? JESUS SAID: "SORRY TO ALL WHO SKIPPED THIS" | God's advice today # - online calculators

? JESUS SAID: “SORRY TO ALL WHO SKIPPED THIS” | God’s advice today #


God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so do not ignore this video

because it is a message from God’s heart

to bless your life today before we

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God said my dear son I come to you with

open arms ready to pour blessings and

victories into your life in the past

months you have faced trials sufferings

and anxieties but today I am here to

wipe away your tears and dispel any

discouragement your faith is a bright

light admired by many and those who

mocked you will be astonished and

ashamed you are not a loser you are my

child and I have reserved life and

strength for you you have the right to

rise prosper and find true happiness

when turbulent Waters surround you fear

not for I Am by your side I will guide

you through turbulent rivers and the

Flames of life I have given you the

power to overcome all obstacles believe

in me for I have a magnificent plan

especially for you accept this plan into

your life show your acceptance in the

comments by writing I embrace this Lord

walk the path of righteousness and the

Miracles you seek will find their way

into your hands I provide you with

strength and patience clearing your path

of adversaries the doors of of blessings

are wide open for you stand up with

courage face challenges with bravery and

do not let fear take hold beautiful days

lie ahead these words are engraved in

your heart and will resonate in your

soul every morning you will no longer

wake up with discouragement and sadness

the chains that bound you are broken the

curses that hovered over you have

disappeared and your hope is renewed

your smile will shine and the confidence

in your countenance will command respect

you are entering a realm of miraculous

and Supernatural wonders amazing things

will happen for those you love prepare

for the new life that awaits you and

accept these beautiful gifts humbly

guard your heart and remember who

blesses you come daily listen to my word

strengthen your faith and fill your mind

with promises to overcome I am always

watching over you especially as at this

moment I will deliver you from hidden

dangers and invisible attacks walk with

Faith Like A Brave Warrior do not allow

yourself to be deceived by your enemies

I am your father and I defend mine with

all my strength I will move Heaven and

Earth to ensure your happiness and

blessings I respond to your suffering

protect you in times of danger and offer

assistance in your needs my eternal

support is with you you your family and


Generations I desire your faith

sincerity obedience perseverance

tenacity and persistence in me in my

word and in my presence do not worry

about tomorrow your task is to persevere

obey and Trust everything in my hands I

am your father and your God the time I

have given you is not for worrying if

you choose to trust me and reject

anxiety you will bring joy to your heart

and health to your body give me time

seek my face daily prepare your soul I

open the door to abundance are you ready

for happiness welcome to the world of

Miracles nothing is impossible for me

and everything is attainable for you

because you have remained steadfast in

your belief I lift you high pray with

faith in times of need invoke me and I

will respond with Grand and Supernatural

things these words will grant you a

strength you have never known you will

soar like an eagle reaching the heights

of my Majestic Glory from here you will

witness the new blessings awaiting you

fear not for I am with you your heavenly

father is by your side ready to lift you

heal you and help you recover everything

that belongs to you this moment

signifies Triumph Victory happiness

and provision for you start with this

Spirit and the faith you receive today

listen to this message every day for I

am recording it in your soul share it

with those you love open your heart to

receive and feel the immense Joy of

knowing that your heavenly father is

with you and a great blessing awaits you

with love God I hope this message has

been an inspiration to you if you liked

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