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my dear

audience right now God is saying talk

little listen much he is teaching us

valuable lessons in many different ways

you will get the information you need if

you just

listen in due time you will share your

story of how God turned your life around

how he took you from the depths of

Despair to the promise of your future

and how he restored the love that had


lost but this time of year calls for

attentiveness put your feet up and learn

from Jesus he’s going to teach you to

release so you may receive to accept he

will instruct you to believe say Amen if


agree God is changing circumstances for

you and your loved ones stop tossing and

turning wondering who what when and how

that’s something only God can

do works the overnight shift and the

angels are on your case relax for a bit

as things plays

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my faith in

God God is talking to you today when

prayers aren’t answered try not to take

it personally let me tell you something

just because you have a perceived need

for something does not indicate that it

really is what you

need have trust in me because I will

provide for your every need I’ll hand it

on to you when the time is

perfect type yes to claim

it the way has been cleared for you

things are happening as they should

focusing on the here and now might help

you forget about your worries for a

while there is where you can find

Serenity your manifestations have their

Origins there there God will speak to

you in quiet wisdom have faith that your

core values are driving you today you

deserve and can maintain this upward

Trend and

success what you’re going through now is

preparing you for the greatest Joys and

rewards of your life whatever it is that


seek plant it water it give some of it

away and you will get some back trust

the process practice acceptance

gratitude and

patience just hit yes if you’re in need


this what the Lord has spoken is in

short have faith in me I’ve been there

for you through every difficulty I hope

you have found my advice helpful I

always have and always will watch out

for you and those you care about the

most trust in my time even when things

seem tough today there will soon be a

shift in your situation don’t doubt me

and have pleasure in today

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God God is talking to you today put your

focus within and take a few deep breaths

drop the things that aren’t adding to

your joy keep your attention on the here

and now as you let

go don’t worry about tomorrow here in

the quiet you may ReDiscover what what

makes life worth living again and listen

for the guidance you need to keep

going to pray is to make a request the

answers will come to you in the silence

you may count on the direction and

blessings of God at all

times desired this enter yes to

confirm the universe is confirming what

you already know the unexpected out come

of your hardship would be personal

development your adversity would be

transformed into

plenty your worries would Fade Into

Recollections of a past existence as a

result even if you feel like you’re

smack dab in the center of these

changes you should see each new day as a

chance to inch closer to the success you

have achieved and

deserve they’re not a perk but a

fundamental entitlement it is a

fundamental human right to have a happy

fulfilled life despite any

circumstances there will be significant

changes in the next month many and

finished business items will be wrapped

up before the end of the year in the

meanwhile you’ll feel revitalized and

ready to make progress towards your

dreams and desires the goals to maintain

equilibrium as you go

forward believe in the web of energy

that is working for you for your finest

hours are still to

come tap he ask if you have

faith God is talking to you today a good

mentality May shift your your Viewpoint

and keep you going you can keep moving

ahead as long as you keep your spirits

up have faith that the most difficult

moments will eventually turn into the

most glorious you wouldn’t be the strong

and resourceful person you are now

without either of them therefore they

both had a function along the

way if you hope for the best you will

get the best a positive outlook May

unlock many

opportunities God says to you today I

know you have been doubting yourself

recently wondering whether you’re really

strong enough or good enough to

accomplish what I put in your heart to

do don’t allow doubt or fear deter you

from pursuing your goals this message is

a reminder Remer that with Christ

nothing is

impossible follow our Channel if you

have faith in

God have trust in your prayers keep

trying and welcome what you desire hope

is one of the most potent emotions since

it offers you the

anticipation a better when you taste

bitter you have made it your mission in

life to be happy and you should rejoice

in the fact that you have succeeded in


endeavor if you get this

Proclamation type I claim it to claim

it don’t resist the inevitable instead

go with the flow letting go of the past

and welcoming the future this is what

God is telling you

today trust in the many doors that will

open because Beyond each one lies a gift

greater than you could have

imagined believe in the benefits that

are coming and you won’t worry about the

present circumstances but remember that

you can’t do it all or be

everything trust that the universe is on

your side and learn to welcome life’s

lessons and divine direction to show you

the path to achieving your

goals click yes to confirm this to

yourself you’re in the middle of a

breakthrough at this present now and you

don’t even realize it you expect them to

be huge loud the sort that

transforms your life overnight but

that’s not what you R feeling right

now you may not see the little Flex of

new energy Alchemy being sprinkled into

each instant of your existence but when

you look back you will see how much has

changed you won’t be able to pinpoint

the cause and you probably won’t recall

the specifics but you will be aware of


changes subscribe to our Channel if you


God God is telling you today a to stop

letting uncertainty prevent you from

achieving your goals by reflecting on

your progress thus far and remembering

the reasons you set out to achieve them

in the first

place focus on the opportunities you’re

making for yourself remember that it

only takes one to bring about the big

shift you’re hoping

for make the most of this very minute

the the only time you have any control

over anything is right

now the affirmation I welcome the new

may be typed

out nothing can stop you from achieving

the success you’ve been striving for

anyone can get up and go but many lack

the patience and faith to wait for what

they really

want you have the information you need

so you can stop wondering when and

instead celebrate your

success God says it is time to become

enthusiastic again it’s time to remind

yourself that you’re not fighting this

battle alone I’m doing my best to meet


difficulties I have sent my angels to

protect you stop worrying and start

trusting me instead I promise you a

fantastic conclusion that’s exactly why

you need to ReDiscover Your

Enthusiasm because the Glorious ending

I’ve planned for you will blow your

mind just by typing I embrace my power

you’re making a powerful

statement God does not allow us to go

through trials Co he enjoys seeing us

suffer rather he uses them to teach us

our dependence on

him what seems like a bad situation at

the time really helps you become

stronger more resilient and more like

Christ in the

end for spiritual growth selfawareness

is essential because it allows you to

confront issues directly with with God

and resolve

them God says today don’t worry when you

don’t get what you’ve prayed for let me

tell you one thing just because you

think you need a thing it does not mean

that is the exact thing that you

need trust in me at the proper moment I

will provide precisely what you

need simply typing I am ready to shine

as an

affirmation someday we’ll forget the

pain why we grieved and who injured us

and we’ll know that the key to Freedom

is not Vengeance but rather allowing

events to take their natural

course smile laugh forgive believe and

love again it’s not the first chapter

that counts but the end and which

reveals how successfully we finished the

marathon in quiet reflection please pray

this dear God I acknowledge my sins and

ask for your forgiveness please take

control of my life and make me your

child cover myself my loved ones my

friends and my Endeavors in life with

your precious and holy blood and save me

from the pain of my

past please Grant the your dream and may

the Lord watch over and provide for

everyone who seeks needs and believes in

Him type I’m optimistic if you’re

ready the fact that God can see the

large picture despite our limited

perspective means that we may Trust TR

his methods even when they seem

illogical to

us you may be ready for what God has for

you but someone else who is going to be

involved is not ready

yet God needs to accomplish a work in

another person or another scenario

before your request may be answered

according to God’s purpose for your life

all the pieces have to come together for

it to be God’s ideal

moment let God work things out his way

the solution will come when it’s

supposed to if you want to live your

greatest life today you have to learn to

trust God’s

timetable subscribe to our Channel if

you adore

God God my heavenly father to you belong

the kingdom and the power and the glory

to you alone I entrust my requests and


praise it is not my will but yours O

Lord and always to your glory therefore

I will have confidence and Trust in your

method and your time because you are

Mighty and powerful and can accomplish

all things in the name of Jesus Christ


pray today for the perseverance to

remain believing in your path the

openness of mind to accept all the good

things life has to give and The Bravery

to keep loving and

healing be optimistic pray for

perseverance and know that you are

precisely where you need to be to

achieve the Fulfillment of your

happiness the toughest task aspect of

any challenge is keeping faith that

things will get better you have more

power to make things better than you

give yourself credit

for don’t sit around and wait for life

to give you what you want instead take

charge of your thoughts reactions and

actions you have what it takes so take

charge be proactive and keep moving

ahead to achieve your

goals if you agree please respond with

yes think on all the doors that have

opened for you all the people who have

helped you recover and all the ways in

which your life has

improved recognize the life-altering

shift in perspective that allowed you to

go after your dreams and hope for

further success as as you go

forward the universe opens up for you

and you see Marvels appearing all around

you follow our Channel if you have faith


God the things you tell yourself have

the ability to change your life so use

them to establish a self assurance that

can’t be

shaken in order to attract even more of

what you want into your life you need to

have faith in your own skills and

celebrate the accomplishments you have


made God says today I know you are going

through a difficult time in your life

right now and you are dealing with


circumstances and a lot of emotional

pain before you know it you’ll have to

switch gear appears again another event

occurs sometimes I come the storm inside

of you rather than the one

outside do not faint I am

fortifying you in ways you are unable to

see right now like usual we’ll make it

through this together so don’t worry

it’s all going to work out

well every one of us has a divinely

appointed mission on on earth and the

only way to accomplish it is to revert

to our Primal state of

development not something we’ve

fashioned for ourselves but rather what

God has fashioned for us to enjoy in

constant connection with

him here is where he sustains us with

his breath allowing us to complete our

mission as he

intended first God please help me

overcome any laziness or

procrastination that is holding me back

from reaching my full

potential please calm my agitation cheer

my heart dick and give me hope

God three please God take away what

isn’t meant from me make clear who isn’t

meant for me and put an end to what

whatever isn’t meant from

me for don’t let me give up for nothing

Lord and guard the road I’m

on five God I pray that you will relax

my mind bend my heart and remove my

anxieties the affirmation I taking my

power back was

typed behold peace my little flock be

quiet quiet for I Am With You Always

because I love you because you are mine

because I have redeemed you because I

have gathered you Beneath My Wings

because I have shown you

Mercy my love is the flag that flies

over you I am your Shield your protector

your best friend your lord your God and


savior I Infuse you with the Holy Spirit

resurrecting you to New Life rise my

lovely and come with me I take great

pleasure in you and sing for Joy over

you all who live Godly in KN will suffer

ye will be despised by all men ye shall

be tormented that their souls shall be

saved because they shall reap a great

recompense many have died for me so why

are you afraid I have gone before you

and I will not abandon you or forsake

you on this narrow

road holy one I have gone before you and

provided for all your needs granted you

every want of your heart and restored

you to your original

Glory ye shall eat and be content ye

shall live in my home all the day days

of your life ye shall behold my kindness

and rejoice in my salvation

forever all things fresh a white stone a

new name an ending love peaceful rest

boundless Joy it is my delight to Grant

you the wishes of your

heart to pour down my favor upon you I

am the source of grace and the

Wellspring of life and in the blank of

an i everything changed everything

shifted so much has happened is

happening and will be

accomplished the time of trial has come

but you need not be frightened I offer

you my peace the war is mine and it is

over trust that your light team is doing

what they need to do even if you don’t

understand why you’re going through what

they’re putting you through at the

moment they saw things you didn’t over

her discussions you didn’t so roadblocks

you didn’t saw the love in your heart

and knew your very

Ence you may trust that they have seen

your light and know what has to be done

to make the changes necessary to bring

about the future you’ve been hoping

for easier here but you’ll find peace on

your new road and open the door to a

Wonderful Life far more rapidly if you

let go of resistance come into

acceptance and

flow God says to you today I know you

have been doubting yourself recently

wondering whether you’re really strong

enough for adequate enough to accomplish

what I put in your heart to

do this message serves as a gentle

reminder that with Christ nothing is

impossible you don’t have to sit there

and take it when others treat you badly

or force you to smile and take whatever

insults they throw at

you you are a human being with the right

to say that was shitty of you you are

not a piece of furniture window

decoration a are their sparkling

toy simply enter the words I am

Sovereign to make your

claim no matter how large strong or

influential your adversary may be God

will not let them stand in your way if

you put your trust in

him even if it seems like nothing is

changing God is working behind the

scenes so keep believing that today is


day whenever you feel down remember that

God’s favor is all it takes to turn


around you may have the restful Sleep

God has promised when you give him

control of every aspect of your life and

put your confidence in

him pray to the Lord and give him your

worries tonight and you may be certain

that he will bless your sleep

sleep allowing the lord to bless and

refresh you and sleep will have a

profound effect on your Waking Life

making you more energized attentive and

full of the blessing of the Lord and

everything that you

do enter yes if you believe in the

almighty take care of

yourself hit yes if you’re pumped and

for forward this video to five other




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