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?”I DIED FOR YOU” WILL YOU GIVE ME YOUR 1 MINUTE । God’s Message today । God says today ।

God is saying to you

today with the power of his powerful

hand God is pulling you out of this

position there won’t be even the tiniest

trace of difficulty left on you you’ll

overcome this with

ease you won’t seem to have encountered

what you have you will simply appear as

a testament to God’s majesty and favor

Express gratitude to

God if you think that God exists please

like this

video God is telling you you wouldn’t

make it the claim they thought it was

Unworthy of you they attempted to

prevent you from getting my very

best recognize that I am the source of

rewards and advancements my child nobody

will be able to to steal stop or destroy

what I promised you remain religious I’m

ready to show you so many

benefits to claim it type

amen God declares do not doubt the

vision you see you know what I promised

you and you know what is coming I only

need to get you ready

first before I encourage you it is

imperative that your integrity and

character brine unwavering since the

place you are beating is r with

opponents Pretenders and

sharks don’t hurry things my darling

preparedness is everything when others

fail and betray you that’s how you will

stand and honor me

amen today the Heavenly beings are

telling you

that you are about to embark on a time

of immense development and enjoyment

life is finally returning the favor have

you not waited long

enough acknowledge that your success and

life is not a coincidence or a fluke but

rather the result of your persistent

work and dedication to your

aspiration Our advice to you is to relax

and make plans for the good times

because they are undoubtedly coming you

will soon have cause for

celebration get ready for simpler and


days to tell yourself this is true type

the enormous change you’ve been

waiting for is about to enter your own

space don’t let its strong wave stop it

let it totally change your trip and ways

that the Universe could only

provide your soul and intellect need to

catch up to your spirit which has

already predicted the changes that are

about to occur a world of new

possibilities advancements and boundless

riches is about to open up for

you there has never been a better time

to embrace this energy and be ready to

go on with kindness and

thankfulness despite the fact that you

must use every effort to achieve your

objectives the angels are telling you

today knowing that when to stand back

and let us work our Magic on your behalf

is just as crucial you’ve put in enough

effort let us take over

give yourself more room to

breathe give your obligations to us and

relax we’ll take care of everything to

ensure your

success we know what you need right now

better than you do so just because you

need time to relax and unwind doesn’t

imply that we do

too if you think so type yes

God is telling you today even though you

may not be recognized just yet your

family may not think highly of you and

your job may not give you

credit you could go unnoticed right now

but soon enough others will notice you

and appreciate your worth abilities and

capabilities I will make you stand hand

out you will go from being invisible to

being the leader from being unknown to

being the one who everyone wants to be

around I know that you are struggling

hard right now God is saying to you

today I’m aware of how limited your

budget is you are undoubtedly making a

lot of effort to cope with all that life

has thrown at

you although I understand that sometimes

you want to give up I want you to rely

on me let me lead the path for you

because the root is me your name is on a

blessing I own keep trying till the


arrives to verify this type

amen God is transferring you from shame

to gain in all your struggles

afflictions heart takes and

disappointments God is telling you today

that since you have been loyal never

gave up and have believed for such a

long time great things are about to come

into your

life everything is going to make sense

at last and your patience perseverance

and commitment will pay off

greatly God is telling you today even

though you may not be recognized just

yet your family may not think highly of

you and your job may not give you credit

now you could be

disregarded but soon enough people will

take notice of you your worth your

abilities and your gifts will be

acknowledged by others you will become

noticeable because of me

from being ignored to in control and

from being the underdog to the favorite

you will experience these

changes you persevered through the most

trying times God is telling you now I

gave you the endrance to suffer things

sometimes without you even realizing it


me many people abandoned you and root

you off when circumstances change for

you not only did you weather the storm

however you thrived in it as well I did

not design you to fit in you are

unique you were made to be unique by me

I’m going to reward your commitment now

you’re going to experience things you

never even dreamed were possible take it

in my

name in input I am prepared to shine to

confirm with just one little alteration

to your daily schedule you may invite

boundless prosperity joy happiness

Independence and self assurance into


life love God subscribe to our

Channel today God is telling you you are

going to be promoted you’re going to

have a chance like never before from me

I am letting you through doors from the

lowest to the top that is where I will


you anything that has been taken from

you will eventually return the times you

spent without our behind you we are

eliminating anything that is bothering

you or interfering with your

life now that I have attended to all of

your necessities

I am attending to your

desires do not go backwards God is

telling you today that’s what your

adversary wants you to do your future

will surpass your

past your past was only a means to an

end together we are proceed as you are

now you will have greater things in the

future if you’re ready type amen

they said you wouldn’t make it God is

telling you now they thought it was

Unworthy of you they attempted to

prevent you from getting my very

best recognize that I am the source of

blessings and advancements my child

nobody is able to steal stop or destroy

what I promised you remain religious I’m

ready to show you so many benefits

open your eyes child of God you may not

see it now but things are changing and

before long you will be able to look

back and fully see why the war was so

difficult it will all become clear to

you as you stare at the blessing before

you and see why it was all necessary

beauty is emerging from this

to confirm this

typs God responds You Can’t Change Your

Life by living the same way that caused

you to want a change I understand that

you want your life to change real change

requires real

sacrifices when you devote your life to

me and let go of the negative influences

in it things will start to shift in your

life I adore

you the Betrayal hurts but God will use

it to benefit you those who deceived you

will watch from the sidelines as you

live in the land of milk and honey God

will use the treachery to accomplish

your purpose in

life please enter yes if you

agree keep worshiping he is there for

you and the anguish becomes too much to

bear he will not abandon you he is

embracing you throughout the trial he is

aware of what they have done to you your

tears are sealed and kept near his

heart this isn’t the end but the start

of something amazing he transforms

everything into Beauty gradually he will

take this suffering and replace it with

something amazing

amazing God is aware of your anguish

that you are overwhelmed worn out and

concerned about how everything is going

to turn out he has heard your

prayers tonight God is telling you too

trust me I’ll get you through the

forthcoming campaign and I’ll fix what’s

broken Rest in

Me prayer God I know it’s not always

easy for me to come to you in times of

fear but I know that when I ask you you

will hear me my wored thoughts are given

to you since I know you hear

them in exchange please provide me

tranquil and assist me in putting my

faith and your wisdom whatever occurs in

my life I have faith that you are good

amen on behalf of Jesus

with the power of his powerful hand God

is pulling you out of this position

there will be even the tiniest trace of

difficulty left on you you’ll overcome

this with

ease you won’t seem to have experienced

what you have you will simply appear as

a testament to God’s majesty and favor

Express gratitude to

God God will isolate you from even more

people as he raises you up in him if

those folks don’t stick around for your

lives Following Season don’t be

shocked you see their beliefs morality

and even Disobedience may be poisonous

to you he must thus mispronounce your

language in order to protect you however


worry God will ensure that you have the

appropriate people in your life and will

even attract more individuals to help

you along the way pray keep moving ahead

and give a distant wave you are in God’s

hand I have allowed your trials to come

to strengthen you in me what the devil

meant for evil I meant for good is what

God is saying to you today

you have stuck with me through it all

and I’m going to overwhelm you with

favor blessings and good

health if you think so type

yes the truth is that you were almost

nothing thus God wasn’t drawn to you or

chose you because of your size or

importance keeping his word to your

forebears he did it out of of pure

love God intervened and powerfully

rescued you from that life of servitude

and released you from the oppressive

rule of pharaoh the Egyptian recognize

this God your God is a reliable God in

reality for a millennium those who love

him and fulfill his commands are the

ones with whom he maintains his Covenant

of faithful love he does however also

exact the price of death from those who


him he compensates people who despise

him promptly and doesn’t take long to


them if you think that God exists please

subscribe to our

Channel have you ever taken a moment to

consider what God may have have been

doing in your life that you are

completely unaware of perhaps he cured

you before you knew you were

ill maybe he prevented a deadly vehicle

accident that never occurred to you more

times and I can remember I have felt

God’s protection I can only speculate as

to how many times he has saved me while

I was not even conscious that I was in


give thanks to God for keeping you safe

for a time you may not realize it yet he

is always keeping an eye on you and

supporting you how wonderful our God

is avoid disrupting God’s plan by

pursuing those who are supposed to

remain out of your life things really

fall into the perfect place sometimes

when they seem to be falling

apart give up battling the past all of

your energy concentrate your efforts on

creating the

new that day when you determine that

your life is your own is the finest day

of your life no excuses or apologies

nobody too depend on lean on or hold

accountable you alone are in charge of

the quality of this incredible

experience that is your gift your life

really starts on this

day it’s best not to obsessively

consider if someone is really interested

in you the cosmos observes all

things as you go through your trip worry

about being authentic and spreading your

light but your focus on what really

counts with the time being and

everything will become clear to you in

the proper

sequence internal development the

universe ranges your benefits in a

different manner when your heart is

constantly in the right place you’ll

find yourself in the Winner’s Circle

every day if you stay true to who you

are the quiet kind of sobbing is the

worst the night ever one had fallen

asleep the one where you can feel it in

your throat and your eyes start to go

watery the one you’re dying to shot the

one when you can’t say anything without

holding your breath and gripping your

gut the one when you’re out of breath

the moment you realize the person who

has meant the most to you has passed

away if you’re prep prepared enter

yes may God fill you with a deep feeling

of his immense love I pray that you

approach each day expecting him to work

in your

life I pray that you will encounter the

Bible as never before and may the

strength and confidence in your prayers

grow to new

heights he is with you at all times

because you are his kid may this day

bring you a great feeling of his love an

acute knowledge of his presence and an

abiding realization of your own value he

has given you this day as a gift redeem

the day by keeping his love in

mind I’d want to thank everyone who is

currently attempting attempting to act

morally make an effort to be transparent

attempting to continue holding on to it

reaching for release attempting to

locate their

flow attempting to remain afloat aiming

to greet every day searching for

equilibrium to attempting self-love

experimenting with novel approaches

that’s me there’s me too together we are


this if you’re prepared typ I’m


now that you’ve created ran your life or

fresh benefits derrive everything is

starting to become apparent to you your

growth is now increasing more quickly

proceed with

caution you are benefiting from this

momentum this speed is advantageous you

Groove to the beat embrace the

transparency of the new chapter you’ve

entered like your surroundings your

perspective has

changed your once distant aspiration May

perhaps be closer then you realize

prepare to be astounded what you have

been hoping for is about to be in your

possession something amazing is about to

arrive for you you’re in a prime

position to receive a significant

blessing your dreams are attracted to

the energy emanating from your

soul maintain a positive

attitude and lofty goals there is no one

attacking your spirit your soul is

expanding bringing your inner power to

life which is why you’ve been


difficulty your faith in the universe

will grow your uncertainties should be

the first thing to go a great Miracle is

going to

happen put I am evolving in text to

confirm have faith in your life’s

journey now more than ever before it

helps you get where you want to go the

universe wants you to be content with

where you

are give up on what you had expected and

live fully in the Now by bringing

thankfulness into every thought and

accept the gifts that you have already

been given in

life acknowledge your blessings and

observe how they grow over time you will

never find yourself in a situation where

you are unable to find your way out the

universe wants you to succeed rather

than fail it’s the start of your golden

chapter in case your mind plays tricks

on you tonight here’s a friend friend ly

reminder your prayer reached God you’re

going to be all right God is clearing

the path for you to sooth you angels

have been

dispatched you have a wonderful life

planned by God with Christ everything is

possible I’m sending you blessings you

are significant you are valuable love is


you Phil then I embrace my power to


although God’s plans are always good

things may not always go as planned so

it’s acceptable to act as though

everything is fine he is aware of how

difficult life can be at

times telling Jesus your worries is a

necessary part of a relationship you

cannot pretend your doubts don’t exist

or stifle them bring them to him he

wants to take take your burdens away


you why are you feeling down and the

emotional he wants to know even on the

days when it doesn’t feel like it allow

him to demonstrate his goodness to

you claim by typing I’m


abundant when you rely on God in trying

times he can use your pain to sanctify

you serve as a reminder of your hope in

Christ Christ and to enable you to shine

brightly in the world we can even

rejoice in our

pains not in spite of but rather because

of our suffering we feed our faith

rather than our emotions by praying to

God reminding him of his character and

promise found in his word and inviting

him into our

suffering waiting is on you you are

going to pray you’ll grow impatient

you’ll start doubting everything however

you’ll keep trying to be patient you

will not stop waiting you’ll also

continue to pray

furthermore one day when you least


it don’t give up on your beliefs then

never give up on your faith and never

give up hope God is more than willing to

fulfill all of your dreams but you must

realize that it will happen according to

his schedule rather than

yours right I claim it if you get this

Proclamation being timid and

small-minded is not a source of Pride

bolster yourself recognize that

greatness is in your future should the

world who you really are have faith in

your skills and exhibit

vulnerability recognize and value who

you are look after yourself give

yourself a wholehearted love for who you

are right now make plans and goals out

of your dreams then act with bravery and

Zeal no more running away restraining

yourself or postponing things no more

apologize in or tempting to win over and

impress everyone you have this life and

this time don’t waste

it if you think this type

yes with just one little alteration to

your daily schedule you may invite

boundless prosperity joy happiness and

dependence and self assurance into your

life make a commitment to yourself that

you won’t intentionally try to make

yourself feel an important little

unworthy or helpless it is known to your

higher self that you are none of those

things it feels terrible to think of

oneself in such a way because those

definitions are actually hiding who you

are refrain from viewing yourself via

the prism of the past or the eyes of

those who have wronged

you you will keep treating yourself the

way they have treated you and believing

in their version of you until you have a

faith and something

greater remain anchored in love despite

everything this journey throws at you

stay grounded in reality maintain your

faith keep your life intact because like

light always finds its way back even in

the darkest of circumstances let nothing

steal it from

you and put yes to obtain

it allow the peace to Prevail your

ability to grow and let fresh energy

into your lives restricted the more you

would tap to cling to people and

circumstances from the

past instead of letting the past drive

you insane you have the power to

reestablish recreate and reenergize

yourself so that you can tune into the

present change is what’s needed right

now if you’re ready type yes and show

this video to five individuals who have

faith in

God please turn on Bell

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