🔴Someone close to your heart is planning to put you in big trouble । God’s message।

right now God is string to tell you something someone gets down on their

knees after looking over your old photos for the simple reason thatat

people keep wondering how much time has gone by since you departed and how much

you’re missed they still have no idea how much time has passed since your last

hearing given that you were there they may not be able to comprehend passage of

time all the while they’re doing this they’re thinking about how great your

reviews were how much fun they’ve had lying together and how this other person has

played with them before specifically they are reflecting on the enjoyment

they have had as a group they continue to beg God to

reunite you with them them after the breakup because they blame themselves for alienating

you it makes no difference who drove the wedge what matters is that they are

worried about the idea that thus dance between you and them has grown instantly

because to their Sports they are worried that the gap

between you and them has grown instantly due to their ath atic achievements even

though it was really you who drove the wedge a time of great change and

progress is about to begin for you and it will affect every area of your life

significantly you should expect this time frame to be very lengthy I you

activate your new experience therefore keeping an open mind and being flexible

are of the atmost importance throughout due to the amount of time

that will be used by this duration from a psychological standpoint it is crucial

although preparing for the changes that will follow is thrilling today it will

be challenging in the long run as you embark on your path they may

provide you with a position that makes you feel more fulfilled in life and

gives you a greater reason to live you live that way in an attempt to raise the standard

of your life in a very special way you will really cross paths with an

incredible amount of benefits in the same manner that your

own soul will bring them pleasure and contentment they will provide that

feeling to you as they Echo Force F through your whole

body to get the most out of your good fortune you should welcome it with open

arms and embrace it wholeheartedly seeing the first straight

aray of outstanding power that you have been projecting into the environment is

hardly remarkable for you for me having the opportunity TI to do so has been an

extraordinary honor so I can empathize with your desire to do the

same like and share this video too express your support if you believe this

to be accurate in God’s eyes your unwavering dedication to

promoting joy and compassion has long been overlooked but it is now plainly

obvious that your efforts are yielding substantial

advantages the fact that your efforts have paid off in every manner is proof

of this the fact that you have always prioritized the needs of others above

your own is something to be admired it’s inspiring to see the

positive impact your positive attitude and actions are having on the people

around you you probably heart Sur priso here

that the good energy is coming back to you times stronger than

before witnessing the Ripple impact of your optimistic Outlook and actions on

the people around you may be very motivating the things you are doing are

very impactful since you are performing a remarkable procedure and you should

know it for that reason you need to be aware of this aspect and maintain a high

standard in your artwork Thanksgiving for as little as

$ May demonstrate your love and blessings to

God words we choose carefully may become a part of our actual life therefore it’s

important to be selective for the simple reason that what we choose to say may

shape our our reality every time we speak we send out

a unique blend of vibration and charge into the distance thus it’s important

that we carefully consider the words we choose to

implore consequently we may influence the underlying characteristics of our

environment in regards to the way why converse with one one another and other

people I hope this provides some relief I apologize if this has added any

difficulty to your situation I beg you and I hope you’ll

take my apologies to heart to do just that remembering that the cosmos eyes

always on your side is considerably more important life is full of unexpected

turns and you will have to learn to navigate them remember that very

important detail as you go you need to Commit This to Memory

since difficult circumstances are an unavoidable aspect of living a

lifestyle ensure that y take advantage of this

favor the universe is giving you positive energy whether you’re exper

experiencing financial difficulties feeling harried and unsure

of your direction or really desire a little extra

assistance this is valid regardless of current time you are looking for further

assistance this is true irrespective of your motivation for needing this

information there is a great deal of financial help EX extraordinary events

and benefits that this Energy may bring to your life and it has the power to

change your life forever this energy might completely

transform your life and an evolutionary Revolution it is critical that you

always keep in mind the wise counsel given to you by the supernatural being

we call God this piece of information must be

carefully considered in accordance with God’s teachings it is of the highest

importance amazing Beauty surrounds you yet you do not get numb to it Ascend the

peak and pause at regular intervals to admire it and appreciate the

scenery if you really do lose your sight you will be unable to fight follow God’s

teachings this demonstrates how important it is to both harm yourself

and appreciate the natural world around you even if you’re planning to climb to

the peak of the mountain stopping at a ruin along the way will allow you to

appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds you put another way this

indicates that stopping what you’re doing every sufen is essential giving

this a go will allow you to really submerge yourself in

action when you set out to achieve your goals and realize your dreams keep in

mind that the path to success is never straight doing so will allow you to

fully immerse yourself in the event despite the fact that it will inevitably

include some setbacks and to tours throughout the United

States the Supreme creator of the universe whose rules are perfectly

appropriate for everything would want to keep in mind that he is responsible for

all the wonderful things that happens when you’re alive

recognizing that he alone is responsible for these matters as within his

power he is counting on you to keep in mind that he alone is responsible for

all that has happened because he wants you to do that he wants you to grasp his meaning

he is the creator of all miraculous events the one who mest impossible

possible and the improbable of fact as the deity of all thinks heavly

he is also the deity of the first trait his Fame stems from the fact that he is

the deity of things that defy imagination kind yes if you

think life may be full of surprises even when you know that the

same God who created the sky and the Earth is actively involved in every

aspect of it realizing that God exists is definitely my

goal there will be moments of tranquility and opulence in your life

since whatever created the cosmos is also personally engaged in every detail

of it despite the fact that everything seems to be fitting together it’s almost

as if that’s always how it’s supposed to happen for many reasons the superior

periods also known as best storms may rise when everything fall into placees

they sure we say that they have occurred if and when they do happen you

will feel an overwhelming sensation of utter

Fascination it’s almost if the whole International Community has pulled

together to guarantee that you arrive at your desired destination at the most

optimal time being there among Perfect People is

what you want when such moments strike you like a ton of bricks you to make the

most of them because you are performing your life’s work and fulfilling your

destiny there will be times like that you know you’ve made it to the

Pinnacle of your life’s purpose when you’re living out your destiny in fact

it’s quite sural when you realize you vared that your life’s intended destination it’s as

if a flood of happiness and satisfaction envelops

You by erecting obstacles and declining opportunities or duties we were given

the wisdom to prioritize our own health and wellness we can end end up feeling

overworked or weary as a result of it potential for looking forward thanks to

it this fulfillment is now Within Reach This has become a gift from the

Supreme Being who rules the cosmos and everything in it and it has come to us

via that being wanting to make other people happy

is admirable but showing respect for one’s own beliefs and goals is what’s

really important in the long run always keep in mind that you are a

valuable human being deserving of respect and diagnosis and that this is a critical

part of maintaining equilibrium furthermore you shoulder

line your lives such that you do not need anything that must must be always

front of mind it is highly advised that t take

part in the non secular practice of saying a prayer before you go to sleep

at night as you get ready for bed as you sleep this may assist you in

perceiving a higher energy related sensation you’ll feel more connected to

the Divine and even more likely to fall asleep as a direct consequence of

this an overwhelming feeling of Oneness with a power greater than yourself will

wash over you considering this is one of the most

massive things you might do it is crucial to include prayer into your

daily practice consistently it is essential that you

engage in the devotion practice of prayer regularly so that you may calm

your mind and lessen your worry devote some time to communicating

with God letting him know your innermost thoughts emotions and

struggles spend some time in prayer and talk to God about everything a little

problem or a big decision you need to make everything will be well with theme

to alleviate what seems like an overwhelming weight from the industry

try letting go of your thoughts and emotions and seeing if it lifts your

spirits it’s important to give oneself permission to express one’s feelings and

thoughts no matter how big or little tell the world everything that

has happened to you you the good times and the

bad the idea that prayer is in effective religious practice is supported be the

many tests that have shown that it may bringing about beneficial changes and

results doing so may help you learn more about his character by revealing his

heightened awareness of and responsiveness to the words spoken to

him it is with great joy that I offer you this message of confirmation which

attests to the reality that the T shave turned in your favor and things are

starting to fall into place where you want them to reason being it is a symbol of the

success that has been yours through your steadfast commitment perseverance and

hard work do your best to be ready to deal with a wide range of

unexpected events consequently you may be utterly surprised by a few of

them this confirmation should give you the idea and drive you need to keep

moving on the same path you’ve been following these incidents will have you

on the edge of your seat and they may even include the discovery of

groundbreaking findings you need to be prepared for an

exciting Journey because of the completion of outstanding breakthroughs

and surprising developments this is an intricate web o

f designed to keep you guessing all the way to the end as we Navigator life

we often find ourselves in precarious circumstances when we question and

hesitate on the other hand it is ofmost important that you remain cognizant of

the reality that better times are only around the corner from

you the immensely rational T loving creator of the world has communicated

with you and Proclaim that your current way of existence is of immense value and

importance if you believe this to be true in God’s eyes please accept with an

amen recognizing how time seems to move somewhat quicker through its Cycles as

we agees an astonishing Revelation his holy declaration confirms

your inherent worth and sanctity and this phenomena comes as a complete shock

along with that it’s a gentle reminder that you are a unique and precious

being the exact pricing makes it worthy of respect the compliments you’ve

received only go to show how worthy you are of respect and [Music]

regard do your best to be present at this very moment doing so is crucial and

now I’ll pay close attention to the arena around you as you immerse yourself

in whatever it is you’re doing it is really important to launch

this endeavor we can’t help but Marvel how the days weeks and months slip away

from us like sand in our palms the clock has struck struck no

matter how fast time appears to be flying by when you stop to enjoy the

fleeting things life has to offer you’ll wonder where the time

went you may learn to appreciate the fleeting pleasures of this life in order

to achieve contentment in the present moment doing acts of kindness and

compassion closest to home where you are most vulnerable is of the highest

significance if you follow those procedures you could increase your

chances of finding that this is indeed the case believe that whatever we want

will be presented to us at the perfect time this is a universal truth that

everyone must accept despite how much we need it you

can be delighted by the Beautiful ful items that are still on their way to

you you may keep an open Mint to the possibility of receiving new tals if you

are patient and keep your thoughts open to the idea of doing

so choose yes in order to declare this favor you will probably definitely face

a plethora of noteworthy possibilities as you go through

life in addition to giving you a sense of accomplishment and a great deal of

pleasure each of these events is sure to be an unforgettable

experience the fact that you can take advantage of a plethora of options is

substantial which from the most in consequential events of your day are

just around the next curve on the path of your lives living up to your life’s most

significant achievements and defining events is all down to your incredible

attitude hold your head up and keep going because you know deep down that

the future has nothing but incredible things in store for

you you will almost certainly discover that the world is teeming with wonderful

gifts if you start each day with a sunny disposition and an open

heart if you’re patient and determined you may be able to track them down and

put them to good use no matter how difficult life becomes

it is critical that you never lose sight of that if you keep going in this

Direction stay committed to your present course of action and know that you are

making progress toward your objective with every step you

take that you have faith in your abilities trust that you will overcome

obstacles and achieve the goals you have set for yourself for the

future much of circumstances seem much more challenging or uncertain that will

still come your way you may sustain your progress and enjoy a highquality life

with this your life and its significance in

relation to the cosmos are open questions for you to

consider it’s important to keep in mind that the ego or mind’s Voice May often

be nasty and unpleasant always keep in mind that you shouldn’t

let yourself be scared or disappointed by the notion of failing at anything

feel free to disregard any concerns about missing out on anything since

there is absolutely no need to do so trusting in the spiritual energy and

having trust it is very huge that it has

something really remarkable and unique in store for you on the other hand the

more crucial of the two is basing your faith on the power of the

spirit sharing this video will help get the message out in case you find your

faith in this improved pressure and are ready to embark on the incredible trip

that lies ahead no matter how crippling your

concern s and anxieties have been you will overcome them you may skip to the

following phase and embrace the intended choice is real within your Soul’s

Limitless power if you follow those steps and with everything it has in

store for you you won’t let the ego’s critical voice drag you down in fact it

will lift you up May maintaining the practice of doing

things that may be consistent with one’s principles and Views as critical that is

the quickest and easiest approach to stick to one’s principles and principles

even when faced with difficulties it is highly recommended

that you refrain from taking matters into your own hands since this might

potentially lead to consequences the fact that you aren’t great at deciding

things on your own can potentially lead to less than ideal

outcomes this is because as one example of an individual’s behavior taking

matters into one’s own hands is likely to result in worse than ideal

outomes when they’re up against adversity their determination

is most evident in how they act in accordance with their core

beliefs despite the obstacles that lie in the way of the Fulfillment of every

wish you must take heart and Keep Your Mind Set On Your

Dreams a new day comes and go of and though those obstacles are still there

those constraints may still be there but you are getting closer to your goal of

satisfaction anyway while trying to predict what may happen in the

future it serves as a potent Remer that despite how Bleak things may seem there

is often a desire for brighter tomorrow a better future is still with

seen reach after today even if things don’t seem to want to impove prove in

any way there may still be hope for a better tomorrow no matter the context it

is something that may be spoken when a re is

desired this is why seeing the whole video is really crucial because it might

have all the information you need to get the benefits you’ve been hoping

for it is of the utmost importance that you have not found a comfy seat if you

do not attempt to see the full movie leaning back and letting yourself

be enlightened by the words of knowledge and

understanding best practices for making the most of your educational experience

and opening yourself up to feelings of optimism inspiration and focus are

presented in this film you never know what the future

holds you have the ability and strength to overcome any challenge that may

rise just let yourself do it you must provide yourself permission to enjoy

this hobby several billion people on our globe hold God in the highest esteem

because of the Wonder and reverence they feel for him aside from being both

simple and Powerful God is also all knowing this includes the universe and

everything in it that God created everything in it has its origins

in God a new month’s famous person serves as a gentle reminder that we need

to get our lives in order in order to make the most of the time we have left

which will be filled with many advantages right now is when we should

be feeling joyful and optimistic since there are so many amazing things waiting

for us we have a lot of exciting things about to happen this month that may be

one of those things one thus really outstanding may do a great deal

including Financial benefits redirecting relationships and opening up new

opportunities something that this month couldn’t have imagined was even possible

has the potential to be one this is just astounding as we go into one of the best

months ever this one is looking excellent in light of this impending

abundance of Good Fortune let us prepare prare to bask in it the many things that

may improve our lives in a variety of ways are here let us take use of

them let us make every effort to be ready to reap the benefits of the planty

that is soon to be ours again not only that but let’s take

advantage of all the chances that come our way which will be revealed to us in

the the course of Our Fate the all powerful one has spoken with us for

balet plus he shared with us a lot of the knowledge and data he gleaned from

his massive record collection in the same vein he has encouraged us to keep

trying to better ourselves and to keep on with those

initiatives as he has emphasized and reminded Us in spite of fatigue and

adversity he has emphasized the need of continuing to pursue

virtue he has stressed how important it is that we should not waver in our quest

for righteousness we can give you a rough outline of what he says and believes in

order to motivate you to be hopeful and kind you have a good chance of getting

the honor you deserve in the end the key is to keep painting and be

determined no matter what obstacles you encounter the only way to succeed is to

put in a lot of time and effort and remain strong no matter what challenges

you encounter having a patient mindset is

crucial for living a full Life and Overcoming the many obstacles that may

rise life may be challenging and upsetting at times and it’s important to

remember that but we must also remember that we must no longer let the terrible

things that happen to us control us it’s important to be aware that there

are times when living might be difficult and even painful Lifestyles

may be difficult and demanding at times and that much is

true life may be challenging at times whether it’s waiting for a response or

anything else rather than dwelling excessively on the nightmare aspects of

the situation the positive aspects of of the

current situation must be our focus and we must Endeavor to do so on the

contrary it’s reasonable to assume that if we do this we may improve our future

view on both of these aspects of human existence the positive aspects of the

current situation must be our focus and we must Endeavor to do so on the

contrary it’s reasonable to assume that if we do this we may improve our future

view on both of these aspects of human

existence being able to contribute to higher levels of

satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment in our element as a result of

this no matter how Bleak or difficult things seem let us make it our mission

to find the Silver Lining and every cloud the Supreme Being sometimes known

as God has communicated with mankind a message that might be seen as having

ultimate relevance a subtle prod toward the feel

is the meat of the message we no longer refer to home which is more commonly

known as honestly Earth as being a component of the Heavenly

realm the need of differentiating between the two motivates the provision of this data

calling on the elderly too remember this truth this Revelation is a rallying

cry during the course of their normal activities compelling them to respond to

the new information being an honest and

responsible person I have always been honest and straightforward about the

reality that life isn’t all peaches and that challenges are a necessary part of

the journey I’ve always maintained Theus is

due to the fact that hardship is an integral part of the journey and that

life isn’t always peachy a steady connection with everyone who happens to

be in my victi something I have been able to

establish this has always been thebasis for my belief that I am capable of

handling any challenging circumstances that may emerge I almost recall making a serious

vow to you my dear buddy but I have never guaranteed anybody that their

lives would be free if we were friends I would be there for

you for SS this is a v i will upold

no matter how difficult the circumstances or how many obstacles we

Face problems and difficult circumstances might arise at any time I

promise to always be at your Sigh No matter what happens I’ve never said or

imply that anyone’s life would be Problem free and I have also never said or

implied that everyone’s lives would be perfect and Problem

free I will do all in my ability to keep this commitment which I hold in the

highest regard and which I am determined to fulfill with all my

might if you believe it to be true in God’s eyes please say amen and

comment may you be blessed with a long hand fulfilling life filled with

abundant love and happiness according to my prayer Envision yourself in an

environment that exudes an air of Perpetual

Tranquility where there is absolute toino need to weep or suffer hardship

additionally there is a place where one may feel Comfort even when they don’t

want to be sad an environment where they may easily

find Solace and Tranquility a place where the worries and concerns of the

outside world are set aside and the spirit is Amplified to a

pure level of Joy never forget that God’s Heavenly presence is with you at

all times guiding you on your journey through life with

all its Joys and tragic times that is something that must always be kept in

mind this requires your undivided critical attention at all

times irrespective of your location or the difficulties you are now facing in

life this remains true especially when faced with challenges and difficulties

we must stress how important this message

is in order that we would emerge on the opposite side of the circumstances

wherever we find ourselves when we are within the darkest of

conditions with its help we may Fen solace in its details which will

increase our chances a success in the face of any

challenge if we grasp its meaning and examine it it indicates that at some

point when I am confused and alone I am tempid to give to ideas of being lost

and alone this may be a trap that a lot of

people end up falling into giving into such feelings as a a piece of cake no

matter how you feel it is critical that you hold on to your

ideas despite our limited visibility of God we can nevertheless overcome these

challenges it is really crucial to realize that he is never to far away and

is always present in our life this is something we shall never

let our thoughts Wander from a source of strength and comfort in our lives his

unwavering love and support never waver even in the most difficult of

circumstances we are seeking methods to exert control throughout his love and

encouragement remain constant the reason for this is because

no matter how much Darkness surrounds us God is always with

us since God is a gift to us at all times we may also find comfort in the

thought that he is with us [Music] constantly make sure tat type if you

have faith upon coming upon a verse that is

both powerful and encouraging we realize that that this passage speaks to our

core being our human Journey takes us farther into the holy scriptures of

Deuteronomy we must remember that we should not let ourselves be overcome by

fear or difficulty when confronted with difficult people or

circumstances and instead we need to keep our calm and gather inside when

faced with such challenging circumstances another possible solution

is to find comfort and the knowledge that the

Lord God is always with us giving us the strength and encouragement we need in

our time of need in the midst of all our troubles we may still have faith in the

idea that Christ would never abandon us or ignore for

us as a consequence we may confidently confront the limits blunders are

therefore out of the question may our faith in the Lord who ever present and

unchangeable and our confidence in him remain

unshaken stay committed to your treatment plan there is a widely held

belief that God a Divine being being adored and revered by many people as a

magnificent and detailed plan for everyone’s

lives this perspective is based on a widely held belief that God is the

ultimate creator of the world and all its

parts another possibility is that we feel completely lost and confused about

our lives to the point where we conclude that we are just existing without any

true purpose or meaning word on the street is that this

strategy was handmade with the individual’s needs in

mind it is said that much effort was put into creating this method and that it

was primarily adjusted to meet the needs of the individual

we humans frequently find ourselves wondering what our lives are all about

how much they’re worth and what motivates us to keep

going it’s quite reasonable to feel confused or unsure about the path we

should follow and it’s easy to become Paralyzed by all the

options and with a range of options a available it’s not out of the question

that we may have feelings of bewilderment or uncertainty about the best way

forward but we Christians know that God has a beautiful unique plan for each of

Our Lives a plan that works with our unique

personalities that make us strong and those that make us inclined in addition

to the occasions of our existence it’s our duty to support him

and hope for his way so that we can perform well despite the many obstacles

that people on our street will inevitably face this manner we may improve our odds

of attaining the come that accompanies the knowledge we are imparting inside

the framework of the path he has laid out for us additionally we are getting closer to

the objective that was originally intended for us when we were

founded the Lord with his infinite wisdom and compassion has made it clear

to you that he knows what is best for you and you can see it in his expansive

standing the point of such methods is not to make you miserable or bankrupt

but to empower you and fill you with hope for your future you shouldn’t

expect them toering you misery or financial ruin

anymore the belief that the Lord has a purpose and a plan for each of Our Lives

is an encouraging and intriguing concept that demands our

attention and that he hopes we have a life full of Hope and possibility our

prayer is that we may have faith in his plans and the discipline to follow his

orders with confidence knowing that he is looking out for our best

interests make sure to diom men if you think

amazing as it may seem God’s kindness and compassion have no bounds what we

know and can know how are both expanded since then this is due to the fact that it

Beyond both our knowledge and our comprehension it’s well known that God’s

love and compassion for his precious children has no bounds

May the knowledge of God’s love and compassion know no bounds and may it

provide peace to the hurting regardless of the decisions or actions we may have

taken in the past it’s really incredible to learn

that we shall always rely on God’s an ending mercy and Grace regardless matter

how true or terrible they may have been it makes no difference whether our past

choices or actions were good or bad what matters is that they do not matter

now no matter what we’ve done or what choices we’ve made in the past will

always depend on God’s unending mercy and

forgiveness in spite of everything else we we know this to be true because we

can always start again with a clean slate and New

Beginnings no matter how far we go from our ideals there is a possibility that

it might provide us mental peace because God is kind and

compassionate we can see here that we shall always have a fresh start with

nothing but a Clean Slate do not control Our Fate instead

find comfort in the assurance that God is able and willing to Pardon us

whenever we ask finally let us make it our number

one priority to live in a way that does honor to the love and grace he has

already shown us to The Limited capacity of the human

intellect to perceive or fully adore the Tranquility that God grants is

unparalleled and inexplicable because of our limited

understanding we are unable to adequately describe or Justify the

Tranquility that God has it is beyond our abilities to fully Embrace or

appreciate the Tranquility we enjoy there is so real that it may be

terrifying to live in a global Metropolis that is always changing and

full of surprises because uncertainty and

turmoil have us completely besieged this is

everywhere feelings of subjectivity and pressure are common reactions to the

present condition of things which may be particularly taxing given the hectic

speed of modern life because of this we may feel harried

and anxious as it may be hard to find moments of calm and

[Music] quiet finding quiet time to think and

reflect might be challenging but it’s vital to remember that these feelings

are normal responses to the world around us and that there are ways to cope with

them similarly knowing that such ways exist is crucial when we seek solace in

the sacred and mystical we are bestowed with a sense of Tranquility that beyond

our capacity to completely comprehend this

we can’t always claim credit for the gift of Tranquility that God has given us it’s

not something we can earn through our own efforts regardless of the difficulties

and difficult circumstances that may rise in our lives

the knowledge of God’s peace May provide us Comfort throughout your life you may

find comfort in the fact that God will always be available to

you no matter what the all powerful God who created the world will never leave

your sight that is something to think about and hold onto as a sign that you

can depend on this whether we’re in the depths of

Despair feeling completely alone and helpless I promise prise you that his

love for you will never fade remembering that God Is Watching

Over Us at all times his love for us is constant and that includes the times

when we feel the most down is crucial the Bible is like a lamp poost

it not only illuminates the root ahead but also guides you in the correct

Direction at every turn this complicated world is so

difficult to understand because of the wide range of conflicting signals we

encounter every day to feel confused and exhausted is a

normal part of life where we now resy however this does not happen often

even when there is a ray of light that shines brightly Illuminating throughout

the Mayhem and turmoil a path that lies ahead of us

leading us to A Better Tomorrow the Bible is the only source of this Ray of

Hope regarding the veracity and reliability of God’s

promises the promises that God has changed the course of history are Beyond

question since records have been preserved continuously which is evidence

of [Music] gods faithful adherence to these

promises allows us as Christ’s disciples to find solace in the knowledge that we

serve a God the ability to reflect on his words

gives us comfort in knowing that we serve a God who keeps his word and never

riges on his responsibilities in keeping with his

promises to Abraham and everyone else God has never let anybody down who

relied on his promises the promises he made to his followers and the prophesies

that came from the prophets to be more accurate God has

kept all of his promises too everyone because of

this and even in this modern day we may have full confidence that he will keep

his word and deliver on the promises he has given to us about our

lives sit must never forget that no matter how bad things go God is on your

side that you should always have in mind no

matter how many extraordinary difficulties you may be facing at any one moment in your life is something

that you may be going through still it’s true that he has

created a comprehensive strategy for your way of life one that is

specifically adapted to meet your own goals and and desires he has infinite

kindness and compassion plus he will typically be

there to pick you up when you’re down and lead you back onto the road of

righteousness regardless of how many times you trip or

fall his generosity and love have no bounds the fact that he will also

fulfill all your wishes is an added bonus since his love for you

is Limitless and then wavering you may rest certain that he will grant all of

your wishes no matter how big or little thus if you ever feel disoriented

or unsure of your direction have comfort in knowing that God is with you at all

times because of its foundation and unipotent the Divine being does not

have the propensity to accuse endlessly or to hold lantto anger indefinitely

these traits serve no use there is zero desire on the part of

the godl to participate in any of those Sports

anymore because of his character flaws he doesn’t always punish us fairly or

deal with us in a manner deting the gravity of our

transgressions neither of these things has been accomplished and it is not his

will to punish us according to the seriousness of our transgressions inside the Same

Spirit the severity of our transgressions necessitates that we

accept that God cannot carry out our punishments this is in keeping with his

love for Humanity because it is Limitless and

enormous it is unfathomable to people and anybody who reveres and adors him is

also beyond their reach interval between Earth surface and

the boundless expanse of space Within in the

sky may be seen as a symbol of the boundless space that this region

occupies the passing of time and the lack of a specific location are no

barriers to this love when contemplating God’s boundless

might and might one cannot help but feel a mix of O and

astonishment the reason for this is because God is all powerful the best part is that this

potential isn’t something God has all to himself it’s something that each and

every one of us on this Earth can have this blessing is sure for you in

case you need it when we confront obstacles that seem

insurmountable when considered in isolation it is normal for us to experience

emotions of weakness and [Music] hopelessness this isn’t necessarily an

unprecedented occurrence but it does explain why the problems seem

overwhelming despite the fact that it’s exceedingly vital to recall the fact

that and spite of the reality that we may have at

times perceive ourselves as the most straightforward individuals dealing with

the difficulties we encounter actually this is seldom the case we are far from

alone in the difficult circumstances we

encounter even though it may seem that way sometimes God’s holy presence is

always with us and ready to bless us

whatever challenge life throws at us we must have the strength and self

assurance to overcome it this presence is ever ready to give us the strength

and self assurance we need to Triumph with his unwavering support and

guidance we can find the strength inside to keep going that is regardless matter

how difficult the situation or its outcomes may

be more powerful and resilient than before we emerge Victorious God has the

ability to replenish the strength of the weak and the powerless as well as those

who are weary and drained additionally with God’s help

they may gain even more strength these chances May be made a reality for

everyone who is aware of them by the all powerful

deity sign the amen to make it happen your attention is appreciated

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God [Music]

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