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?“Seek God. Trust God. Praise God.”? || God’s message today ?

God’s message for you today God’s message is just for you wait a little and you’ll soon see

good things happening it’s like the sun coming out after a rainy day bringing brightness to your life

think of tough times as steps toward getting stronger

even if they’re hard they’re helping you become a better and tougher person

these hard moments are like guides leading you to a better future know that you’re lucky to

have these challenges they might not seem good now but they’re showing how strong you are every time

you beat a problem you’re becoming even stronger God really cares for you like a helpful friend

he listens when you talk to him and he helps you like a guiding star God is super powerful and some

of that power is in you too so when things are unclear remember you can handle problems

plus God is there with you helping you out you’re special to God in this big world you matter to him

he looks out for you and cares about what happens to you

each new day is a chance for good things to happen you have the ability to do great stuff

if you trust in God and yourself you can overcome any problem

keep moving ahead with hope God is there to guide you even when stuff is hard

believe in yourself because you’re meant to do amazing things

with God’s love you can beat problems and make the most of good chances remember you’re lucky

strong and God cares about you keep going with your faith God is there to help you at every step

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