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?Jesus says : “I AM TRYING TO TALK TO YOU” । God’s Message today ।

today God is talking to

you yes holy Child your premonition was

accurate all is Promised believe it or

not you’re sayane look at all the

fighting going on around you this

fulfills the guarantee made the fact

that you see this as a positive sign

suggests that you already

are do not lose faith little one keep

the faith alive dear one your path to

the Paranormal world is about too open

up coming from out of nowhere or from an


Source a belief and God is required to

like this

video if you aren’t prepared for

something to end God is God knows you

need a new beginning so he’s already

making plans for your

future in his mind he has already

arrived at the conclusion that he is

leading you to a better place or a more


existence typs if you have faith in

God God does listen to prayers believe

me you’re getting precisely what you

want from him but he’s doing it his own

way his methods may be unique from your

own but you can be certain that they are

the best when seeking Joy one often

finds oneself becoming apart from those

who provide

it because of the negative impact they

have on you he advises you to avoid

spending time with them if you beg for

calm and end up being fired he means to

convey that he believes your future is


elsewhere you need to make a better

decision if you ask for love and get


instead if you’re all set just hit the


button and a word God is telling you

today very soon you will be telling a

different story a story of how Miracles

have found you a success story filled

with so much inspiration

many others will find inspiration in

seeing that you were able to overcome

tremendous obstacles and

succeed affirm this by typing amen if


agree don’t fret trust that I am God the

Hebrew word for be quiet really means

let go which has a far different

meaning release your G GP on your spouse

your worries about money your inability

to forgive and your regrets about the

past and instead rest in the knowledge

that I am

God rather of stressing about things

Beyond of your control trust that God

has everything under

wraps God has purposefully put someone

in your destiny and if you remain loyal

you will cross paths with that person

this will not be a random

meeting God intentionally placed that

person in your life and you two will

have a deep meaningful

Bond just tap out I Love You Lord to

confirm your

feelings as God reveals to you today he

has seen the Injustice done to you I

could sense the pain and Stillness with

which you were coping they despised you

and sought to ruin you and I saw it all

it’s all been explained to

me but I hid you and guarded you in the

company of your adversaries I have set a

table a time of breakthroughs favor and

benefits is upon

you and one day you’ll see that it was

all worth it in the end that God loved

you too much to let you settle that he

wanted more for you than what you had at


time he cared too much about you too

give you a mediocre gift at the wrong

moment in time you’ll realize that he

gave you all he had because he wanted

you to have the finest possible

experience with

him simply enter the number amen if you


faith child I heard your request I am

bringing your real nature into the light

God says a pressure you are experiencing

is not breaking you I am using it to


you the serenity you’ve been seeking

will be yours as soon as you learn to

commit your life back to me and I am

teaching you how to do so in new and

deeper ways

now to not take a step backwards God

warns you today the adversary would want

you to think that way your future will

exceed your present you might think of

your history as practice for your

future it’s not just you I’m on board

with this proceed with forward momentum

there’s a brighter future in store for

you if you want more assistance please

enter yes

here it won’t be long until you’re

sharing a new narrative one about the

miraculous circumstances under which

you’ve discovered

success your life is a film and when

others see it they will find inspiration

and how you were able to overcome

incredible hards and

succeed to be clear your hiding

sensitivity is a strength not a flaw it

is the result of your tender heart and


Soul while it’s not your responsibility

to mend every broken heart you encounter

it is your responsibility to maintain

your naturally generous nature as you go

about your life’s work

don’t waste your time or energy on

people who only care about themselves

and instead surround yourself with

positive people who truly value

you if you want to keep being seen as

one of the rare gems the universe has

blessed with enhanced Clairvoyance and

Divinity then you need to keep

shining make one small adjustment to

your morning routine and you’ll unlock a

flood of boundless resources Joy freedom

and self

assurance if you believe in God you

should definitely subscribe to our

Channel a lot of people bring misery

upon themselves by giving up on the

things they care about most in life like

friends family and even love in the hope

of finding something

better they didn’t realize it because

they were to focused on themselves so

it’s not your fault if they blow a


opportunity I’m so grateful that they

let someone with their eyes open see

what they

missed you wouldn’t be so downtrodden if

you had any idea of God master plan for

your life and how he intends to make all

things work together for your

good perhaps you’ve suffered a setback

or feeling down and believe that your

best days are behind you I know how

difficult this is but if you only knew

that God can create Beauty out of Ashes

you would not be so

downcast if If Only You Knew What

wonderful opportunities are waiting for

you what wonderful friendships are

waiting for you and how much better your

later days will be than your earlier

ones despite appearances this is

actually a fresh start and the best

years of your life lie

ahead God is about to do something so

enormous it will be impossible to nor he

is about to take you into your destiny

and it will show the world that the Lord

is on your

side to the point where there can be no

doubt that his hand is on your life

because it is so out of the

ordinary my friends the rest of this

month is going to be fantastic I

prophecy that God will bless you

monetarily and spiritually

God is going to do an incredible work in

your life before the end of this month

and he will heal and restore your family


relationships during this time of

transition God is saying change is

coming I will open doors no man can


shut remember that the economy you’re

upbringing or your level of Education

have nothing to do with your ultimate

fate and that I will be here for you

through every difficulty in

life I your heavenly father he am in

charge of your

fate God says I know you have a lot on

your mind right now from your family and

health to your finances and your

career you may feel like you’re carrying

the entire world on your shoulders but I

want you to know that you are never

truly alone bring all your worries and

concerns to me in prayer and I will send

you whatever you need to find peace and

relief I will give you what you need I

will make a way for you the heavens

themselves are at your disposal have no

fear I will see you

through when you’re down it can seem

like there is no way out of the

situation on the other hand if you pray

to God he will help you get through

it don’t just pray quickly and

dismissively for God’s help when bad

things happen and then give up hope if

things don’t turn

around take hold of God’s promises

instead and watch as they come true

persevere in prayer until God responds

your requests and you are able to move

past your

difficulties be persistent in your

prayers until you see God’s hand move in


situation get over your Low Spirits with

this prayer heavenly father I feel like

giving up especially with the obstacle

I’m facing today please remind me of my

motivation for starting

this insight into your pl’s greater

meaning please show the required amount

of Grace always lead me to seek your

face where I can gather the fortitude to

take action where I can find a hope to

persevere and where I can find the

assurance that Miracles are are possible

right now under any conditions

amen there are times when God will use

something bad that has happened to us as

a stepping stone to something good that

he has planned for us in the

future the scriptures assure us that he

will even use the things the enemy

intends for evil to accomplish for our

good preparation is an ongoing process

that he guides us

through because of this we must never

take our gaze off of him despite our

lack of comprehension we must believe

that when we submit to him he is

directing our

actions God is preparing you so don’t

waste time trying to figure things out

if they aren’t happening when you want

them to

this will only cause you stress if you

are always trying to figure things out

give it to the Lord repeat after me God

my future is in your

hands my faith tells me that wherever

you are taking me it is to help me get

ready to receive the many gifts you have

for me down the

road he is the one you praise he is Our

God who performed for you those great

and awesome wonders you saw with your


eyes God’s love can help us overcome any

obstacle and Miracle power is a reminder

of that it is crucial that we be aware

of God’s hand in our daily lives and how

miracal power is at

work pray this prayer to God is your

ready for the miraculous to help you

overcome the obstacles you’re

facing heavenly father I welcome your

healing power into my life and open my

heart to receive your love today so that

I may triumph over the challenges I

face if you are please type I am aware

below the supernatural responses of

trust and thanks giving to me can help

you rise above your circumstances when

many things appear to be going

wrong when things get tough it’s easy to

revert to negative habits such as

complaining which can lead to a downward

spiral of pessimism and

hopelessness when you let this mindset

rule you you start complaining more

frequently and with with each complaint

you take another step down the slippery

spiral the farther you fall the faster

you Sly but you can still stop

yourself if you will cry out to me in my

name and affirm your trust in me despite

your feelings and thank me for

everything even though it may seem

counterintuitive or irrational you will

begin to rise again and regain your lost

ground if you’re ready just type I’m

optimistic when you’re back on Solid

Ground you’ll be able to approach your

problems with a more realistic and

grateful attitude and that’s when you’ll

begin to feel my

incomprehensible teas if you choose

Supernatural responses this time like

trusting and thanking me

thanks be to God for closed doors just

as he did for the Israelites at the Red

Sea he will prevent you from returning

to servitude by closing off certain

Avenues in your

life for your own good be grateful to

the people who turned their backs on you

said no or simply abandoned you had you

stayed put you would have missed out on

God’s plan for your

life each time God closes a door in your

path know that he’s making room for


greater affirmatively type I am

awareness to focus your

mind your later years will be better

than your earlier ones where you are now

is just the beginning God is about to

launch you into the next


don’t be disheartened by your current

situation you haven’t seen anything yet

and the greatness you’ve experienced so

far is merely a taste of what’s to

come prepare for your final days keep

going and things will improve and though

you started with little you will end


much right now God is saying I saw what

they did did to you I thought it was

evil and wrong you have more pressing

matters to attend to in the Kingdom so

refrain from taking revenge on your

own bless them for I will repay them for

their cruelty no one will harm my kids

without facing serious consequences from

me relax smother them with your

affection pray for them some more and

allow me to do what I must when I

must claim it by typing yes to

proceed God has the big picture in mind

so even if one door closes there is

another better one waiting for you to


through God has a plan for you to rise

above these trials and difficulties and

emerge from the them stronger and more

capable than before so take heart today

and look forward to the future he has in

store for

you God intends to use every difficulty

you face as a stepping stone to the

victory he has in store for

you having a difficult upbringing is no

excuse for the kind of person one turns

out to be and and I don’t believe anyone

should be let off the hook for their

actions I don’t think it’s fair to

Discount someone struggles because they

moved on with their lives instead of

staying stuck in the mud no I’m not

looking for recognition all I ask is

that people stop telling me you don’t

understand when in fact I

do simply enter the code our man in the


field God please give me the ability to

be patient God teach me to love others

you have shown me such great love and

forgiveness please help me to return

that to them please teach me how to

effectively point out the truth and my

friends are AR

straying help me find the right words to

say by guiding me in the spirit hold me

back from using the truth from my own

advantage to God be the glory for his

love with the power of the Holy Spirit I


amen affirmative action if you’re ready

hit the yes button and send this video

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