?Jesus Says: ⚠️ You Will Surely Go To Hell If You Intentionally Skip Me Today! | DMFY-597 - online calculators

?Jesus Says: ⚠️ You Will Surely Go To Hell If You Intentionally Skip Me Today! | DMFY-597

God says today watch this video till the

end if you believe

me my dearest child I crafted you in a

way that Embraces both your strengths

and the fleeting challenges that Adorn

your journey life’s tribulations May

sometimes seem

insurmountable obscuring the broader

picture yet every moment even the

seemingly insignificant one

contributes to an eternal beauty that

transcends the trials of

existence I want you to recognize that

no part of your life is wasted not even

during the moments of hardship each

struggle serves as a lesson and plays a

role in the grand plan of the Heavenly

Realms your troubles in their temporal

nature metamorphose in into something

enduringly beautiful weaving a tapestry

that will last for eternity these

challenges though daunting enhance the

Splendor of your heavenly

reward it is imperative to face problems

with unwavering

trust understanding that they are but

transient compared to the infinite Glory

they help create I your creator have

come to bestow upon on you not only

eternal life but also a bountiful life


Earth to navigate this journey

successfully you must comprehend your

identity and your affiliation with me

you are my beloved child an integral

member of my Divine

family adoption into my family is not a

mere employment it is a permanent and

profound relationship I have not

enlisted you as a Hired Hand instead I

have embraced you as a cherished member

of my Royal

lineage it is crucial not to let the

familiarity with these truths diminish

your interest the vibrancy of Life

guarded by my unwavering presence

infuses Your Existence with a Vitality

that is beyond imagination

remaining close to me allows the flow of

my life into yours opening your heart to

a fuller more enriched experience this

realization breathes excitement into

your journey a journey where your

choices hold significant influence over


world hold on tightly to the hope we

share for I shall never fail you in

times of profound prayer and seeking

answers cling to me on the world the

adversary and human Frailty attempt to

persuade you to

surrender in the short term

relinquishing may seem tempting but in

the long term it leads to

disillusionment and despair the effort

invested in preserving hope is

undoubtedly worthwhile

now courage derived from the French word

for heart is innate to you request my

assistance in living bravely confronting

challenges and dangers with unwavering

confidence and firm

resolve I love you regardless but there

is a special delight when you

steadfastly hold onto hope in the

radiance of my unw in love I can

accomplish infinitely more than you can

fathom or



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