you will

be astounded by how how cleverly the

father has written your

tale you will know that you are at last

fulfilling your magnificent promise

therefore the hurt of the past will no


matter enter I’m kind to myself as a

confirmation if you’re ready type yes

and show this video to five individuals

who believe in

God become a subscriber to our Channel

and enable Bell



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