🔴God Is Seriously Trying To Reach You, It’s Urgent | God’s blessings forever|

you are being told by God that you need

assistance right now I’m present ask me

I’ll lend a hand I’ve always been

available to you never will I leave your

side dearest

you if you believe in God please watch


video God is now preparing to return

everything that was taken from you

because you survived the attack


this is the assurance that you need

right now will be all right for you your

way will be filled with blessings your

perseverance has made God incredibly

proud of you it will all work out

fine if you believe enter

I pray that God will give you a

sense of the good things he has in store

for you things you can’t yet see to our

so eager to experience in order to carry

his blessings may he Grant you the faith

to give up your

burdens due to the fact that you serve a

loving and omnipotent God who values you

may you reject anxiety and embrace a

unstead great day to

you everything will work out God is

telling you right now I am fully in

charge the medic reports findings are

known to me I am aware of the current

financial situation I see the opposition

to you approaching I am aware of the

scope of your goals I won’t let you down

so please hear me

clearly it is the designated time for

anyone reading this your testing period

is now complete you are about to begin

realizing what you have been saying

something big is about to happen for you

so pray and get some

rest by belief claim and accept it by

way of Jesus

Amen rest in my Peace’s tender arms


child things that you could never make

happen are about to happen because of

God without you having to engage in

combat he will reverse that situation

that chances are in your favor your life

is under the direction of

God God is telling you today that he

will elevate your status from obscurity

to notoriety get ready because I’m about

to reveal who you really are behind the

curtain after all your hard work

faithfulness and honoring of me you are

achieving a new level of notoriety

influence and and wealth I’m going to

support you the greatness I gave you

will be evident to

everyone beloved youngster my message to

you is one of

expectation and hope all of this is

about to change for the better as I get

ready to act unexpectedly in the

wilderness and through the waste land I

am Paving a path my child you are a

living example of these words

in your life I’m about to do something

brand new and extraordinary that will

result in a breakthrough a

transformation and blessings that will

surpass your wildest

hopes if you love God please subscribe

to our

Channel I want you to maintain faith and

my impeccable timing and cling to hope

I’m working hard behind the scenes means

despite the fact that it might seem like

nothing is happening or that things are


still I’m setting up the right

conditions letting you through doors and

getting you ready with the abrupt change

that’s about to happen the difficulties

or failures you may be experiencing

shouldn’t demotivate you they are only

momentary and I am using them to

strengthen and polish

you have faith that I am setting up each

setback for your comeback there is no

correlation between your current

circumstance and your future blessings

aligning your ideas and opinions with

the unexpected shifts that are coming

your way can be done effectively with

the help of

affirmations I am prepared for my life

to experience unexpected

breakthroughs I have faith in God’s

timing I think that everything is

evolving for the better I am prepared

for the upcoming Fresh

Starts right I embrace my power to

affirm keep repeating these affirmations

to serve as a reminder of the impending

change and blessings that are coming let

go of any worries or apprehensions and

adopt an attitude of gratitude and

expectation always remember that I Am

with You guiding and encouraging you on

every leg of your

journey I will make clear what you

should do next if you seek me out in

prayer meditation and private thought

trust in my divine plan for your life

and be assure that I am

coordinating everything for your

benefit May the hope and anticipation

this message Inspire in you for the

impending dramatic changes in your

life believe in yourself have faith and

keep an open mind to the unexpected

blessings that will come your way trust

in my guidance and love and watch as

everything transforms for the better

enter amen if you

concur enter amen if you concur her

tonight God is telling you I have some

good fortune coming your way that will

cause you to forget what you’ve been

through who harmed you what you lost and

what wasn’t fair though you may have

received a double dose of Misfortune

more Good Fortune is on the

way this week is going to be significant

for you I declare that you will have a

string of success es receive healing

unanticipated blessings growth more

money and spiritual Insight you will be

granted everything for which you have

waited and prayed by way of Jesus

Amen to affirm enter

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God good tidings blessings healing

wonders and breakthroughs will all all

be present in October a month to

remember will be this one your request

will be granted by

God if you’re lying in bed wondering if

things ever get better you probably feel

broken baffled lost and uncertain here

is your signal you are currently being

prepared for by God who is in

charge Miracles

inovations good news abundance

and most importantly love will be

abundant this week in the name of Jesus

I declare that God has not forgotten you

and you’re about to enter your blessings

amen God is preparing an incredible

flooding of advantages for you that will

catch you off guard honor his word and

stay in touch with his presence put an

end to your doubts and your life’s

control by fear today I declare that

your prayers are being

answered your plot is being altered by

God it’s time for a change in the story

despite appearances what appears to be

loss and defeat is about to become

Victory and

restoration I work the night’s shift

says God to you this evening not you

then trust that I am working it out out

rather than wasting another sleepless

night trying to solve your problems this

Valley is not to be taken

in even though it’s unpleasant it serves

as your launching pad for the future as

a stepping stone it is you are going up

with God by faith claim and accept

it God will give you a significant

drastically altering blessing say than

thank you to God time has come you are

prepared because this message is

appearing to you at this time the inner

work has been done and you have given

those plans enough time to

develop well time has come to make them

a reality it’s time to begin to have

faith in your own abilities and

aspiration it’s time to get past your

restrictions and fears stop convincing

yourself not to act anymore it’s time to

let the world know about your

talents it’s time to come out of hiding

and into the light it’s no longer

acceptable to lead a quiet life stop

hiding your beauty from yourself and

other people become more powerful and

great by standing up right I embrace my

power to

affirm you can perform Miracles by doing

this imagine the supernatural events

that would happen in your life if you

decided to start believing that amazing

things are going to happen to you that

your good fortune are manifesting that

things are changing for

you that breakthroughs are underway that

your dreams are becoming a reality and

that every struggle in your life is

improving and has actually already been

resolved at the deepest

level allow yourself to fully accept all

that because in the end it is not for

your conscious or analytical mind to

comprehend simply accept it as true take

it make it yours and then observe what

happens type I love you God to confirm

your shortcomings are necessary only

when you are viewing things from a lower

wavelength or perspective to your

insecurities and flaws appear and feel


way most often the aspects of yourself

that you dislike about yourself or what

the universe uses to connect you to your

destiny and the people who are meant for

you in the eyes of the universe you your

insecurities are assets and

strengths the universe will take

advantage of your weaknesses to present

you with opportunities and give you a

sense of true worth and worthiness

they’ll be the means of transportation

to success for

you you’re and for a treat today you

could have easily overlooked this

message but you chose not to you are

prepared for what is coming next which

is why it is revealing itself to you

your life is about to experience

something amazing however a few things

must disintegrate before things can come

together don’t let appearances deceive

you the universe is merely clearing the

way for something better to materialize

just beyond this battle you are in now

something great is waiting for

you instead of giving up or giving in at

this point take yourself back up and try

again soon things will start to calm

down your efforts are about to pay off

in a significant way there will be

significant developments soon

continually move forward type I am ready

to shine to

confirm a level up his about to happen

even though you faced some of the most

difficult trials obstacles failures and

setbacks of person T encounter you

didn’t let them Define or demoralize

you despite everything you persisted in

moving bravely in the direction of your

peace purpose blessings and

joy this message is intended to reassure

for you that things will soon start to

improve for you you are about to level

up in every aspect of your

life don’t stress about tomorrow keep

your focus on the present and avoid

trying to think too far ahead of where

you are your strength Serenity and

highest perspective are

there that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t

imagine a better future or stop dreaming

about it but it does mean you shouldn’t

Focus too much on the future or worry

about what might happen that fear is

frequently a sign that you’re not

grounded you won’t benefit from worrying

about that situation instead it will

divert your attention that the Universe

take care of the rest while you

concentrate on being in alignment with

your best

self type I claim it if you receive this

declaration you control what happens

next it’s time to take back control of

your life’s future and hold yourself

fully accountable you certainly deserved

better than what you received and what

happened to you wasn’t your

fault but what happens next and what you

do from this point forward are your


and are the things for which you must

accept full

responsibility this is the point at

which you reclaim control of your

life stop blaming past events or other

people for what occurs in the future

adop full accountability for your own

success happiness and peace of mind you

are ultimately responsible for your own

recovery don’t let the cruel actions of

others blind you to that please stay to

see it because there is more to life

than what you’ve recently encountered it

is a call to bring acceptance to

anything in your life that is cly

causing you pain or Heart

Take transformation what you can and

accept and acknowledge what you can’t

you are greater than your errors and

what you have endured in including what

has been done to you take this statement

with you moving

forward I am stronger than what was

greater than what is and worthy of what

will be to airm type I’m gentle with

myself you need to jump are you still

pulling back when you ought to be

advancing and rising up the universe is

providing you with a ton of

opportunities and you can can’t keep

turning them down when it counts the

most you must stand up and take that

leap of

faith until you act none of your hard

work will really matter you’ll wait a

lifetime if you continue to wait for

your fear to pass before you jump

despite what your fear is trying to tell

you Embrace those novel experiences the

decision will prove to be your best one

yet making oneself small and timid does

not make one proud develop yourself

recognize your greatness and your

destiny be vulnerable have faith in your

abilities and reveal your true self to

the world recognize your value and

worth protect yourself totally accept

and love yourself for who and where you

are transform your aspiration into plans

and goals then act bravely and

enthusiastically no more running away

holding back or delaying

things stop apologizing and stop trying

to impress and please everyone don’t

waste your life or your time it is

yours make the commitment to stop

intentionally making yourself feel small

and important worthless or helpless your

higher self is aware that you are not

any of those things it feels so awful to

think of yourself in those terms because

those definitions actually hide who you


are stop examining yourself through the

lens of the past or Through The Eyes of

those who have harmed you you will

continue to treat yourself as they have

treated you as long as you don’t start

to believe in something

greater keep your roots and love no

matter what this journey throws at you

keep your feet firmly planted in reality

maintain your

faith keep your life intact in spite of

the darkness the light will always find

its way back type yes to receive

it be calm and let things happen your

ability to grow and allow new energy

into your lives as constrain the more

you attempt to hold on to people and

circumstances from the

past instead of letting the past drive

you crazy you have the power to

reconnect reinvent and reenergize

yourself so that you can focus on the

present it’s time to go through change

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Channel a new day has begun you can

start building a happy purposeful life

today it’s time to start letting go of

all your restrictions today the time has

come for you to discover life’s

secrets you are capable of improving

your life the resources you need are

already inside of you your thoughts and

beliefs serve as these

tools if you required this enter

yes a new day is starting right now this

day is yours to use as you please you

can either use it wisely or waste it

because you are trading a day of your

life for it what you do today matters

this day will no longer exist when


arrives something that you have left

behind will be in its place make sure it

is something positive ensure your own

health if you’re ready just type yes and

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