the loved audience the enemy fights valiantly to

keep you from walking in all the blessings and Provisions that are yours

freely given to you as a child of God even though these things are yours

because Christ died on the cross it is the season to reclaim what

is rightfully yours the Lord is calling you his goal in encouraging you to pray

worship and Proclaim God’s word is to mobilize your spirit for battle in the

Heavenly Realms redeeming what has been stolen or lost in recent years is now

the time a spiritual shift is about to begin

but how are you going to set your heart up to receive it first when you reach the Lord when

you are exhausted and and burdened he will give you rest this is the first step in

deliberately stopping what you are doing to rest and be refreshed in his presence

put your trust in him and he will restore your strength Like an Eagle Taking Flight on spiritual

Wings wait silently before him and listen for his whisper his desire to

communicate is profound and and he assures you that his Living Word will

restore your life secondly engage in Repentance too planse your

heart because of what you said I believe in the promises made in the Bible bring

attention to God’s nature love strength faithfulness and control over events

declare a new beginning restoration liberation and hope in the face of dark

circumstances until they materialize in the natural declare the intentions of

God’s heart and treat things that are not as though they are decrees the Lord

has spoken and now is the hour to recover The Inheritance that the wicked

have stolen with the help of worship prayer

and decree you can reclaim territory that is rightfully yours in

Christ you have the power to break down barriers and bring about transformation

in your surroundings by praising God who will alter the atmosphere around

you activate the Heavenly armies and command them to fight for you use the

power of Truth your testimony and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ to Vanquish

the accuser an army of demons flees in submission to the name that transcends

all names in addition to helping you make

amends for past wrongs and recover lost opportunities the Lord also wants to

show you what wonderful things are in store for you in the future to more profound levels of

communion with himself he is drawing you and the wings are new supplies of

anointing gifts materials and tasks the time that was devoured by the locusts

will be restored so do not be despairing your obedience to respond to

this trumpet coal will be respected by him when you put your trust in his

strength alone rather than and your own blessed friend you will overcome any

obstacle in your path with Joy May the holy spirit’s wisdom and Direction nurse

your roots put your trust in him and listen

carefully to his voice Above All Else he will give you strategies for every

battle every day to spend quiet time with him set aside some time he will

give you the drive enthusiasm and vision to advance his

kingdom triumphantly if you let him to keep you from becoming weary he

will continually refresh you pray humbly when you are in need of wisdom and he

will bestow it upon you when you are willing and able borrow generously from

the spring of his soul by drawing on God’s wisdom you can

overcome every obstacle and view things through his Everlasting perspective

active under the guidance of the Holy Spirit you are able to construct repair

and establish with Excellence when you’re led by the truth you will make

choices that Advance God’s purposes when you combine your gifts and

talents with wise Investments that provide Eternal rewards you’ll have more

success than you would with innate Talent alone for strategic Supernatural

impact wisdom positions are utilized the father assures you that you

will have what you need to realize the dream he plants in your heart even

though your adversaries may try to steal your supplies do not be concerned about your

daily sustenance for God owns the universe and uses the riches of the

wicked to provide for the righteous whatever you need your

heavenly Father Knows before all else establish your priorities in line with

his and he will add to your kingdom and righteousness funding the assignment

will be Faithfully done by him get in touch with me if he hasn’t

already and I’ll fill you in on the details and reveal secrets you’ve never

heard of honestly present your needs before his throne it brings him joy to answer your

prayers so pray with an attitude of gratitude he will meet your needs with

miraculous provision there is no end to God’s provision for his children not

even in the worst of times he emptied his coffers at the

brook cherith by the Ravens he multiplied the widows flour and oil so

that even during the dry spell Jesus could feed thousands with only a few

loaves of bread and fish he will meet all of your needs in

accordance with his riches he cares much more about your taste and the fact that

you recognize the goodness of the lord your trust in him will be rewarded

in AB abundance as he provides sustenance guards you and leads you in

glory the more radical obedience you show to his voice the more provision

from his kingdom you will unlock holding back at giving you the

kingdom something he injures doing you are being drawn higher during this

critical season my love climb the mountain of God’s in y

free yourself from sins shackles lay your head like Flint on Jesus your

exceeding great reward let his fire Kindle New Passion within you and take

hold of his promises leaving them into your life you can’t find fulfillment or

validation in things that don’t matter by submitting to the cleansing and

renewing work of his spirit you will undergo a transformation just as you are to

discover wholeness in him alone after a period of weakness

exhaustion and wounds you will emerge from this time stronger more energized

and better than before when our hopes and dreams crumble Something Beautiful

Will emerge praying to him and all your Tri s will bring back the joy and laughter

that have left your mouth your God is with you protecting you like a shield he

holds you up with his righteous right hand so you won’t be frightened no

matter how big the enemy is because Christ has made you more than

a conqueror you should fight with an attitude of Triumph God charges ahead of

you to Vanquish your adversary much like a lion pay attention to what’s beyond your

perception rather than the Tempest raging around you you rejoiced in every trial because

you knew that it was a necessary part of growing up and because it tested your

metal neither discouragement nor a victim mentality could sway

you the one who defeat beated death and sin now resides within you praise be to

The God Who is within you for he is greater than any God in the

world all the tools necessary to walk triumphantly through the Wilderness just

like the Israelites are at your disposal behold the angel of the Lord sets up

camp around those who fear Him delivering them a taste of his goodness

everyone who finds refuge in him will be blessed I am praying that the holy

spirit will fill you with overflowing optimism as you find solace in God’s

promises embrace the opportunity to reclaim enemy territory and eagerly

await the Lord’s guidance and Revelation may you always be open and

yield to new confusions of anointing gifts and resources a new world of

possibilities is opening up the glory of God is expanding as you swiftly Advance

into positions of Greater influence and impact to not be afraid instead put your

trust in the Lord who will guide your paths in his wisdom and mercy and who

may provide a strong Shield through around you if you are seeking meaning and

purpose in life God Longs for you to discover him your life will be more

pleasing to him when you know your worth and find peace in the

Lord the world’s problems and challenges are sometimes too much for Mortal bodies

to handle but your inner strength can Inspire encourage and direct you through

through any difficulty in the process of drawing nearer to God he will reveal his plans

for your life and open doors of incredible provision through his holy

spirit take hold of the future by stepping out in faith by letting him

into your present reality he demonstrate your trust consistently adhering to his

principles will release his good good intentions for your life best of luck to you in all your

future endeavors as you can rest assured God will fulfill his promise to you as

he always does a guide to all truth the holy spirit is described as such in the

Bible He commands attention and respect as Christ does and he gives us the same

Authority so that we too can walk in jesus’

power in other words the Holy Spirit does more than just inform us he

completely reveals transmits and bestows spiritual truth and blessings upon

us one way to look at the holy spirit’s function is as a messenger who opens the

door for you to bruise the Wares and make a purch as if by speaking to your spirit or

through God’s word the holy spirit is revealing to you the truths and Gifts of

the Kingdom following the placement of your order the item must be set and delivered

to your residents bestowing knowledge and material

support you are being summoned by God to engage in spiritual warfare in in order

to secure these blessings during this time you must contend spiritually and

religiously in order to receive his wisdom Revelation and

strength your opponents will fight this outpouring on every level international

national local and personal so you must remain Brave and

resilient keep your focus on the incredible future that your father has prepared for you

the spiritual realm provides all you need to fulfill his purposes through

Christ press on to receive your full inheritance be receptive to the guidance

of the Holy Spirit and when you hear his voice step out in obedience and

Authority whenever he is tested the holy spirit will show his strength and

resources to back up his claims when all else fails heed the

counsel of the Holy Spirit his words will fortify and lead you to a

breakthrough trust the spirit’s capacity to bring Celestial suppli from

above stay in tune with the healer’s guidance and the power of their

miraculous touch when illness strikes your body f Stillness and prayer and

wait for the spirit to reveal your life’s purpose when you seek

guidance ask the Holy Spirit to awaken any latent spiritual gift you may have

and draw near to him when you feel weak or afraid to face the enemy’s

assaults he can do all you ask for or imagine turning you into a Fearless War

Warrior for the kingdom the Holy Spirit can intervene in any situation no matter

how dire because his power knows no bounds not only is he there to guide you

but he is also the same Holy Spirit who begot Christ and is now residing in you

if you ever find yourself in a jam he will be there to help you

out keep in step with the spirit obeying his commands even when they appear

strange because his ways are higher than yours and he perceives much beyond your

physical limitations he will provide you with wisdom strength healing breakthrough and

provision no matter what you’re going through finding a regular spiritual

practice that allows you to tune in to the holy spirit’s voice is crucial

allocate some time for reflection and prayer and ask God to speak to your soul

while you listen so that you may put the Impressions you receive in action and

witness his miraculous manifestations write them down as you patiently wait you might

feel only a vague sense of energy guidance or a knowing in your soul

however once you get used to his voice the connection will quickly

flourish powerful prayers and bold decrees of God’s word over your life’s

circumstances will be within your reach as you regularly receive Revelation

wisdom and Direction anticipate his voice speaking to you and carefully

react in a accordance with what you hear as you do this you will come to

understand the Holy Spirit as an ally in your work for God’s kingdom if you have

the Holy Spirit who is both wise and all knowing dwelling in you then there’s no

need to try to make sense of Life on your own instead seek his guidance in all

your decision making from the small day-to-day matters to the big

picture give yourself up to the spirit’s guidance and he will show you the way

guide you and illuminate your path the Holy Spirit can do great things in your

life when you yield your will to his and follow his

instructions a vessel of honor is what you become to show the glory of the

father on on Earth the spirit can inhabit it completely and a LIF Guided

by the Holy Spirit you discover your true identity and purpose as you

surrender to his presence within you he changes your perspective on life

and how you think so that you can see spiritual things through the lens of a

close relationship with the Holy Spirit and he changes your thoughts

so that they are in harmony with Christ’s mind your perspective shifts from being

limited by superficial human perceptions to one of boundless possibility

compassion and mercy toward people and

situations no matter how bad things get you can rest assured that God’s

Supernatural peace will keep you safe because you’re firmly planted in the father’s Eternal and unseen

Kingdom you are possessed by a spirit who will show you the father’s lordship

and loving kindness the atoning sacrifice of Christ and your own

righteousness are brought to mind by him God sustains you leads you and

praise on your behalf forever through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ you are

his Advocate and counselor and your body is his Temple a sacred place where he

may live with you because of this you have reason to

believe that the Holy Spirit who also raised Jesus from the dead is now giving

life to your mortal body the one who spoke the world into a

existence and abides and you guard guards and triumphs over every weapon

that is formed against you so that they cannot Prosper to remind you of how

fortunate you are he brings Insight contemplation and advice every

day you are God’s dwelling place on Earth and the Holy Spirit is the

embodiment of all the power and authority from on high along with being

your most faithful companion he is also your teacher comforter and revealer of

mysteries discover the Wellspring of everlasting wealth and delve into the

profundity of his wisdom by turning within as you speak think pray and

Proclaim his kingdom his grace and power will release you the Heavenly Host is prepared to

encr approach upon Earth fire his church embrace your dual role as a citizen and

conduit of these two Realms with unwavering faith and the guidance of the

Holy Spirit you can release the supernatural Dimension into your natural

world if you can learn to tap into the boundless Realm of the spirit you will

have access to Limitless resources to fulfill any need while human effort and strength have

their limits you are a conduit through which his Heavenly strength can

strengthen your frailties he will give you wisdom and if

you listen carefully and put it into practice you will walk in Triumph

unshaken and uncertain may your life be filled to the

brim with purpose and may the fruit fruit you produce last forever for this

is God’s will you must pay attention to the spirit’s guidance if you want to

know your destiny which is to unveil your special Mission and

purpose only by joining forces with him can one experience the supernatural

marked by the intervention of Heaven you are raised from the dead and given the

power of the spirit so that you may share the love and power of the Divine

Life with the World by maintaining and inner alignment

with the Holy Spirit through regular prayer and worship you will learn to

recognize his voice clearly then by walking in harmony with the spirit on

the outside and obeying his promptings you will be led into all truth

along the way you will gain ever increasing wisdom dependence and

intimacy with the Holy Spirit who lives inside you my dear friend this is crucial if

you want to live the triumphant powerful Christian life that God intended for you

illness is a difficult time and the Lord wants you to know that he is there for

you while physical weakness May befall you

your faith in God will keep you strong spiritual why neither despair nor

impatience should overcome you turn to the Lord with your sorrow he is close by

put your faith in his promises and he will provide strength in spite of how confined you

may feel by your illness take heart Jesus Christ is our Advocate and healer

keep your heart safe by praying to the Lord reading his Living Word in scripture and allowing his peace to

guard you God desires to restore you and seize

your pain but it may take longer than you

expect have faith that God will tend to you in due course the purpose of this

test is for him to bring you closer to himself keep your spirits up the devil

is trying to discourage you and destroy you because you are weak victory is

yours through Jesus Christ continue to walk boldly in faith

knowing that God has you completely under his control his power is made

known to those who believe in him he will always be by your sigh never

abandoning you God’s love will never leave you no

matter a lonely painful or Sleepless you feel he is by your

side embrace the company of others my love if you seek Solace the Lord will

meet your need lean into him with all your troubles and His holy spirit will

bring healing Ing and Grace to your soul as you endure the physical healing

process remember that God is also strengthening your Spiritual armor by

imparting wisdom kindness and and unwavering faith in his

goodness tell him you appreciate his Superior ways today the good that will

come out of this trial may not be apparent to you right now but God

assures you that he is working everything out for your benefit his

plans for you are good and they will bring you success and

hope maintain a focus on the Eternal for his plans outweigh any shortterm

hardship you may experience on Earth someday God will make everything new and

remove every tear from everyone’s eyes you can rely on him to see you through

this storm until then your trust should be in the one

whose word stills the storms keep in mind that the Lord can do all things

even what seems impossible to you the devil wants you to doubt that God can

heal you his authority knows no bounds falsehoods at your situation is hopeless

deserve no attention ion as long as God is involved there is

hope it may take longer than you anticipate for him to heal you but you

must remain steadfast in your faith because miracles do occur daily and your

loving father desires nothing more than for you to be whole and healed rely on

God’s an ending Grace God has promised that he will

never leave his children Jesus is your friend because he has been through hell

and back walking with you in compassion he knows your pain intimately keep calm for

Christ always stands between you and the father’s Throne God can bring light Joy

hope and peace even in the deepest valley you are never alone in this trial

is Spirit is with you every step of the way Rejoice for the Lord is your

sanctuary and your hope he is a stronghold and savior for you just trust

him for the day nothing you can’t do right now should discourage you his grace is more

than enough to meet your every need so take heart in what God is doing through

you because God’s ways and thoughts are greater than yours you must rely on his

wisdom rather than your own when you wait on God he will

reenergize you because he is in control my dear companion your Earthly

confines do not define you in Jesus Christ alone do you find your identity

beloved child of God you have been chosen and sealed by his spirit

call out the devil’s lies in jesus’ name whenever he tries to bring you down or

steal your joy your fearful and wonderful creation

is like his image the Lord says because of his handywork you have value and your

heavenly father loves and honors you keep in mind that he views you as more

than just a paycheck sometimes it’s hard to see the

big picture when you’re going through a tough time this much you know the Lord

is on your side he says he will use your trials and tribulations to show you how

powerful and loving he is there is no pain that God does not intend to

use let him use this to strengthen your dependence on him and your trust in him

on this journey you are never truly alone even in the moments when it seems

like no one cares in reality we are never really alone with God we are not

alone no matter how betrayed deny or abandon we feel by those closest to us

we have a savior who knows the depths of human suffering friends may let us down

and family can miss understand when we are at our lowest he

is there to comfort us because he has been there too in the garden of

suffering and on the cross God is always there for us even when we feel isolated

from the world around us he is with us through thick and thin

the good times and the bad Jesus Christ is with us always even when we can’t

feel his presence he will be with us always because he’s Emanuel god with us

we are never truly alone even though God knows it is bad for us to

be while those we love aren’t always able to be physically present there is

someone closer than our own breath to whom we can

confide embark on your journey knowing that the Lord is leading the way and

will always be by your side get over your fears and keep

going Jesus went through hell and back to be a compassionate and Trust were the

high priest for us so we don’t have to pain as a way of purifying us removing

the impurity so that we can see the pure gold he suffered the consequences of our

sins as he bore the piercing and crushing nails of our transgressions we

are restored even though our frail bodies may be attacked by a

disease whatever colossal danger we confront or how dark the valley God will

never leave his people we can trust in his faithfulness even when we can’t feel

his presence in the suffering our worst fears like being alone

abandoned or separated from loved ones can make us feel anxious and

helpless even though we long for things to be back to normal my friends take

heart in the fact that although much is uncertain in this world God is a rock

that will never break even though everything around on us is changing he is unwavering in his

belief that his truth can steady our spirits in the midst of tempestuous

times of transition get strength from the fact

that God is in control no matter how bad things get he has counted our days and

will see us through this difficult time maintaining an eternal perspective

will help your spirit stay strong as your body weakens since we are being

renewed spiritually daily Paul says we should not lose heart even though we

appear to be wasting away on the outside stay focused on the Unseen

Everlasting Splendor that lies ahead rather than the Trent problems that may

rise on the soon to be revealed day of Christ’s Resurrection we will live in

bodies that have been cleansed from The Curse Of Death Agony and sickness so

much unfathomable Delight is in store for that fateful day whenever we are seeking his support

encouragement or strength Jesus is right there with us no believer ever walks

alone please hit that like button and utter that sincere comment down below

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