today God is speaking to

you I decree that God will demonstrate

his mighty power in your life this week

be prepared to cure Aid Supply response

Insight comprehend

this the prayers you’ve made for healing

peace and advancement are about to be

answered maintain your attention

obedience and loyalty

if you believe in God please like this

video God wants you to succeed to be

elevated so that you may know and

appreciate his

magnificence God has something

significant in your future it’s time to

put your faith in God and ask for what


need you have been set free because you

are his UND defiled by sins away with no

guilt no longer burdened by wrongdoing

separated from your past God is working

everything out for your

benefit to claim it enter in the

Box God sometimes needs to lock a door

entirely before he car open doors to


possibilities perhaps you’ve experienced

the disappointment of a closed door

despite the

odds God is calling you to fulfill his

plan for your life if you ask God he

will provide the structure you need I

have faith in

him everything around you is being

improved and he isn’t finished

yet I make this Proclamation now God is

restoring your health you’re getting

your sanity back you may expect a rise

in your savings what you prayed for is

happening right

now things will go well for you

professionally your debts will be

cancelled there is no defense that can

successfully harm

you just by typing to to you may

remind yourself of

this God’s not done with you yet the end

of your life will be more pleasant than

the beginning this is only the start of

things for you God is ready to catapult

you into a new

universe to not be disheartened by your

current situation you will not end up

exactly where you are now what you’ve

accomplished thus far is only a taste of

what’s to come for

you prepare for the end of your life

don’t give up things will improve as you

go on and though you started with little

you will end with

much for your longstanding faith God

promises today great blessings are about

to materialize in your life you

persisted and did not give

up you stayed loyal your hard work

enthusiasm and endrance are going to be

rewarded hand L soon it will all click


place enter yes if you accept

this you will rise from obscurity to

fame God says to you today you’ve

prepared yourself by working hard being

loyal and honoring me now be

ready the mask is going to fall off and

I will reveal your true idea identity

you’re about to assume a position of

Greater prominence and

influence and a rise in financial

stability you have my support the world

will finally recognize the

magnificence that you

embody simply enter the phrase I’m

abundant to stake your

claim today God is saying trust me I

have you covered I know where you are

and where you’re going the difficulties

that seem to never go

away it’s a fresh day so you had best

get moving I am freeing you from

confinement increase restoration healing

and breakthroughs are in store for

you just confirm it by typing for

you would celebrate in advance by

dancing and praising God for his


intervention welcome all kinds of love

good health wealth great energy and

wonderful people into your life your

mind body and heart are

mending maintaining an attitude of

thankfulness brings into your life

experiences people and opportunities

that are harmonious with your

energy never ignore any part of who you

are they are all part of the divine plan

for your growth at this time in your

life Souls that are physically and

emotionally well are Also spiritually

whole a key Berry to your progress is

going to be lifted and as a resle new

dos will

appear if you’re ready to embrace your

uniqueness and fully awaken to the

greater force that dwells within you now

is the

time don’t try to Halt the title wave of

change that is about to sweep into your

life and alter your path and ways that

only the universe can

create a universe of possibilities

breakthroughs and Limitless Prosperity

is opening up for you and your soul has

already foreseen them all that’s left is

for your heart and intellect to catch

up take advantage of this Moment by

soaking up the Positive Vibes and

getting yourself ready to go on with

thankfulness and Grace because your path

has never been more

obvious make one little adjustment to

your morning routine and you will unlock

a flood of boundless resources Joy

Independence and self

assurance if you have faith in God

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Channel you’re coming into your own now

seeing the importance of aligning your

actions with the value you place on

yourself and the potency of your

energy it’s not about going everywhere

but being where you’re you’re

transforming embrace the light go inside

to feel

entire you will soon learn the truth of

your own spirit and much will become

evident you must have faith in the

endless wisdom inside you and you will

sense a change change on the

horizon you are healing you are a

priority this is something you will

learn the more you tune into your spirit

the actual

you no matter what you’ve been praying

for or how many tears you’ve shed on

your pillow this month God is going to

accomplish something incredible in your

life I come with excellent news God has

heard your prayers his angels have been

sent and you will soon experience the

Marvels for which you have

prayed you need to go by faith and not

by sight the Physicians will be

surprised and the work will be

yours don’t be shocked if the folks who

are a part of your life and one season

no longer or as you grow to a new level

in God

God to keep you safe from the poisonous

effects of their

expectations world view and even

Disobedience he must muddle your

communication keep going pray and wave

from a distance God has his hand on you

and he will keep the right people around

you and bring even more people around

you who will support you on your trip

God says today I am opening miraculous

doors for you and I am going to shower

you with unexpected benefits you will go

from barely making it to having more


enough I will talk to the proper people

about you you will see Ephesians

exceedingly abundantly above and above

favor and growth in your life

to indicate agreement please press the


button if you’re reading this with tears

and your eyes realize that God is

speaking personally to your wounded Soul

via this message you didn’t simply

chance to stumble into this

message because God wants you to know

that he is curing your illness and

giving you a chance at life that you’ve

never had he directed you

there he will mend your broken

connections so have confidence your

salvation is on the

way God says I am about to promote you

today here’s a chance you’ve never had

before brought to you by Yours Truly for

you I am making way I’ll show you the

ropes then show you the


whatever was taken from you will be

returned to you you can stop worrying

about money forever now everything that

has been bothering you or getting in the

way of your life is being taken

away all of your Necessities have been

met and now I will attend to your

whims type I’m gentle with myself to

confirm I pray that you’ll be able to

take some time out of your busy schedule

tonight to reflect on the blessings in

your life and give thanks to

God I pray that you’ll have the kind of

sturdy trust that allows you to hold

onto God’s

promises and may you be comforted by the

knowledge that God has been working on

your behalf even while you

slept as you put your faith in him now

he will lead you in the right direction

tomorrow if God knows your heart then he

knows what you’re going through right

now I will surround you with support a

friends throughout this time in your

life they won’t criticize you but rather

boost you up they aren’t from your past

therefore they won’t keep bringing up

painful memories keep your attention on

me and soon the tide will change in your

favor simply enter the words I am

Sovereign to assert your

Independence you’re not reading this by

mistake this is your confirmation you’re

going to make it no matter what it seems

like right

now don’t give up you’re on God’s list

for miracles soon as a result of your

perseverance don’t try to mend a broken

heart with another person that’s not how

it works instead give your pain to God

so that he may use it to heal your

soul sometimes what we really need is

for God to work on ourselves so that we

don’t keep repeating the same unhealthy

patterns in our


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Channel your life is about to undergo a

transformation so Monumental it will

leave you reeling from the emotional and


appeal your whole journey up to this

point has been a masterful creation and

this new development will serve as more

proof pause for a minute to savor they

here and now for things won’t stay this

way for much

longer but now you see that the hope you

sought at its conclusion was always

inside you relax the events of your next

chapter will etch a grin on your face

and a song in your heart that will last


lifetime just hit amen if you

agree today God says to you change is

coming I will direct Good Fortune

towards you and you will be showered

with unexpected gifts you will

unexpectedly meet the r

person your condition will abruptly

start to improve suddenly you’ll have

enough money to take care of your debts

and give your kids a little more I’m

changing the odds so that that you

win just hit the claim it button if you

want this statement to go in your

favor someone who is reading this has

been waiting for something you’ve been

waiting for a yes soon it will come to

you God has opened a huge window of

opportunity for

you he wants you to show Faith by

celebrating as if you had it now say

thank you to

God this is the devil’s last effort to

knock you off course before God promotes

and blesses you keep on track your good

fortune is on the

way fantastic news is on the way and it

will bring you unmatched joy we are

breaking the depressing and


Spirit your existing circumstances will

drastically improve a new era is about

to begin for

you it’s time to give all of your

worries doubts hurts and even loved ones

over to me I hope you find peace in your

mind body and

spirit I need your unwavering confidence

so that you may put your faith first and

let go the fear that has been promising

you stop trying to understand

everything don’t allow your problems rob

you of Hope or make you doubt my love

for you today I have just one request of

you please tell me who you

trust the good things that are coming

your way from God will make you forget

the bad things that have happened to you

in the past

perhaps you’ve had twice the usual

amount of difficulty but good fortune is

on the

way if you want to show that you believe

enter the number in the

Box to not be disheartened by your

current situation you will not end up

exactly where you are now what you’ve

accomplished thus far is only a taste of

what’s to come for

you prepare for the end of your life

don’t give up things will improve as you

go on and though you started with little

you will end with

much you stuck at out when circumstances

were bad and God says now I gave you

strength to endure that at times you did

not even know was

me though many abandoned you you when

your circumstances changed you not only

weathered the storm but thrived in it

you are unique I did not make you to


in I made you special and now I’m going

to reward your devotion by taking you

places you never dreamed

imaginable put yes in the box if you’re


set if you have been going through a

tough period God wants you to know that

he sees and understands in material

ethereal and mental terms you have a

kind soul and have been mistreated in a

variety of ways by

others any plot hatched to harm you

would fail miserably with me standing in

the way have no apprehension I will

reverse the situation and bless you

before your adversaries don’t let go of


belief the affirmation I embrace my

power may be

typed don’t be shocked if the

individuals who were a part of your life

and one season aren’t a part of your

life and another when God brings you to

higher Heights in him and separates you

from even more

people to keep you safe from the

poisonous EV effects of their

expectations world view and even

Disobedience he must muddle your

communication keep going pray and way

from a distance God has his hand on you

and he will keep the right people around

you and bring even more people around

you who will support you on your

trip if you’re set to type I’m

optimistic will do

do where there has been worry may God

offer you on sparing amazement where

there has been heartache may he provide

healing salvation a miraculous turning

point and the ability to blow the

cobwebs out of your

imagination may you learn to pray from

that wonderful truth today and be

encouraged God is in

control it’s time to take an honest look

at your life identify the places where

you’re not being yourself and make plans

to make those

changes listen to your inner wisdom and

take action in accordance with its

guidance your future will bend to your

will if you don’t let yourself get

derailed by fleeting


continue shining your light knowing that

you are surrounded by love and

protection and that your words of

purpose and frequency will be Amplified

a thousand times

more align step into your power of love

make the choice to ascend you are a

Divine being in your core with the right

to create

Miracles feel the connection trust the

guidance and act on the Insight you get

your spirit which is receptive to the

truth will show you the

way have faith in yourself you possess

the ability to achieve whatever goal you

set for

yourself if you want this statement type

I claim

it overthinking negative ideas and

uncertainty are leaving your head right

now Clarity is replacing confusion and

peace love and relaxation are making

their way into your

life you’ve persevered long enough now

is the time to receive the rewards of


fortitude enter why asked to take

it you’re going to learn something

really significant about yourself and

the result will be a blissful new

awareness and sense of Oneness with your


self you’ve begun something great and

now it’s time to finish it Embrace

contrast align with your objective these

steps would change your life and provide

you immense calm almost

instantly God bless you and keep you

listen to the signs that life is trying

to tell you something important and then

have the guts to go wherever they lead

you you are fearless you are grounded

you are bold and you are evolving they

will say again and over until you

listen what you are going to learn is

crucial knowledge that will open a door

to your elevation a way to find Serenity


healing your motivation and self

assurance will be bolstered and you will

learn effective techniques for

strengthening your connection with the

Divine put in a man if you really want

to tonight I will visit you in your

dreams shine my light onto you and guide

you to the resolution of whatever is

keeping you trapped and miserable in

your Waking

Life a key barrier to your progress is

going to be lifted and as a result new

doors will

appear if you’re ready to embrace your

uniqueness and fully awaken to the

greater force that dwells within you now

is the

time the path ahead will be illuminated

by your soul and you will have a strong

compelling impulse from inside to pursue

it you have all you ever need inside you

believe in yourself you are magical you

are Divine the appropriate root will

present itself when you’re ready to take

it God sees your anguish he feels your

suffering and he longs to release the

heavy burden of sadness that has been

crushing your tender

heart he cares about you and wants to

lend a hand so he’ll use the strength of

his love to bring you revitalizing

renewal complete health and boundless

happiness if you’re ready respond with a

yes and send this to fire Believers in

God please subscribe to our Channel and

the enable Bell notifications to help us



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