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In This Moment God is saying to you

today my lovely child I recognize you s

as even though you are one way or the

other on a blacklist you cannot get that

job you cannot locate that mate you

experience that something is probably

hindering you out of your past do now

not be discouraged it’s not Rejection it

is redirection I am commencing the

proper doorways for you keep your

cognizance on me proper now now not your

occasions watch this video through until

the very end my little child I recognize

that it may be tough to agree within my

plan mainly while matters don’t move the

manner your had was hoping or

anticipated but I want you to recognize

that everything takes place for a cause

and that I have a divine plan for your

life that is more than whatever you

could consider when you feel misplaced

or unsure bear in mind that I am always

here to manual you trust in my love and

wisdom and recognize that I will never

lead you off course even when the

direction ahead appears doubtful trust

that I am with you every step of the way

I want you to recognize that I actually

have remarkable matters and keep for you

matters that are past your wildest goals

but as a way to receive these advantages

you have to have faith and accept as

true within my

plan believe that I am operating all

matters together on your proper and

realize that I will never abandon you so

take coronary heart my infant and agree

within my plan and your life have faith

that the whole thing will work out on

your maximum good and recognize that IAM

usually here to guide you closer to a


future God says if you wish to feel my

serenity write yes the verse Matthew

highlights a profound message

about fear and resilience it urges

individuals not to fear those who can

cause physical harm but cannot touch

theal Soul instead it emphasizes

reverence for a higher power capable of

influencing both Body and Soul

cautioning against spiritual sense this

verse encourages prioritizing spiritual

strength and the significance of the Su

over temporal

fears it underscores the importance of

acknowledging a force Beyond mortal

reach reminding individuals to focus on

Eternal implications of their actions

and to cultivate a deeper understanding

of the spiritual realm amid worldly

challenges a firm everyday L recovery

developing and evolving I am becoming

happier and happier because the days

pass with the aid of I am letting Cross

of and freeing past traumas s

pain I am making excellent progress in

my existence and am proud of the way a

ways have come y robust and I am

resilient I can handle anything that

comes up in my life life to confirm type

I am

grateful my dearest child I want you to

learn a new habit try saying I believe

you Jesus in responso whatever happens

to you if there is time think about who

ye am in all my power and Glory Ponder

also the intensity and bread off me love


you this simple exercise was help you

see me in every state of affairs

acknowledging my Serv manage over the

universe when you view events from this

angle through the light of my Widespread

presence fear loses its grip on you

adverse instances end up increase

opportunities whilst you verify your

trust and me no matter what you receive

blessings gratefully realizing they

Glide at once once from my hand of Grace

your persistent statement of trusting me

will for if your dating and maintain you

close to me I am preparing you for what

is on the road ahead just around the

bend take time to be still in my

presence so that I can strengthen you

the busier you become the more you need

this time apart with me so many people

think that time spent with me a luxury

they cannot

afford as a result they live and work in

their own strength until that becomes

depleted then they either cry out to me

for help or turn away in bitterness how

much better it is to walk close to me

depending on my strength and trusting me

in every

situation if you live in this way you

will do less but accomplish far more

your unhurried pace of living will stand

out in this Rush crazed age some people

may deem you lazy but many more will be

blessed by your peacefulness walk in the

light with me and you will reflect me to

the watching World write amen if you

accept Lord

blessings worship me only I am king of

kings and Lord of lords dwelling in

unapproachable light High an am looking

after you D not handiest committed to

automobile H for you but I am

additionally genuinely capable of done

so West and me my weary one for this is

a form of

worship though self flagellation has

long gone out of fashion y my children

power themselves like Rass horses they

weip themselves into movement ignoring

how exhausted they may be they forget

about that I am Sovereign andde that my

ways are higher than theirs underneath

their driven service they’ll secretly

resent me as a harsh Taskmaster their

worship of me is lukewarm because I am

now not their first love my invitation

in no way adjustments come to me all you

who are weary and I will provide you

with restra worship Me by using resting

peacefully in my presence typs if you

trust God listen carefully it’s one

issue to know we should believe God and

the Holy unique component too clearly

agree with him you can realize God is

ideal however it’s difficult to keep

directly to that truth when not anything

top appears to be happening for you you

can understand God does

desirable however it’s tough to hold on

to that reality are you feel the edge of

a person’s betrayal hurt absence or

withdrawal you can recognize God will

paintings all things together on your

top and His glory Beauty is tough to

maintain onto that reality whilst All

Things Are Falling aside I’m simply

losing and here to remind you that you

could do difficult things you can walk

by faith and not through sight you can

keep directly to the truth that what’s

impossible with humans man is feasible

with God you can believe that he who

promised is faithful he is for you he is

with you he is mild and in him there’s

no Darkness God has not arish

aspect if you are concur typ am

men God tells I realize you have been

doubting yourself lately and wondering

in case you virtually are suitable

enough for strong sufficient to do what

I actually have located in your coronary

heart to

do this message is here so that you can

remind you that you can do all matters

through Christ don’t let where he speak

you from your dream stop stressing I am

with you iy already worked it

out you’re about to be surprised via the

goodness God hasn’t shop for you know

you will close the door he opens for you

what awaits you to tomorrow morning

Miracles and desirable news courtesy of

God’s favor claim it with

gratitude write if you

agree have I now not commanded to you be

strong and brave do no longer be afraid

do not be discouraged for the Lord your

God will be with you any place you pass

Joshua –

dear listeners join me in prayer and

speak loudly oh Father Lord thank you in

your steering and safety thank you on

your goodness and Mercies in My Life As

We Begin this new

month I pray that your Lord will assist

me to restore my coronary heart on you

and abide and you help me to let move of

any type of distraction in order to

interfere with my reference to you teach

me to like you and help me to keep my

cognizance on you cleanse me of my sins

and assist me to allow go of whatever

that does not honor your Holy Name help

me to stay a Lifestyles that is right in

Christ let your Holy Spirit be my manual

in the entirety let it be my reminder to

constantly put you first no no matter

what help me to take a look at your

phrase extra and deliver me the

knowledge and understanding so that it

will apply your win my

Lifestyles when matters don’t cross as I

plan strike Accord in me that your plan

for me is higher than what I assume I

need help me to develop in faith in

every passing day in jesus’ name

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to instill a sense of love and reverence

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