God is saying to you right

now I will go before you and smooth out

the rough spots I shall break through

their iron bars and smash the bronze

doors in order for you to understand

that it is one the Lord the god of

Israel who I addresses You by name

will give you the riches hidden in

hidden places and the treasures of

Darkness there’s a bigger reason why

this communication is reaching you now

it’s only a gentle reminder from your

Spirit guides and guardian

angels they would want to remind you

that you’re not alone in this that you

won’t have to face anything alone and

that they will always be at your

side every step of the journey they will

will be there to support encourage guide

and Elevate you truly or falsely they

have been accompanying you on your

path putting their hands on your

shoulders and softly pulling you ahead

while discreetly holding your hand the


time this is a phase of life you will

pass and come out of stronger and better

than before

if you have faith in God type

yes the path will be created it will all

become evident don’t worry too much

about the har and one simply have faith

that it will happen have complete

confidence in the greater force that is

leading you in

yourself and all the blessings that will

soon befall you life has a way of

working working itself out it may

improve in a variety of

ways you have to have faith in

unexpected blessings improbable events

opportunities that present themselves

abrupt positive

Transformations and

miracles a path through the storm

according to John

KN do not let your hearts be

troubled you believe in God believe also

in me if your life is experiencing a

storm or a

challenge I am here to tell you that

terrible conditions do not have to

overcome you you may calm your heart

during tumultuous Times by praying and

remembering that Jesus is always with

you because God has already made a way

through whatever storm you may face you

may confidently say Lord even if I don’t

see you I trust

you and you may continue to walk in his

Serenity and hope when you have a

deep-seated conviction that no weapon

created against you will

succeed when you’re ready type

yes come to me with great expectation

knowing that I am your God is what God

is saying to you today I will bring you

out of the darkest hour and use it to


you the waight is ended I’m taking you

out of restriction and frustration to a

place of fulfillment and favor beyond

anything you’ve ever

experienced this season may you find

happiness and encouragement in me I am

your Source have faith that I am

carrying out your

requests God works in strange ways there

are times when we ask God for help and

direction for people and things we don’t

need and sometimes we’re trapped and

don’t know

why we urge him to love us despite all

of our imperfection

and we’ve already met that person they

are Trent regardless of all we’ve done

all of our faults and all of our

sins God pardons us for all we have done

to injure others we don’t know why and

we know we don’t deserve it yet he does

it out of genuine love for

us God pardons us for all we have done

to injure others others we don’t know

why and we know we don’t deserve it yet

he does it out of genuine love for

us to verify this type
Humble us

yes in order to Humble us God sometimes

says nothing if we were

self-sufficient and never needed God we

wouldn’t need him in our

lives it is only when God perceives that

our hearts will continue to need him

that he will respond and disclose things

to us otherwise we would see no need to

depend on him and so have no connection


him just because we want a connection

with our father and not because of

anything he can provide us regardless of

what we need wisdom Financial blessings

better relationship

or anything else we want a relationship

with our

father true progress in our situation

can only be seen when we put our faith

in God’s ability to work things out in

his timing not ours and in accordance

with his will not

ours it is of no use to speak about how

much we trust God simply when everything

is going well we significantly honor God

when we trust him and refuse to whine

throughout difficult

circumstances he takes great pleasure in

a satisfied kid but when difficulties

rise then we should really respond I

Trust You Lord I’ve come to think that

contentment is one of the best ways we

can honor

him while you wait for what you want or

need be happy where you are have faith


God Embrace Life as it is without

waiting for Perfection have faith in God

and find contentment in any situation

you find yourself

in input I believe in the divine plan to
Have faith in God

confirm because I have seen God in the

person of a strange

who has shown me kindness and reached

out to help me and I no longer want it

to try I am certain that God

exists when the speaker at my church

occurs to discuss my current situation

word for word I feel as if God has

spoken to

me I’ve prayed and not gotten a response

but I’ve also prayed and had a lot of

answers alternatively there are times

when I switch on the radio random and

hear a song that comforts me and is just

what I need to

hear he is constantly with us even

though he won’t just stroll in and take

a seat in front of

us with just one little alteration to

your daily schedule you may invite

boundless prosperity joy happiness

Independence and self assurance into

Jesus will never abandon you

life love God subscribe to our

Channel because of Jesus immense love

for you remember who you are to him at

the times when you feel neglected to

overlooked and un

important Jesus will never abandon you

even though it may feel like he is far

away the reality is that he is closer

than your next breath you will never

spend a day in your life without being

seen appreciated or

loved because Jesus is ever present ever

mindful of you and ever passionately and

continuously love you you will never

feel unwanted unrecognized


unvalued never forget that his love is

near to you end always will be there

lean into it have trust in it stay in it

and let it fully engulf

you if you required this enter
Have trust in it

yes we can’t see God but we believe thus

our connection with him is based only on

faith and fact for our relationship to

even exist faith is

necessary you have to have faith that he

has everything figured out for you as

well otherwise you wouldn’t really trust

in him would you have faith in his

strength love protection and

presence you can’t

compartmentalize you can’t trust in him

and not think he has your future and

your back the connection demands

complete Reliance and

submission When God says he loves you

you can’t claim the trust in him and

then go about depending on your own

goals plans Ambitions or visions of the

world you have to believe that he thinks

well of you and desire there’s plenty

for you since to dispute that is to deny

his love and

presence although God is wonderful at

all times it doesn’t guarantee that life

will always be pleasant since sin exists

in the world this is why the phrase God

is good all the time is so

lovely although you may experience harm

from others and difficult

circumstances that proverb serves as a

reminder that God is kind and a reliable

provider he will be our strength and

support through everything as long as we

keep that in mind he will utilize our

difficulty to fortify us and include it

into his
beautify our brokenness

plan he has the power to beautify our


I release my want to know why things

work out the way they do and my

anxieties about people leaving and

taking their love with

them I release the need to show my value

the unwillingness to completely trust

your ideas your methods and your

purposes Lord and the

self-centeredness that was an effort to


me when I detect signs of rejection I

set aside my resentment my refusal to

forgive and my obstinate ways that

compel me to construct

barriers I beg that your Holy Fire

destroy all these things along with my

shattered boards until they are reduced

to weightless

ashes as I leave my spirit feels

protected hell and completely liberated

to be who I am at
all things work together

last if you believe typ

s all things work together for the

benefit of those who love God note that

it states all things not some which is a

testament to the ultimate goodness of

God’s purpose for

Humanity I love God but life is too

overwhelming right now as a thought that

might arise from doubt what makes that

good even if it doesn’t always feel nice

right now is still

excellent we may have hope knowing that

God is working behind the scenes for

your benefit and that he can utilize the

difficult and unpleasant conditions we

Face to create everlastingly positive

results results in our

life we may have hope knowing that God

is working behind the scenes for your

benefit even in the midst of difficulty

God can utilize difficult and in

Pleasant situations to form forever

beneficial results in our

lives someone has to be reminded I

believe strongly that God is the one who

made the opportunity and as the one who

opened the door for you so sees

it you’ve been second-guessing yourself

wondering whether you actually heard

from God stop a vernalizing your

intentions and go into the next phase of

what Jesus is doing in your

life it doesn’t matter if you’re not

good enough talented enough educated

ated enough resourceful enough or holy

enough you’ll never find out if you

don’t take a

chance the enemy has been reminding you

of all the things that you are incapable

of doing but in reality it has

everything to do with what God wants to

do in end through your life for his

glory failed and made errors that

paralyzed you now put a stop to the

accuser and listen to God he called you

not you he selected you not

you it’s time to follow God’s guidance

since he appointed you not

you for affirmation type I am

strong you are going to experience a

change in Consciousness a renewal fresh

understanding and increased

awareness look forward to Fresh

beginnings and embrace new energy as

you’re learning more about who you are

and what you really

deserve God’s child that Vision was

accurate the promise was real you’re not

insane see the battle around you it’s a

sign that the promise is genuine and

that you’re on the right track

Supernatural doors will soon open for

you from unexpected places and

unexpected people keep believing kid

keep the hope alive

cherished if you think that Jesus is the
Jesus is the Lord


yes I’ll soon show you why I kept you

waiting I’m going to show you my

magnificence soon you will soon shed

happy tears

as I replace the agony of the past with

your lovely New Beginning you will soon

forget it are you prepared my child says

the Lord you don’t realize how enormous

this monster

is as I prepare your Exquisite Soul

remain in my company coming soon so

saith the

Lord what God began he completes he

qualifies the called God will not give

you a job that you are incapable of

doing you are capable of completing this

task when in doubt trust that God will

provide you with all the resources you

need if you’re prepared Ty by

optimistic God’s child you have been

rewarded for the trust Rost you have put

into this Meandering path he has seen

you persist through

adversity he has a wonderful reward for

your faith and he wants you too know

that he has not abandoned you he say you

call out to him how the world was

asleep today God is saying to you they

tried to stop you from getting my best

they said you wouldn’t make it they said

you didn’t deserve

it keep your faith strong because I am

going to show you so many benefits that

nothing can take away from you or

obstruct your path to success

promotions and blessings come from me my

child if you are aware type I am
Benefits of faith

aware don’t give up don’t lose hope

you’re so close to your turning point I

heard your prayer my angels have been

sent to assist you healing is coming

your way is what God is saying to you

today your season of shortage has

finished and your season of excess and

overflow has started be encouraged today

I love you you will soon get financial

assistance and new

possibilities to place all your

confidence in God to manage a matter on

you don’t have all the solutions is to

trust trust is giving up full control

over a problem to Christ and finding

Serenity and not having all the

solutions to hope that keeps religion

alive as

trust applying the analogy of go going

to a destination we can see that God

often provides us with an idea of the

outcome of a tail although a hazy

one sometimes God gives us a general

idea of where he wants you ask to go but

he may not tell us all the

specifics when you’re depressed you can

think there are an infinite number of

challenges you can’t solve but God can

help you get through it particularly if

you ask him in

prayer don’t just offer up a few quick

prayers to God for assistance when

something horrible occurs then give up

and go on and despair if things don’t

get better

quickly rather grasp God’s promises and

see how they materialize pray

consistently until God answers your

prayers if you’re prepared to conquer

challenges don’t stop praying until God

intervenes and a

problem please help me to Recall why I

started help me to understand the

rationale behind your proposal give the


Grace maintain my focus on your face so

that I might find the courage to go on

the faith to persevere Fe and their

conviction that Miracles are possible

both now and in the future thank

you people are extremely blessed by God

God is all powerful yesterday night I

came across an article about how one

army guy was teased because of his faith

which led the captain to want to make

fun of

him the commander gives the soul Soldier

instructions to grab the cars keys and

park it in the front a soldier said I

can’t drive to which the captain replied

then tell your so amazing God to help


out the soldier then climbed inside the

vehicle and began to pray he prayed then

skillfully manured the automobile and

parked it everyone was sobbing as he

step out of the

automobile when he inquired about the

problem the captain removed the car’s

Bonet to see that it was devoid of an

engine and everyone want to submit to

his deity if you believe God can

accomplish the seemingly

impossible for yes type
Type Yes

yes with just one little alteration to

your day daily schedule you may invite

boundless prosperity joy happiness

Independence and self assurance into


life love God subscribe to our
God I Come Before You

Channel God I come before you to cast my

worries and fears at your feet remind me

of your grace and strength when I feel

overwhelmed by my anxieties and fears

as I place all my confidence in you

alone fill me with your calm although I

am aware that I cannot defeat this on my

own I also know that I have you

Lord and you’ve already made the

greatest sacrifice to Bear my weight

thank you for this

amen you must decide to re reject the

voice of the enemy who comes only to

steal murder and Destroy if you are to

carry out God’s intentions in your

life for this reason he is known as The

Brethren’s accuser he will make you feel

like a failure remind you of your

shortcomings and inflict humiliation


you he is going to tell you a hundred


falsehoods like you’re not the right

person for the task it’s to hard and

it’s not worth it he doesn’t give up his

first language is

lying decide in your mind that you will

not give him any ground God has called

you to perform this very thing God can

use you to be who he has made you Jesus

is always there for you have faith in

God Is Good

affirm by typing I’m

ready when your heart aches your

questions weigh heavily you don’t

understand and it seems like there will

never be an explanation God is

good his kindness is predicated not on

your situation but on the immutable

nature of who he is you may rely on is

unwavering love and concern for you


his kindness is predicated not on your

situation but on the immutable nature of

who he is you may rely on his and

wavering love and concern for

you keep in mind that God is good and he

remains good to even when everything

seems to be going wrong this knowledge

Will Comfort you even when it seems like

everything is spinning out out of

control your life is in the hands of

greater power than yourself and no

matter what he will always use your

situation to exalt his

name God says fear not for I am with you

be not dismayed for I am your God I will

fortify you I will help you I will

uphold you with my righteous right hand

it’s not necessary for you to navigate

life alone you are not required to forge

your own path to be appreciated cared

for and not need labor upon putting your

faith in

God you will find a richness of

flourishing life hidden from those who

live for the world if you follow him and

give him your heart the one who created

everything wrote your faith and made it

perfect is pleading with you to rely

only on him he’s calling you to turn

away from turning to yourself and the

outside world for what only he can

really Dependable

provide by putting all of your

confidence in him now you may let go of

the burden you were never meant to bear

and find to play measure and serenity


follows God is speaking to you today you

are about to see the place IV been

preparing for you and you’re going to

know why the fight was so

hard some of you have forgotten the

promise the adversary made to you about

your life because you have been so

misled by him you’ve forgotten that

after the trk he has a space waiting for

you God is finally bringing you to the

spot he has been preparing for all this

season and you will Now understand why

the struggle was so difficult he has a

lovely place for you and you will be

grateful for the suffering and

difficulties that brought you

there if you’re ready type yes and show

this video to find individuals who

believe in God please turn on Bell

notification And subscribe to our

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