?Something Very Serious is about to Happen in Next 2 Hours if you ignore..I Jesus Says Today । - online calculators

?Something Very Serious is about to Happen in Next 2 Hours if you ignore..I Jesus Says Today ।

today God is talking to

you divine protection is the only thing

that happens when God closes some doors

for you for others the time is just not

yet appropriate avue faith in

him if you believe in God please like


video God says this place I have for you

is not what you expected and and is not

where you feel

comfortable but because I’m getting you

ready for the next level I need you to

push yourself and rise to the occasion


season your current Journey will equip

you for bigger

things type when you’re

prepared today God is telling you to

have faith in him even in the face of

your ignorance my methods are superior


yours simply have faith that everything

is happening for your benefit you will

get a prize for your loyalty to me and

the method I decide to complete the task

lead a virtuous life believe me I

understand God is mending your body I

say this now your mental state is

returning your bank balance will

increase your requests are being

heard your company and career will grow

we’re going to discharge your debts

nothing created to harm you will be

successful God can do more for you in a

matter of minutes than you can in a

lifetime he is sending your raise right

now his physique is getting better he is

sending his Messengers to bring back

what you lost everything will soon make

clear rely on

God if you get this statement type I


it God is telling you now now is the

time to prepare you are not here to stay

huge gifts from me are on your

way I’ll give you more money than you

are paid I will reward you abundantly

beyond your means I’m going to

drastically alter your

circumstances sometimes as soon as we

are put to the test we instantly pray

for it to

end rather of running away from your

progress ask God to teach you what you

should learn from this

challenge you keep traveling around the

same Mountain for that reason why

everyone is calling for a breakthrough

none is prepared to give

up if you believe in God type

the Lord says do not be alarmed even

though you had a challenging and

demanding day you are not breaking I

know that you have strong emotions since

I gave you a loving heart

sometimes it simply hurts to live in

this world because not everyone

contributes or loves as much as you

do I’m about to bless you for that

reason as well prepare yourself I am

going to lavishly and abundantly bless

every aspect of your

life prepare for Innovations prepare

yourself for a rise prepare for the rest

ation to even if you’ve been dealing

with that issue for a very long time

today may be the da why that things

start to get

better things might change out of the

blue God desires for you to reflect his

Splendor in the throng he wants you to


noticed he desires for you to be so

fortunate that everyone will be able to

recognize his kindness in you thus

persevere and standing holding on to

your faith holding forth hope and

sharing his word because good things are

on their way for

you input for to get

it God is telling you that things are

about to change I’ll unlock doors that

no man can close I am bringing you you

into your destiny during this

season I pledge to support you through

every hardship you face since I know

what you’re going

through recall that neither the state of

the economy nor your upbringing or level

of Education determines your fate I your

heavenly father have predetermined your

fate if you love God please subscribe to


Channel you will emerge transformed as

your current struggle Fades when the

Lord opens your understandings eyes you

will see that you were singled out

because of your lofty

promise afterwards you’ll realize that

you now possess a strength that was

previously unattainable the spoils that

are now legally yours will be be given

to you at the

end you will get rewards after your

combat is over prominance Authority

rewards press enter to confirm I’m ready


shine I am going to elevate you God is

telling you today this is going to be

your once and lifetime chance for you

I’m holding open

doors you will be taken from the bottom

to the top by me whatever was taken from

you is returning it’s the end of your


without your life is being facilitated

by the removal of anything that is

bothering you all of your Necessities

have been met now I’m taking care of


desires this is God telling you it’s

about to change no one can close the

doors I open I am leading you to your

destiny throughout this season of

life I pledge to support you through

whatever challenge life throws at you

sense I know what you’re

undergoing recall that factors such as

education upbringing or the state of the

economy have no bearing on your future

Heavenly Father

I alone decide your

fate claim it by typing

God is telling you today that you

will experience benefits that will make

you forget your past your past hurts

your past losses and your past

unfairness it seems like you’ve been

dealt twice for good but you’re also

going to get twice as much

favor you could have had a lot of

rejections and things not working out

but you need to prepare yourself because

yes is on the

way indeed let there be healing benefits

and progress I pray that God would soon

unlock door that have been closed people

will be kind to you because of him he

will alter their

thoughts I know you are going through a

tough moment in your life right now and

you are juggling a lot of different

situations and emotional suffering God

is speaking to you

today things seem to come at you one

after the other before you can even

process them not every time but

occasionally I still the storm that’s

inside of

you remain steadfast

even if you can’t see it now I am

strengthening you in some areas together

like we always do you and I will

overcome this it will all work out

well you are in the palm of my hand God

is saying to you right now you are not

someone I brought this far to leave I

see what’s

occurring my next move will be out of

the ordinary and Beyond Your Wildest

expectations humans are the focus of

your mission you were made for a

connection with God even if I am unable

to tell you his exact purpose and plan

for your

life blessing others was another aspect

of your plan we turn into narcissistic

and it’s all about ourselves your

mission to be a benefit to others

everywhere you go will be lost if all

you think about is how God is going to

provide for your needs and fulfill your

desires ultimately your life will become

more plentiful when you see the positive

impact you have on the lives of

others Every Mountain and every

stronghold that is impeding your

progress and your goals is being removed

moved right now God is speaking to you

tonight you’ll experience blessings and

miracles have your expectations

fulfilled and have your hope

restored love God subscribe to our

Channel may you start to see your

setbacks as Omens from

above may God’s call through something

greater something more more meaningful

and something incredibly appropriate for

you open your spirit

TI may you look up and realize how God

is authoring a greater tale for his

nam’s sake and how your story fits into

it instead of looking down in despair

may you look up and pray not only for

yourself but also for the many others

who experience similar struggles but

lack the prayer skills you

possess God wants to use you to help

address some of the issues facing the

world give him your trust so he may use

you in ways you can’t imagine have a


day I know you have a lot on your mind

right now God is saying to you today you

feel as if the whole world is press

passing down on you it seems like you

are alone

yourself in prayer bring all of your

worries to me I will provide allow me to

create room for you remain calm you may


me I know you have been struggling for a

long time God is speaking to you now

emotionally spiritually and financially

although you have a nice heart you have

been mistreated by

many there have been several attempts by

the devil to drive you insane you are in

the middle of your storms even though

you have been deceived in numerous ways

I am with you which is why you are still

here God has been working on some

incredible projects behind the scenes

for you and he is ready to unveil

them the big surprise is about to happen

you will be greatly rewarded in front of

the same people who saw you

suffer God is to Big to allow you to

miss your calling in life for you he has

new heights prospects and Connections in

store unfathomable benefits from God are

going to take you by surprise it’s

enough that you’ve been here you are

being taken to a new level by the holy

spirit it’s happening your breakthrough

the adversary has cancelled every

assignment from God because of where I’m

sending you there are individuals

returning to you from your past take

caution since I’ve already revealed

their identity to you they remain


unchanged not by happen stance are you

reading this this serves as your

affirmation it’s going to happen for you

regardless of how it seems at the

moment your loyalty will be rewarded by

God so persevere have courage and never

give up your Miracle is about to be

bestowed to you

enter I am becoming conscious to

confirm keep on adoring when the

suffering is too much to bear he is

there he will not let you down he is

supporting you throughout this

ordeal he is aware of their treatment of

you he keeps a bottle of your tears near

his heart he will take this anguish and

turn it into something

beautiful this is not the conclusion but

rather the start of something

amazing everything becomes Lovely by his

timing God I am very grateful that you

saved me from the evil and darkness

thank you very much for granting me

citizenship in your

land when I’m in difficult circumstances

please remind me of the freedom I have

in you you are capable of improving the

situation in my opinion Amen on behalf



Jesus God thank you for providing a

secure Haven I always feel safe in your

arms because you are the Good

Shepherd you will never leave me even

when others may give up on me I

appreciate your your assurance and your

presence I desire rest and repair

today praying for your monetary needs

you are Jehovah jira the God of

provision my Lord I should ask KN seek

and pray without stopping you tell

me I am thus approaching you to request

your assistance and support where there

appears to be no way please build a way

please give me the ability to trust


seeing you assure me that you will take

care of my requirements and I think you

will while I wait for you please quiet

my worries and calm my racing

thoughts I appreciate all you will do in

advance I ask in jesus’ name thank

you claim by typing I’m

abundant if you believe in God please

subscribe to our

Channel God I am grateful that you have

always kept me close to you and have

blessed me I am grateful for your kind

and joyful gaze upon

me I appreciate your kindness towards me

I grateful that you have brought me

serenity and supported me through every

hardship I put all my trust in you God

all I need is you I am grateful to you

for providing me with protection and

strength I beseech for your bravery and

perseverance to confront and navigate

any circumstance I

encounter please give me tranquil and

your wisdom to to guide me as I make

choices and carry out the task that you

have called me

to God please show me the way to a moral

existence as you have loved me teach me

how to love

others teach me to give you my whole

life in adoration and praise Grant your

Insight to me so that I may live for you

teach me how to

live God I am so grateful for your

unwavering love and support especially

in the face of my infidelity I am

grateful for your being in my life you

never left me on my own to deal with my

issues I know that as long as I put my

fate H and confidence in you you will

never stop strengthening and protecting

me it’s all your glory amen on behalf of

Jesus God you are powerful even in my

weakness you are my Solace when I am

alone you give me the resolve to go

uneven when it seems impossible for me

to keep

going you possess Supremacy both the

Creator and the ruler of my heart you

are the almighty you still Adore Me

despite knowing my deepest

Secrets I have Grace from you I feel

hope for you I am glad for you you are

the only name that deserves my

appreciation put I am evolving in text


confirm God please help me to become

closer to you as you love serve and

encourage others help me to do the same

quickly I want the way I conduct my life

to reflect you to

others align my words deeds and Thoughts

with yours please and Lead me every

day use me as a model for you no matter

where I travel I want to magnify your

glory regardless of my age or skill I am

grateful that you chose

me you may utilize me since I’m not

damaged or broken as I strive to love

lead and live like you give me

strength type the Lord is

Jesus God praise be to you for defeating

death you set your son to die rise and

overcome death once and for all so that

I would have hope for

tomorrow I may take comfort in your

presence and might Jesus is the world’s

hope the rising Savior and the soon to

be king forever and ever amen we give

you all

glory I give you thanks for being a

secure Haven I always feel safe in your

arms because you are the Good Shepherd

you will never leave me even when others

may give up on me I appreciate your

assurance and your presence I desire

rest and repair

today God you provide an invitation to

have a calm connection with me in which

I may experience complete love and to

acceptance you also provide an

invitation for me to seek Harmony

with others around

me please assist me in approaching my

relationships with knowledge and

kindness please give me the wisdom to

know when to speak and when to listen as

I work towards peace Amen on behalf of

Jesus God thank you for always

protecting me and being there for me

when things are tough because I’m your

kid my future is safe with

you I thus offer you my life and this

year so that I may accept the wonderful

life you provide me teach me to seek you

first this

year God I live a life of faithfulness

and obedience to you I am grateful that

you have given me your word to use as a

guide so that I might honor

you I am grateful to you father God for

being my source of strength I’m so glad

I can run to you because you are always

there for me no matter

what type how man if you believe in



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