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?Jesus Says: My True Followers Will Never Skip This । God’s blessings forever |

today God is saying to

you I will give you back what you lost

the Lord declares whatever you have lost

God will return you’ll get well soon

There’s Hope For

You times will get better you will get

blessings soon you will celebrate what’s

going to happen next it’s amazing what

God is up

to if you think there is a God please

like this


the god of unexpected things is

about to show up in your life and do

surprising actions a paradigm change is

coming be

ready all that stands in your way of

experiencing what God is about to do in

your life is about to be

moved you are going to soon overcome the

obstacles you are now encountering it’s

going to be a whoosh of benefits and

opportunities that open doors for


Good Fortune a raise healing of

favor contracts ideas and creativity are

all going to

happen what’s in your name already is

going to be released by God it will come

after you so you won’t even need to


it whatever God begins in your life he

will complete it will be a miracle for

you that the delay happen aresh Melody

will be instilled in Your Heart by

God prayers will be answered for you

stay the course always keep your word I

feel that you’re are making progress it

is the hand of God that will ease


circumstances the verse of the day is I

will instruct you and teach you in the

way you should go I will counsel you

with my loving eye on

you father I am grateful for your

instruction guidance and leadership in

my life now I am receiving your

advice you only need to be be still and

the Lord will defend you the adversary

scheme will never succeed God’s

design your family wealth Health

relationships home and eventually your

destiny are all Targets of this own slot

and it will

fail remain calm take no heartbreak he

defends you in battle it’s already over


conflict Divine Child open your eyes

things are changing even if you may not

see it right now very soon you’ll look

back and see why the struggle was so

difficult in the first

place there it will all make sense when

you’re gazing at the blessing before

you press enter to confirm I’m ready to


you’re going to take new Ground God is

telling you tonight you’re starting

again with your money health and


all you will never witness what I am

about to accomplish historical firsts

abrupt and

unusual I want you not to focus on all

the negative things that are going on in

your life says

God you should pray to me instead for

with the assistance of my heavenly power

those issues will quickly pass and turn


successes you have a predetermined time

if you are reading this too it is the

end of your testing period what you have

been speaking about is going to become

visible God is not only going to provide

you with your desired outcome but he

will also demonstrate to everyone in

your vicinity that he is for

you it will be obvious that he is

working in your life’s favor one he does

something so significant so unexpected

and so out of the

norm it’s God telling you this every day

I’m sending you signals they can can be

seen in the sky on TV radio in your

conversations on your timeline in your

sleep or in the media you consume be

mindful of them and combine them you’ll

see Trends emerg you and I are in

communication let me cradle you and my

tranquil and love my

child this Valley cannot deceive view

you are stepping upon your destiny even

if it is unpleasant this is a

transitional phase God is leading you

higher you are the life the truth and

the path and my opinion Jesus I chose to

announce that you are God and to exalt

your name every

day because the devil knows God is going

to use you for great great things he is

striking you hard right

now put Jesus as Lord in the text

box everything will work out God is

telling you right now all control is

with me the medical reports contents are

known to

me I’m aware of how things stand

financially I can feel the opposition

against you building your dreams are so

huge I know that I promise not to let

you down so please hear me

out thank you Father God for extending

an invitation to begin a new life with

you there’s no going back because of you

my life has been completely

altered prior to knowing you and walking

with you nothing that I have ever known

Compares Almighty I give you my life and

beg you to lead the

path teach me to avoid dwelling on the

past and to keep my eyes on the present

amen I pray in Jesus

name the world is as broken as it has

ever been Lord and I see

this we haven’t found Holiness or

Serenity in all of our know knowledge

and education Heavenly Father only your


endures you alone have unwavering

intentions to navigate your heart’s

intentions so teach me to depend only on

your word and your

truth it is no coincidence that you are

reading this you are confirmed by this

I’m sure you’ll succeed regardless of

the crunch State of

Affairs God is going to shower you with

love healing Solutions blessings and

good things so don’t give up to just

hang on and be strong I’ll pass your

Miracle On To You

Next to affirm type I embrace my

power you deserve so much more God is

telling you now today is the end of

being in unsatisfactory relationships

being confined to unfulfilling work and

partaking in lifeless Pursuits the

moment has come for you to take a

risk God has to approve everything that

occurs and he won’t permit a problem

unless it serves a Divine

Purpose you will succeed in the exam and

emerge from it in a better state of of

mine if you maintain your

composure you are safe if you are

reading this it’s going to be far better

than you could have ever imagined the

money will arrive Love Will Find

you God will provide all you need if you

only live a moral life and seek the

kingdom of God above all

else God declares I have granted you the

win already you now need to use bravery

and faith that turn that winner on enjoy

your day my

darling God declares I know the

struggles you face praying has been

heard by me I’m aware of your desire to

assist others and the lack of support

you experience when you need

it keep up the Fantastic work that’s

what I Des desire you can rely on me

this is going to be your big

break nothing above the basic human

experience has tempted you when you are

tempted God will not allow it to

overcome you instead he will provide you

a way out so you can resist the

temptation this is God telling you I

know you are at your breaking point but

I have to intervene

there your experiences won’t be in vain

as you emerge you’ll realize that I was

the only one who did it to get this


yes if you think there is a God please

subscribe to our

Channel an opportunity for growth and

development is going to present itself

to you too many lessons for you it’s

enough that you have been

patient through numerous hardships and

obstacles you have persevered it didn’t

break you even now you remain steadfast

here you are about to experience

significant transformative

gifts what are you worried about God

asks you today what’s causing your lack

of sleep the though I your heavenly

father I am doing all deranging in your

favor Shifting the wrong T out of the

way setting up advantageous

opportunities please type onen if you

agree you need assistance I realize that

I’m in this place consult me let me

assist you you may count on my support

at all times I promise never to abandon

you love is in

you God is saying look again at the

things that seem unattainable to you in

the background I’m at

work you should not give up at this

point don’t allow anything stop you from

doing this now that breakthrough is

almost here for

you press enter to confirm I’m kind to

myself you are waking up on Friday God

has seen your tears and heard your

prayers remember that I’m working on

getting back to

you your situation is urgent and severe

and God is aware of it his presence in

your life will be abrupt to begin your

day get up trust in God and you will be

well do not turn back is what God is

telling you now the adversary wants you

to act in that manner you’re going to

surpass your history in the

future it was all a rehearsal for what

was to come you have my support don’t

give up there is brighter times ahead


you I am bringing about a significant

transformation in your life God is

telling you now praying has been heard

by me you you desire better and I know

that because I know your

heart better and bigger Vibes are being

set your way it is a long life you have

led the people who are judging you have


on it matters only what I claim you are

however maintain your course you weren’t

meant to be Flawless even by me for

faithfulness is why I made

you I will bring you from obscurity to

fame you have shown me who you really

are by working hard being dependable and

honoring me now prepare yourself as the

curtain is going to rise it’s as like

you’re entering a new era of cash power


visibility you have my support the

Excellence I placed in you will be

evident to others

if you think this type

amen never forget I am always with you

is what God is telling you today both in

prosperous and difficult times over

valleys and above mountains with tears


delight an experience is both good and

bad I am available to support you

through whatever it is that you’re are

going through each and every day each

and every evening all the way

through I will never abandon you because

I adore you you can rely on me to look

out for you and stick by you through

every phase of

life you’re about to enter a new season

when things will start to go your way

God is telling you

tonight it is now enough lessons for you

that was your labor you made such

progress despite the difficulty you

continued to believe you stuck with it

through it all you persevered you now

have the opportunity to receive

much surprisingly you are not far from

making your breakthrough it is God who

is preparing you for what is to come via

these trying circumstances never let the

conflict you are facing divert your

attention this is not the end of you

give your current location your

attention and focus on your

future I had the twist in your story

from hardship to achievement from

disfavor to favor your level of

uneasiness will

rise you have lost something as a result

of what you have

experienced together the journey you’ve

lost you in addition to some shine and

Purity you no longer engage in your

passion projects and experience the same

level of excitement as you once did I

have a plan however if you’ll take my

hand I want to impart to you the skills

of fighting for your PL pleasure and

winning battles for your

happiness you will learn from me how to

intercede on behalf of your own soul

child upon completion you will regain


fire it is my declaration that all the

bad things that have caused you to weep

throughout the years will disappear and

be replaced with blessings happiness

laughter and and love name after Jesus

indeed those who love God should

subscribe to our

Channel your misfortunes will result in

a magnificent return God is telling you

today your bad things will become good

things and I will reward you above what

you have hope for as long as you walk in

faith and follow my


love joy laughter and blessings overflow

into your life my

child to the one who has recently failed

to be authentic there will be

Improvement everything will work out in


end I promise to move mountains it will

be possible to men relationships you’ll

experience happiness again claim it with


Ence God is telling us to talk little

and listen much right now by a variety

of methods he is passing on

knowledge you’ll talk of God’s kindness

and how he lifted you up from the depths

to the top from hopelessness to Destiny

and from breed to genuine

love nevertheless you have to pay

attention this season learn from Jesus

by taking a seat at his feet to accept

he will show you how to

release to indicate your belief in the

Lord typ

yes believe me says God throughout every

storm in your life I have been there for

you all you need has been provided by me

you and your loved ones are safe with me

and I always will

be you may find things challenging at

the moment but have faith in my time

it’s about to become different for you

Embrace this new day and have faith in

me you don’t have a terrible life God is

telling you now leave that abyss of

suffering it matters that you strive it

is commendable if you are facing

difficulties in realizing your ambition

or Vision there is still life because of

the battle however hope remains even if

you’ve given

out reconnect yourself with the God who

called rescued and created you

acknowledge the difficulty from inner

struggle to Inner achievement let your

creator guide

you please say Amen if you agree

put up the daily effort necessary to

achieve your Ambitions being present is

sometimes more important than making a

significant leap discover the happiness

and fortitude at the other end of the

challenge by doing it it is undoubtedly

difficult to get

there any positive aspect of life is

also keep in mind too that it’s value

stems from its

difficulty but I am evolving in text to

validate God is saying to you right now

wait a minute the moment has come to

rise beyond the mundane now is the

moment to dust off your face and pursue


goals that life is difficult is

something I need not tell you you don’t

need me to war warn you that you will

stumble and fall through life I will say

this though the god you serve is greater

than whatever issue you may be

facing God said that a rapid change is

to be expect it when his holy spirit

arrives in your life despondency will

subside ailments will recover and evil

spirits will

go we shall break curses and strongholds

peace Insight Clarity and guidance will

be bestowed to you by the Holy

Spirit it will all become clear you are

about to LEAP into a brand new season of

pleasure and Triumph and you’re freshly

restored revitalized and supremely

strong if you’re prepared enter yes and

invite five individuals who believe in

God to see this

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