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?MY CHILD YOU ARE CHOSEN TO RECIEVE THIS । God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

my precious one I see you now as you Meander along the winding paths and

craggy peaks of your life’s journey in The Quiet Moments When Solitude wraps her arms around you I

wish to remind you that I walk every step of this adventure by your side I have shaped the world around you

with care and intention each Mountain and Valley you encounter is there to challenge and

support you to help you grow and find resilience the details of nature from

each petal to every leaf are part of this environment I’ve created for you as the one who designed this world I

see it as a canvas where Nature’s Beauty serves as a daily reminder of the thoughtfulness and attention I’ve put

into your surroundings even in Seasons When Storms assail your spirit do not forget that I

remain the sun smiling behind the clouds my warmth and Radiance emerge in

unexpected moments if you have have eyes to see and a heart tuned to Joy’s

frequency for I am love itself The Source from which all light and life

flow the stars above the earth below each friend met along your

journey all contain brush Strokes of my affection for you I know the burdens

that now bow your shoulders Precious Heart how could I not being the Weaver

who selected each thread used to knit your inmost self I catch every sigh upon my

listening ear and collect your tears within my wine skin of compassion cast

those cumbersome weights upon me beloved for I long to lift you up high upon Hope’s ascending Wings in the quiet

whisper my name and feel peace and fold you in silk and gossamer I am Jehovah gy

provider of all you need this moment yesterday and tomorrow alike

I am the nourisher who feeds you truth and understanding from my hand I am your

ABA father I open my arms wide to welcome you home no matter how far you

roam or stumble my name sings Strong and sturdy ever and always here to shelter

your heart When Storms arise or Shadows descend it stands Vigilant Whispering

through wind water and Flame be still beloved and know that I am God I will never

leave you so Come Away With Me a while into Love’s inner

sanctum let us steal these hours together as the world spins heedless on

its axis tell me your deepest dreams tucked secretly inside scarred hopes

locked box beneath ston Laden disappointments crushing weight whisper

too of regrets that haunt the halls of yester year and Sorrows that yet lurk hungry G ghosts feasting on Joy’s sweet

meats laid for tomorrow’s Feast I know them all intimately yet

love you no less for their acquaintance lay down those fears my dear one in silence let us mend those

broken places of spirit heart and soul with Heaven’s holy anointing restoring

your true name Beloved one who Delights me there now feel my smile Bloom warmth

upon your brow as you rest safe in aba’s arms hush listen my child can you hear Joy’s

still Small Voice emerging even now from weepings spent ashes it Whispers gentle

and low then Rises gradually steady strong drowning out the Keening cries of

self- condemnation grief and loneliness hear it sing Bright within

and breathe Hope’s healing air once more all shall be well Precious Heart the

deepest magic stronger than any curse loosed or weapon forged in hatreds hellish fires already flows from my

Throne reversing damage transforming wounds to wisdom gained take my hand

dear one let me lift you from the clutching claws of regret reaching up

from the grave of yesterdays the Shadows hold no substance

no power resides in their haunting save what you grant them in each moment’s choice to stand vigilant

or coward trembling chained by false belief in their veracity the light of Truth dissolves

their Illusions where luminous Grace Flows Darkness flees walk with me beyond

the barren Halls of self-recrimination into Love’s welcoming arms here now safe

seen and so cherished do you see you have carried not but imaginings these long

years in my eyes you gleam perfect as you are and as you are becoming by my

hand I know you better than you fathom yourself my little one I accompanied

your spirit when it took flight from eternity’s Fountain long ages ago

trailing Starfire curious as mercury to explore life’s Myriad Realms I was there

when you tumbled reeling into flesh and Bone cradling your heart as time’s Veil obscured your sight yet still we

companions journey together you and I two friends who never parted company

Take My Hand Precious wayf farer let me Steady your steps our path leads ahead

now not behind regrets and recriminations hold no Haven nourishment

or healing like Lot’s wife do not glance back or their bitter fruit will turn your smile to

Stone my living water flows sweet and sure where we now stand holy rest

restoring weary Souls Come Away Little Sparrow Nest here in my hands rest your

tired Wings let my breath caress your battered Spirit see how its warmth already soothes and silences the cing

Carion cries hush now all is well sleep

beloved No More Words between us for this time simply be here immersed in my

love it’s been soft and soothing now around you a living Melody calling you

by your true name Beauty becoming rest in this knowing dearest heart you are safe in Whispers around

your ear I will share Timeless secrets that answer unvoiced how and why and what ifs silent born for so long so long

alone you will emerge renewed with every hope made real once

more you have only to ask precious one only to seek me with a willing heart

flung open and I will fill its Chambers with all you desire and more than you can imagine

I cannot resist a willing humble heart lifted expectant toward Heaven’s

boundless stores still your mind now of all its restless chatterings and be

still silence Holiness the Stars themselves hush in

these moments waiting upon my word for your Awakening heart

hear then Heaven’s music spilling joy and wonder restored rise now gently from

Slumber arms beloved behold I have prepared another day specially designed

as a gift for your Delight pause here with me as the Sun Crest the edge of Earth and blesses the world a new with

possibilities clean canvas today I have prepared a special gift for you a blessing hidden within

your everyday life as the sun rises bringing light and warmth to the world

so too do I bring blessings to you the natural world in all its beauty

and Harmony is my creation a sanctuary for those seeking Solace and joy take

courage and join me together let’s explore the beauty of this world in my

creation you will find laughter and joy a place where your spirits can be

uplifted in this Sanctuary you are safe from har arm protected by my angels here

your heart will find healing and strength nourished by the pure essence of Heaven do not linger in sadness or

despair take a small step towards me let go of your doubts and fears and trust in

me reach out and I will be there to guide and support you to help you

overcome any obstacle that lies in your path with me by your side you are

capable of overcoming any challenge no mountain is too high no Valley too deep

no path too Tangled for my love is gentle yet powerful always there to guide you safely

home time may pass Stars May fade but my commitment to you remains unchanging I

am the Eternal Source of Life joy and light I never Tire or falter in my devotion to you pledged since the

beginning of time you are precious to me and I am always here for you

come Braveheart to my table where abundance awaits here wine overflows and

honeycomb melts sweetly on your tongue experience the goodness I offer a gift

that requires no effort or payment on your part let go of your struggles and rest in my

presence believe with the innocence of a child for I have created you perfectly

for this moment observe how nature is provided for like the birds that find their their

nourishment effortlessly you are more precious to me than These Quiet your fears and let my

peace envelop you feel my presence invigorating every part of your being

renewing you completely in me you find life and strength without me you are like a reed

in the wind but with me you are safe and unassailable let this truth move from

your mind to your heart bringing the comfort you have longed for you are

surrounded by my protection constant through all ages even when the world

changes I remain the unchanging light bringing blessings from every hardship my name is exalted By Angels

and I possess all power and Majesty I eagerly share this with you if you would only trust me do not doubt my

ability to heal and restore you look at the lies effortlessly beautiful and know

that you are even more valuable to me you with your struggles and pain are

more precious to me than the grandest of celestial beings will you walk with me

through this day joining me before it fades into night as night falls let my Wonder

transform your life’s broken pieces into new beautiful Creations your wounds will

heal in the abundance of my love together you are invincible protected by my celestial Army rejoice

in this Victory as your faith blossoms and astonishes even the angels my words

will bring new life Awakening hope and renewal From the Ashes of your past Embrace this new beginning nurtured

by the certainty of my promises my beloved child as I look upon

you this day my heart swells with a love beyond measure in knowing you completely

I see all that brings you Joy and all that weighs heavy upon your spirit do

not dwell long on past regrets or future fears instead fix your gaze upon me and

find Rest In This Moment for I am with you here is where I meet you here is

where we walk together through the gift of this new day how I Delight in you my

treasure the stars that Glitter in the night sky are but a glimmer of your worth in my eyes all creation testifies

to my extravagant Love For You The Melodies of the morning birds that greet

each Sunrise sing of My Affection the warmth of the Noonday Sun

that ripens the Harvest speaks of my provision and in the Tranquil hush of the evening Breeze you can hear my

whisper you are mine and I am yours I know at times you seek certainty

in an uncertain World your heart yearns for a love that will not fail or falter

so so I extend this invitation to a Trust founded not upon words alone but

upon the Bedrock of my actions towards you consider the journey I have made

with the sole purpose of bringing blessings and joy into your life this journey is not defined by Grand events

but by a deep commitment to enhance your well-being and happiness I have experienced the full range of human

emotions understanding both your Joys and Sorrows to bring you Clos to a life

of fulfillment and contentment my aim is to enrich your life providing you with a connection

that goes beyond the ordinary I am here to help bridge any Gap that might keep you from

experiencing peace and happiness my actions are motivated by a profound love and dedication to your

well-being I bring you healing freedom from your burdens and the promise of New

Opportunities this gift is not about your achieve achievements or merits it is freely given inviting you to embrace

a life filled with hope and new possibilities I want you to converse with me as you would your closest

companion with honesty authenticity and without pretense unload every care that weighs

upon your mind unbosom the desires of your heart entrust to me your

disappointments and delays there is no concern so small that escapes my notice

nor burden so heavy I cannot lift it from your shoulders please do not try to spare me from your pain for I am

acquainted with grief allow me to enter into your suffering that in the sharing

it may be diminished let me transform ashes into Beauty mourning into joy for

just as I Infuse the barren tree with new life each spring causing buds to

Blossom then fruit to emerge so too will I cultivate and find you in the soil of

Affliction consider it pure joy when adversity comes to test your faith for

in the proving genuine hope will take root and Blossom within your soul do not wait for crisis to Incline your ear but

let prayer and praise well up within you in all seasons talk with me not by rot

ritual but with the familiarity between parent and child shared confidences knit

Hearts ever closer trust flourish is in such fertile soil there need be no trace

of tension between us so banish anxiety from your mind you belong to me by right

no one can snatch you from my mighty hand The Ransom securing your freedom

was dear nothing less than my very life blood you were worth all and more to

me never forget I chose the cross so you may now choose the life abundant I offer

the daily decisions confronting you distill to this seminal truth you are

not your own for you are bought with an extravagant price therefore yield your

will to mine take my yoke which fits perfectly upon your shoulders learn from

me for I am humble and lowly in heart in so doing your soul will find

rest from fruitless striving peace will permeate the recesses of your mind and my living

water will flow freely through you to bless others the path I call you to Traverse

is often Steep and rugged but I will never abandon you to scale the heights

alone I am your faithful companion and guide every step of the

journey when men revile and mock you because of your allegiance to me be glad

great is your reward in heaven if the forces of Darkness assail you take comfort for I have have

overcome them remain ever near to me resting in the safety of My

Embrace I will neither slumber nor sleep as your guardian and shield you are the apple of my eye The

Jewel In My Crown I have inscribed you on the palms of my hands tattooed you upon my heart

this story is written not in the fleeting ink of human bonds but is etched by my eternal spirit upon the

canvas of your soul no power can erase its life-giving truths from the annals of time even when

you stumble or stray far from the shelter of my wing my faithful love continues calling you

home then with joy like the morning dawn flooding the midnight sky we celebrate

your return for once you were lost but now are found so lift your gaze to meet

mine do not be afraid or disheartened by raging storms or besetting

trials the promises I have spoken are as binding as my Covenant name my character

and purposes for you stand immutable though the heavens and earth pass away

as the coming day awakens be renewed in this knowledge you belong to me as I

Belong To You therein lies your true identity your highest Joy my beloved

child I speak these words to you so that you may know the Divine Purpose and identity I have bestowed upon

you Embrace this eternal truth you are infinitely valued to me when uncertainty

clouds your vision or when doubts assail your mind look to the cross that symbol

of Salvation and be reminded of your sacred place in my heart the freedom of

the redeemed is now yours selfish ambition pride and fear

no longer enslave you for your life is now a canvas on which my grace paints

Beauty in your words and deeds let my love be seen as you walk through each moment of

life’s journey keep this New Covenant written on your heart you belong to me

let this truth guide your every decision and interaction with each new Sunrise

remember that your life is not your own but you live and breathe and have your being cradled eternally In My Embrace

the one who gave everything out of love for you my beloved child you are my greatest joy and

treasure as it is written I indwell your body Soul and Spirit as my Holy Temple

let this sanctifying presence Infuse you each day with Divine Purpose calling you

into that which is eternal rise up with the dawn beloved

remembering always who you are the reflection of my love to the world the

bearer of my image The Vessel of my spirit walk in this knowledge that I am

ever with you guiding you working everything in your life for good quiet

your soul before me when the weight of this world grows heavy come and find rest rest in the Assurance of my love

rest in this power of mind to set you free rest in the victory already won for

you over sin and death Journey alongside me precious one inviting me into every moment of your

days both mundane and Monumental for I am ever present ever Watching Over You

When doubts arise or storms descend speak my name in prayer asking me to

guide your path even now as you read these words I am with you my presence

wraps around you in a warm comforting Embrace never alone never for a moment

outside of my watchful eye or loving heart Carry This Promise with you even

into the quiet corners of everyday living as you go about mundane tasks or respond to the busyness of Life invite

me in whether you’re planning ahead crafting with your hands or simply doing chores ask for

wisdom it’s often in the small ordinary acts that my spirit meets you in extraordinary ways I know

responsibilities can weigh heavy on your shoulders sometimes but remember I hold

the weight of the world in my hands I lifted the burden of sin off your

shoulders whatever worries or cares are pressing down on you give them to me for

my strength and tender Mercy know no limits when challenges arise that make

the path ahead unclear simply ask me to walk with you and I will make your way

straight I will bring Clarity to confusion light to darkened places hope

to despairing Hearts take the knowledge of my presence with you even into quiet private moments

whisper my name in the Stillness invite me into your thoughts I love those sweet times of

Simply being with you allow me to infuse Tranquility into chaotic schedules

Divinity into the routine as the day draws to a close and

dusk colors the sky let your soul be at peace reflect on the day with gracious

honesty not judgment where you stumbled I was there ready to catch you and put you back on

your feet when you succeeded it was by my grace and favor

alone sustaining you now rest beloved as the hours grow late the night is mine to

watch over while you sleep I neither slumber nor sleep but I’m always alert

and present present guarding you from all harm do not let the valleys and shadows

make you question my presence for I walk with you even there the darkness is as

light to me my love shines bright as a beacon guiding you to Safe Harbor I am the Good Shepherd who leads

gently through life’s darkest nights my rod and staff are your comfort remember

too in times of Celebration and accomplishment I Rejoice with you I

Delight in your joy every good gift comes from my hand let your laughter be

as music to my ears your dance of Praise bring joy to my heart you do not walk alone on this path

little one I have surrounded you with fellow sojourners brothers and sisters to walk

with you share your burdens and blessings with one another in community for this

is how my kingdom is made manifest on Earth as you travel through everchanging

scenery look for me in each moment speak to me without ceasing lean your full

weight upon my strength when you grow tired I am right here always listening

always speaking always upholding you with my righteous right hand such

unspeakable love I have for you allow me to show you the full extent of my grace

and mercy every step of your journey you are mine and I am yours now and for all

eternity nothing can separate us nothing can tear our bond asunder my beloved one

do not be troubled when the path grows dim or fearsome creatures lurk in Shadows up

ahead though Darkness May surround you for a Time have faith that the light of

dawn will come dispersing all Gloom I am familiar with the menacing

forms which may accost you for I crafted creation knowing all its Mysteries

complexities and perils but I also wo into its fabric glimmers of Grace Joy

wonder and kindness to illuminate your way lift your spirit and ease your

burdens when weariness descends my Living Word serves as a harness securing you to me lest you

fall it stands guardian and guide keeping turmoil from sweeping you away

or tempting you to hurl yourself into churning Abyss below rather than scale The Staggering Summit looming

overhead I am the Pathfinder mapping your course ever lighting your forward

step however Steep and arduous the terrain I Am The Wind Beneath uplifted

wings and holy fire igniting numb limbs so heavy with their unwanted

burden when you shudder losing all sense of direction unsure whether one more

step St lies within your power whisper my name it will Orient and steady you

sharpening your vision to cut through confusion and point straightly once more to Journey’s End shrouded still in

distant Mists there arrives Haven’s Safe Harbor Where Angels attend and loved ones gone

before now cheer you on no stirring Tempest or tenacious demon can deter

your passage across that threshold for I have decreed it so and my word stands

inv Violet though Heaven and Earth shall pass away tarry here a moment more with

me and let us share sweet counsel once again tell me your heart unload its

burdens voice aloud your silent fears I am friend as well as Sovereign

Lord compassionate Confidant entirely acquainted with human sorrow Brokenness

and need not one Pang or disappointment you endure or escapes my notice or

eludes my understanding Ascend now into my strength find shelter from cutting

words and accusing glances release the cords binding your tongue until holy

cander flows freely between us once more prepare now to receive my spirit’s

healing counsel the love which casts out angrily roiling Shadows bitterness

aching fists have yet to relinquish unclenched dear one open your

hand gently extend your arm now unfurl creaking fingers until they yield and

unlock at last drink here the wine of understanding sealing our

covenant child did I not promise streams in the Wasteland Mana in desert places

as needed Wells overflowing for the parched Soul seeking renewal receive now my outpouring as

gentle rain to fertilize dry ground until tender shoots push determined through packed clay hardened long ages

by drought The purpos Crucible to loosen clouds my Living Water softens defenses

needs dense resistance until the mass surrenders and yields transformable at

last then streams once damned gush free a ready channel for my spirit to flow

unfettered through Modern vessels never designed to Bear such Force yet strong

to end Ure each fresh assault against their ramparts for greater is my life residing

within to reinforce battered walls than roaring external attacks aimed to breach

righteous boundaries meant to guard the Priceless treasure safe at all cost so

gird up loins for battle belongs to me though foes rise Furious my fiery truth

consumes their grave clothes reducing all pretense to Ash no longer will will

voices from your past Echo harsh verdicts of unworthiness Brokenness or

rejection the accuser’s throat I now seal forever silencing that ravenous

lion my blood sacrifice has ransomed you from lingering torment guilt and

inferior standing hear me pronounce Divine judgment over demonic curses

seeking to enslave My Chosen One their chains shall not bind nor strongholds

contain your unfolding identity grounded secure in my reality I release you now steeped

through and through in this knowing go shine brilliant with innate Glory none

can dim my authority resides secure within your marrow dear one never doubt

or underestimate its formidable potency or dismiss this commissioning as fanciful delusion for my calling charges

through you steady and strong as Lightning truth take up now now the tools I provide build by my patterns let

it flow through you go now and neglect not this commission but rather embrace

it with whole heart unmatched Zeal and consecrated

resolve the day of visitation blazes upon the world my glory Rises long

awaited across the Eastern Sky beckoning all wandering a stranged one’s home at

last lift the Clarion now found Heaven’s Anthem over Earth’s chaos and

despair sing salvation’s Sweet song simplified soft and low then bold

courageous and Loud until all creation vibrates responsive to its healing

harmonies in such troubled times was born Earth’s most poignant Melodies and though broken instruments now more

lovely for their mended cracks that Grace may enter in and pool resplendant so sound the cord

New creation’s Birth strains to hear attune your ear to its yearning refrain

give it substance hands and feet to walk among Humanity once more lend it larynx

lips and tongue to broadcast Hope’s redeeming Symphony for no sweeter song ever graced

my ears than the hymn your rescued life now sings restored New Hope New Faith

New Vision rise Phoenix like from self-made Graves reborn through my

Deliverance your once shattered lens now clarified reflects my image clear and

undistorted for my lost Ones Glimpse in your transformed countenance the promise of their yet unclaimed identity and

inheritance forever secure in me Journey now with head lifted above

the den and Fry the battle rages but Victory is sure speak Beauty hope and

Grace until night recedes and Dawn triumphs T the Fields now gleam heavy

ready for reaping lift up your eyes dear one

behold my bounty spreads boundless awaiting your Gathering hands go in peace Walk In Joy live in Hope for I Am

With You

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