my dearest

sweetheart on a certain day God will

make you forget God will provide a

remedy that is so miraculous that you

will forget the hurt from the

past instead of dwelling on the people

who wronged you you will find yourself

counting your blessings the moment you

open your eyes you won’t be able to go

through the day burdened by feelings of

discouragement and

loss God will change your circumstances

such that you will be overwhelm with

gratitude a profound contentment and an

Indescribable Delight will be

yours say yes if you’re in

agreement someone is about to give you

the key to a new house but before they

do the Angels want you to do something

kind for some someone else who is less

fortunate it’s a chance to help other

people while

simultaneously receiving a house as a

present take advantage of this

opportunity to change someone’s life and

Spark a positive Chain

Reaction by meeting this need you are

bringing yourself into harmony with the

celestial scheme of things which is a

mystery in of

itself if you believe in God then you

should like this

video a change from difficulty to ease

from scarcity to plenty is on the

horizon according to God’s message to

you today your Miracle is closer than


believe from struggling with addiction

to achieving freedom and from illness to

health and completeness you will go

through a transformation from feeling

like nothing is working out to

experiencing things coming together

connecting with the right

people you will get the contracts and

have all the resources you need the time

for what I promised you has already been

established it will not be delayed by

even a second have faith in my

timetable you you are entering a Time of

Your Destiny I am going to lead you to

places you couldn’t go alone what’s

coming your way will be out of the

ordinary God is telling you

today the answer to your prayers is on

the horizon and it will arrive sooner

rather than later the darkness the lack

and the illness are passing A New Day

Has Dawn and things are about to

change the powers that have hindered you

are crumbling before your own eyes the

stars are aligning in your favor and the

people you need are on the verge of

appearing now is the moment for you to


charge healing promotions breakthroughs

and blessings are on their way to you be

encouraged you will triumph over the

disease set Madness and

hardship simply type I am evolving to

confirm for those who love God and are

called according to his plan we know

that everything works together for good

this day’s message Romans

a season of your prayers being

answered is about to begin blessings

will pour down upon you when this

happens happens you will realize that

God was paying attention and assisting

you the whole

time please choose yes if you have the

belief in

God on this Tuesday let us quickly pray

one please Lord rid my body and mind of

any sloth and delay inspire me to reach

my finest potential to please God and

the midst of my chaos lift my spirits

when I end down and fill my heart with

optimism three please if it isn’t meant

for me take it away make it clear if

they aren’t right from me put an end to

everything that isn’t beneficial to my

life for Lord keep me from giving up for

nothing and keep me on the road I have


five oh Divine being I beg you to soothe

my anxiety Men My Broken Heart and clear

my head according to the will of God the

Christ please

God this is God’s way of telling you I

know you have been doubting yourself and

wondering whether you are really capable

of carrying out the mission I have given


you are free powerful talented blessed

and favored God is telling you today you

are capable of tremendous things the

world will be a better place because of

you you are going to experience a higher

manifestation of my favor and shine

brighter than before even if you’ve

already been the center of attention

your turn is coming from the shad

Shadows you will

emerge from being unnoticed to suddenly

being in command is what you can expect

the most incredible phase of your life

as just around the

corner select yes if you were in need of

this you’re about to change the

narrative drastically and account of the

ways in which you have been blessed A

Narrative of Triumph that serves as a

source of great

motivation when others see how much you

persevered through and ultimately

succeeded it will inspire them I am

directing your actions and crafting your

narrative this morning take

heart you are endowed with prosperity

extraordinary power a promotion and

Heavenly protection your greatest days

are ahead I Proclaim

today I Proclaim that with Christ

anything is possible I Proclaim that God

blessed you before anybody could curse

you and regardless of what others have

said about

you the blessing always triumphs over

the curse no matter how they’ve attempt

it to make you feel Embrace and live out

that blessing by obeying his laws and

being completely dedicated to him and

everything that you

do select yes as your belief

level reminder this for five reasons


week one a chance and blessing that you

could never have imagined Dar on their

way to you what seems impossible will be

accomplished for you by God too you will

succeed in your

Endeavor three God is about to why you

he’s going to do more than you could

have imagined dot for the next major

event in your life will have an impact

that will be felt far into the future by


Offspring five have faith that God will

handle the problems that you are and


to a gentle reminder that even at the

most chaotic of times God is in charge

trust that he has a plan for your life

and that he will answer your prayers at

the perfect moment whenever he sees fit

he will open doors that seem to close

themselves you may trust that he will

provide the people you need guy your

growth and help you over overcome any

challenges you may be experiencing right

now he is your Almighty father and he

will always provide for

you submit your affirmation by typing

yes this

time instead of being a rejection that

door’s closure was a reroot to Greater

and better things to come I will only

let those who will serve to strengthen

you not to weaken you into your life

they will support you without passing

judgment they will not perpetuate the

memory of your history since they are

not a part of it keep moving forward I

have a very remarkable plan for your

future on this day God says reflect on

your life and count the ways in which I

have provided a path when you thought

there was none never forget at the

moments when I strategically placed you

just where you needed to

be reflect on the instances when I paved

the way for your advancement solved the

obstacles and shielded you from harm pay

no attention to your troubles that is

what I am advising you today pay

attention to me the Father in

Heaven I am the one who will bring

growth to your life based on your

thoughts and meditations the plan I have

for you is far

larger Superior and more satisfying than

anything you have encountered before I

will grant your

requests sign amen if you

agree today you are going to learn

something that will change your life one

second you are worried about not having

enough money to pay your expenses then

suddenly you start drawing money like a

magnet what is it about the genetic

wealth code that has such a profound

impact on people’s lives after you

activate it your life will change

irrevocably it is recommended that you

activate your genetic wealth code now

while this page is still available

by tapping the link in my

comments Father in Heaven I ask that you

make me ready for the week ahead please

put my concerns and remorse to rest

Revitalize my spirit and restore my

faith I beg you father to go ahead of me

find a method to Shield me from

harm please father surround me with good

individuals and and Cast Away the bad

ones Lord I ask that you you love me

lead me and fill me with your pleasure

according to the will of God the Christ

may it be

so God is cleaning up the parts of your

life that you are too afraid to touch

and he is waging Wars that you are

unaware of even if it may seem hopeless


now you’re about to receive your

breakthrough God says just as you’re

ready to give up place your trust in me

my child your cause is my

cause just type I’m abundant to claim

it you may trust God because he has been

with you through thick and thin provided

for all your needs and will continue to


so I am the one who will bring about a

change in your circumstances so even if

things are tough for you right now have

faith in my timing H sees the

day God spoke to me this morning saying

this is your comeback season the

adversary wants you to dwell on your

shortcomings and failures and think

nothing will ever change but the truth

is there is

hope good fortune and breakthroughs are

on their way to you no one who has

abused or neglected you deserves your

forgiveness and Redemption once the Lord

gets you through this and he

will you are more than a doormat you are

more than an option you are a royal kid

and more favor chances and connections

are on the way to

you just type I welcome the new to


Force every tear that comes from your

eyes is seen to God and God knows that

you are weary angry and anxious God says

to you today hold on I will not

disappoint you everything will work out

okay God wants you to know for things on

Tuesday one those who oppose you are

really against God

it is the Lord’s struggle not yours he

will fiercely defend

you two you are being Guided by a higher

power have faith in

him three just because today was

terrible doesn’t mean tomorrow will be

any better everything may be restored by

God for you may expect an abundance of

blessings favor

breakthroughs and miracles this

week there is a door of influence

opportunity and new fulfilling

connections waiting for you at this very

now hand will not be shut until God


it you will know deep inside that this

is your path through it so keep going

ahead with confidence that not even the

most powerful opponent on Earth can St

man and your

way just type I embrace my power to


it Father in Heaven I beg you too bless

all the people watching this video at

this second keep them safe shower them

with blessings multiply their wealth and

heal their wounded souls and

Spirits please Lord menend their broken

bodies reassure them that you are strong

enough to handle whatever that comes

their way since you are the most awesome

God we ask for your forgiveness for our

transgressions and ask that you do it in

the name of Jesus Christ with the

assurance that you will see us through

it I claim it is the text to enter in

response to this Proclamation

the ways God works are often beyond our

comprehension we must remember that God

perceives the broader view even if his

methods May baffle us at times think

about this

alternative even if you’re prepared for

what God has in store for you another

person who will be involved may not

be in order for God’s plan for your life

life to be fulfilled bya your prayers

something else must be happening for

there to be God’s perfect timing

everything must all

perfectly you need to have faith in how

God works allow God to have his way in

due course you will get a

response if you want to learn more about

God you may subscribe to our Channel

you have greatness inside you and God is

telling you today don’t let anybody talk

you out of it you can do it it’s in you

but you have to dig deep and work for it

your destiny is calling and it won’t be

easy your future holds greater levels of

healing Freedom abundance and wonderful

relationships pray have faith and don’t

stop I will see you through to the

finished line don’t let circumstances

tell you that you

can’t as a new day begins I come to you

God asking for your protection and your

wisdom stay away from anything that

might hurt my loved ones and myself so

Lead Me Oh

Lord in order for me to be able to

exercise judgment when faced with

challenging choices even though I

anticipate difficulties and setbacks

today I ask that you would enable me to

keep in mind that your plans are much

better than mine with jesus’ name on the

lips the prayer goes

well A change is on the horizon I will

transform that illness into Wellness I

will transform that isolation into

company I will redirect that misguided

youngster towards his true

calling that seemingly impossible desire

will become a reality because I will

change the hearts of those who oppose

you what was designed to hinder you as

going to be transformed into an

opportunity to propel you towards your

goal you will see Mountain being reduced

to mole Hills on this reversal

day God is telling you today trust me I

have been with you through thick and

thin I will protect you and your family

you have never been

alone if you may be weeping now know

that Joy comes in the morning have faith

in my timetable and Savor this day even

if it is difficult I am changing your


circumstances this is God’s way of

telling you I know you have been

doubting yourself and wondering whether

you are really capable of carrying out

the mission I have given

you it is my hope that this message

serves as a reminder that with Christ

everything is possible I implore you do

not be afraid or give up for I am with

you and I will see you

through God has answered your plea get

ready for something big the wait is over

this is the confirmation you’ve been

seeking you requested a sign and here it

is your life is being showered with

benefits and wonders from on above you

will emerge

Victorious simply type yes to get it it

is a day of breakthrough for you the

power of Jesus has shattered the delays

and losses you may expect unexpected

phone calls excellent news and benefits

this begins now in jesus’ name

amen watch as your fortunes begin to

turn around in every facet of your life

this year you will experience tremendous

success Clarity healing and

breakthroughs you may expect an

abundance of Joy good fortune and

celebration in every facet of your

existence soon opportunities will

present themselves that will allow you

to live a life free from ever having to

Bor borrow beg or fight for

anything your biggest comeback and

breakthrough are about to happen if

anybody dares to talk ill of you or your

fate they will all be cut

off yes is the correct response if you

have faith in

God and this new Endeavor that I am

beginning I am bringing you good news

God says you have been doing the right

thing suffering with a

smile praise me in your suffering

worship me instead of fretting and show

Mercy to those who treat you

badly there is something larger on the

horizon so lay and wait a new Endeavor

is upon me you are about to experience a

plethora of new blessings

opportunities and


if you have a religious belief sign up

for our

Channel keep in mind that when God steps

in everything is possible anything is

possible when the Lord enters the

picture you have no clue what he is

capable of releasing to you in that

manner trust in God and continue to sing

his Praises a miraculous event is on the

horizon for you it will not continue in

this manner God did not lead you here in

order to abandon

you in spite of the devil’s schemes God

has a plan to answer your prayers for a

miracle and shower you with Benefits

that will blow your mind today take

heart simply type I believe in myself to

confirm I will rely entirely on on you

Lord as I move on into the next week I

have faith in your ability to meet all

my requirements just as you have in the

past pray about everything instead of

worrying about it according to your word

I give thanks to you Lord for the love

you have shown me you are my provider

and my protector may this week serve as

a reminder of that

today God is speaking to you everything

is going to start to fall into place for

you now that a new season has begun

you’ve learned your lesson put in your

effort and overcome a

lot now is the moment for you to receive

my gifts in a significant degree because

you believe even when it was hard too

you never gave up and you pushed through

it all

all just type I’m gentle with myself to

confirm it seems like the whole world is

pressing down on you right now your

family your health the health of a loved

one your money and your

profession you have a hard time getting

out of bed in the mornings and feel

lonely my darling You Are Not Alone put

all your worries on me I will provide

you with healing assistance and

peace and assistance rest assured I will

provide all your needs I will pave the

road for you Heaven’s resources are at


disposal keep believing in yourself and

your dreams I am faithful I will restore

you heal you and pave the way for you

God is telling you

today I have have done this before and I

will do it again keep praying and being

low out I have never

changed despite your errors despite the

failures and delays I’m still going to

reward you I’m still going to heal you

I’m still going to bring that dream to

pass to indicate that you are prepared


yes keep going I will see you through

this God will give you a cause to

Rejoice before this month is out even if

you’re fatigued and emotionally and


depleted despite how difficult things

have been you shouldn’t give up hope

keep going your breakout season is the

reason you’re being assaulted do not

fear God is on your

side the wind is yours the holy spirit

is leading you and blessings will come

your way your money will increase and

angels will guard

you everything you need will be provided

for today and your health will improve

as a result you will be showered with

benefits and

possibilities God declares no matter how

bad things seem right now you are going

to be okay I know you’re anxious about

your family your well-being and your

money but you must it give up keep in

mind that I am always on your side if

you remain strong and determined I will

shower you with blessings today

including Serenity healing and Triumph I

will make a beautiful thing out of this

horrible circumstance so be prepared to

receive receive

them select yes if you identify with

this many times when we pray we ask God

to shower us with blessings in times of

difficulty we may also turn to God In

Prayer for

strength God’s hand and ability to make

things happen in our life are crucial

and without them none of this would have

been possible say this prayer

Jesus please God give me the confidence

to trust in your plan for my life and to

acknowledge the incredible power of your

Miracles give me the Insight too see

that you are the one who can provide all

my needs right now please

God be careful with

yourself if you’re all set hit yes

please please inform five individuals

who have faith in God about this

video a comment reading Jesus’s Lord

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