🔴MAKE ME HAPPY BY SKIPPING THIS । God’s Message today ।

God is saying to you

today your breakthrough is almost here

my child the job you’ve been praying for

is on its way the healing you need is on

its way keep going my

child your financial support is on the

way the devil wants you to turn back and

give up but you’ve already accomplished

too much to do so my darling you’re

almost at the peak and the view is

breathtaking your tears have been heard

far enough your anxiety has persisted

for too long you’ve had enough of a

tough time if you can just believe I

proclaim a miracle is on its way to you

no matter where you

are using the name of Jesus I send the

spirit of the Cross away from you in

jesus’ name I command you to experience

Abundant Health freedom and

breakthroughs the head is in you not the

tail you are on top not at the bottom I

offer you my words of comfort easing

your suffering and calming your troubled

thoughts your life will be filled with

blessings and deliverance here in the

name of Jesus Christ please

God please show your support for God by

giving this video a

like for this Sunday God has given us

for things to keep in mind one your

Miracle is on its way and God is sending

you confirmation through this post no

need to worry prepare to be showered


blessings two

another location is being led to you by

God what he is doing in your life is

brand new do three you can count on

God’s blessings to serve as a constant

reminder that he is on your

side four suddenly something for which

you do not give up or let yourself be

sidetracked God is telling you that the

devil is fighting you fear L because a

breakthrough is about to

happen no matter how it appears the

devil is vanquished stay strong and

speak the word wonderful things are on

the way I’ve already arrange everything


you just type yes to claim

it I want you to listen carefully my

child be attentive as I speak they must

not be overlooked inject them into your

soul because they have the power to

revive and heal anyone who comes into

contact with

them what you’ve been through is unknown

to most people the fact that you made it

through is an indication of your

strength God is telling you

today still I’ve never let you down

before and I search certainly won’t let

you down now you don’t seem to have

endured anything near what you’ve been

through but I’ve always been there to


you I can do extremely frequently above

all that you ask or think the good news

is that I haven’t finished with you

yet hit the amen button to show your

cooperation it may seem like I’m not

going to help you with with the problems

you’re facing right now but have faith

that I will I have been with you through

every trial you’ve ever

endured things are going to be different

soon please wait I will not abandon you

I will respond to you

soon reflect on the storm and see how

much you have grown do you perceive my

faithfulness that is what God is telling

you today you had some tough times but

you made it I gave you strength to do

that Faithfully remember that I have

come through for you in the past and I

will do it again my love for you is

eternal and I will never abandon

you I will love you forever stay with me

forever never waver from your trust just

as I have delivered you in the past so

while I I do it

again press the yes button to

confirm I will hasten the Fulfillment of

your Ambitions bestow upon you an honor

you did not earn and Elevate you to a

level you could never have achieved by

your own efforts all because I want to


you get ready because if you continue to

trust obey my word and be faithful I am

about to take you to a place of even


blessings no one else knows what you’re

going through you will be judged talked

about pointed at blamed Etc God says to

each of us

today no matter what trust me what other

people think of you is just that their

opinion don’t ever let their thoughts

dampen you your joy this is a reminder

to rely not on your own

understanding just type yes to claim

it don’t panic about what’s going on

stop trying to figure it out with your

own understanding remember that I’ve

never failed you it’s going to be okay

leave it for me to

handle reflect on the answered prayers

un anticip ipated events good fortune

and the times I carried you through the

storms and think back on the times I

have been trustworthy to you in the

past regardless of the passing of time

my devotion and constancy remain

constant there will be days when you

feel tougher than others but know that

you are fighting a battle that is

greater than anything you imagine this

is life and God is telling you this

today always keep in mind that my

strength surpasses yours I will see you

through any trial and error you are more

resilient than you give yourself credit

for keep

going just type yes if you are

convinced you are not alone I will

assist you my aim angels will be by your

sigh have faith in me and I will make

all things work out for the good of your

life be prepared to smile

again get ready for something even

better wipe away your tears I will

provide for all your Deeds stay by my

side no matter what troubles you face

trust that I will handle

everything let let go of your fears and

put your trust in me I am capable of

doing everything you ask of

me this is God’s message to you be

grateful that you are not where you were

you have matured and you are continually

learning you overcame the seemingly

insurmountable and it has transformed

you into an exceptionally strong

individual continue on your journey

journey and never give up for the Lord

your God is God and he is faithful you

have much to be proud

of loving his people and fulfilling his

commands for all time even into the

future just hit yes if you were in need


this listen to me when you’re lonely

lean on me when you’re confused and hold

my and when you can’t find your way I’m

always here for you even when no one


is you are never alone the enemy will

try to derail you he will use people

places and things to distract you but

know that you are on the right road now

keep your focus on me not on your

circumstances you have been dotting your

abilities and strength to carry out the

mission I have placed in your heart and

I know that God is telling you this

today the power of Christ is greater

than any obstacle you may face do not be

afraid or give up on your dreams I am

with you and you will achieve all that

you set your mind

too you are my children and I live in

you the the holy spirit is like an extra

set of powers he is not magical but he

will guide you if you ask him too when

you are confused he will give you

understanding in times of trouble my

spirit brings calm and love when you

feel yourself slipping away my spirit

will guide you back to my

will I can console you and receed on

your behal have and fight for what is

right because you have put your faith in

me just type I welcome the new to


it by now my darling you know that being

near to me brings you Supernatural peace

recognizing your Reliance on me it’s

like finding Mana in the

dessert you can’t put it off until

tomorrow so savor the Tranquility that

envelops you today and feel the

happiness it brings when you awaken

tomorrow we’ll meet again and I’ll give

you the Tranquility the day you

need believe me when I say that you will

conquer any obstacle and walk on water

as soon as you master the art of fully

receiving peace my

darling get back to me and and World

whenever your mind wanders to anxious

thoughts fears worries or doubts think

about how safe you are in me instead of

how insecure you

are my unwavering devotion will engulf

your heart and mind when you sit in my

presence when you feel overwhelmed you

will be rescued from the depths of fear

and despair and enveloped in my


no matter how deep your wounds are know

that God will mend them as if nothing

ever happen the anguish will eventually

subside and be supplanted I love the

kind of love you’ve always hoped for and


for the pieces are falling into place

and God is on the verge of restoring you

the beauty of your life will soon be


the word of the Lord from on high is

this do not be timid or discouraged

because of this great Army for the war

is not with you but with God today keep

all anxiety fear and doubt at

Bay so take heart God has already gone

ahead of you to fight your fights and

straighten your crooked places and even

when things don’t seem good God has

opened doors that can’t be

closed affirm by typa

men defeating the enemy who is

Relentless in his attempts to convince

you that God is bad is Without A Doubt

greatest battle we must fight on a daily

basis do

D this is what you’re being told God

isn’t faithful God is angry with you

your worthless unloved unseen or

unwanted and your mistakes and failures

have disqualified you from your

purpose that it is possible for your

limitations to hinder God’s plan for

your life that the thing that is

preventing you from sleeping is

unsalvageable that there is no way to

overcome it avoid giving the devil any

mental Space by declaring and decreeing

the truth of God’s word over your life

this is a war of faith not a

picnic it’s time to stop fighting your

dreams and start attracting them you’re

finally starting to grasp the strength

your inner magnet

is elevate your spirit by reminding

yourself that you are standing on the

edge of a tremendous opportunity allow

this to be the moment when you

understand that everything is indeed

falling in place for

you every experience that challenges

your beliefs is an opportunity for

personal development your positive

energy is Illuminating every aspect of

your life do not let it

dim your burdens are about to be lifted

and you will be able to stand on your


defeat just type I embrace my power to

affirm the simple Act of making a single

adjustment to your morning ritual can

open the floodgates to an abundance of

positive energy self assurance Joe and


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Believer Jesus Christ I acknowledge my

sins and come before thee in all my

honesty I beg your forgiveness I forgive

everyone who has wronged me I reject

Satan and his schemes

cast out all demons tend their Works

Lord Jesus I Surrender my whole self to

thee I acknowledge thee as my Creator

and savior restore my health transform

my character and fortify my spirit mind


body please Lord Jesus wash me with your

Holy Spirit and Protect Me with Your

Precious Blood and I love you Lord Jesus

I will worship you I will be grateful to

you and I will follow you forever

amen pray this rosary without wavering

no matter how you feel about Mary as

your mother and Queen of Peace and with

all the saints and Angels who prayed for


amen at the moment when you speak each

word from the depths of your heart Jesus

Will alter your life in a manner that is


extraordinary the openness with which my

children receive my good gifts is not

always evident they start to feel guilty

about their Good Fortune as if they

don’t deserve

it the idea that anyone deserves

anything from me is completely absurd

believe and

receiving are the keys to my kingdom not

Merit and hard

work simply type I am ready to flourish

to affirm your

Readiness it breaks my heart one one of

my children refuses to accept my gifts

it makes my heart saying when you

joyfully accept my many blessings when I

give I feel good and when you receive we

both feel good

good during Jesus’s crucifixion Sarah

Young proclaimed he who spared his own

son but gave him up for us all how will

he not also graciously give us all

things just hit I’m optimistic when

you’re not yet

ready put your trust in me to the point

that you set aside time each day to

spend with me and burdened by the cares

of this world do not let yourself feel

guilty about doing what brings such Joy

To Me the creator of all

things after you have surrendered

yourself to me and deep communion I will

use my omnipotence to make time and

circumstances work in your favor so that

you can achieve more and less

time finally when you put your yourself

in my shoes you will be able to discern

what is truly important and what is

merely passing

through stay in constant contact with me

and I will show you the way to go many

things that people do in my name are

worthless in My

Kingdom my eyes will be upon you as I


you choose y to accept

stay strong I for tell an unexpected and

much needed Triumph is on the way and

you will be able to smile because you

will realize the Lord has been by your

side the whole

time you will be filled with delight and

will bring immense glory to God prise

yourself I wanted you to be patient and

now you’re going to see why my Splendor

is about to come to light prepare to

burst into tears of pure delight you’re

about to let go of the hurt from the

past because I’m going to start over

with you in a beautiful

way enter text Lord Jesus Christ says it

all are you ready my child this thing

it’s so much larger than you know stay

in my presence as I ready gorgeous Soul

it’s coming a Divine voice

says is this something you required tap

yes to

confirm I am greatly treasured loved

appointed by God and blessed beyond

measure the greatest and best will of

God for my life is greater than any

scheme plot or barrier that the enemy

May devise

when I listen to my savior’s voice I am

able to see what others don’t do what

seems impossible and love those who are

unlovable a miracle has taken residence

in me and that is Jesus

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Believer a lot will happen to you in

November throughout the month you will

experience a pleora of Miracles good

news and unexpected blessings as time

goes on you will blossom into your true

self once more you will find

Joy time will heal you there is a chance

that you will develop then you will find

true Tranquility Well you certainly are

deserving of it here in the name of

Jesus Christ please

God show your agreement by typing

yes in this day may you be able to stand

firm in the knowledge that God supports

you no matter what he will be there for

you and will do everything he can to

help you he takes care of things you

can’t handle on your

own give him your undivided attention

and welcome happiness as you follow his

lead that is all he asks of you

salutations and Tranquility too you on

this special

day it is your calling as a follower of

of Jesus Christ to overcome adversity

with courage and self assurance a life

of Terror is not necessary for you

worrying all the time isn’t

necessary in light of Jesus you have

nothing to be afraid of there can be no

room for uncertainty or fear when one

stands firm in their faith knowing that

God is on their

side simply typing I’m gentle with

myself will affirm this

statement he assures their success

though it may not always align with our

expectations we can have faith that his

plan is to bless you and not curse you

providing you with the future

and it is possible to break free from

anxiety and fear by declaring God’s word

over your life today you have been

justified by the blood of Jesus

Christ Proclaim that you are greater

than the sum of your Wars since the one

who lives inside you is stronger than

the enemy outside you should boast that

you are fearless like a

lion just type I taking my power back to

airm Heavenly Father loving presence is

never absent even when you are in the

midst of your pain Experiencing God in

the valley teaches us more than any

mountain top encounter could ever

compare in the valley you can find

Value what you must know is that God

does not lead us into darkness no order

to destroy us but rather to strengthen

our faith the times when we feel like

there is no way out are the times when

we will humbly pray for divine

intervention his spirit is essential to

your existence life is to sure to be


solo there is good in God’s plan for our

lives if you love God you will see that

everything happens for your good

according to the Bible rather than

saying something things it states all of

them when you’re doubting you might ask

I love God but life is too overwhelming

right now how is that good well it’s

good even if it doesn’t feel good right

now God can work even the most Dreadful

things into our lives for good in the

end we need not let the difficulties of

today discourage us behold God is at

work orchestrating events in a way that

will ultimately benefit

you yes is the correct response if you

identify with

this the many hardships I have endured

this year left me unprepared for today

this word came rushing and when I didn’t

have one to give you

guys in light of all that God has

planned for the future

God wants you to know that this year

marks the beginning of something truly

wonderful defeated for another

year this is the year that the Lord will

lead you see it in its natural setting

this year he add this is

it at the appointed time not at your

request think again if you’re asking why

God takes so long to answer the arrival

of God is inevitable there is no mistime

for him he is more knowledgeable than

you are that’s

all something you’ve hoped for

recuperation conservation safeguarding

or support for your vision is on its way

hold on tight while you

wait a lot of uphill and downhill work

is ahead keep your mind on the path

ahead do not lose sight of Jesus is be

patient and Trust in his timing beyond

our current definition of good timing it


superior trusting a guide who knows your

needs and where you’re going takes all

the stress out of

traveling getting started is the easy

part finishing is when God steps in we

serve a God who finishes what he starts

there is nothing he does that he doesn’t


he always finishes what he starts we

worry about the future all the time but

he never

does he has a significant build the

things were concerned about pale in

comparison to his sovereignty his job is

to complete to work and your job is to

take steps stop and inhale what God does

is truly

magnificent and no one else can and

compare to indicate your Readiness

please type yes feel free to share this

video with five individuals who have

faith in

God the comment Jesus is



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