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?God Says: You Will Not Be Punished If You Skip | God Message For You Today | God Blessings Forever


today God is talking to


God will manifest not just to lead

you to your desired path but also to

demonstrate to everyone around you that

the Lord is in your

corner he’s going to do something so

significant so uncommon so extraordinary

that it will be impossible to deny his

favor over your

life input to get

it God declares it is not about you the

life I gave you you were made in my

likeness to the intention of existing

for me and providing support love and

Solace to

others you will discover your destiny if

you seek me out and ask me to reveal to

you what I want from you and refrain

from doing what you desire I cherish

you if you believe in God please like



God will collect those yours and

return them to you if you feel as if you

have squandered them working at the

wrong place spending time with the wrong

people or engaging in bad

activities the experiences that the

opponent intended to hurt you will be

used by him to your

advantage you’ll be smarter stronger and

more prosperous than you were before you

met him he has the ability to propel you

even more towards your

goals if you believe in God type

there has been something waiting for

whomever is reading this you have been

awaiting a response that’s about to

click for

you God has opened a huge window in your

favor he wants you to celebrate as if

you already had it as an Act of Faith

say thank you to


it’s not by coincidence that you’re

reading this you have been confirmed by

this you are going to succeed whatever

it may seem like at the

moment God will give you a prize for

your loyalty thus persevere show

strength and never give up your Miracles

waiting for

you input

to get

this God will cause everything to fall

into place in the coming days including

the promises you’ve been standing on and

the dreams you’ve been praying

for things that you could never do on

your own he will make

happen for for God is saying to you

now you have been believing for a long

time and great blessings are about to

enter your life

you didn’t give up you stuck to your

guns your perseverance

enthusiasm and commitment are going to

pay off big

time things are going to start to make

sense markam men if you

agree opportunities will find you by

themselves favor is going to find you

unfavorable circumstances will change

and align with God’s magnificent

purpose tonight God is telling you I

work the night shift not the trust that

I will resolve your problems and don’t

waste any more restless nights trying to

figure them

out God is telling you that a new

chapter in your life is about to begin

the difficult ulties you are now dealing

with are soon to

end a unexpected flood of benefits and

possibilities that will pave the road

for you is about to arrive have patience

rely on my timetable it is going to


soon please enter

if you accept

this if you love God please subscribe to

our our

Channel God is urging you to include him

in your decision making today follow

your instincts and follow the gut

feeling I give


your current circumstances don’t

seem comfortable to you for a reason

have faith in me because I see things

that are invisible to

you I’m going to give you something

better and greater so don’t worry about


door for affirmation type I embrace my


power God is going to move things in

your favor this year he is organizing

everything God will work through you to

achieve something you could not do on


own it’s going to be more fulfilling

than you could have ever imagined

greater than you

anticipated and happened sooner than you

anticipated it’s up to you to maintain

your faith and it keeps saying that God

is at work continue to have faith that

he is working for your

good recall that this is the year of

God’s favor and that all of his

blessings are within reach you simply

need to make one

change prayer for today Lord I am very

grateful for all that you have done for

me pardon me for all my transgressions

rule over my life oh

God kindly instill in me a pure heart

the proper spirit and mental renewal

please take away the pain from my


I need and adore you bless my loved ones

and friends and keep safe everyone who

looks for needs and trust in you copy

amen and


God is telling you this day that you

will soon be speaking a new

narrative one of recovery achievement

well-being well Health Prosperity love

contentment Harmony and immense

Delight in case you require this type

remain calm those who are attempting

to restrain you and cause disturbance

should leave you alone that will not

work out the Trap the enemy set for you

they will fall in themselves the


said you cannot perceive the ways in

which God is at work it could seem to be

resistance the reality is that God is

promoting you because of his

hand Isaiah States the Lord will make it

happen on the time is right I’m not sure

who needs to see this God is in charge

so go to sleep in peace


simply remain still and allow the Lord

to deliver you now you will never again

see the enemy that you see now for you

the Lord himself will fight please be

calm things that you couldn’t possibly

make happen or going to happen because

of God there will be an abundance of

happiness health and resources for you

to enjoy

you’re leaving that dry area behind

right now the things holding you back


breaking for you everything changes

this week right now God and His angels

are at work on your

behalf you’ll see and feel progress and

development in every aspect of your life

continue on never give up your big break

is almost

here if you believe in the Lord type

at times God wants to totally close

a door before he opens others to Fresh

opportunities perhaps you’ve experienced

some door closings in your life despite

everything be aware that God has called

calling you to fulfill his will for your

life God is aware of what it takes to

restore Harmony in your life rely on him

he is in the process of finishing

something and everything around you will


improved please watch our Channel if you

think there is a


you have to have faith in God’s

schedule you may be certain that God is

putting his plan for your life into

action right now by putting everything

in its proper

place long before the issue Rose he was

working in your advantage avoid being

frustrated and attempting to Pride doors

open avoid attempting to do anything on

your own the response will materialize

precisely ly when it

does God is giving you a packet of

stimulation God will prioritize you if

you prioritize him you will have to

spend everything in order to fulfill the

calling that God has given

you he will carry the weight of your

crown if you can carry the weight of


cross have faith in him for your future

he has divine plan hands for you that

are greater than anything you could ever

ask or


everything that God has begun in

your life he will complete you look back

on the delay as a miracle a new song

will be placed in Your Heart by

God God’s generosity and favor will

Astound you throughout this season your

prayers are going to be heard never give

up put I love you God in

text the wicked bear evil they are

troublemakers and give birth to

falsehoods they create a deep hole that

they fall into after using it to catch

others the difficulties they cause for

others come back to haunt them they are

held accountable for the violence they


people may not recognize you yet

your relatives discount you and believe

you don’t have much to offer and your

boss doesn’t give you credit is what God

is saying to you

today even if you may go unnoticed right

now your moment will come people will

see your worth your abilities and your

gifts you’re going to be noticed because

of me you will go from being ignored to

in control and from being the underdog

to the

favorite enter

if you’re


you won’t see any more of the

adversaries you have already en

countered to your addictions and

negative behaviors are being

broken God’s favor is emerging in a

fresh manner it will help you advance

God can do tasks that would have taken

you years to complete in an

instant press amen if you believe in the

Lord God says you cannot allow past

wrongo doings to dictate how you

interact with others in your immediate

vicinity not every person intends harm


you not everyone aims to undermine you

talk to me more and I will assist you in

identifying the positive and negative

aspects of your


good job my youngster take a look

at everything

that we’ve done together the best is not

yet Upon Us I’ve got so much love in

store for

you don’t give up to soon have faith in

me and proceed together we shall spread

the light into this planet and I will

offer you strength you have my love and

pride God wants you to continue

therefore never give up avoid looking

left or right remember to focus on God

your life is going to be changed by God

you are emerging from that shadowy

area someone needs you they are unable

to proceed without you their prayer has

found its answer in you they are

observing you because they recognize


gift they are aware of God’s presence

God’s doors are going to open for you

you are too knowledgeable to remain

still you will transform everything into

gold you are selected the world is

changed by you God is pleased with


God I am very grateful for your

unwavering support and presence through

all my difficult moments and giving me

much more blessings than I

deserve if you love God please subscribe

to our

Channel join me in prayer as we say this

father I want to thank you today for a

better life in the name of

Jesus thank you Lord for teaching me how

to transform my own life by altering my

own behavior and forgiving me the power

to control control my

body I thank you for giving me the drive

to improve myself my life my

relationships with you and my family and

friends as well as my own

treatment it’s clear to me now that you

are all I need I firmly pledge that I

will never return to who or what I

formerly was I give the Holy Spirit

control over my thoughts will and

emotions and I Surrender my plans to


will Amen in jesus’

name the devil will stop at nothing

to keep you down and he is driven mad by

what it’s the fact that you still give

thanks to God in spite of all you’ve

gone through thus never stop believing

praying praising

and driving the devil insane God is for

you and always will

be rest in the tender arms of my peace

my little


you are a mountain of patience

you’re learning to act on ideas and know

when to let them

go your efforts and time are very

precious respect your own time gives you

the confidence to turn down offers that

don’t fit with your

goals you are becoming more adapt at

discernment which is helping you make

decisions and establish limits to

safeguard your energy your drawing in


opportunities I am a strong creator with

the capacity to mold my world I have

faith that the universe will lead me to

pursue my best interests and I’m willing

to accept any unexpected possibilities


benefits I’m growing into my greatest

self every day and living a happy


life God is telling you this day they

said you wouldn’t survive you didn’t

deserve it they claimed they made an

attemp to prevent you from getting my

finest know my child that I am the

source of blessings and advancements no

one can remove obstruct or destroy what

I promised you remain Pious I’m going to

shower you with


make an effort to love yourself a

little bit more your prospering depends

on your pleasure give yourself more

patience empathy forgiving and


time pay attention to the things you

tell yourself because you could

unwittingly validate them outside of

yourself celebrate your achievements as

a way to honor yourself continue to

construct your well-being by using all

of your knowledge your sufficient

icient enter if you believe in the

Lord if you love God please subscribe to


Channel Wednesday is here kindly God

please remove all sickness Melancholy

and despair from my

home keep an eye on and protect my

friends and family put love love in our

hearts provide light where there is

darkness and bring calm where there is


, for you everything changes this

week right now God and His angels are at

work on your behalf you’ll see and feel

progress and development in every aspect

of your life continue or never give up

Your Big Break is almost

here input

, to get


, to God is going to recall you and

rebuild you in front of those who

attempted to forget

you reassembling anything is the

definition of remembering everything in

your life that has been split separated

and dispersed as going to be put back

together by

God do not lose sight of him in the

middle of your storm he has not

forgotten you give him thanks ahead of

time blessings are on the

way to get blessing type to

please subscribe to our Channel and

enable Bell notification if you would

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