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my beloved

listeners even as a little kid the

adversary has plotted your demise it’s

because he recognizes your inherent

Destiny little one he sees the potential


you attempting to stifle your voice halt

your tals restrict your potential and

prevent you from making your imprint he

has been working over time

knowing that you have been bestowed

favor those Powers however have failed

to halt your progress the reason for

this is because you have an ally who has

been keeping an eye on you that man

never gets any rest in doing so he is

preventing the powers of evil from

claiming your

life for those who believe typ on

men God must be honored no struggle will

be necessary if you maintain a


mindset in spite of your current Health

crisis God will remove obstacles open

doors you couldn’t have imagined and

change the course of

event survive the pain of illness

Injustice workplace problems and

isolation you need to draw on that

resilience as the Bible puts it he who

endures to the end will receive the

prize keep going just because something

is taking longer than expected doesn’t

mean you should quit up it will happen


you give God even a minute of your time

he begs you do not disregard this

critical warning God wants you to savor

every moment of this fleeting life

because he knows how valuable it

is beyond your wildest dreams he has a

magnificent plan for your life however

your willingness to listen to and obey

his commands is

Paramount please know that you are loved

by God hand that he is willing to assist

you in reaching your full potential in

addition to being willing to be your

rock and Compass he wants to prove to

you that your dreams are within your

reach when you need direction or

encouragement to overcome difficulties

he is here to provide it to you if you

are ready to trust him and take the

first step he will do everything

else God is aware that that we struggle

to maintain concentration at times due

to the difficulty of life however he is

by your side to keep you from veering

off the road and from giving

up everything you need to realize your

aspiration will be provided for by him

therefore please do not stop reading

this letter put it off or ignore it

please take a moment out of your day to

listen to

godi stay tuned till the very end of the

video to hear his Urgent Message all you

have to do is listen to him he has a lot


say December is going to be a Monumental

month for you miracles excellent news

and unexpected benefits will follow you

throughout the month Rejoice once again

get well well soon my friend you are

going to

Blossom you will Thrive and develop into

your own self then you will find true

Tranquility this is your due through the

grace of God the son of man may it be

so God says you are going to succeed

despite how things may seem right now I

understand that you are concerned about

your family your health and your money

that you mustn’t give

up keep in mind that I am always on your

sigh if you remain strong and determined

I will shower you with blessings today

including Serenity healing and Triumph I

will make a beautiful thing out of this

horrible circumstance so be prepared to


them a lot will happen to you in

December consecutive victories healing

unexpected benefits Financial

Independence and Spiritual Development

are all in your

future I am here to tell you that you

will never be the same everything you’ve

prayed for and waited for will come to

pass in

you will not use the same approach

as in

Beauty strength blessing power

healing and

Pac will be yours above anything

else get ready for all the blessings

that are about to come your way the year

is yours to succeed it is mine to

claim and I am in the know through the

grace of God the son of man

may it be

so the correct individuals will find you

via God’s hand he has the key to

unlocking your Destiny’s door what God

has planned for your life is beyond your

comprehension there are surprises

waiting for you that would Astound you

if you saw them right now everything

you’ve been hoping for will come

together this year


the correct individuals will

materialize and favorable circumstances

will emerge it will come as a complete

surprise to you but God’s kindness will


you mark your agreement by typing

yes please Heavenly Father shower your

blessings and miracles on this the final

day of November could you please please

help me to enter the month of December

with a more positive frame of

mine may you accomplish the seemingly

impossible for me and others today

transform lives men broken bones and

influence the course of events through

the grace of God the son of man may it


so I know you’re struggling to keep your

family and your peace

and it seems like the whole world is

weighing you down God says to you today

I am aware of your

struggles I will provide I will create a

way for you Heaven’s resources are

behind you you don’t need to worry I

have your back keep in mind that you’re

never alone pray about all your problems

and I will

listen please enter yes if you

trust changing your life forever is what

you’re going to learn today there will

be a moment when you can’t pay your

expenses overwhelmed by Financial

concerns and the very next second money

is coming your way as easily as iron

filings to a

magnet God says to you today you are

free strong talented fortunate and

favored you have greatness inside you

you are intended to make the world a

better place your value is

enormous you have praised others but you

are about to be honored you will emerge

from the shadows and shine and you will

perceive my favor enlarg your

way you are about to enter the most

incredible phase of your life when you

will move from being unnoticed to

becoming the center of

attention dear Lord may this week be

characterized by optimism tranquility

and Joy from beginning to end this is my

prayer for today please fill my ears

with Pleasant news and my feet with


Direction find my purpose again let

go of all my attachments in the name of

Jesus Christ I ask this

amen I am proud of the fact that you are

still fighting still praying still

searching the scriptures for answers and

still getting up every morning looking

to spread light and love in this dark

world you are doing great work God says

to you

today I love you with all all my heart

and I am going to open the heaven so

that you may receive Health knowledge

favor and blessings as you persevere in

your faith you are stronger than you

realize verse for today remain silent

and the Lord will fight for you message

for today the reason the adversary is

battling you so hard is because you are

about to make a break break through keep


ground believe what God says stay

steadfast keep your focus You Are Not

Alone God has a plan regardless of

appearances the devil is vanquished keep

your strength declare the gospel you’re

about to experience some very remarkable

developments select yes as if you were

in need of

this God will be with you every step of

the way your breakthrough will be just

around the corner God deserves all the

praise for the way he provided a

path restored your safety and turn the

tide of battle in your favor you’re

almost there so keep

going please Lord I will rely on you

entirely as I face the next week just

like like you always have I have faith

that you will continue to meet all of my

requirement your word instructs us to

pray rather than fret about life’s

uncertainties praise be to you Lord

because your love has no

bounds I am really glad for the reminder

that you are my provider and protector

that this week brought to my attention

through the grace of God God the son of

man God

willing just type I welcome the new to

confirm keep in mind that when God steps

in everything is possible the presence

of the Lord makes all things possible

you have no clue what he is capable of

releasing to you in that manner trust in

God and continue to sing his

praises the world is on the break of a


event I know you’ve been dotting your

abilities and strength to carry out the

mission I gave you and I want you to

know that I am speaking to you today


that do it here’s the link to my bio the

secret to attracting money post the link

in the

comments God says to you today behold I

am doing a new thing that means you’ve

been doing the right thing smiling

through suffering thanking me even in

the agony worshiping instead of

fretting and showing kindness to those

who treat you poorly an even larger

thing is on the horizon so get ready

something news going to happen to me you

are on the verge of receiving new


opportunities and

breakthroughs to claim it just type

yes you will be able to avoid ever

having to borrow beg or fight for

anything again once the doors that are

about to open up place you in that

position your biggest comeback and

breakthrough are about to

happen if anybody dares to talk ill of

you or your fate they will all be cut

off just wait till you see the

incredible turnaround this year full of

prosperity Clarity healing and

breakthroughs in every aspect of your

life it’s a breakthrough day for you the

power of Jesus has shattered the losses

and delays get ready for a lot of

celebrations good news and wonderful

energy in every aspect of your

life in the name of Jesus Christ I

command you right now to expect

unexpected phone calls good news and

benefits the time has arrived to begin

amen the door that was closed was not

meant to reject you but rather to lead

you to something greater and larger God

is telling you today I will only

introduce you to those who will be an

asset to you never a

liability with their support rather than

criticism you will be booed up they

won’t bother you about your history

since it isn’t a part of them leave no

Trace behind some incredible event is

about to happen in your

Leaf Co head and do it it’s inside you

all you have to do is summon all your

inner strength and work for it your fate

is beckoning and the path ahead may be

challenging you are capable of


things refrain from letting others or

your circumstances disuade you in the

future you will reach new levels good

connections healing freedom and

abundance are present

stay committed pray often and never give

up no matter what I will be at your side

till the very

end even if we don’t always comprehend

God’s strategies we must remember that

God sees the broader picture Here’s a

thought maybe your prepared for what God

has in store for

you but another party involved is not

yet prepared God must do a work in

another person or circumstance before

your request may be answered in

accordance with God’s purpose for your

life let God accomplish what he wants to

do and everything will fall into place

at the ideal moment trust in God’s

timetable and you will get your response

at the appointed

hour for on this Monday God wants you to

know one those who oppose you are really

against God to the war will not be won

by you but by the Lord who will fight on


behalf trust that God is working

everything out for the best three don’t

let a poor day derail your hope for a

better tomorrow God can turn unpleasant

circumstances into something

wonderful for you should expect an

abundance of extraordinary favor

breakthroughs Miracles and blessings


week God is aware of your exhaustion

frustration and anxiety and he has heard

your request God sees each tear that

falls from your eyes today God is

telling you hold on I promise I will not

let you down I promise it will be

well simply type I am ready to shine to

validate your

decision if you want boundless abundance

Joy pleasure freedom and self assurance

poured into your life all it takes is a

little adjustment to your daily

ritual to you want to discover the keys

of attracting an abundance of wealth if

so check out the link in the comments

below after the Lord gets you over this

and he will you will never go back to

the folks who took advantage of you or

treated you badly you are not a doormat

and you are not a

choice more connections more chances and

more benefits are on the way to you

because you are a royal

kid I heard God say this morning this is

your comeback season the adversary wants

you to dwell on your faults and

shortcomings and think nothing will ever

change but God wants you to know that

this is the

opposite you will not be overlooked the

father feels deeply about your wish to

tie the knot before you know it the

weight was worthwhile and you’ll have an

amazing story to share with the

singles you will not be overlooked the

father feels deeply about your wish to

tie the knot before you know it the

weight was worthwhile and you’ll have an

amazing story to share with the

singles you are not the only one who

will benefit from your future marriage

everything for his

Hano you will start to notice that you

have changed as a person as you go

through the shifting process things that

were once bearable are now completely

unbearable now that you’re expressing

your truth you were previously

silent instead of fighting and arguing

you’ve decided to to be quiet you are

starting to realize that your voice

matters and that certain issues are no

longer worthy of your

attention a must have select y to

confirm have faith in the power with

relation to certain persons and

circumstances things that don’t make

perfect sense to you at first might be

picked up by your body and

mind trust your intuition and go with

your gut even if you don’t understand

why you’re feeling this way there’s a

purpose behind

it respect the place you are in life

right now whether it’s good or horrible

you should own up to it all you have

become the person you are now as a

result of everything that has happened

to to

you be proud of what you have

accomplished and thankful for what you

have learned forget about the things you

wish you could change feeling bad about

something does

nothing just type I’m gentle with myself


confirm keep going because the

challenges you’re experiencing now will

lead to your future success and

happiness and a word yes indeed you

could feel like giving

up do not give up just because the going

becomes tougher as you approach the next

level whoever stays true to themselves

and their Inner Light and refuses to

settle for less will find the

riches holding your head up when life is

trying you the most is when miracles

happen your worth and Inner Strength

emerge in your reality your strength

surpasses your

perception remain committed to the

reality you aspired to it is not

arbitrary it emanates from the

self-actualized version of you that has

achieved success in the future your own

frequency will attract all you want if

you maintain a positive VI Vibe and put

in the

effort in the end it will all make sense

the reason for your new course of action

will become crystal clear to you the

reason why something’s demise Mark the

commencement of something much better

will become clear to

you things will become clear and due

course give thanks and look forward to

what the future holds

for those who believe type

yes when something is meant to be it

will not cause disarray and Discord in

your life but rather Harmony and

understanding nothing will try to evade

you or flee from you when it is meant


you you are under no obligation to

pursue anyone or anything no amount of


persuading or forcing will be necessary

when something is rightfully yours there

will be a sense of calm stability and

security when it’s meant for you it

won’t make you doubt your value on the

contrary it will serve as a constant

reminder of your inherent value and

love just type by taking my power back

to verify

it when it’s meant for you anything will

feel good and helpful not bad and

harmful you will be able to tell when

something is meant for you pay attention

to the

warnings so that you may receive what is

really yours let go of what needs

releasing just hit yes if you’re in


if you have a religious belief sign up

for our

Channel a new season is coming and I

want you to know that you shouldn’t hate

the process because I am preparing you

for an unprecedented breakthrough trust

me God says to you

today do not hate the way you are being

led trials and tribulations will rise

but they will also shape you into

someone more like me people will look on

and Marvel how you have been blessed so

much as you go through

life no one can ever claim credit for

what I accomplish through you and they

will never comprehend go confidently

into the next season knowing that no

weapon that is made against you will

flourish when the time is right I the

Lord will make it happen God saw fit to

fulfill the promise he made to you and

he bestow that dream onto

you your recovery breakthrough and

promotion are all on his calendar when

you’re ready the Stars will align and

the people you need will appear in your

life at just the appropriate

times when the chance presents itself

you won’t have to worry or be

disappointed because what you believe

for will happen at the correct moment

the creator of the world has already

arranged it so there’s no need to

wait ponin I am Sovereign to assert your

claim now is the moment to face your

worries and anxieties head on as a

result of your prayers and requests

new opportunities are about to come your

way nonetheless you will need to alter

your decision-making approach compared

to previous instances you buil growth

barriers the same way you built


walls it’s okay to acknowledge that you

still have

limitations over time you will find less

opposition if you keep working on

yourself for the time being be sure that

you’re basing your judgments on actual

risk and reward rather than on fear and

comfort one of life’s greatest blessings

is the freedom to alter any aspect of it

whenever you want no one is trying to co

you there are no limitations on you time

does not access

yo a lot of mental shackles are being

actively broken by you once you realize

that your life is entirely up to you

nothing else matters the power of that

expression of freedom and liberty is

immense get out of there give yourself a

name craft your narrative use this as a

blank slate make a splice as needed

simply type I am ready to shine to

validate your

decision whatever challenges you may be

facing remember to be grateful for them

they show that things are changing they

deviate from the usual and you

specifically requested radical

changes because and aligned you can

conquer any obstacle you will adjust as

you venture farther from your comfort

zone be Fearless stay put keep to your

cool it is much better than a life of

stagnation and repetition so rejoice in

your ability to

conquer ensure your



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