?God is ordering to see this before.....। God' s blessings forever । - online calculators

?God is ordering to see this before…..। God’ s blessings forever ।

[Music] God is saying to you today by the end of

by the time you get to this point you could be able to support yourself

financially in addition to making progress toward Better Health you have

also seen the one who can provide you with emotional and nonsecular

fulfillment none of this will happen after it’s happening right

now a huge breakthrough is about to happen and you have the power to change

everything from now on the course of your life will be significantly influenced by this NEX

action as soon as you finish it all that needs doing an infinite supply of income will

soon begin to reward you just like wonderful health and

success in all likelihood you won’t have to wait long to begin reaping these

benefits when you do it amassing wealth may come easily to you you may expect it

to be higher when something is within your grasp you might begin to fantasize about

how simple it would be to have it when you want it identifying specific examples is my

go-to solution whenever I think about the ties That connect me to

God uncertainty and bewilderment afflict me whenever I am unsure of what to agree

or do having a mental connection with God is important to

me although I try to avoid most of the time there there are times when I feel

compelled to ask for clarification I often find myself

grappling with the concept that my life is unfair or uneven there seems to be a

conflict between my principles and this upon careful examination one may

deduce that the uncertain signal conveys the data during the week something out of

this world probably happened and you may have found evidence of it which will

positively shock and Astound you ter normal activity is expected to

be more noticeable than usual during this week a happy accident in one’s

professional or personal life or a discovery that makes one rethink their

whole world view you all three of these scenarios are not

out of the question all of those eventuality added together might

possibly come to fruition the key is to maintain your

concentration core and spine fixed on the outcome you

want if you maintain this attitude you will succeed in the end the event that

has been planned for a long time so everyone is waiting for

it at long last we have the threat that can bring it to light this opportunity

would not have been possible without your optimistic Outlook and Rock Solid

confidence embrace the infinite depths of space and everything that it contains

you should put yourself in a position to think about this so that you are fully prepared for anything

that may happen have faith in the infinite size of the cosmos and know that you can

handle anything comes your way in front of you today I want to

convey my deepest gratitude for all that you have done for

me now is the perfect time for me to tell you how much I appreciate

appreciate all you’ve done for me and I am truly

grateful please know how much we appreciate all you likely done for us

right now we kindly beg that you recognize the

sincerity of our gratitude as we present our sincere

plea I will be eternally grateful to you for the boundless acts of kindness and

love that you have showered upon me my heart will never be the same

because of what you have turn for me please know how much you mean to me

and I hope there are plenty of chances for me to express my gratitude for all

the praise you’ve given me also I’m hoping that the benefits of

your generosity will continue to ACR to me because of this

Fame despite my many shortcomings there are no words to adequately describe my

gratitude for everything that you have done for me your Limitless love and patience for

me never failed to Astound me regardless matter how utterly naive and vulnerable

I am I am still your child and this will not change that to me me it’s quite

clear that you like me despite my obvious lack of Merit you

show me Grace and love nevertheless coming to terms with this

truth has been a painful and humbling process for me your unfaltering commitment to me is

evidence of your immense compassion and charity that you air is still a part of

my life is something for which I will be eternally thankful your undying love and care for

me is a testament to your extraordinary compassion and

generosity if you want this choose sure option no matter what caes THL we must

not allow ourselves to get disillusioned or

unhappy there shouldn’t be any hindrance to our way of life therefore we should

continue never forget that a Delan be a signed from on high that something is

going to be delayed keep this in mind at all times

it is crucial remember this at all times regardless of

what after closing the door shouldn’t worry about anything else and should

stay closed it remains contained inside as closed door as long as the door is

closed if nothing else changes it should remain that

way because of this we may now understand why we are being shielded

from dangers we were previously unaware of no matter how secure a door is

additional threats will always be there because it is intended to be there

permanently you should not deep concerned about a

factor an individual’s decision talk with a job or relationship might have no

rationale but it doesn’t make it any less illogical always bear in mind that the

path that your life takes is unique to you and that it may sometimes take a

totally unexpected turn keep in mind that these roots are

subject to change it is unfair to make grieving someone’s death our primary

concern it is now much wiser for us not to dwell on the fact that someone has

passed away as members of a community that has joined forces with the power

bigger than ourselves every aspect of our existence

the good and the bad is interconnected and serves a higher purpose and we are

aware of this since our love and Devotion to God

have granted us recognition as truth under more strain and we could have

imagine we are privy to that knowledge we may have thought about this

strategy and found solace in the knowledge that all will work out in the

end this is why this is another way we may present our

faith through this discussion God supernatural being we just discuss it as

given you all you want you have been set words of consolation and encouragement my beloved

baby if you agree put the word amen within the designated

area a message you got encourages you to continue on your life’s

path with this message I want to encourage you to resist the urge to give

up and give into misery as you navigate through life and Endeavor to participate in

everything that you have set out to do you may always count on His blessings

the all powerful God has faith in you furthermore you should take comfort

in the reality of it as you navigate the highs and lows of

life as he has promised the benefits of the all powerful God are always around

you realizing this to be Tru should provide you some comfort the reason for this is because

the all powerful God has promised you that he would always have favor with you

that is why with this in mind you must get in touch with

us as I gen afflect before you in prayer most holy God please protect me dearly

loved ones from danger I beg you in the most delicate manner

possible you have assured them that they would be kept secure from from harm by

your heavenly protection which might completely Encompass them wrapping

around them like a blanket if this occurs they may bash

shielded from danger and shield them from harm whatever it may

be your infinite wisdom and unchanging love have led me to think that you will

never leave us or abandon us your Limitless knowledge agend and wavering

love inspire me to think about you I wholeheartedly Embrace as real

your Everlasting wisdom and generosity please I beg you provide them your

heavenly Aid which will encourage and direct them

as they face challenges along the way my motivation for asking is at

desire for them to succeed in their chosen path also May the boundless mercy

and love that you give them strengthen them they are determined to overcome any

obstacle that stands in their way and I respectfully yield to your

Authority keep your focus on the people they care about Lord and shower them

with blessings the want who open my eyes to the world your prompt response to my

request would be much appreciated also May the Limitless love

and compassion you have for them wash over them as they feel your gentle

Embrace their affection for you grows as we near the conclusion of our prayer we

give thanks to the mighty name of Jesus with all humility

you have my unending love and an abundance of knowledge I believe they

can guide us along our path please listen carefully because I am going to

tell you something very important that is really important I beg

the Divine to send a Celestial being preferably an angel to accompany you on

your pilgrimage I have no doubt that this man may happen this Guardian Angel may be at

your side every step of the way directing your steps and doing

everything in their power to keep you safe you must have unwavering faith in

this Angel and their abilities for the simple reason that they are an

incredible tool for constant monitoring give them the benefit of the

doubt and and agree with their self-presentation typ how man if you

have a religious belief to meet people who can change my

life for the better is the deepest desire of my heart I need someone who can help me

grow in many ways and give my life meaning I am excited to build

relationships with these Elders in the hopes that they will be a source of

encouragement wisdom and inspiration for me additionally I am excited about

engaging in profound conversations with them on the other side I may have to

create Bridges between myself and my most important

relationships I want to do this by physically separating us it is my intent

ition to attempt this if I am able to achieve this goal with additional opportunities for

both professional and personal development my life will be richer in

the long run your capacity to tap into your inner

knowledge and seek guidance from there is quite admirable my

darling your genuine kindness and generosity are really magnificent

qualities that life has given you a sign of your character is your pursuit of

pleasure and love as a means to better your life under such

circumstances I may have to reach out to you and I pray that I might be a

stepping stone on the road to your Discovery and personal

development our hearts are brimming with gra attitude and love as we present

ourselves to you today as we go side by side we pray that

you may see the loving presence of my heavenly father standing before you now our

hearts are brimming with gratitude and love we are here today to give you

thanks for every benefit but especially for the one and only gift you bestowed

upon us your son Jesus Christ truthfully it’s been seen and

heard by the majority all there is to know about the universe is probably

beyond my comprehension that is the truth as

described by the information Gap it is absolutely ideal for you to recognize

and admit that you are feeling lonely it could be very isolating and

challenging for the person going through it you should always keep in mind that

this is very important regardless of how often other people fail to fully grasp

your perspective because he is always with you God is the one who does this

constantly he understands what you’re going through so he can provide you

comfort and support whenever you need it the reason being that he has a lot to

enjoy in this area and is well informed about the issue

cout I have faith that he will help me overcome the challenges we face on our

trip the challenges and obstacles that we encounter continuously throughout our

life at times the sheer magnitude of the challenges we’re up against could make

us feel like we can’t cope but even in the worst of times it

is essential to keep in mind that a ray of sunshine and a glimmer of optimism

may be found at any second remember this at all times it’s

vital in order to spread sprad the word this video has to be

shared we may find the courage and power we need inside if we submit to the Lord

and seek his guidance and assistance his interference might

prevent you from carrying out a destiny altering move keep in mind the

following in the process of shaping your identity the road you travel will

certainly take you past several inspiring and encouraging

reports for example chance meetings lucky breaks or even little acts of

generosity from complete strangers they might be an indication of

overabundance as we near the month’s conclusion you are likely to have a

significant life turning point and an opportunity to shape your future like no

other while you are very near to Destiny this alteration has the

potential to significantly affect the course your life takes within your

destiny no matter the kind or level of conversation you’re having this is

crucial this could be the result of a single formative experience or the

accumulation of several smaller scale changes that have occurred throughout

your life whether this is the abrupt end to a series of critical events or something

more subtle it will make you question your whole world view on the other hand when you begin

your spiritual journey you can experience a major transformation or you

might compile a series of lesser Transformations that have occurred

throughout your your life while you Journey towards the Divine a crucial part of your intuition

role and guiding you may also become a parent you may not immediately grasp the

significance of this functions cost but you may eventually come to comprehend

it with the passage of time and continued progress on your spiritual

path there is a way for you to realize that this awareness is significant to

you you may learn to recognize the small signs that lead you into God’s presence

if you put in the necessary effort this is one possible

outcome a profound sense of contentment and joy is one of the several potential

outcomes of these indicators pay attention to what I have to say my

dear friend please I beg you make sure you give them your whole attention while

you’re doing it I implore you to do this because my

message is importance is Paramount because I have a very inspiring message

to share with you I feel compelled to let you know

this I need to get a message across to you I believe deep down that Miracles

are on the horizon and that we must have faith in the future so that someone may bring you a

message I feel obligated to tell you that you are an incredible source of

suggestions and ideas I know deep down that wonderful things are going to come

to fruition the Heavenly an entity who created the universe as my beloved child

he or she is all knowing and all powerful you are being led and

encouraged by a message that has come to you from God you have been touched by

God God has told you is Will via this

communication according to him your lives will be guided by your heart’s

desires your your gut feelings and the roots that are compatible with these

traits prior to making a major decision or doing a major task it is highly

recommended that you pause get in touch with your inner self and fully absorb

the guidance it provides as previously said it may help

you avoid common traps why because there’s a good chance that if you follow

these steps you won’t make as many mistakes you could learn more about your

true wants and needs if you did this if you decide to implement these advice

keep in mind that your actions may affect others other than

yourself it becomes a reality when it also applies to others in your immediate

V cinity if you use the aforementioned tactics as directed you should be able

to get a better idea of the Practical effect never lose sight of the fact that

your actions might have consequences both for yourself and others around you

at this very now the great being who is the source of all that has been and will

be is communicating with you it is the intention of this message

to provide you with further information about the Divine being in order for you

to learn more about it if your enthusiasm has been low for

some time this letter is an urgent call to action to reignite it the importance

is immense that is more than a simple request it is a call to action that

requires your whole attention especially because this passion has remained latent

for a while because this passion has been dormant for a while this is more than

just a plea it is an urgent call to action that requires your undivided

attention why while promising something that cannot be broken give me this

chance to put your mind at ease my dear friend I shall not be

traveling this path alone this is my chance to stress that I am not leading

this trip alone the goal here is to wake up the dormant flame of Desire that has been

dormant within you for a while so that you may do it again know that you are not going

through this tough time by yourself regardless of how bad things go I

promise I will be here for you whenever you need some advice or

words of encouragement I’m generally here count on me to be at your sigh if

you need me you can always count on me to be here for you I am always here for

you you must find an ear to hear you out somebody to lean on in times of need or

just to be there in a fashionable way you may find someone to listen to you

vent someone to cry with or someone who will just be there when you need

someone because we’re in this together I will always be there to support you

please know that I am informing you this as I am coping with the many difficult

problems that have been assigned to me I’ve gone ahead and assigned a group of

celestial creatures also known as angels to help me in my

mission I would much appreciate it if they could go to whatever lengths to

ensure My Success I could need some help getting your brain around the fact that

I’ve already done thisen the process of Conquering the

various obstacles that have been placed in my path is underway therefore I am

here today because I have been given this opportunity rest assured I am fully

committed to conquering these challenges and succeeding with the aid of my Divine

support so my dear friend there’s no need for you to worry about that since I

am here for you despite my knowledge of how challenging and stressful life may

be I am prepared to assist you regardless please put your fears

aside and trust that I will be able to handle this I just wanted to inform you

that I am now in the process of composing a really stunning inclusion

just for you please take a deep breath release

whatever worries you you may have and find your place in the plan I’ve laid

out for you it will all be worthwhile in the end I assure you everything will work out

beautifully it’s possible that you’ve lost some of your excitement along the

road but what’s really crucial is that you discover a method to awaken that

latent fire inside you the happy ending I have in store for

you is going to be really fantastic so you may as well paint a

whole new level of Joy therefore in order for you to do the

activity in question it is absolutely necessary and chance like this will

never come again so as to not merely Astound you but also to drastically

alter your perspective on life as a a result let’s prepare

ourselves to welcome the joy and excitement of not knowing what our

future holds we are eagerly anticipating its arrival since we know it will be

fantastic the fact that you are physically present here fills me with all and thankfulness I am seated here

today to give you a lecture because this discovery has left

me speechless I am both thankful that you have shown up and Amazed by the

reality in which you do I almost wanted to pause for a moment to tell you how

much I appreciate all the many things you have then graciously gave it to me you

have been very kind in bestowing several benefits onto me the

magnitude of my gratitude for what you have done for me me is beyond

words your generosity and K to shap been really remarkable and I feel quite

fortunate to have been blessed with your kindness and compassion for all that you have

achieved I am very grateful I am well aware that I am in

worthy of the love and persistence that you have shown toward me even if there

are many things wrong with me I am very aware of all that you have

accomplished for me even though I am dealing with a lot of problems deep down

in my heart I must tell you how much you mean to me in the days and weeks to follow I ask

that you would keep showering me with your love and guidance from the depths

of my heart I want to express my profound gratitude for all that you

have done for me I can’t tell you how grateful I am

that you have decided to demonstrate your infinite love and unfaltering

tolerance to me even if I’m no longer Flawless although I am not the greatest

words fail me when I try to convey my gratitude any other way of expressing my

appreciation would be insufficient from my side your tolerance love and bread are

unparalleled furthermore I am always amazed and humbled by the depth and

breadth of your knowledge and compassion I come to you God with broken

Spirit sincerely praying that you will bless my much loved family and friends

and provide them with your Divine protection and

wisdom these days I pray to you with a broken heart and a sincere wish to seek

your heavenly protection and guidance listen to my prayer and Grant

my request God today I come to you with the sincere intention of seeking the

Divine protection and guidance that you provide by your Celestial

realm and deep down in my soul I want to tell you this since I here before you I

beg you to be their ever presentes companion and

protector to ensure their safety from any danger that may arise your caling

influence will be palpable and they will be aware that you are always with

them stay by their side even while they’re having a tough time the

Limitless empathy and comprehension that you radiate inspires confidence in

me not only that but I have faith that you will stick with them through thick

and thin I have faith in your exceptional knowledge and

generosity you radiate the most effective and wide detail in the whole C

MOS and I have great faith in your Limitless Brilliance and remarkable

character please provide a helping hand to those who are really suffering from a

variety of problems I implore you with all my heart and problems with the

unwavering Direction you provide because they are reliant on your

Aid I beg of you to do this I may be a subtle as possible while making my

desire they may find Solace and common the sacredness of your

presence in addition to the strength to overcome adversity I want you too know

how much I care about you and how grateful I am to have boded my head in

your direction notify me if it is anything you are thinking

about what’s the help of the individuals in my life I humbly implore the perfect

being the one I love most has been given the wisdom and guidance to get closer to

the divine presence of the finest being every day I make a sincere plea to the highest

power presenting my desire in this way it is my deepest hope that the perfect

entity would provide these people such abilities in the hopes that I may grow

spiritually and find a compatible partner who will likewise follow Christ

the gentleness and compassion of Jesus Christ also be with you may the light of

his knowledge and insight illuminate their spirits and may his light radiate

into their hearts as we draw to a close we humbly

call upon the mighty and sacred name of Jesus the Lord H and

savior our hope is that he would hear it and provide us his protection we implore

him to hear our prayers and Grant them love is a complex emotion that may

manifest in many different ways does not get any Jaw from and

engaging in Wicked Behavior or harboring animosity against others has lost

interest in add enjoyment of these activities love being a complex and

multifaceted emotion May manifest in many ways depending on the

circumstances rather it finds the completeness joy and satisfaction it

craves of being very genuine truthful and honest in its relationships with

others this is how it operates on an international level what this means is

that love is more than just having genuine feelings of empathy and care for

another person love encompasses a broader

spectrum of attributes but it is also about honoring the principles and

principles that it promotes the statement is outstanding because it

addresses the Everlasting uniqueness of true love love is not a fleeting emotion that

can be ignited or snuffed out it will by the passions of the heart on the

contrary love is eternal instead it’s kilometers of

formidable force that continuously protects typically trusts hopes and

endures when faced with hardship a certain kind of love persists

all the way through the animals of human history for a long time people have

admired and pondered the concept of love a powerful electromagnetic field

that may unite people and lead them to a deeper relationship with one another m

long and narrow you must always remember that a

power greater than yourself is guiding your every step of the way and that the

trials you endure are all part of a greater plan for your amazing

existence there ought to be no escaping that fact from your mind this should be

considered at all times never let it Escape your mind there may never be a

need to the all powerful one came up with this

scheme a God who is abundant in both meaning and purpose and the means by

which to achieve both is a god worth worshiping keep in mind that your way of

life is the compass that points you in the right direction at all times you

must keep it in mind at all times are you go about living

it this is something you should always keep in mind you should know longer be

astounded by this element’s effects as a critical Observer many people refer to

it as fate or the future this is a perfectly normal

response to have right now if you’re feeling confused or

anxious sometimes we are hit with shocks that we did not anticipate making it

difficult to understand and make sense of the things that happened to

us because of this it is becoming more challenging to comprehend the happenings

in our life giving significant significance to the events that occur in

our life is quite difficult but that being said hits vital

to remember that you’re not the only one dealing with this problem now you’re not

alone other people are also going through the same thing you may rest teasy knowing that

the more power you have even if you can’t understand why or how things are

occurring what you take for granted isn’t shocking and you consider the

reality that things are unfolding as they are you may have faith in this even

if it may not always seem that way thus they are closely observing your

every move and are even following you you may not always feel like they are

but they are carrying you on this journey a source of comfort for them is

the knowledge that the Supreme entity in charge of the expans ion of the universe

is all powerful and utilizes it to direct your

actions Whoever has infinite knowledge and power May orchestrate and bring to

completion every single matter pertaining to our lives irrespective of how enormous or

how purportedly insignificant no matter what the

component is they will give the impression that they have this

capability this capacity occurs regardless of whether the aspect of an

issue is directly important to the continuous existence of our species or

not regardless of how crucial this is to our life it is a well-known fact that he is

never far from you no matter the hour or the seriousness of the the recent

events even in the worst of conditions this is real whenever you need him he

will be there to provide assistance and Solace his thoughts will inevitably

wander to you as he goes about his day regardless of how you’re feeling at the

moment in addition he dwells on the past reports and memories that you to have

had for quite some time while he goes about his daily routine when he thinks of you he

remembers the times you spent together and the things you

did he consistently maintains an optimistic and positive attitude

regardless of whether he is at his workplace or doing erands around the

neighborhood whenever you need someone to stand up for your rights or look out

for your interests you can count on him to be there for

you no matter what he will always put your needs first he is worthy of your

undivided devotion you will never see him putting other people’s needs above

his own in his way of life stand you puure in

agreement could also have such a huge impact on the outside world and its

mindboggling to think of the many ways this could happen still it’s possible

that the mental processes we go through and the words we use to describe

ourselves contribute could potentially impact the

natural environment as well I am obligated to notify you that if you are

the kind of person that believes in this it is very wonderful to see the

dominating impacts that may be form by applying this specific

treatment I am obligated to inform you that it is a sight to witness if you are

the believing kind it is very astonishing to see the incredible

results that have been achieved with this specific approach

it was a joy to pull off and the results are outstanding it gives me great

pleasure to announce that I have finally found my purpose in life without a

shadow of a DOT I am no longer experiencing any kind of

pain depression or inactivity the results are a phenomenal and I’m

ecstatic to tell you that I finally reached this point in my my

life I can say with certainty that I am no longer experiencing times of sadness

hopelessness or inertia perhaps it’s sarcasm but I’ve taken that stance

before and the results have been everything than great it suggests that you are the one

who became responsible for all of those traits that had an impact on your life

life and who lamentably has passed away does it serve any more of a

function now that it’s defunct the most effective person ever to be held

responsible for fulfilling all those responsibilities and duties was none

other than myself that adversary has been vanquished thanks to the strength in

Jesus beautiful call the cun situ situation does not pose any threat to

the safety of anyone involved we may reach the conclusion

that the enemy has been defeated the fact is that the struggle has been

overcome by the power and vigor of Jesus appeal reason being his people may

always count on him for unfaltering protection when you think about our

relationships again Jesus deserves praise and

gratitude we treated each of you with the atmost care and concern as you could

recall such as a loving parent would have for his own children if you want to remember

anything from our conversations this is something to think about this one of a kind information

will not elude your recollection under any

circumstances he looked across at the people in front of him and talked with

an unfaltering air of self assurance regarding the matter of behavior I must

inform you my esteemed friends when God’s sanctifying might is

exerted even the most imp plausible humans may find themselves bewildered

but because everything is Con inside there’s no need to

worry everything that seemed impossible or unlikely before is now Within Reach

and what was previously Out Of Reach is now within grasp due to this let us

place our faith in God and depend on the boundless resources he

provides now that we know the Lord is holding us us up in his palm we can

trust that we will not fall this is true regardless of whether we are required to

handle challenges or make mistakes because the Lord is with us we

may be certain that he will prevent us from falling by elevating obedience to

the Lord to the Pinnacle of Our Lives we may have faith that he will dra and

provide the base for our actions we may keep trusting that the

Lord will save us from any harm since he is always at our sight we may have trust

that the Lord will direct our actions and give them strength if we make

following him a top priority in our lives his knowledge and the fact that he

is helping us out in our endeavors give us strength moreover over we pray that

you may have the courage to continue walking the path of faith that

we kind on men when your faith is strong inspiring and motivating each

other is crucial and we must keep this in mind while we examine the content of

this book for the purpose of developing their

ability for romantic involvement and engaging in Acts of Charity this

necessitates a proactive pursuit of chances to uplift and Inspire those in

our vicinity rather than just going through the motions this is in contrast to our

own everyday routines and workouts we must not lose up on the idea

of working together it is crucial despite the fact that that some people

may feel the need to act independently we must not lose our

capacity to come together and support one another on the path we have chosen

as a group doing this is our top priority at

the moment doing so makes it possible improving our connections with one

another is within our reach and motivate each other to put in

the necessary effort to reach our objectives now that is really

remarkable that has become more crucial as the day of its return

approaches please say yes to manifesting get more messages from God by



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