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God is saying to you

today says God you’ve lost something

because of what you’ve gone through some

of your Brilliance and innocence have

been gone and somewhere along the line

you have also forgotten who you

are you no longer engage in your

favorite activities and you no longer

experience the same level of excitement

as as before however I have an idea if

you’ll take my hand I will educate you

to contend for your delight and to war

for your

bless I am going to teach you how to

intercede on behalf of your own soul

child you’ll regain your fire at the end

of it


, continue forward your big break is

just around the corner since the final

mile is sometimes the longest keep going

and hunt for opportunities to overtake

the opposition and

win you’re going to get a helping hand

from someone maintain your faith and

miracles and your efforts to win boost

your faith and think that anything is

possible if you have faith in God type

the Lord spoke you can’t assume to

know how things will turn out I

understand that there are obstacles in

your way but do you also know that I’m

an artistic

genius I can turn your mess into a work

of art and your issue into a very

profitable Endeavor watch me at work

from a distance

and be ready to be taken aback you will

succeed my darling I will have to make


adjustments to

God has been working on some

incredible projects behind the scenes

for you and he is ready to unveil them

the big surprise is about to

happen you will be greatly rewarded in

front of the same people who saw you

suffer God isn’t through with you yet

your latter years will surpass your

earlier ones this is only the start of

where you will go you’re going to be

thrust into the next Realm by

God your starting point will not be your

finishing Point therefore don’t let your

current situation depress

you continue Forward Motion things will

only get better and though you started

with little you will and with


this month God is going to

accomplish something incredible in your

life I am here to tell you that God has

heard your prayers even if I have no

idea what you have been praying for or

why you’re pillows are covered in tears

as angels are on their way and you will

soon see your

Marvels I thus Proclaim that you will

experience a positive change in your

health while the Physicians and land the

job Your Role is to talk and behave as

if it has already occurred steer by

faith rather than

sight if you’re ready enter

God says that while the position I

have you right now is different from

what you had anticipated and outside of

your comfort zone I need you to rise to

the occasion and push yourself this

season because I’m getting you ready for

the next

level the rout you choose right now will

get you ready for bigger

things love God subscribe to our

channel for you’re going to be

telling a different story very soon a

story of how Miracles have found you God

is telling you

today an inspiration filled success tale

you will inspire hope and a great number

of people by sharing your Narrative of

over coming adversity and

triumphing input I embrace my power to

make it

official you will soon be telling a

different story a story of how Miracles

have found you God is telling you


when we feel helpless we often

resort to prayer but if our requests are

not immediately granted we give

up I want to urge you to pray today and

to pray consistently don’t worry about

attempting to do things by yourself as

you pray give it everything to

God I know your heart is broken I know

it’s hard to move on but know that I am

close to the Brokenhearted I will bind

and protect your wounds so you can heal

if is what God is saying to you

today it will take time for you to

recover but as you spend every day in my

presence you will gain the courage to

rise and pursue the love blessings and

Destiny that I have for


recite it again I am ready to

receive a miracle this week something

that completely transforms and changes

my life in a positive way on all levels

in jesus’ name

amen say this over your life I leave my

reputation to God I will not live my

life worrying about what other people

think of

me I’m going to be free to be who I am

follow your guidance and do what I feel

you want me to do people are free to

think what they

want recognize that I am the source of

blessings and advancements my child

nobody will be able to steal stop or

destroy what I promised

you remain religious I’m ready to show

you so many

benefits to claim it type

hold fast to God’s presence and

follow his word and he will surprise you

with an abundance of

benefits I announce that today is the

day that your prayers are being answered

stop living in uncertainty and letting

fear rule your

life I announce that today is the day

that your prayers are being answered

stop living in uncertainty and letting

fear rule your


God will not only give you what you

deserve but he will also repay you with

much more if you allow him to handle

your case God sees the Injustice and he

knows what they

stole if you need this please type

yes you are being helped by God to

become precisely who you need to be in

order to achieve your

goals however in order to become the

finished product you must have both One

Faith and two the process feeding on his

word for the right fuel as you go


it it is written vengeance is mine

I will repay says the Lord on the other

hand if your enemy is hungry feed eat

him if he is thirsty give him something

to drink for by doing so you will Heap

burning coals on his

head do not be overcome by evil but

rather overcome evil with good to love

never exact revenge on yourself instead

leave it to God’s

Wrath press Amen to

confirm if you think that God exists

please subscribe to our

Channel today God is telling you that

you will get unexpected benefits from

just scraping by to having more than

enough you will

advance I am going to let you through

doorways of the Paranormal I’ll mention

you to the appropriate folks exceedingly

abundantly over and Beyond favor and

growth will be seen in your


this is God telling you I saw what

they did to you in I could feel

your pain and quiet handling of it I saw

their attempts to ruin you and their

hatred for

you I overheard them talking about you

and lying to you though I kept you and

kept an eye on you I knew everything I

have set up a table for your opponents

to see in


put I am evolving in text to

confirm to take away your happiness the

devil would use all means at his

disposal to assault you who’s to blame

if you let him do it if you knew he

might attack at any

moment since the devil is a liar he will

trick you into believing anything when

you are most susceptible when it seems

impossible to persevere remember to


loyal enter yes in your text you can

have good days every


God has the ability to use the

adversity the adversary brings into your

life and use it to your benefit

even if you may believe you’ve reached

your destination God will start to show

you the way if you continue to have

trust he will direct you towards your

divinely appointed path by placing the

appropriate people opportunity and

situations in your

way to get it type

God says

everything will work itself out and

manifest itself fully reject the lies of

the adversary and keep in mind what I

have said you are worthy strong and

healed you will also prosper and your

family will be


I vow that you will have a string

of Victories healing

unanticipated benefits and progress and

every aspect of your life throughout the

remaining days of

receive it by faith and claim it

for Jesus sake thank

you may the light of the Lord shine upon

you this is what God is saying to you

the pain will end the crying will stop

the doors will open a season of goodness

and miracles are on the horizon don’t



place your faith and God and

acknowledge that the day ordained for

your destruction could in fact be the

day of your rescue even when it looks

like your enemy has the upper

hand enter I’m kind to myself as a

confirmation there is no such thing as a

Flawless life career upbringing marriage

or group of individuals that always

perform as we want them

to we have an all powerful God he has

the unwavering strength unmatched

knowledge and boundless love to guide us

through this imperfect

existence God says that you struggle to

trust in your own abilities because the

adversary has done it terrific job of

making sure you’ve experienced enough

hurt setbacks assaults and failures to

make you doubt your own

abilities it’s a deceit however one of

the great lies of the devil it is now

your time you do have a tremendous

Destiny on your life you are called the

greatness and you can accomplish

anything through my son Jesus Christ

Destiny with are blowing across your

life so be

ready things come to pass precisely

because of God’s timing it is not up to

you to choose when but to resolve that

you will not give up until you have

crossed the finished line and are

experiencing the tremendous outrageous

benefits of

God you will have more life if you

continue to put your faith in Jesus and

maintain your attention on him life

comes from trusting God Rest comes

through believing don’t attempt to solve

every problem in your life instead let

God be


this is what God is telling you

today remember that I am always here for

you through good times and bad and

valleys and and on mountaintops in tears


joy whatever you are going through I am

here to support you every day every

night and every step of the journey and

blessings and in

hardships right God I love

you God’s message to you today is to

never give up on your goals because he

is Dependable will heal and restore you

and will provide a path for

you I am the same yesterday today and

forever I will never change I have done

it before and I will do it again stay in

prayer and be


you will be in a radically

different place emotionally spiritually

and financially in months continue to

study God’s word pray and improve

yourself you’ll

Triumph to confirm type by taking my


back love God subscribe to our

Channel doors that have been closed for

a long time will be opened for you by

God your life will suddenly become full

with Marvels healing and restoration are

releasing thems

eles the days of productivity and riches

that you have always wanted are almost

here keep going proceed as you are


something has been waiting for

whomever is reading this you are still

awaiting a yes it is going to Dawn on

you God has opened a huge window of

opportunity for you

he wants your joy to be an act of trust

as if you already have it Express

gratitude to

God if you get this

Proclamation type I claim

it today I’m hoping that every chance

you pass up would somehow become a

Heavenly opportunity for you at Fresh

Concepts and growth will spill over you

that you would be showered with favor

and that your squandered years would be

recovered for Jesus sake thank


God removed our eyeballs from the

back of our skulls for a purpose put an

end to looking back keep forward and

have confidence that God is watching


you put Jesus as Lord into the text

field this evening God is telling

you to give up your troubles and go to

bed allow me to create room for you I’ve

done it before and I’ll do it once

again if you believe in the Lord type

God is preparing to show up to you

in unexpected ways and to do


things get prepared for a paradigm

change everything that stands in the way

of what God intends to accomplish in

your life is about to be moved by

God your kids will make Heavenly growth

and Excel academically good health and

favor will overflow

you if you’re confident type

, sometimes in order for God to get

you only his plan he has to ruin your

plan and that’s a blessing if your plan

worked you’d be stuck settling for


, God’s book already has a record of

every day you have lived don’t end your

journey on that page After experiencing

disappointment continue as

is hold on to your faith don’t give up

on your future even if you may be worn

out disillusioned and

irritated God is

trustworthy put this to showa pass and

text to

confirm unbelievably you are getting

closer to your breakthrough these trying

circumstances are what God is using to

get you ready for what’s to come avoid

becoming sidetracked by the conflict you


facing you are not at the end of the

queue look at where you are heading

instead of where you are at it won’t be

forever that you fight change is on the

way you’re going to have a breakthrough

soon sometimes before God can open a

door to Fresh possibilities he wants to

entirely close one it’s possible that

you have experienced some door

closures recognize that God is calling

you to fulfill his purpose for your life


everything God understands what it takes

to make your life more organized have

faith in him everything around will be

improved when he finishes the task he is


on but I am evolving in text to

confirm God said I will send my Holy

Spirit soon be prepared for a sudden

change in your life you’ll see diseases

recover Devils go and despair

lift curses and strongholds shall fall

you will experience calm

comprehension guidance and Clarity from

the Holy Spirit there will be no more

misunderstanding you will leap into a

brand new season of happiness and

Triumph in your freshly restored

revitalized and supremely strong

condition I know you have been surviving

for a long time time financially

spiritually and emotionally you have a

good heart and people have abused you in

many ways God is speaking to you

today you have had numerous betrayals

hand attempts by the devil to drive you

insane yet despite all of this you

continue to stand in the middle of your

storms because I am with

you keep your faith strong and know that

I will not let any weapon created

against you to come to fruition don’t be

afraid I will make things right and

bless you in front of your

adversaries enter amen if you really

trust in the

Lord everything is changing and this is

your season God has been confirming what

you already know

and feel you’re going to take a step

forward and enter a new realm throughout


season the devil has battled you because

of this which explains why you have been

under such intense assault however

nothing can thwart God’s plan and God

has declared that now is your moment

thus become mentally and spiritually



kid this is it the time for which all

roads have

led I know what you’re going through

because I know your heart God is

speaking to you today I’m going to

surround you with individuals in this

next phase of your life who will support

rather than undermine

you not judge you but support you they

will stop reminding you of your past

because they are no longer a part of it

remain attentive to me everything is

going to start going your way thank

you to claim it

typs the way he towed with your emotions

God saw the way he mistreated your

feelings his deception when it was not

necessary why wasn’t the truth


why was Integrity insufficient for those

who deliberately chose the dark honesty

and integrity are never sufficient God

will see to it it’s up to you to take

care of you for

now time to become better I have to get

back to you now most importantly however

it’s time to rely on God allow God to


and reroot you throughout this

hour if you think that God exists please

subscribe to our

Channel come to me with great

expectation knowing that I am your God

is what God is saying to you today I

will bring you out of the darkest hour

and use it to promote

you I’m taking you from a point of

restriction and frustration and putting

you into a place of fulfillment and

favor beyond anything you’ve ever

experienced the waight is done this

season let me be your source of

encouragement and good Joy have faith in

me that I am carrying out your

requests type yes if you have faith in


God is now telling us to talk little and

listen greatly he is using a variety of

methods to teach knowledge you will get

the answers you need if you are willing


listen there will come a day when you

will speak and at that time you will

share how God has been wonderful to you

and how he Has Lifted you from the

depths to the top from hopel lessness to

Destiny from loss to genuine

love but you have to pay attention this

season take a seat and observe Jesus’s

teachings he’ll show you how to let go

so that you may open yourself to

receiving in order for you to receive he

will teach you how to believe say Amen

if you’re

ready you will realize that you were

singled out be caused to your remarkable

promise when the Lord opens your

mind after that you’ll realize that you

have a strength that you couldn’t have

acquired any other

way and last you will get the spoils

that are now officially yours at the end

of your fight there will be prizes

standing Authority award

Wards if this statement is sent to you

type I claim

it attend to your own

needs if you’re ready type yes and show

this video to five individuals who

believe in

God please turn on Bell

notification And subscribe to our

channel in order to support us


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