?Jesus says : "IGNORE THIS AND YOU WILL LOSE" । God's Message today । - online calculators

?Jesus says : “IGNORE THIS AND YOU WILL LOSE” । God’s Message today ।


God is saying to you right

now your ideas convictions and goals

influence the world around you and you

are a co-creator of your own

reality therefore pay attention to what

you focus on and never forget that you

have the ability to design the life you


want if you believe in God you should

like this

video show this video to five

individuals who have faith in

God the Divine is telling you today that

the secret to making your ideals come

true to act on your inspiration continue

forward motion and have faith in the

procedure in put our men to obtain it

today the cosmos is telling you what you

perceived as a delay was actually me

holding you in reserve for my very best

efforts watch it through the weight will


worthwhile I’ll handle the rest you just

need to give it you all increase your

self-confidence and faith in

me things are going to get better soon

better than you might have IM imagined

the last few weeks have been full of

turns and turns but you know what you’re

riding the waves with such

ease Spirit has detected you and they

are aware of your fatigue but without an

obstacle how can one develop stamina

both difficulties and joys will always

abound in

life pleasure waves are going to rush

over over you unexpected Good Fortune

information the long awaited call back

or text all of it is on the way things

had to wait since Spirit was keeping you

safe your blessings will come pouring

down now that the coast is clear God the

universe and your ancestors will never


you every season is filled with God’s


how many times has God carried and you

were unaware of it when you look back

you can see that God dot you through

your illness and gave you strength you

never knew

existed although the loss was painful

you felt at peace within and were able

to move on because of him you were

supported by him during the court

case though you didn’t think you could

could handle it day by day you had

everything you required now that you’ve

crossed over your fortunate well and

stronger than before would I be able to


you God will carry you now just as he

did then despite how overwhelming the

situation may seem you can overcome it

the universe’s Creator is carrying

you God is telling you today be honest

with yourself and address the issues I

am bringing to light don’t spend another

year in the wilderness putting off what

you know you should

do if you will cease running you will

break the destructive cycles that have

kept your family down and enter your

Promised Land it may be challenging but

when you take that step of faith my

grace will make it easier than you

think you will be able to handle

challenges heavy things will lift off of

you you will rise above

mediocrity and you will become

everything I have made you to

be God has scheduled a certain moment

for you I have this chance there is a

window of opportunity for that is you to

Res res solve for your recovery for your

advancement for your

breakthrough it might happen in years

a week from now or even

tomorrow however all the pressure is

removed when you realize the time has

already been determined you won’t spend

your life worrying about when something


happen knowing that the promise has

already been been made and your response

is on its way will allow you to unwind

and enjoy

life this is the root of timing and

location of meeting the person you

wanted to lead you to the next stage of

your journey with

ease imagine leaving the house and

meeting the person who were meant to

talk the right way of always getting

Clarity and and direction from above

attraction is exactly

this you are constantly either embracing

who you are or fighting against who you

are the way the universe reacts to you

depends on this nothing occurs by

accident all of this is dependent upon

the universal law and the extent to

which you are letting your soul Go free

Begin by narrating how well your life is

going focused thought and vibration

practice makes you an intentional

creator of your experience you are not

resistant when you’re feeling

good you can allow the stream to lead

you towards your destination when you

don’t resist it gets better the better

you feel about it excerpts from my piece

about the skill r with the

flow God is telling you something right

now don’t give up when you encounter

obstacles disappointments opposition or

a poor Health Report these are

indications that you are approaching


goal when you started out the enemy was

fine but as you gained momentum he

became aware of you and through some

challenges and barri barriers in your

path if you adore God please subscribe

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Channel where you bewildered him was

that he assumed you would give up after

the initial set of challenges he assumed

you would become disheartened when that

friend betrayed you when you lost that

client when your kid got into

trouble but you persisted thanking me

that you are in charge and that I am

fighting your

battles I will go before you and open

doors that no man can close and I will

shower you with blessings healing and

breakthroughs The Best Is Yet To Come I

will say every morning no weapon formed

against me will

prosper if you’re ready type

amen de honest with yourself living in

the past is pointless everything has a

purpose that it occurs for sometimes the

reason is obvious and other times it

takes some time to get used

to the most resilient thing you can do

when faced with the truth is to accept

it wishing for a different situation

doesn’t make it happen the current state

of affairs

no one can be made to Value what you

have to offer by

force relationships are not something

you can alter on your own being

forgotten or disregarded is not

something you are loving you are good at

what you love you fall in love because

you truly deserve something

meaningful additionally not everyone

will be able to identify what makes

makes you unique however when you’re

gone they’ll notice a difference we all

need to

grow don’t let your wish for a return to

the Past hinder you remember that the

best is still to come so be honest with

yourself look up and concentrate on the

present my heart trusts in the Lord and

he helps me he is my strength and shield

my heart sings with delight as I give


praise today I want to exort you to put

your faith in

God have faith that God will provide for

you even if others reject the seed you


sown when it seems like someone else has

taken what is rightfully yours trust God

to provide you with fresh opport

opportunities have faith that God will

Elevate you when others who deserved it


not have faith in God to uphold shield

and bless your regardless of what others


say even though you may have been used

deceived or abandoned by others trust

God to bring the right people into your

life God has never abandoned you even

though other people may have

disappointed you abandoned you or fail

to provide for you and he will never do

he is concerned about your

suffering he collects your tears in a

bottle he is not cold disengaged or

uncaring you can hold fast to him right

now run towards God rather than away

from him

are you unaware of this have you not

heard the Lord is the Everlasting God

one who created the ends of the Earth no

one can fully comprehend his

comprehension and he will never grow

weary or

tired even youth grow tired and weary

and young men stumble and fall but those

who hope in the Lord will renew their

strength he gives strength to the weary

and increases the power of the

weak they’ll take to the air like Eagles

running and not getting tired walking

and not losing Consciousness avoid

having a blind spot or stronghold of

pride in your

life prevent you from hearing from God

via the seasoned capable ships that he

is really sending to save you from a


shipwreck indeed you can have direct

communication with God however there are

moments when you’re so overwhelmed by


circumstances that your head is clouded

and your mind is confused making it

difficult for you to hear clearly and

understand what he’s

saying be humble in yourself and accept

God’s grace and ask for the assistance


require God offers grace to the humble

but he will oppose the Arrogant your

life the life of your family your

ministry and your business all depend on

it we are praying for the hurting mother

tonight Lord it could hurt emotionally

or physically she needs your healing

touch tonight more than anything

anything else because whatever the

reason she is in

pain we pray to the Lord for a miracle

please take out the object that is

hurting her this evening in order for

her to be whole your son endured

suffering on the

cross we have faith that tonight’s

sacrifice made by Jesus will provide her

with the mental physical and spiritual

healing she requires rest and tranquil

be upon this mother in the name of Jesus

Amen we make our

request I think today is going to be

amazing I think I can solve every issue

that comes up today I am in good

emotional mental and physical health

being alive is an amazing

feeling I am appreciative of everything

that I have I am having and will have in

the future nothing will collapse God is

with me he is here and he will see me

through I give God the glory for all

that is

good you know the best course for me

Lord I ask that you lead me in Grace

please allow your Holy Spirit to work in

my life through opening my

heart please give me me the ability to

follow your Holy Spirit wherever he

wishes to go in my life please give me

the ability to always and in all

circumstances trust

you you saved me you created me and you

are present within me Father Son and

Holy Spirit please lead the way to

Paradise for me I am deeply grateful for

your selfless gift I am grateful for

your unwavering love throughout my


existence I now ask that the spirit of

Love guide the humility please help me

to not be afraid because I know that you

will always be by my side wherever you

lead in the name of Jesus thank

you to receive type

yes kudas are not always the same as

ours how come since his ideas and

methods are superior to our own his

knowledge is boundless whereas ours is

not his judgment is perfect and balanced

in contrast to ours which is frequently

tainted by feelings opinions and

preferences he might not always act in

our best interests but he will never Act


morally furthermore we must learn to put

our faith in his character in place of

trying to understand what he

did if you’re a Believer type am

in you will emerge transformed as the

recent struggle Fades the Lord will

enlarge your understanding so you can

see that your great promise was the

reason you were single

out you will then realize that you have

a strength that you would not have been

able to acquire otherwise finally you

will get the spoils that are now legally

yours your battle will end with SPO

status Authority

rewards you need to stop making yourself

available to people who aren’t available

give no more of yourself to people who

don’t even know who they are don’t give

anything to someone you can’t give

something back

to these people should receive nothing

from you if they do not make sacrifices

for you valued things need to be

sacrificed simply turn back if others

are too damage

preoccupy or just plain foolish to

realize that you are the blessing they

have been waiting for recognize your

value God I am aware of your

faithfulness and goodness you love me as

your child and have given me a second

chance at life you support me through

the good times and the

bad you Le day and guard me please don’t

stop demonstrating to me how you are at

work in both my life and the life of

those around me please make it easier

for me to concentrate on my future with

you and to Bear witness to your Deeds

Amen in the name of

Jesus God you are so awesome you

constantly provide for me and you never

give up on me with gratitude I need your

forgiveness for all the mistakes I’ve



please transform my life for your love

transforms everything change my life and

give me your Holy Spirit please show me

what needs to be done to get closer to

you as I Seek You by the grace of Jesus

Amen your prayer from last night was

heard by God he experienced the pain

confusion anxiety and Agony he witness

the tears you shed for your

circumstances your friends your parents

and your

kids God is telling you you are going to

make it through this I have sent a

regiment of angels to clear the path for

you for Every Teardrop for every

sleepless night I have a blessing for

you your suffering is about to end

you’re going to receive healing solution

Miracles blessings and my Divine

favor if you adore God please subscribe

to our

Channel something has been taken away by

the experiences you’ve had you’ve lost

some of your Brilliance and innocence

and along the way you’ve also lost who


are you’re not doing the things you used

to do and you’re not excited like you

used to be but if you take my hand I

have a plan for

you I’m going to teach you how to war

for your happiness how to contend for

your joy and how to intercede for your

own soul in the end you’ll have your


back if you’re ready type I’m

optimistic God says I know you are

thinking a lot right now you feel alone

and like the world is on your

shoulders bring all of your worries to

me in prayer and know that I will

provide and make a way for you you don’t

need to worry I’ve got you

covered afternoon word hang on the tide

is about to turn in your favor the devil

is trying to wear you out because V

couldn’t take you

out enter I am evolving to

validate anything that appears

insurmountable to you such as a mountain

of debt illness depression or addiction

can be overcome by our god with just a

little of his favor and he will level

that mountain for

you this afternoon God is telling you

I need you to pay close attention to

what’s going on around

you the enemy is accusing and attacking

you with

small-minded accusations through people


know these attacks are designed to

divert your attention and make you lose

focus on the things that are truly

important in the Kingdom let go of your

petty grievances rise above them offer

prayers for these folks and continue on

the path of the

Kingdom to confirm type I embrace my

power I’m going to repay you for the

years the enemy has stolen the years you

spent alone and the years you were

mistreated God is telling you

tonight there will be an abundance of

happiness tranqu wealth and prospects


you God has not forgotten you do not

forget him in the middle of your

hurricane Praise Him in Advance

blessings are coming the way of your

success God is about to remember you

he’s going to put you back together in

front of the ones who tried to dismember

you to remember is to put back together

again out to put back together the

things that have been divided separated

and spread out in your

life God is speaking to you today saying

I understand that you are going through

a trying moment in your life you are

coping with a number of situations and a

great deal of emotional

distress it seems like you have to get

through one thing before you can move on

to another sometimes I still the

downpour that is Raging inside of you

but not always the storm that is

surrounding you remain

composed you are receiving strength from

me and areas you are currently unable to

perceive as usual you and I will work

through this together to overcome it

everything will work out fine

to remember is to put something back

together again God is about to remember

you and put you back together in front

of those who attempted to put you back

together God has not forgotten you do

not let him be forgotten in the middle

of your hurricane God is about to

restore the things that have been split

separated and Scattered in your life


if you get this declaration type I claim

it God is telling you today I understand

that you’re thinking about a lot of

things your financial matters your

profession your relatives and the

well-being of a loved

one you feel as though the entire world

is bearing down on you you sense being

by yourself you are never alone my dear

child through worship bring all of your

troubles to

me I will send assets

Rehabilitation and assistance I’ll

Supply I’ll clear the path so you can

go God is going to move things to your

favor this year he’s organizing

everything God will enable you to

achieve what you were unable to do on

your own


it’s going to happen faster than you

anticipated it’s going to be bigger than


anticipated and it will be more

fulfilling than you could have ever

imagined it is up to you to maintain

your faith and to keep saying that God

is at

work maintain your faith that he is

working for your good keep in mind that

you are only one change away from

receiving every good thing God has in

plan for you in this year of his

favor if you’re prepared typs and show

five people who believe in Christ this

video please subscribe to our Channel

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