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?MY CHILD SKIP ME IF YOU HATE ME!! । God’s blessings forever ।

[Music] my darling little one just in the last year you have

accomplished so much you have achieved an incredible amount you may not have

arrived at your ideal destination just yet but it’s likely that you’re younger

self fantasized about the life you lead now if you never stop to appreciate your

progress toward your goals you will never be cont content with your

life attaining any level of success will not satisfy reflect on the people whose

lives you impacted the challenges you overcame and the ways in which you grew

as a person you deserve all the praise you’ll

get in appreciate this demo those who have

a religious belief God is telling you right now that you

will never again have to borrow money beg or fight for anything because a door

is about too open for you both your breakthrough and your

greatest comeback are about to happen all those who dare to talk ill of you

and your fate will have their voices cut off put in I am ready to shine to

airm just one month remains before the year it’s time to take stock and give

thanks to those who gave you come rather than Mayhem this year think back on the

responsibilities that brought you energy and the ones that sapped it appreciate

all the ways you’ve progressed and tactfully point out the areas where

where you still have room to develop forget about getting everything done all

once it’s okay let what you accomplished in

serve as a road map for your

performance your Marathon persists in moving forward without embarrassment

self- sabotage or Regrets by empowering one another bearing graciously with one

another and freely forgiving each other when one has a legitimate grievance

against another because the Lord has forgiven you you should also forgive one another

beyond measure the ultimate link of unity is Selfless Love which is formed

when everyone wants the best for others you were called as members of one

body of Believers May the Peace of Christ and the inner Serenity of one who

walks every day with the controlling element guide your heart in making

decisions and resolving any issues that occur be thanks to God

continually put in I’m optimistic if you’re ready there is still time to become into

the person you see for yourself to is not the the end of the year if you

weren’t sure you could achieve your objectives for there’s still time to get

going you can still make a difference dedicate yourself to self-improvement

while there is still time embrace the spirit of rebirth and originality in

every moment not only when the year comes to a close you shouldn’t put off Pur pursuing

your goals aspiration and desires until you find the ideal

moment there is still time to start something significant before ends

as Christians we must never forget that we serve a God who is both tremendous

and Powerful he is preent he knows the

future from the start he has known Our Fate he had prior knowledge of both our

birth and death dates God did not create us with perfect knowledge but with

sufficient faith that we would follow his guidance say I embrace my power to

affirm say I embrace my power to affirm give gratitude and appreciation for

every accomplishment no matter how great or little praise and appreciation to the

one and only amazing father God who makes all things possible should

accompany every celebration at every step having a reason to celebrate is

crucial because it gives us the will and energy to keep going strong in our tasks

in the same way our celebration is a party honoring Papa

God he wants his family and his sons and daughters to have a life filled with

pleasure and success at every stage therefore he is happy when we achieve

our goals and feel content in spite of appearances

challenges often turn out to be opportunities for growth even though it

hurts you must let go and allow life to strengthen you stay strong and keep

moving forward keep this lesson in mind the next time you’re feeling

down the fact is that often the most difficult lessons are the ones your soul

needs whether it’s a poor month or a horrible year take all the wild events

and lessons you’ve learned from them and put them on a label most of your history

was never a mistake as long as you learned from it select yes to indicate your

Readiness look up for your help is in me not in men I am bringing forth a new

thing in your life it will be visible to all I am removing the wrong people from

it and setting you up for something better and

bigger they thought they hurt you but I am the one who removed them quit weeping

over disappointment and loss instead concentrate on the new things I am

birthing in your life this message is here to encourage

you for with Christ anything is possible do not be afraid or give up for I am

with you and you will achieve your goal never how painful lesson remain

edged in your heart the greatest lessons in life are often gleaned from the most

unfortunate experiences and the most disastrous blunders some may be

reluctant to get back up and attempt again to love to live and to

dream there will be low points when it seems like everything that could go

wrong is and you may worry that you will never get out of this rut but you

will in times of Despair keep in mind that sometimes the worst things happen

before the finest things may happen yes if you believe that I say that I am calm

and tranquil then I will not let anybody or anything to disturb

me I will persevere through any trial because I am confident and the calmness

that God has given me I will be content with my life and Bloom my planting place

and I will trust God to conquer the wars I’ll face your position has been difficult

but you shouldn’t lose hope or be attacked because this is your breakthrough season God is battling for

you and you have the win this is my declaration before this month is done

God will give you a reason to rejoice and I’m open to change to

affirm Have Faith In the Journey we beg God to take us out of tough situations

all the time but we don’t always consider the possibility that he is

shaping us for a future he knows we’re not quite prepared for just

yet it is in The Humbling Act of saying not my will but yours God let our eyes

and hearts start to line up with his and it is in the deliberate pursuit of

hearing God’s voice that we will discover order among the

disorder may God’s love envelop you and may you spend each day anticipating his

entrance into your life here is where he will lead lead us and prepare us for the

future he has planned if you are really his kid he

will be by your side through thick and thin and I hope that his word will be

more alive to you than anything you have ever

experienced today may you feel his love more intensely and have a deeper

realization of your own value both of which are gifts from him make the most

of this day by keeping his love in your heart assure this with a yes

sign he will range your circumstances so that you encounter the

right people at the right time and accomplish the right things he is the

god of Divine Events and he wants you to know it what this implies is that God can

provide for your every need if you are seeking employment he can open doors for

you if you are seeking a lifemate he can cause you to meet the

[Music] one sign up for our Channel if you’re a

Christian it may not seem like much is occurring in the natural world but we

serve a supernatural God and I Proclaim today that a change is coming whether

you are seeking a change in your health your money or a relationship this change

will come the air he’s been holding on to is

going to be reshaped in Jesus name and a fresh wi of God’s favor is about to blow

into your life propelling you on God will complete in an instant what

you would have thought would have taken you years on spite of the bumps on the road

I am here to tell you that God is with you and will lead the

way regardless of the height or width God will shield you from every Tempest

and his light will shine even in the darkest night all God wants of you is

unwavering trust there is little you can ask for and much you may

get sign up for our Channel if you’re a Christian in the name of Jesus I block

the power of Jesus for Every curse that the devil says against me I say that

everything around me starts to grow this is called stagnation My Life Starts to

progress everywhere I go in jesus’ name God will be with me I am making progress

and everyone will see it as I Delight in God’s word my results will change and I

will have wealth and riches in my house I am doing more and more is coming

to me no curse will be cast upon me or my family whatever was hovering over us

has been destroyed his love is limited L both now

and in the future he understands all that happens in between so have faith

that he can use his grace to turn any circumstance around and bring you

Victory stay strong stay determined and don’t give up till the end comes he is

aware of your challenges pains sufferings and sorrows and he will

assist you in reigning the strength to cross the finished line

in God’s appointed time and manner is a gift that not everyone should have but

God’s mercy will give it to you your soul is precious and not

everyone deserves to be in its presence or to reap its emotional and mental

benefits hold your high vibrational energy for individuals who really care

about your spiritual growth few have been fashioned into jams

like you this unique object is sure to entice all kinds of people how near one

gets to it is all up to you you’re a walking diamond and it’s

okay if you didn’t know it until now the universe has no idea where it’s taking

you but you’re certain it will take you far

your Brilliance grows in direct proportion to the amount of strain

you’re under I have plenty of claims to make quit thinking about the things you

dislike about yourself and your life before they take

over I will not think about those things then remind yourself of the scripture

Brethren whatsoever things are true whatsoever things are honest whatsoever

things are just whatsoever things are pure whatsoever things are lovely

whatsoever things are of good report that is Affliction and remember

where it comes from it is not from God and it is not for you instead decide to

say no subscribe to our Channel if you

believe in God if there is any virtue and if there is praise meditate on these

things what he has learned and received and what he has heard and seen in me the

God of Peace will be with you sometimes Gods will conflict with

our feelings and dispositions it’s not always simple to obey his will so how

can we Channel our intense emotions despite being told to speak to the

rocket gash so it could produce water Moses instead smacked the people and

smoked as members of The Rock Christian Community we are called to testify to

the mighty Deeds boundless compassion and abundant grace of God in our daily

lives God will show his might through us if we answer his call all without delay

and do not stray from his commands being unbelieving is our worst

sin because it prevents us from preaching the gospel because we don’t

trust God however we have seen directly how

vital God’s reprimand and judgment are how the Divine discipline of life brings

us back to him and now the promised land is denied to those who don’t

believe press the yes button to confirm this with

yourself since God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power love and a

clear mind you should be eager to receive the laying on of hands because of

this instead of filling us with Dread worry or uneasiness the holy Spirit

empowers us and offers us a clear conscience as if we were born

again the devil will continually seek for methods to cast you into Terror if

he can succeed in making you afraid you will be prepared to fulfill the plans

the Lord has for your life if we walk in his strength Love Is

Love and have a sound mind we will be Overcomers for God even if most people

fail to complete his plans for their lives due to their

anxieties my promise to you my child is not conditional on your Perfection but

on your accepting my will and making every effort to walk in

it however I do want you to be happy so I give you divine assurance

that even if you fail in achievement but succeed in desire I will not use human

Frailty as an excuse to back out of my promises Teeter was the one I choose

because I knew he would be the one to help me overcome my weaknesses and

become strong again after experiencing failure and

denial I picked him out so that other vulnerable Souls would find strength in

remembering my forgiveness and love and in seeing his own spiritual growth as a

result their opinions about you are none of their business so let them criticize

misinterpret and spread rumors about you no matter what people say or do you

should never question your value or the the beauty of your worth keep shining

and let the haters hate you since their thoughts do not pay your

bills even though I go to Great Lengths to ensure other people’s happiness and

fulfill their every want there are times when I feel that no one is paying

attention to the things I do for them even if I’m the center of attention when

it comes to myself having a decent heart may be frustrating

at times which is why put on an act of being unconcerned about things we may

not always comprehend God’s methods nonetheless we must remember that God

perceives the broader perspective think at it this way God may

have something in store for you but someone else involved isn’t quite ready

just yet so before God answers your request in accordance with his purpose

for your life he needs to act on someone else’s behalf or some other

circumstance if you want to live your greatest life at God’s ideal timing

everything has to fall into place then you have to learn to trust God’s

timetable and let him do his thing oh Lord I give you all my worries

and my requests and you will answer me at the very moment you say you will

glory you are sufficient for am in the name of Jesus Christ I pray

that all things will work together according to your plan because you are great and powerful and can accomplish

all things I will trust in your time and Method because your will will is greater

than mine please ask God today to give you

the entrance to face whatever challenges life throws at you the wisdom to know

when to stop worrying and start living the fortitude to love and heal even when

it hurts and the perseverance to believe in his plan for your

life have trust in your prayers and know that your happiness will be fulfilled

you are just where you should be the world is now in a mission to

assist you wherever you go and this month marks the completion of one of

your life chapters so be positive since it provides you a clean page to start

whatever you’ve ever desired all that you have been through

has been building up to this point and the energy of source is here to show you

the path and fill you with thankfulness and Assurance as you approach a turning

point in your life everything will be taken care of

shortly if you have faith and your abilities and follow your

intuition everything changes for a purpose and the seasons are no exception

rather than resist change embrace it and be open to what’s coming

next trust that it will lead you to benefits greater than you could have

imagined and seize the opportunity it brings if you have a belief in God then

type yes everything is falling into place according to divine plan let go of your

worries and focus on the here and now that’s where you’ll find

Serenity you are competent and deserving of this upward Tory of wins in your life

and your manifestations are based there there is also where God gives advice to

you trust that your foundation is now moving you you’re now experiencing a

breakthrough that you aren’t even aware of breakthroughs usually come with the

Hefty price tag the kind that transforms your life in an instant but this one

isn’t like that it all it will strike you when you look

back and realize how much things have changed yet fresh energy Alchemy is

being poured into each instant of your life in a subtle way you will be changed physically and

emotionally as you start to perceive the after effects of these profound changes

but you will remain in the dark about the specifics and will have no

recollection of what transpired right I am evolving to

affirm please share this video with five individuals who have faith in God and

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notifications on this day God is speaking to you I will Elevate you from Oblivion to

fame you have respected me been loyal and worked hard prepare yourselves for

the show is about to begin your star is Rising your sphere of

influence is expanding and your financial resources are expanding as

well I will officially support you this new month is going to be the

beginning of people realizing the potential I gave you you are more than a

conqueror through Christ and God wants you to believe that he wants you to know

that no weapon devised against you will prevail

no matter what the devil throws at you Jesus you can be sure it will fail I

have faith and you when you are prepared no matter how bad things become you know

that Christ Jesus has made you stronger than any anim

hell praise be to God who has prepared you for a life of Triumph get this and

hold on to it because you are beside me I shall be afraid of nothing I find

solace in your rod and staff this film will appeal to those who

believe in God the Lord is urging you not to dwell

on the problems of the past as you begin a new day the worst thing we can do is

to carry our problems in the next day it is our responsibility to make

each day better than the last even if God promises that our last days will be

better than all of them rely on God regardless of

appearances as human beings we have limited vision and can’t always perceive

the bigger picture such as the future opportunities that will present

themselves or the favor that God has bestowed upon us

this may lead us to let pessimism take root in our hearts when we feel that

there’s no way out of a difficult circumstance I embrace my power to

confirm that when God chose to set you apart he also set aside everything you

would ever need to become everything he said you would so be encouraged and

grateful the right people people are being put in the right positions to assist us

type let us celebrate and be pleased because this is the day that the Lord

has created ascended Christ Jesus is the son of God set me up for success in the

next month please put my concerns and remorse to

rest Revitalize my spirit T restore my faith please father lead the way and

watch over me Father please remove the bad influences from my life and let the

good ones in in the name of Jesus Christ I pray

that you will lead me in your love and fill me with your pleasure if you are a believer in God

you should not miss this video on the this day God is speaking to

you recently I’ve seen that you’ve been doubting your abilities and wondering

whether you have what it takes to carry out the mission I gave you this message is meant to serve as a

reminder that with Christ everything is possible never give up or allow fear to

deter you from pursuing your ambition you can complete this check I’m right

here with you the Lord’s spirit is declaring that

the change has taken place just as a butterfly must remain hidden in its

cocoon until it emerges fully formed ye are concealed by the

Lord although it has been difficult and unpleasant you have persevered and the

procedure is finally over now is the time for you to take up residence in the

roles that God has prepared for you you have at last become freshed the ruler of

the universe formed you I received a fresh message from God

this morning for someone according to God all you have to do is close your

eyes and picture yourself enjoying life to the fullest take in every aspect by

seeing touching smelling and focusing on

it just open your eyes and believe that the universe will work its magic to make

your dreams a reality declare that my wealth is ever increasing that it

appears effortlessly in my life and that there is always an abundance of it I am

open I am giving and I am appreci cck our men to confirm

cck on men to confirm I will shatter your heart redirect your attention put

you in isolation for a while lead you into a healing cycle and restore You

From the Ashes of your misery and anguish God has

promised the moment has come to take easy and see your growth and development

he added that in order to test your strength and determination I had to put you through a

series of stages and Cycles at long last you’re prepared put

your concerns about the future into perspective each day of your life is

just how God has envisioned it you can always count on him to have an answer to

whatever issue you may be facing when you’re with him you’ll

blossom have confidence in the plan that God has for your life his intentions are for

your good not your damage praying about our concerns is

something we are instructed to do tomorrow in order to reassure you that

he is improving your condition and would never abandon you I am prepared to stand

out as your blessing so Ed in the hands of the father this difficult portion was

trimming you for your magnificent testimony things will change for the

better you will grasp the nature of the conflict quickly and the payoff will be

tremendous your inner magnet strength has now click for

you your dreams will come true with ease you relieve mental and emotional stress

by telling yourself that you are about to experience an extraordinary event as

the days of avoiding them are over this should be the turning point

when you see how well things are really fitting together for you you are being

tested emotionally and mentally by everything that makes you feel

differently input yes indicate your Readiness a new chapter is about too

open and for you your good fortune will multiply daily your sense of Vitality

will increase and you’ll experience an abundance of delightful love and

enjoyment don’t question it seize it I am aware of your predicament Jesus

assures his disciples we have not ignored a single tear no matter how many

prayers you have said or difficulty you have encountered do not fear I will not

abandon you nor will I let you lose what I can fix keep in mind that I retain my

position as Monarch and retain absolute power believe that God is answering your

prayers no matter what they may be I get that things haven’t been easy recently

and that it sometimes seem like there is no way to keep

going hold on to the belief that your circumstances will eventually improve

God is with you no matter where you are or what you’re going

through today I put my faith in God’s ability to answer your prayers cure you

bless you and favor you keep going no matter how tough Things become keep

going no matter how hard it gets or how much pain you’re

in You Are Not Alone prayers are being answered for your recovery God is

rooting for your success you are going to be approached by some tremendous

possibilities that God has in store for you you can be sure that the correct

individuals will find you you would never have been able to

pull it off a Divine hand from on above is reaching out to bless uplift and

multiply their ideas will convince you it will never happen therefore keep your

faith out of it and preparation standby great things

are in the Horizon for you including promotions favors and

breakthroughs simply type I’m open to change to

confirm I pronounce today that Prosperity extraordinary power elevation

and Heavenly protection are yours to enjoy in the days to

come in Christ I say you can accomplish anything I Proclaim that regardless of

what others have said about you God blessed you before they could curse

you the blessing will will always triumph over the curse regardless of how

they’ve attempted to affect you emotionally by obeying his rules and

being totally devoted to him in everything that you do until the end of

this month you may walk in live in that

blessing so many good things will come your way that you won’t have time to

dwell on the negative you will discover the secret to

living life to the fullest and how to attract your heart’s desires no matter

how bad things seem right now you are going to make it if you are ready

according to God I understand that you have concerns

about your family health and money keep in mind that I am always on your side

peace healing and Triumph will be yours today whatever you’re going through I

will make something beautiful out of prepare to be showered with blessings

anguish has no power over God your struggles are nothing compared to God

God is more powerful than sadness no matter how bad things become God is

Big you may expect next year to be quite differ from where you are today this is

the beginning of a new chapter for you your barriers have been shattered your

region is going to be expanded by go fresh chances are on the

horizon just head yes if you’re an God is on your side this morning even

when you’re exhausted anxious and overwhelmed to show you how how much he

cares he will give you a blessing there is a solution upon your least expectation a

miraculous event will occur you might anticipate a dramatic change in your

life that will finally allow you to live the life you’ve always

imagined you must have faith in it before to seeing it pretend like you’ve

got it already bring a sunny disposition self-confidence empathy tolerance and

reverence for all living things into the world keep an eye on how this frequency

brings up signs of divine intervention uplift those around you you

can avoid being paralyzed by the enormity of the world’s problems and

instead concentrate on the small manageable things things you can do every day to improve yourself and the

lives of those around you pay attention it just took one

little move for the most Monumental Revolutions in history to begin you are

entering a brand new phase of your life but you are already aware of this you

have been getting ready for this for some time get ready for an exciting New

Journey that will push you to your limits and teach you something new as

everything set yes when you’re prepared

dad only you have the ability to guide my every move and I know it I ask that

your will for my life and my goals for it be want and the

same what you have planned for me is wonderful and I I have faith in it I ask

that you will show me the way to go may this spirit and your grace guide my

every move and may I always have faith in your plans for my life in jesus’ name

amen I will Elevate you from obscurity to fame but is telling you now you have

respected me been loyal and worked hard all right settle in

the show is almost about to begin I am going to reveal your true nature to the

world your star is rising your sphere of influence is expanding and your

financial resources are expanding as well I will officially support you you

will be recognized for the Brilliance that I have instilled in you say yes to

confirm God’s words to you today give me a chance to weigh in on your

choices follow the intuition I bestow upon you and the Sound Advice you’ve

given me you aren’t at ease in the circumstance for a reason have faith in

me since I can see details that you miss this door isn’t the most important

thing I’m sending you something far greater trust me God says through all

the ups and downs of your life I have been by your

side everything you need has been provided to you your loved ones

including yourself have been and will continue to be protected by

me trust my timing even if things are tough for you right now things are about

to change for you take my advice tce and enjoy this fresh day the New Testament

affirms that Jesus came to humanize God and I embrace

that when we talk people not only hear God’s message but they also sense God’s

presence manifesting around them this is because we are here to show

Christ to touch someone prophetically is to touch them with God’s love not your

own knowledge this is of the utmost importance your anointing isn’t the main

attraction what people really want is a personal contact with God how you

present yourself in the meeting is crucial being humble is a crucial

quality to have your pursuit of God’s love for that person should be your

first concern you should do this for everyone you meet regardless of their

character find out what really is true and establish a connection with Jesus

Christ do not let yourself be fooled be alert and sober stay vigilant and pray

continually God has something very remarkable in store for you and that’s

why he’s being so patient with you and making you why please be patient your Fidelity and

compliance have not been overlooked you have chosen to trust God and be patient

even though many have advised you to give up or do something about it on your

own it may be tough but you must persevere and have faith that your

latter years will be more pleasant than your earlier ones what God has said to

you today I am more than willing to claim your pain is palpable to me

because I know how you feel inside I will surround you with

supportive individuals in this next phase of your life not those who will

hold you back no judgments will be passed just

encouragement since they are not associated with your history they will will not bring up the fact that it was

all about me the tide is about to shift and you will come out on

top as compensation for the trauma I endured in my youth God has bestowed

upon me a wonderful prize I am now living the life of my

dreams God is kind to me he helps me out he shows me opportunities he brightens

my days and he fills my heart with delight Justice will be brought into

your life when you really trust God if someone has scorned rejected harmed or

left you the Lord promises that he will double your recompense to make up for

your disgrace you will reap numerous rewards if you claing to that pledge have faith

in God’s plan for your life and Savor each day or you patiently await his

Justice select yes to confirm some things must be let go of an

order to go on the feudal your efforts to cling to a door that God has closed

will only bring you greater Miser even though you know you should

move on when the Mana for a given job Runs Out you could be reluctant to do so

out of concern at the grace you experienced in your previous position

won’t be available in your new one God has progressed at the next task

you will find the favor you need to challenge yourself and go outside of

your usual routine the only way to see the new things God has in store for you

is to immediately say goodbye to what is familiar sometimes Gods will conflict

with how we feel or what we’re thinking doing what he says isn’t always a

picnic proving the mighty hand boundless compassion and everlasting grace of God

is a must for Christians that is the worst sin he can

do we have seen directly how the Divine discipline of human existence

brings us home to God how the unbelievers are denied the promised land

and how our lack of confidence in God stops us from proclaiming the

gospel choose yes if you’re in need of this when we ask for and receive the

holy spirit’s power and wisdom we get both there will always be some who want

to enter your life life and seow seeds of dread in you you will be ill prepared to fulfill

the Lord’s plans for your life if the devil can cause you

anxiety because they are afraid of failing most individuals never reach

their full potential because we walk in his strength adore him and have a sound

mind we are to be Victors for God please type yes and forward this

video to five individuals who have faith in God when you are

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