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?God is trying to reach you urgently । Don’t avoid me please । God’s blessings forever ।

God is saying to you today sharing my life in constant

dialogue shall provide a taste of paradise although it’s fantastic it

demands an exceptionally difficult degree of mental and spiritual

Focus This Magnificent manner of life was described by David in the Psalms

affirming that he had prior prioritized me from the beginning he was able to spend much time

in my presence because of his job as a Shepherd I am teaching you to live the

way he did because I showed him the joy of having me by his side every

day this endeavor demands on wavering focus and perseverance not to mention

the ability to ignore dist dist ractions being around me will provide a burst of

energy to everything that you do whether you accomplish it with me

through me or in my presence even the most mundane activities will be

illuminated by the Delight I provide in the end no matter what you do

for me nothing in all of creation can never be able to separate us nor think

England in this way our wonderful adventure together may go on

forever to get it just type amen today God says if it is possible

meaning that the outcome is entirely up to you find moments of harmony with all

individuals in this situation there will be an adversary who is is hellbent on

destroying you even if they have no grounds to do so more often than not I

don’t hold you responsible for the argument but when this occurs you’ve

added fuel to the fire of disagreement either way you should do

your best to men fences and make up for your role in a

dispute if someone has wronged you you must forgive them perhaps you should

also give yourself a pass may you my lover be fast to hear slow to say and

slow to anger prioritize listening to the other

person and giving careful consideration to your own

words should you pay close attention and hold your tongue before speaking when

you’re at blame for not getting along with other people you’re less inclined

to become Furious to confirm this to yourself type

yes do not be anxious about the future this is God’s message to you today this

is an exceptionally kind request you are dust and I know that there is a

fragility to Being Human please do not let this order bring

you guilt or hardship its purpose is to liberate you from the burdens of this

life not long ago I should this commend to all who would follow

me that kind of Liberty is what I went on to describe your heavenly father is

aware of your needs remember that with his kingdom and Justice as your primary

goals as you shift your focus material concerns take a backseat two concerns

about the invisible Eternal truth the expansion of my Dominion instead focus

on strengthening our bond I am here and I am willing to go

wherever you are following my direction may take you on exciting Adventures that

will enrich your life I made you in my image so that you

might take pleasure in my company right now knowing that I will take good care

of you and watch over you in the future all your heart’s aspiration are mine to

Grant I am prepared to confirm with a typed

statement the universe is trying to tell you today that you should always be

happy in your relationship with me no matter what else is happening in your

life herein lies the key to Eternal happiness a great number of individuals

long for the day and they will experience true happiness upon paying off their debts

when parents have more free time when their children aren’t misbehaving Etc

they may Daydream they squander away their time

daydream dreaming about a future filled with joy that will never come like

Precious bomb dripping from empty bottles because despite everything

imagination is not reality I am not a parent to the naked eye yet I am more

real than anything you can see for me there are some moments in time that will

never change and I want to fill them with boundless Joy let us Delight in the presence of

God right now according to Angel I have a plan for

your life at all times with the passing of time you encounter new people face

new challenges and experience the joys I have a plan for you and my love

for you is the filter through which all of your cares filtered with me at the helm nothing happens by by accident

nothing of little consequence and everything has Purpose with my forethought Direction

and protection at your sigh face each day with Assurance your life is well

organized and filled with blessings delicately Guided by my inner

voice my existence unfolds as I tenderly grasp it inch by

inch should you have doubts about the spirit’s communication drop what you’re

doing and start bombarding me with questions the difference between your

own voice and the spirits will become crystal clear to

you this is a delicate lesson yet it is crucial to your journey with me and to

obey my spirit every nudge it will guarantee you enormous

success and spare you a lot of misery before I confirm I know how to

type today God wants you to know that he values you and wants to be a part of

your life more than you can ever imagine it is for this reason that you

were made to have company with him to know him and to Bear witness to him

it is sad when you don’t have an intimate relationship with the Lord but

only hear about him his love for you is profound and he has great intentions for

your life although you may not understand them all is getting to know the father your

goal or are you just trying to learn more about him is your desire in following God for

blessings or for personal connection with your creator driving your

Pursuit the parent wants you to know him for more than only his practical

benefits he Longs for you to feel his ample and loving

presence he longs to fulfill your most fundamental desires so that he might

menend the broken places in your heart and give you full personal Trust

find the one your heart really desires by being open and honest with him.

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God watches over you always he never stops protecting you from harm and

prepares you for what’s to come the Croc of today’s passage is

something you have no idea about the Lord Jesus Christ commands you to have

strength The Godly way of life will face opposition from those who want to

harm Christ has commission you to serve him and Satan will do everything in his

power to hinder you from fulfilling that commission Mark yes if you identify with

this there will be moments when you must keep in mind this conflict anxiety or

dissatisfaction will well up inside of you and Crush

you despite the overwhelming Temptation you must not give up on God increasing

your prayers love Pursuit and above all obedience to him should be your top

priorities right now along with everything may his

instructions and methods be perplexing he gives orders are protecting you from

something you can’t see get to the bottom of that spiritual

enas renew your trust in Jesus and obey his commands to triumph over the

spiritual enemy to show your agreement type amen

God bless you on this holy day I have commanded you to give gratitude for

everything because it softens the blow of hardship you Express gratitude to me

yet there is an air of secrecy around this deal I will bring you Joy No matter how

you feel or what you’re going through spiritually speaking this is an act of

blind obedience people who don’t know me well may find it hard to understand or even thank me

for the terrible things that have happened to me however no matter how Terrible Things

become those who follow my instructions to the letter are always blessed may

your heart be receptive to my presence and your mind be open to my ideas as you

stay appreci ative even if everything is still the

same for you it’s as if a switch has been flipped and now you can see things

from my point of view my very presence illuminates the

Sting’s path out of Darkness please let me know whether you

are a believer in God my ideas are not your thoughts and

your methods are not my way that is the lesson of the day my ideas

and thinking are superior to yours just as the sky is superior to

earth when we’re together don’t forget who I am take in on the miraculous

ability to have a conversation with the ruler of the cosmos but this incredible opportunity

is never taken for granted by any time any place you are much lower and less

powerful than me as you spend more and more time in my

company my ideas will begin to take shape in your brain and I will be

educating you to think like me throughout this procedure my spirit

serves as the guy on occasion he vokes passages from the Bible and on occasion

he makes it possible for you to hear what I have to say addressed personally to you these

messages fortify you and get you ready for everything that lies ahead listen to

my voice on your Life Path it will be worth the time you

sacrifice you wanton my blessings in more ways than you can

imagine have you done everything that God God has asked of you yet your vision

or assignment remains unfinished we are often better prepared

for God’s purposes during the waiting seasons of Our Lives perhaps there is an

uneven edge before he can achieve his goals in

life he has to mend a relationship and doing so he may be

exploring the depths of your faith broadening its boundaries and

demonstrating his own faithfulness on occasion he will use these dry spells to

guide the boat in the right direction today God wants you to pay

attention only to the soul to what you have and to what he has

provided never ever let your gaze settle on anything other than the Serenity and

benefits of Christ stay positive and avoid dwelling

on the bad things that have happened or may happen just a friendly reminder your

life is now concealed with me rest assured I am fully capable and

fully committed to handling all of your Affairs rest assured I will not let

anything slip my mind I have bestowed upon you a plenty of

energy and vigor so embrace your responsibilities with

delight I greet each day with ch because I am doing my will no matter what

special benefits accompany every work completed in accordance with my

desires surrender to me in boundless joyful Bliss and

discover how to find joy in the simplest of things in me in my desire for you and

in the simple acts themselves I have designated you for

this very day I am beckoning you to a life of gratitude the universe says

today the foundation for your thankfulness is my sovereignty and I

want all your moments to be punctuated with that Heaven and Earth are adorned with my

grand doorer as the Creator and ruler of the

cosmos you’re behaving as if you believe you could govern the world better than I

do from your limited human Viewpoint whenever you criticize or

complain you have no idea what I know or what I see so it can seem like I’m

mismanaging things suppose I were to draw back the veil and

let you see the Heavenly worlds you would get a deeper

understanding on the other hand I have fashioned you to rely on faith and not

sight I kindly forbid you from looking into the Hereafter and knowing what the future holds but I do ask that you

recognize my authority and give gratitude no matter what

I enjoy affirming things with my body type the lesson from Angel is to see a

long-term challenge as a chance for growth rather than a cursed dealing with

a persistent issue similar to having a constant

Mentor your faith and openness to new information determine the extent to

which you may learn please accept my at most gratitude for the challenge you

have presented me with and I beg you to let me show you the good that has come

out of it a issue can no longer bring you down

after you become a complete idiot for from this Vantage Point your grateful

disposition will take you to Heavenly Realms beside me what seems like a little Trent

hardship to use really leading to an eternal Transcendent glory for

you by tapping the keyboard I wholeheartedly accept the authority to

confirm the fear your feeling tonight God responds is because you’re worrying

about a future without me therefore being in touch with me is the greatest

way to protect yourself from anx anxiety with me in mind you’ll be able

to think more optimistically as we engage in this conversation keep in mind that listening

is just as important as speaking when taking future occurrences

into account be sure to adhere to these guidelines avoid daydreaming about the

future doing so will cause your anxiousness to increase

PE no matter what you imagine I will always be there as I have promised

because you have become used to Playing God in your imagination this kind of mental

discipline is challenging for you nonetheless my presence with you

both now and in the future surpasses any imagination you may possibly

conjure God tells us to make everything we do beautiful today a precious

possession entr trusted to God you may do this by just obeying me joyfully and

trusting in my abilities even the most mundane job

assignment or day may be transformed into a Priceless chance for communion

with me all it takes as a shift in attitude and carrying my Delight with

you throughout the day when I am happy everything is

valuable may my Limitless Joy become an integral part of who you are and how you

see the world living life to the fullest should

not seem like a burden but rather like a joy asset to Greater Delight constant to

light when I am round living this life is only a

stepping stone to a greater life and the ultimate calling is to live

eternally join me and remain engaged you will never belong to the friend if you

choose to sit on the sidelines throughout our

experiences at the very Heart of My Kingdom immerse yourself in me and

follow my methods immerse yourself in my love let

my presence fill you to overflowing and be attentive to my every

whisper many possibilities will come your way if you allow yourself to be

enchanted by me you’ve been aware of for quite some

time though I never stop making plans only for you never stops making a path

for you to succeed care about the time and the tiniest detail I do this

preparing for you because it brings me Delight caring for and preparing there

details of how my idea will be realized in your artwork is an invaluable service

to me let me perform my job how you enjoy life and

love get the believer back on the straight and narrow and offer the path of

Disobedience keep in mind that the wisest course of action is to wait on

the Lord as he gets us ready to receive his replies it is important to keep

praying and trusting in God throughout these

times however we must wait to take any action until we get his response this is

true even for attorneys from those who claim to be Believers in

God their counsel may be useful but we must seek the Lord’s approval before

acting on it then if you’re prepared hit the yes

button and forward this video to three

Believers regardless of whether it is God’s plan or not relying on one’s own

abilities is the Holy Grail of God’s time if you don’t let the holy spirit

guide your steps you will never reach the Abundant Life that Jesus

Promised the message of the day is that Believers should want to glorify God

gathering with people who adore him as much as you do can be the answer you’re looking

for perhaps in a home setting with a few close friends a small group or at your

church because of his kindness and affection you Revere him as a form of

worship it is interactive personal and done

voluntarily having said that have you ever thought about this truly adoring

God is a difficult task if you don’t include gratitude into your worship ship

process it’s a combination of genuine appreciation thanks acceptance and

surrender for whatever reason you’re obstinately unwilling to submit to him

if you’re unhappy with his decisions or if you’re upset with

him envious of other people hurt or entitled to special treatment sincere

worship and appreciation do not originate in the heart being really

grateful shows that you believe in God and are submissive to

him to do so demonstrates a heart open to receiving whatever blessings God May

bestow upon you to have faith in him to the point that I am really grateful for

it put your resistance aside and follow his lead you should be grateful and content

with the path he has you following living a life of contentment is God’s

desire for you his word is that he will return all that the adversary has

taken God has made a tremendous promise to you but it doesn’t imply it will

happen immediately if you want things to turn around for the better you need to

adopt a restoration mindset and put in the work take a Firm Stance and do

everything it takes to get back what the adversary has taken keep in mind that

challenges are really just chances to grow if you are willing to have an

attitude of repair no matter what challenges you

face know that God will use them all for your good it will lead you to an

elevated position of honor and many blessings you are going to meet the most

incredible person who will make your life complete this message has been

carefully written by your guardian angels only for you showing me the way

to get it to you the message conveyed here is unique

it is customized to fit your own Journey a life fault aling event is about to

occur and the angels want you to be aware of it big changes are about to happen in

your life and they’re going to be brought about by someone or something

extraordinary a new chapter is about to open and although it may be thrilling

and scary all at the same it is also imminent this person is providing more

than just a promise they will also provide pleasure affection and emotional

support simply by being there just picture this individual as a

source of endless Good Vibes pouring out into the world to make your own little

Oasis of Cal Jo will be more than a trangent

visitor she will be a permanent resident here Here Comes comes the Deep bit

though your bond with this someone may seem like a finely woven tapestry with a

pattern so complex that it appears predetermined this tapestry also

includes your forefathers this bond is inextricably bound up with their

blessings they have been quietly molding you and showering you with blessings

getting this into individual’s path ready someone like him isn’t only

sensible and levelheaded they are really modest as

well permit me to shine a light into the future for you Whispers of pleasure and

plenty are the phrases used by Sears a Bountiful Harvest is about to

befall you a Bountiful Harvest that you have worked hard for and deserve here

you are on the cusp of a new age when you conquer

obstacles bring back the fires of love and happiness and enter a time of peace

and contentment the stars are aligning and you’re about to meet the person who will

set in motion a chain reaction of monumental transformation in your

life this individual is exceptional because they are mature humble

empathetic kind and loving the impact they have on your life will be profound

and life-altering they will serve as a Beacon of Hope

shining a light on the road you travel in tandem joyful times are merely a

small part of this as you enter this new period it’s about standing together

fortifying one another and addressing challenges headon a place of peace and contentment

will be yours to leave behind light and love are being bestowed upon you by the

cosmos and you will radiate like a beacon you’re about to enter a time when

your Delight has no limits when it spills unfettered by the pressures of

everyday life love and pleasure will overflow from this individual into your

life forming a lasting happiness that rises from an intimate Bond and shared

comprehension when you’re greeted with a smile a quickening of the pulse rate and

a comforting of the spirit hits as if you’ve returned home this individual is a gift from your

forefathers a response resp to your prayers and the materialization of your

heartfelt wishes for a future together there will be plenty pleasure and

celebration for you a companion who will Propel you into

a new age of development self-discovery and Limitless potential

they are an essential aspect of your fate this lovely bond has been in the

works for generations and now you are standing at its

doorway recognize that you are prepared to experience Serenity emotional joy and

dedication as you welcome this transformation with an open

heart you have angels to thank for preparing you for this amazing journey

sending you this amazing person to share with and guiding you along the

way keep in mind that the cosmos loves and protects you a new universe of

Limitless opportunities is about to open up to you and with it a profound change

in your life if you would want to take this message and all its benefits personally

type amen during this time of transition

God’s beloved children should pray and reflect to feel his presence depend on

him for wisdom and courage knowing that he has a plan to bless

you on your behalf pray that God will bless the individual making this

transition and give them wisdom I pray that they will do what God wants them to

do and that it will lead to good changes the changes happening in your

life are meticulously planned by God much like a painter’s vision for a

masterpiece this individual who is set to undergo such a

metamorphosis is a mosaic tile in God’s Exquisite

design in his work he reflects on the life of Ruth and Naomi whose Journey was

marked by unanticipated twists and turns that ultimately gave them blessings beyond

their Wildest Dreams in a similar vein you will reap

the benefits of the change that is about to come if you welcome it with open arms

pray towards God in the face of impending changes

seek his wisdom knowledge and strength strength put your faith in his wisdom

and Providence he will be at your side the whole journey keep the one responsible for

this shift in your life and your prayers hoping that all they do is in harmony

with God’s plan I pray that their part in your story will testify to God’s

handiwork in your life the way God orchestrates events in your life is like

to an expert Gardener tending to a plant he prunes and tends to its so it

flourishes God uses the one making the change as a medium to bring forward his

purposes The Narrative of Esther whose life’s trajectory change drastically in

order to accomplish a higher purpose God has a plan for you and that

plan includes the changes that are on the horizon amidst the changing seasons pray

towards God in these times of change may you find Solace strength and direction

in him have faith that he is working even in the midst of uncertainty and that his

designs are for your good lift up the one bringing this change in prayer

asking that their steps be in harmony with God’s will his knowledge and kindness should

guide their every step the truth that should provide you comfort every time

God has a purpose I pray that you welcome these shifts with open

arms faithful expectation that you are being led by

God’s hand toward unfathomable riches and development

the cosmos is beckoning you to join me in the beauty of sunrise today I want to

have you join me in the quiet of this sacred moment may my serenity fill you and my

power restore you While others worry about what’s happening in the world

other people just roll over for a little more sleep connect with the one who created

the ca MOS a deep want to know me has been reawakened inside

you this need began inside me but it now radiates with intensity within you when

you come running to meet my love call it’s a blessing for us

both this is an intricate Enigma crafted more for your amusement then for your

comprehension I am not a Clum deity who forbids Jo it brings me Delight to see

that you appreciate what is good and real your admiration and kindness for me

will become stronger as we continue to discuss these matters once you understand that some

individuals are merely there too make you laugh and then go on God says life

is much simpler because take charge of ones

expectations is a key component to a happy life when we enjoy ourselves with

another person we are more likely to let ourselves get

wounded we get fixated on the thought of their SMS messages yearn for their

presence and even feel the want to follow them imagine our future together and

then the shock of find finding out what we want is not what they desire they owe

us nothing not even a future and were devastated by

it sometimes I just have to accept it like they aren’t even obligated to send

us a text the next day enjoyment is sufficient in and of itself unencumbered

by any commitment to a future put I am a child of God to claim

it let your cares fall to the side so you can hear my voice God says I whisper

to you from the depths of your soul while your thoughts wander

haessly creating intricate webs of a and perplexion as my ideas Ascend inside

you my voice becomes muted and all you hear is white noise ass they become

trapped in those sticky webs of concern please be my soul to come your mind to

give you an idea of what I’m thinking being born with this skill is a

wonderful perk of having my kid model like me instead of letting yourself be

drowned out by the den of this world or your own thoughts let the renewal of

your mind to change you remain silent while I am with you

allowing my ideas to rewire your mind say yes to herself by typing

amen my face is smiling upon you in rays of Serenity that Beyond understanding so

come to me and rest in my peace God says rather than attempting to solve the

problem problem on your own rest assured I am the one who understands everything

when you rely on me you can rest and feel Complete because you trust

me I made you to be in constant connection with me and this is how I

planned it within the presence of other individuals they actual or perceived

needs are usually met by you you get so consumed by their

approval that you no longer notice when I am around you’re going to run out of steam

trying to get their approval instead of sharing the Living Water of my soul that

flows through you you give these folks dried

crumbs that’s not how I do things for you never lose contact with me no matter

how hectic your life becomes live in the light of my Serenity and my spirit will

offer you words of Grace sure I’m prepared to confirm with

a kind return to me when you are tired and

weak God urges embrace the Embrace of my Everlasting

Arms I do not look down on your Frailty my darling actually

it strengthens our bond since when I feel vulnerable it makes me more

compassionate and eager to provide you a hand do not compare yourself to those

who seem to breathe through life instead embrace your exhaustion with the

knowledge that I comprehend the difficulty of your trip their paths have diverged from

yours and I have bestowed upon them boundless Vitality I have

given you the gift of vulnerability so that you might Blossom spiritually how

we are together instead of trying to hide or deny your Frailty embrace your gift like

a precious gem fragile but radiating with dazzling

Beauty please let me use it o shower you with blessings

I want you to pick up a new routine since that’s what Jesus said to me

saying I trust you Jesus could help you respond to whatever comes your

way when you have a moment reflect on my whole self including my strength glory

and the extent to which My Love For You extends by consistently doing this you

will be able ble to perceive me in any circumstance recognizing that the cosmos

is under my sovereign control one you take in the world via this lens

illuminated by my everpresent presence feelings of Terror

dissipate by reiterating your faith in me you transform challenging situations

into chances for personal development rejoice and the benefits that come your

way no matter what they may be your unwavering faith in me will

strengthen our bond and keep you near to me because there are gifts that come

straight from my grace hey what’s on your mind today find

Solace and Renewal by seeking me out you are exhausted and have endured too much

on this road instead of being embarrassed by your

tiredness embrace it as a sign that I can take over your

life you will conquer today minute by moment pay close attention to me it is

your first Duty allow me to lead you as you navigate the many decisions that lie

ahead on your journey I don’t think this is a difficult task

nonetheless living in my presence is not what defies the world the body and

Satan you’re exhausted from fighting these enemies all the time yet you’re

following the road I’ve chosen for you hence keep going trust in me because

I want you to acknowledge the value of my presence once again sure I can can confirm

that the cosmic message for today as you seek my face I am hovering over you from

all directions in fact I am closer than the air you breathe and I am closer than you

dare think my children would never again experience loneliness if they could just

see my presence every idea is known to me before you even consider it all of your

words before you utter them your whole Essence is invaded by my mere

existence attempting to conceal anything from me is just ridiculous don’t you

think I can see right through you like a wide openen book deep inside you even if

you’re good at fooling everyone even yourself I am almost here and most

people people know it people avoid me at all costs refuse to acknowledge my

presence since my proximity frightens them however my gentle people the trend

need not be afraid I have washed them with my blood and clothed them in

truth my personal nearness is a blessing because my life is in you may my life be

lived through you as well radiating my Brilliance into the

Shadows today God is speaking to you you are seeing the realization of My Life

Plan the road you’re on can seem to be closed at times and then suddenly appear

to be open slowly enough that you have to

restrain yourself and the moment is ripe without you’re having to do anything the

path ahead of you becomes immediately evident I am giving you without

condition everything that you have ever wanted and fought so hard for you see my

might and Splendor and you are amazed by how effortlessly I move around the

earth embrace your vulnerabilities because these these are the platforms where my strength and

glory shine brightest as you go forward on this

journey everything is ready for you miracles will happen if you put your

faith and my ability to support you miracles may be invisible to the

uned D but they become Crystal plain to those who walk by faith you make Glimpse

my grandure if you live by faith and not by

sight I can tell whether you are a cosmic message just by looking at your

typing you are living in a period of Plenty right now your cup overflows with

blessings after a long and arduous Journey step into a world of verdant

Meadows paded in gentle sunlight please take advantage of this opportunity for

relaxation and Rejuvenation it is my pleasure to

provide it to you as a result of my own Sentiments of false guilt my children

don’t always gladly accept my kind presence their abundance of Good Fortune

is undeserved no one deserves my help thus this is ridiculous

thinking success in My Kingdom has nothing to do with Merit or hard work my

youngster struggles to accept my presence and it’s about believing and

receiving when you accept my Abundant Blessings with an attitude of gratitude

it breaks my heart and is harmony my delight at giving and your joy at

receiving flow together keep in mind that I am the one who gives you the

capacity to prosper put your focus on expanding God’s kingdom and becoming

more righteous and I will show you how to get everything else have wisdom in all your dealings

faithfulness and little Affairs and I will put bigger things in your

hands I was unruffled by the prosperity that comes from my blessings as you seek

Solace know that I am that Solace the peace I provide you is different from

the peace the world delivers it is my peace that I leave with

you you may put your worries on me whenever you feel like you can’t handle

anything else in this world I have conquered the globe you are loved by

me my methods are not the same as yours my darling just as the sky is higher

than the ground so are my ideas similarly my methods are superior

to yours and my ideas are superior to

yours my grace is more than enough for you and my strength is made perfect in

weakness so do not lose faith I hear all prayers and and respond in my perfect

timing read these Bible scriptures today because the Lord Jesus wants you

too accordingly I will grant your every prayer request trust that it has been s

to you and will soon be yours believe that your prayers have already been

answered and that your request will be fulfilled two with confidence you will

get anything you ask for in prayer whatever it is that you pray for if you

are faithful you will obtain three if you ask you will receive

if you search you will find and if you knock you will be open Pray until you

discover what you are seeking four this is the trust we have

in him that he hears our prayers in accordance with his suffering God listens and

answers our prayers when they are in accordance with his

desire five if you call on me I will respond and disclose secrets you have

never known similarly if you call on God he will reveal secrets to

you six so I am tell telling you that anything you ask for in prayer has been

heard and will be yours leaving with the knowledge that your prayers have been

answered and that everything you requested will be

yours seven take Delight in Hope but be patient and faithful in prayer when you

are afflicted celebrate with optimism persevere through hardship and be

steadfast in in prayer eight instead of worrying about

anything be thankful and pray about everything give God the glory for

answering your prayer instead of fretting pray to God with

Thanksgiving nine but when you pray lock yourself in your chamber and speak

quietly to your heavenly father he will reward you in private

if you remain steadfast in me and my words stay in you I will grant your

wishes pray secretly to God and he will reward you

publicly all of this I ask for in the name of your dear son Jesus Christ yes

please for mat assure provided you have faith in Jesus Christ receive daily

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