[Music] today God is communicating with you just because you’re

special there may be more than one message trying to tell you that this

individual is not wanted in your life today I want to have a serious

conversation with you on something that concerns the individuals you hold in the

highest regard I appreciate you listening what

what I’m about to say concerns the people you love and will cherish

forever some serious matters need my time and attention today I need a minute

to speak with you your loved ones are preparing to

have a good time there will soon be a New Journey quickly approaching is the

occasion the big day is almost around the corner some issues have been causing

you distress and anxiety Additionally you will soon

facing financial difficulties joy and a plethora of

unforeseen Financial advantages will be yours to experience why we’re fixing

those problems shortly this indicates that their needs

will be met properly the issues that have been eating into your profits will

soon be a thing of the past these advantages will be yours to

enjoy now that you have achieved Financial stability as a result of your

issues we are able to do everything that needs doing because God has given us

abundantly without you we couldn’t do a single thing if you want to experience

life-changing Miracles watch this video in its

entirety your problems which I’ve been aware of for a while have been a source

of sadness for me I appreciate you taking the time to

explain to me the mental and physical effects of this

ordeal even if you had delays or misplacements in this circumstance I

still want you to trust this there has never been a better year

for you than this one to leave me please you are in for the greatest year of your

life this year reestablish control over your

physical well-being personal connections and financial situation thanks to this

I’ll be able to assist you better your dreams will definitely come

true in due time having said that you must always be hopeful and grateful for

this to transpire your patience is being tested

rest assured it will be finished much faster than you anticipated you will be able to achieve

your standards and objectives with its assistance please help spread the word

and show your support for the Christian Faith by sharing and liking this

video keep in mind that trust is the key that unlocks everything all of my

benefits and yours as well depend on our ability to trust one

another what makes this lock functional is this no matter how hopeless the

situation may seem I swear I will find a way out click yes if you have faith in

me I will find a solution changes that are pleasing to

the Lord are taking place in you this is already underway and will

continue the arrival of this person into your life will transform all of your

sorrow into Joy suddenly you’ll have an abundance of

what you need to do this he will help you feel better when you are

unhappy once he enters your life you will experience an abundance of

everything he’s going to take care of this through the power of the Holy

Spirit he will be able to do this work with great success this indicates that if you want

God’s gift you have to watch the whole movie do this this if you want the

present my darling children this portends a prosperous year

ahead full of generous presence and significant advancements yes this year

will be fantastic it all starts bright and early

tomorrow and you won’t want to miss a thing all of your financial woes will

disappear when a miraculous event occur the details please tell me

soon amazing things will transpire in your life if you grant me your trust and

allow me to do my magic keep in mind that no matter what

you can always count on my love and support keep this in mind remember this

at all times if you can grasp this I am not not a God who is distant or

uncaring I The God Who is close by want you to know this to not mistake me for a

God who is indifferent to human suffering the success of our meeting

depends on your grasp of this concept please don’t mistake me for an

impersonal deity that’s not the sort of God I am it is absolutely forbidden as you

would with a good friend I am concerned about your needs as well as your hopes

plans and Ambitions you should be more like a dad

and listen to me when I speak you should be kind and considerate like a good

friend and you should treat me the way you would expect a close friend to treat

you which tone would you use when conversing with a close friend when we

talk I want you to keep things simple just be honest with me about how you’d

approach a conversation with a closed body if you think this station is good

please let me know that way if this advice doesn’t Peak your

interest in God and Christianity you shouldn’t follow it the universe as a

whole was created by a compassionate God I am that

person everything happened because of me your whole existence is a gift from

me the sky mountains oceans sun and

stars are all part of this category since they are situated between the

Earth and Heavens someone gave you life because

they saw potential in you based based on my self-perception you were formed by me to

become a person and their love for you goes beyond all

words I feel like I ought to be you were born in that photo of mine I am my own

person it was I who brought you into this world that is to say I am your

biological mother you have the option to hear either your mother or your child

whenever you need someone to lean on or reassure you I will be

here whenever you need a buddy I’m here for you you may call me a friend all you

want but my love for you is unwavering and unending always keep this in mind

regardless of the circumstances whenever you need me I’ll be right here it is crucial that you

keep this in your memory Peace Love healing magic and

blessings will be mine bestow upon you and I will remove all of your anxieties

fears and pains I will alleviate the anxiety fear

tension and Agony that you are now experiencing by providing you with

something else to experience my darling you have gone through this much longer than everyone

else something that isn’t yours has then preventing you from moving forward for

whatever reason it goes without saying that you were wrong to keep

them despite the fact that you were wrong to do so this remains true on top

of that you’ve been multitasking and not fulfilling your official

duties the fact that they are illegal too possess makes this basically

accurate that’s the reason for the outcome punch in a men if you

think concerns that you now see as genuine despite the fact that you first

fail to perceive them in order to have complete faith in

me you must let go everything even these things rather we

need to release ourselves from this everything is getting out of hand and we

need to relax our grip I know that you my darling are

crossing your fingers and praying for the best a brighter future a blessing and

deliverance from your crun predicament are all things you have prayed prayed for in your

prayers these words need to be heard and I hope they are additionally I want you

to know that the Lord has heard your prayers think about it for as long as

you need to after this you will be better happier and more successful than

anybody on Earth all because of me and you will also be

wealthier finding a solution to this problem for you is my

responsibility no matter how daunting the task I will inform you about

it do not worry I will attend to you give you the strength you need and put

you back together do not allow your anxieties to

control you young guy your level of motivation and resolve is commendable

but I’m helpless there’s nothing I can do amazing and lovely things are done by

me the God except for myself no one else has

the time to accomplish all these additional things for some reason I am

able to handle any challenge I am capable of doing any task

no matter how large or small this is my story from start to finish in

My Kingdom I am first and foremost what came before me and what

will come after me are both parts of me I embody each and every one of these

qualities not only am I None of these things but I am all of them I am the

deity who created you knows you loves you died for you and rose

again therefore I am willing to die a second time if it means that you will

think that I am the Divine one who knows you you are loved by

God I love you because I am God and I died on the cross for you so that you

can live eternally I am God and my death was to

give you the ability to live like God you are well known to me hi I am God and

I have some business with you I am the god who is willing to give

his life so that you could have eternal life imagine a world where you my

darling could have complete faith in and Reliance on me my darling that would

bring so much joy to my heart it is my deepest desire desire

that you adhere to my every command and think that serving me is Paramount God

has told me that serving me should take precedence in your

life your anxieties concerns the fact that life isn’t working out the way

you’d hoped and the suffering your experiencing I want to hear about it

all your as Iration objectives and goals

are of interest to me as well do you think you could spare me the details the

more I learn about it the more intrigued I am by its many components if you will

kindly deliver them all to me I would really appreciate

it that way I can keep an eye on them and make sure everything is well take my

word for it that I am who I say I am and put your faith in the guarantees I

provide in advance I appreciate you taking care of it no matter what happens

you can count on my unwavering support Forever by your

side I am always here with you even if you can’t perceive my presence remember

this constantly whatever problems we face as a family my darling child you have my

word that I will never ly no matter how hopeless things may

seem right now please know that I am working on a strategy for your

future how can we improve our support for you that’s my constant thought you

should know this everyone agrees that an ideal strategy would be one that does

everything you want it to plus more you have a strategy that will not

only provide you with optimism but also an exciting future as you are aware of

the opportunities it presents a proposal that both benefits

other locals and makes you a celebrity can be well received by the people in

your neighbor neighborhood like a star you’ll be the focus of all eyes on you performing this

one will not only honor my name but it will also bring us closure as it exposes

more of our bodies since this strengthens our feelings for one another it will

naturally lead to our physical proximity no need to be scared my little boy my

dear is completely harmless never listen to someone who

tries to discourage you by saying the task is tough never convince yourself

that you aren’t deserving of or capable of achieving your

goals you will experience guilt if your desire is genuine giving into the rush

will cause you to lose sight of your Ambitions because you are the most

important member of my family I deliberated long and hard before

assigning you a responsibility you have a special place in my family and I

wanted to let you know that typow men with a faith in

God the path to eternal life is before you if you remain faithful and believe

in me I have planned for you doing this will bring about the life

I have imagined for you will you have faith in me and continue down this

road I’ve shown you the way and if you trust me I’ll take you there just as I

told you you have to stick to what I showed you trusting me is all that’s required

there’s no need for anything more I’ll handle the remainder even if you’re

familiar with him and other people Jesus love for you remains

strong because he is decent and tidy this is the situation even if you are a

sinner Christ loves you and can provide for you even if you have sinned against

him and others his heart still has a place for you I am a available for you at all

times please do not forget that my darling I am not leaving you at this

moment at this time I do not intend to go anywhere I am not planning on leaving

the house you are never far from my thoughts or heart and I promise I will

never abandon you because you are always close at hand

I will never abandon you or let you slip my mind you have my word that I will never

abandon you or ignore you while I am responsible for

you you are never going to be forgotten or left behind by me you have no right

to be proud having you in my grasp at this very moment thought to make me

proud no man who has gone through it can ever shut it again

even if I put my foot through it in spite of their best efforts this

remains true as long as he keeps trying that will lead to exciting

rewards everything I have done for you is confidential and will remain so no

one else not even those who claim to be yours forever will ever find out about

them it makes no difference what they do you’ll end up in an unprecedentedly

excellent position other than that you won’t have experienced anything like

this before aside from that you’ll be facing an entirely new situation Additionally

you will find yourself at a completely new and unfamiliar time and

location do you know what else is in store before this you have never then

where you are going this is something else that will transpire be sure you’re prepared to

deal with the facts before they are handed to

you prior to receiving the information you should ensure that you are

adequately prepared he approached it with an open heart and mind and you

should do the same nevertheless Jesus informed them that he

had been watching them the entire time because he wanted them to know that I

understand how some of you might feel neglected or unappreciated I’ve been

there some of you may have felt neglected or disregarded and he

understood that because I have been in your shoes I want you to know that I sympathize with

you each and every one of the saviors prayers has been carefully observed by

me if any of you are feeling neglected or forgotten know that you are not alone

I know this from experience there has been a great deal

of preparation and setting up occurring behind the

scenes in other words you can make good use of your time and get things done

without having to wait to see them even if you haven’t seen it yet you

should still assume that it’s on its way to you this is correct although you may not

be familiar with the term just yet always and without fail it is I who

brings joy to others if you’re feeling down hopeless

lost or negative about yourself please come to

me listen I will lend you a hand I will be of assistance to you I’ll be as

helpful as I can be you won’t be able to imagine the forms these gifts will take

but rest assured they will be wonderful unexpected blessings will pour

into your life this V made to you I will honor I assure you I will honor my

promise regarding this you have my word that I will never leave your

sigh I am here to help in any way I can you are free to do as you like I will

remain by your side anytime you feel the need and any way you see fit you can ask

me to lend you a hand even though there’s a lot of negativity happening all around me I am

the one who helps me find the positive aspects you won’t have time to dwell on

your loneliness when you are with me which is why I am who I

am I’ll make sure you’re occupy right now you won’t have time to think about

being alone I am aware of your struggles and the anguish and Terror you are

experiencing I am well-versed in all of this the more people who see this video

the more I can spread the word I promise that no matter what

happens you can count on me to be by your sigh we can only assist direct and

stand by you if you completely understand this what I’ve come to do is mirror your

efforts to improve I am here because I want to be of service to you any way I

can I’m here to lend you a hand as someone who has experienced

hardship firsthand I am able to even though I’m well aware of how challenging

life can be please know that I am making every

effort if you and your loved ones are suffering I can help I am cognizant of

the fact that we continue to face challenges in life I know that there will be more to

life than the problems that crop up soon and it’s easy to become upset about

things I will begin addressing this issue immediately simply express your

desire for my assistance and include me in your life and I will gladly lend it

to you I will will begin addressing this issue immediately simply express your

desire for my assistance and include me in your life and I will gladly lend it

to you you don’t need anything else because you are important to me being able to

assist you is of the utmost importance it is my desire to be of

service to you A lot of people have been waiting a long time for this to happen

now that it has arrived you can all Rejoice this new beginning can no longer

be postponed action is required immediately your anxiety lack of

concentration and insomnia will be things of the past and the future all of

that will be considered historical trust me and have faith in me

in the background I’m trying to figure out how you should live your life give

me your trust have faith in me I will complete these

tasks I will spare no effort in my pursuit of a better situation for you I

am the only one who can truly put your needs first whatever is best for you I

will do respond with a yes if you hold that

belief forgiving a wrongdoer is a topic close to my heart and I want to share my

thoughts on it with you today please consider whether you are

capable of forgiving those who have wronged you in light of this no matter

how terrible your sins are your spiritual father will pardon

you if you are enabl to Pardon other people God the Father will not pardon

you for your transgressions no amount of pleading or

apologizing will help if you simply cannot or will not let go of the memory

forgiving other people is essential no matter how difficult it may

be despite how difficult it may be you must forgive other people lessen the

amount of resentment animosity and bitterness to hold

within just like before having someone like me by your side will bring you

Eternal Tranquility the problem has been resolved so this is the result I remain

radiant like the sun even though you cannot perceive me I may be invisible to

you but I’m always with you my existence is impossible to evade I am

ever present to rephrase this is my attitude toward the sun even though it

is invisible to you I am here for you at all times so

there’s no need to worry stay with me at all

times know that I am here for you no matter how much you feel my absence the

though you can’t see or touch me you could compare me to the air surrounding

me even though you can’t see me I will always do my best to take care of you

like a mother would for her child my concern for you will never fade

similar to the love a parent feels for their child this love is intense I am

the god who performs miracles keep that in mind my little

one I am the god who performs Miracles so keep that in mind an impermeable sea

of reads was created by me the god additionally I was able to revive

the dead and Aid the sick I am the most incredible God and I do incredible

things constantly just believe in me trust me

and have faith in me that is all I ask that’s all I require from

you you have completed the task that was assigned to you pay attention to what I

say and act accordingly I am capable of great

things you are not alone in experiencing what you are going through right now

please trust me and tell yourself that therefore please know that you’re not

alone in experiencing this just in put yes in the box below to

get this blessing you may also communicate with your father your close relatives and

myself dear Creator this is a privilege that every one of us

endures not only might your dad have this opportunity but so could other

no matter what you may always contact me not only might your dad have this

opportunity but so could others no matter what you may always contact

me I traveled tremendous distances to express my affection for you commend

your talents and guide you toward your dreams I want to be of assistance to you

at this crucial period period of your life please don’t be shy about reaching

out to me putting your faith in me and making an effort to work together with

me on a performance level everything you have to do is this

I pledge that no matter what you ask of me I will always give you my undivided

attention yes I am capable of meeting your requirements I assure you you that

these two things will occur and I really hope that you will carefully consider

them rest assured these commitments will always be honored you will spend the

remainder of your life carrying out the plan that I have for you my

child I care about you thus it’s crucial to me that you stick to the plan since I

care about your success and welfare I think it would be a good fit for you to

take on this role I care about you thus it’s crucial

to me that you stick to the plan since I care about your success and Welfare I

think it would be a good fit for you to take on this role this work is for you to complete if

you stick to this fantastic plan you’ll be able to look forward to the future

with optimism doing this will get you both after you accomplish this you’ll be set

for life you are guaranteed success if you adhere strictly to these

guidelines even though it’s not always fun I always make sure to do it to

really experience the magnitude of my love my generosity and my impact on the world

there is no substitute this is the moment for the big thing you’ve been waiting for to

happen in your life just as you’ve imagined it you should get over to the event

right now type sure if you think it’s true you should start to notice the

results of your prayers now that you have been praying consistently here are

the advantages I have intentions for you these wonderful things will ketto pass

because your prayers have been so regular there are some fantastic

possibilities heading your way and I hope you’re prepared to seize

them in the form of advantages your wishes will be granted I already have it

in my schedule for you to respond because of it you should not be

concerned your hard work is finale paying off and you should start enjoying

the results right now despite the fact that I am aware of

the financial difficulties you have been experiencing I want you to know that you

can always count on my support and assistance no matter what I’d want you

to know about this I’d like you to know the following facts for the honor

of my glory the question of how to pay for it is irrelevant I will see to all of your

needs if I want to prove to the world how amazing I am I will do whatever it

takes I will see to it that you get all your requirements fulfilled you already

have the resources to cover all of your financial obligations

I have been entrusted with your confidence no matter how hopeless things

seem I will always find a way to assist you I have been entrusted with your

confidence no matter how hopeless things seem I will always find a way to assist

you I am well aware of the difficulties associated with being here because these

exchanges constitute the whole of your identity if I tell you that your

romantic life would Skyrocket you’ll have to believe me I guarantee it will

work but you’ll have to put your faith in me if you are a believer in God you

should watch this video completely I know the one who will love

you no matter what and encourage you to be the best best version of

yourself I don’t care what other people think of you I’m the one for you this is

the kind of person you should spend time with being one among them I am familiar

with these individuals from the inquiry just hang in there and trust that I will

introduce this person to you when the timing is perfect people will avoid it they are

destined to be with you at this very moment therefore I will give them to

you assuming your interests and aspiration are genuine I will see to

that this occurs pursuing them will not cost you anything Having the courage to pursue

your own desires and goals is essential I hoped you would be able to finish what

I started since I built you with that intention I have faith in your abilities

and know that you will achieve great things as I shape you one objective was

my focus because of my concern and desire for your well-being you have made

it this far this is why I have gotten you this far so keep that in mind at all times

not content with just getting you this far my desire for your best has driven

me to get you this far it’s not fair that I have gotten you this

far my intentions for you are excellent but only because of them have you come

this far make sure you stay safe while you achieve I want to provide you with

optimism and a future to anticipate but I will will see to it that none of your

dreams come true that includes inflicting pain on

you these ideas occurred to me due to my deep concern and affection for

you it is my sincere wish that the existing plans have brought this matter

to my notice it might seem like you’re handling everything on your

own even when it seems like you’re on your own God is there guiding you and

holding your hand this is something God wants you to know God wants you to know that he is

there for you at all times guiding and supporting you but you should not think

that you’re doing everything on your own you might be right regardless of the

circumstances I assure you that I will be by your sigh providing guidance based

on my unwavering commitment to Justice having faith in me will allow me

to encourage assist and sustain you if you put your faith in me I will bring

about incredible changes in your life and provide advantages that you can out

fathom in your life I shall perform wonders as your Everlasting parent you

may have faith in me to bring about these changes the ability to bless you

fulfills my life’s Mission and for that I am eternally

grateful I have prayed for you and will pray for you forever since you are the

reason I Was Made always made the blessings of God accompany you keep in

mind that I am trustworthy and will honor honor all my commitments to you

have trust in me I am prepared to face the inevitable

challenges that life brins including the kinds of things that might exacerbate

feelings of melan col and despair these days will come and when

they do I will be prepared for everything just hit yes if you on

Bard contrarily please know that you’re never really alone personally I believe

this is crucial to me this is a really worthwhile field of study you can always

count on being accompanied by others my word is that I will be at your side

forever in The Darkest Hours I will be the one to watch over you and to tell

you what to do if you’ll just allow me into your

life I swear I’ll never leave your side I would remove all the sorrow from your

heart and substitute it with an everlasting sense of Love

contentment and Tranquility if you will just let me into

your life all I want is that you accept me in order for me to enter your life

all you need to do is open the door please just make place for me that

is all that is required of you just let me in that’s all I

need kindly take immediate action no one will ever be hungry or thirsty if they

have faith in me and do what I say I that no matter what I will always

be able to provide for them no one will ever be thirsty or hungry if they follow

me and I will provide them everything they need no one will ever be happy until

they come to me the living bread those who have faith in me will never be

unhappy trust me and I will ensure that you will never be hungry or thirsty as

long as you are with me you will never be thirsty if you have faith in

me I promise to not only fulfill all of your requirements but to exceed them all

what does it mean to live a life of immense richness both materially and

intellectually I’d want to discuss this my life has been filled with

success and if I could tell you about it I would because I wanted to share many

nice things in life with you I want to share a life of abundance with

you allow me to acquaint you with a lifestyle that is very luxurious no

matter what you can count on me to remain at your sigh when I tell you this it doesn’t

matter whether it’s about your past or your present come and amen if you are a

believer in God I am standing here arms spread

prepared to embrace you the moment you arrive because I can’t bear to wait any

longer please come to me so that I may embrace you when you arrive I swear I

will grant all of your requests without fail I understand that trusting me may

be challenging at times times particularly when things are not going

as planned I am aware of this since I have been in your shoes I am aware of

this since I have been in your shoes before I could tell you this I was

in your position so I know what you’re going through despite the fact that you may

not be able to see my efforts I am always putting in a lot of time and

effort behind the scenes since I have been in your position

previously I hope it sticks with you and that you never forget this as part of my

plan for your life I want you to refrain from doing anything that other people

would deem disrespectful due to the technique please please

please I’m going to share it with you soon it brings me great joy to know that you

will have hope for what is ahead I want you to be prepared for the

compassion so be ready my little kid I think it will come as a surprise to you

to take measures to guarantee that you may improve advance and lose your

current employment this frees you up to pursue New Opportunities which is progress in

and of itself it’s not visible right now but I’ve done it and it will

remain because you have placed your confidence in me even when it seems like

your prospects are slam I am determined to realize them telling you to be strong is my way

of encouraging you to be courageous and fearless this should be helpful you have

nothing to be afraid afraid of or concerned about with them reason being the Lord your God is

with you and fact he will never abandon you the Lord made a solemn V to you

about this subject therefore you have nothing to be scared of or worried

about please enter amen if you believe for the simple reason that you

have placed your confidence and me even when it seems like your

prospects are slim I am determined to realize them

because I am God I can perform the seemingly

impossible I am prepared to take on whatever task you assign me never forget

that my love for you beyond your wildest imagination and that my only want for

you is the very best that this world has to

offer for you I want nothing but the best in life nothing less than perfect

English will do and I demand the best for you this indicates that you should seek

my assistance and allow me to tend to you there is a beauty and mystery to

life and you will Discover it if you follow my example

allow me to share with you the lessons that await you in this life the one that

we will lead together as you look about you’ll see how beautiful it

is if you follow my hand and let me decide everything in your life you will

never know this eventually you’ll get it here you will discover

everything it is accurate in every manner I I say if you believe me you

will see that my words are absolutely accurate numerous factors are conspiring

in my favor and your weakness allows me to demonstrate my true

strength your words whether they be four yourself or someone else even for me

will always be heard by me and I will never abandon you I want to be of assistance to you

therefore I am aware of the difficulties you are facing as you strive to make

ends meet in order to get everything done I

will go above and beyond right now is the time to feel your gift and Marvel at

your Wonder ensure that you are prepared to

progress while the universe is being created before before you

began I gave careful consideration to every one of you and the specific

request you made this is what I did to make sure the cosmos would follow your

wishes I will see to it that you find purpose and fulfillment in life my

heart’s desire is to see you succeed in life These are aspiration that are

special to you distinct from all others there is no one else who can help you

achieve your mission and your objectives your life mission has been

revealed to you and you alone have the power to fulfill

it in every manner I have provided for your needs so you may enjoy a life of

Plenty and Jo I have bestowed upon you actr ordinary talents and powers that no

one else has there is absolutely no one else who

has the unique set of talents and abilities that I have bestowed upon you

I have provided you with all the Necessities for a life filled with joy

and happiness however you may have feelings of uniqueness that set you apart from

both myself and everyone else at times it may seem as if you’re

groping about aimlessly trying to uncover answers and solutions that elude

you your reaction to the situation is quite

reasonable reason being no matter how much effort you put in you will never be

able to uncover the solutions you seek but please know that I am here for

you no matter what and that I am meagerly anticipating the day when you

will seek my counsel and assistance I will make sure you know

that I am always available to you no matter what you have my word that I will

be at your side at all times you have my word that I will never abandon you or

forsake you you may count on me to be the Beacon of Hope that guides you to

success following me will lead you to the liberating truth and a fulfilling

life that provides for all you wants permit me to clarify what’s happening

I’d really appreciate it your health your money and your

romantic life will all undergo significant changes in in the next weeks

I can guarantee you that these alterations will bring you immense

Joy simply type Amen to request this blessing at the moment this job is

experiencing a great deal of misery and suffering according to God the suffering

you’ve gone through is nothing compared to the pleasure that’s on the

way job is not experiencing immense anguish much anguish and sorrow had

befallen him personally what transpired in the we

hours of tomorrow morning will prompt God to perform a miracle that will solve

all of your financial troubles the early hours of the morning

will see the completion of this miracle at the crack of dawn there will be an

incredible taking place this miraculous event will occur

while no one else is awake I want everyone to be alert and prepared to

observe the early morning is when this peculiar occurrence often takes place a

new season is upon you and God has promised that things will begin to

improve you have been given this word as a that a new season is on the horizon the

purpose of this letter is to assist you as the new season approaches it is

time to be ready this email has some extremely useful information that you

should consider it was intended that this letter be sent to your residence today

at this very moment you will experience a great Improvement in your life as well

as an abundance of good fortune and presence with God on your side you’re

about to experience some very thrilling events the next hours will bring

incredible blessings to your life for which you will be eternally

grateful a substantial sum of additional funds will be at your disposal all of

these tools will be at your fingertip tips When You Reach here it won’t originate from a person

you know or believe it will originate from rumor has it that you will experience pleasure trust and love all

over again at some time in your life you will

experience all of these experiences once again all that has transpired is your

fault and you will face the consequences because of what you did you will have to

pay the price for all that has transpired every single thing that

transpired is directly attributable to you all the negative

outcomes that resulted from your actions will be attributed to you and you will

bear full responsibility for them I will restore everything to its

original state and compensate you for whatever you may have lost indulge in

some of the most exciting and enjoyable events that you will ever

have these events are scheduled to over the next several months declares the

almighty in this time of immense opportunity I am sending you love

blessings Comfort answers and healing I have faith that everything will work

out for the best you can be proud of your accomplishments in the end and I

could even trust you if you believe this video could be

helpful for someone in your immediate family your circle of friends or even at

work please consider sharing it with them please know how much I am grateful

to you God for everything that you have done and will do for

me your kindness and generosity mean the world to me and I hope you realize it

for everything that you’ve done for me I am eternally thankful please know how much I

appreciate our relationship and the many ways you have helped me please know how

much your assistance means to me your your efforts are very commendable and

you truly deserve this recognition with all my humility I want

you to know that you are more important to me than anybody else please help me

too be able to follow your will not your way and everything that I

do I am going to go I would be very grateful if you could advise me on the

appropriate usage of language and when to use it with this I will be able to live a

life free from Stress and Anxiety my life will be filled with Joanne and tmat

as a result of this my deepest gratitude is with you if you’ll just bear with me

I’ll eventually get it perfect no matter how much you doubt me

I have something more grander in store for the future after everything is said and done

you will realize that strategy served you well and that your decision was

correct until it’s safe to continue God May instruct you to turn around and go

back prepare yourself for this situation there will inevitably be a delay so

until then you must remain patient all you can to is patiently await that

fateful time punch in yes if you

think trust God with all your heart and be grateful for the trip these are two

things you should remind yourself of constantly each of these to points is

significant in its own right but take taken together they are

Paramount this concept should always be on your mind predetermined events in your life cannot

be altered or prevented from unfolding as they were

intended a lot of people think your goals are unrealistic although some

individuals may inevitably let you down I assure you that I will never be one of

them it doesn’t matter to me whether other people fail you I swear I will not

letting you down as my salom vow I refuse to give you power over your

life even if other people will persistently disappoint you no matter

what you have my word that I will look after you and those you love well your

loved ones and you are not not exempt from this either Ivar will never abandon you or

abandon you without a second thought it is God’s desire for you to know that you

will never again have to worry suffer or be stressed my talents which include

healing love and serenity shall take their place to you he swears that he

will honor this pledge this Divine promise is for each and

every one of you the timing of all these events he assures us will be just

perfect outside of that he will eliminate Tanny and all problems worries

and the anxieties you may have when you need someone you know you can rely on

me no matter the circumstances I will always make every effort to a

accommodate your requests I swear as soon as something changes you can always

contact me that they will do in the near future

whatever is going on in your life right now you can rely on me to fix

it changes will be made the moment this adjustment becomes official the state of

your health the stability of your relationships and even your employment

prospects will all undergo radical Transformations you will not enter the

Kingdom of Heaven unless you have prayed repeatedly God will be pleased and

remark kid you gave me a lot to do when you arrive always keep your faith and know

that no matter how terrible things go God will bring you out of them stronger

than before if you put your trust in God he will see you through any trial that is something

to have in mind regardless of your circumstances keep this in

mind God will be with you through thick and thin and he will provide a way for

you to overcome any difficulty nothing ever changes no matter how Terrible

Things become for you this is true regardless of how difficult things

get whatever you’re going through he’ll be there to help you get through it and

on to the other side so you can finally relax I am certain that things will

improve in due course your recet troubles will soon go away a voice

sounds as if they are informing you I will open a fresh door for you you

if someone speaks to you from above the implication would be that I’d

make some new connections for you out of nowhere your every request will begin to

be fulfilled in the most perfect manner possible in order for them to carry out

their function as intended your mind will be blown yet you won’t believe my

genuine kindness press the amen button to make your wish

come true all eyes are on you now click here

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