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my dear little ones I perceive you as my beloved

children now that you are blessed and favored so do not be afraid when

difficulties come your way for I am with you always some people seek me out yet even

after receiving my salvation and benefits they still feel

inadequate they think that following me would always lead to poverty and misery

but I assure you my child that this is completely at odds with my agreement

with steadfast Abraham I made a solemn vow that all

families on Earth would be blessed by his line through your trust in me you

are transformed into spiritual offspring of Abraham as a result you are also entitled to

inherit this solemn Covenant the righteous will Thrive

because I will reward those who do what I say I will do and who love my Covenant

children with many blessings in perpetuity I vow this to

you I have always known that good things will come to you my dearly beloved

even in the darkest of times pay closer attention and you will see my hand

guiding you toward what is best for you I am sending you a tsunami wave of

loving power and Grace to overcome your enemy efforts to limit the flow of my

blessings viiz fear and

accusations in the face of my unfiltered truth and empty rhetoric what could can

a single falsehood do fear not and do not allow uncertainties to take root a

few of you I have already vanquished as you have already felt my

blessings you have also felt my soul flowing into your life just as

definitely the enemy’s recent counterattacks failed in their attempts to limit and Anno you for those who are

now facing an onslaught of accusations directed against their identities and

brains my River of Life will not be eternally blocked you are my Representatives on

Earth therefore stand firm in my promises and seize my

authority in spite of the deceitful tactics used by the adversary you

possess the power to to intercept their thoughts and destroy their strongholds

in my name your status will improve neither

physical might nor the power of your own will can dispel the truth hen light that

I have implanted in you due kind to those who hate you as you move on for my

love is stronger than any enemy my kingdom is proved and the AL

ations of the wicked one are disarmed by this alignment with my heart’s desire

for harmony love and righteousness have praised in his

condemnation when you let go of grudges and confide in me about injuries from

the past there is peace by taking the high path I seek for hidden atonement

and bring about Justice in the end my enemies will all bow down to

me it will be so for nothing in heaven or on Earth can compare to the power I

have given you to speak to the Roaring gales of trial and hardship and compel

them into alignment with my purposes for you I know that some of you are feeling

battered by the Raging Winds of Affliction that run counter to my

promises but hold hold fast to your faith through you I am exerting my power

you have maintained your position over the opponent while you stood confidently

in your authoritative position while he plummeted from a great

height there is no place for fear in your heart seeing the success and Triumph

that you have already achieved you move then with The Bravery of lions and the

vision of eagles keep this Exquisite Jam in your

memory my darling for which I paid top dollar in my name you have received an

everlasting inheritance of life and strength therefore you should dress

yourselves in gratitude and praise until these spiritual facts

become tangible in your life speak them out pronounce them and Proclaim

them for I will not withhold to anything good from my Covenant children who walk

in trust and Union with my heart of unselfish love and I will not withhold

anything good from you either even though you were busy with

your day I wanted to remind you that I talked to you this morning while you

slept there are several instances when I have shown my faithfulness and honesty

to you now since the one watching over you never sleeps or Slumbers never questions

my passion or ability to rescue heal Supply and lead into inconceivable

benefits why would I stop acting on your behalf

that is why I am reminding you once more on this day keep in mind all that I have

done for you behind the scenes I am doing it right now and I will keep doing

it as long as you are my faithful companions my righteousness and Kingdom

will be your focus as you let my spirit’s activity in you flow freely and

visibly into the World gradually I will bring the love

and light of Heaven to Earth and soon you will Shout with gladness again that

God did it again it is my forte to sing praises to

the resurrection of life from the dead the blossoming of flowers and dry

desserts the finding of Beauty in the face of adversity and so on

my loved ones I see you I remember where you were five or years ago you will

never be forgotten can you still feel the shackles of your souls enslavement

and the weight of your yearning has you yearned for Liberation how you cried out in prayer

for a spiritual and financial breakthrough how you yearn for

opportunities when it seemed like none would materialize and how at the stroke

of midnight my Illuminating Light peel through provision just when you needed

them most opening doors you had never even considered asking

for my darling I have taken care of things for you you may not doubt my

ability to remain steadfast in my support of you since I have shown my

loyalty time and time again although the paths we choose May

differ and new difficulties May emerge with each passing season my boundless

love for you unwavering and I will never stop trying to shower you with wonderful

presence nothing you do my darling will ever satisfy me until you have trust

you must believe that I joyfully reward those who seek me if you want to walk in

my closeness if any of you want to receive

everything that I have planned for you you need to trust me more deeply and

have a faith that goes higher if you want to run with endrance you need to

free yourself from the shackles of Doubt murmurs imply has indeed showered

you with Blessings by stifling both praise and optimism what more is HE

capable of doing pray fearlessly to my throne of

grace and I will give you strong faith recognized the Trent inclination toward

mistrust permit my faith to be kindled in the midst of tempestuous times so

that uncertainties may be blown away like chaff in a windstorm grounds

submerge yourself in my word until the promises fill your thoughts desires and

emotions with unwavering certainty your faith will soar on

spiritual updrafts as you submit more and more to me and your trust will grow

to the point where you see impossible things supplications that move mountains

are answered by the king of glory so bow down before

him yes my darling Abundant Life it is all about becoming near to me so I may

bring you even closer and I promise you as you walk closely with me you will see

incredible gifts showered upon am opportunities will come to you rather

than the other way around and and your gifts and abilities will

flourish as you submit to my daily unfolding plans for you miracles and

acceleration will accompan every step behold my beloved I will bring it

to maturity in you and then I will anoint you more heavily as your character is shaped by TR out and error

and your ability to receive my glory grows

so the more I go into the depths of your soul the greater your spiritual

existence will be Believers of a younger generation often outpace their more

jaded older counterparts in this regard when it comes to you my lover

stagnation will never take root religion supplants relationships and people choose for

external regul ity instead of inward regeneration as my kindness is shown to

you by my spirit on a daily basis strengthening your trust my love draws

you even deeper in accepting the totality I have

for you you will move from strength to strength and glory to glory the more

your life is in harmony with my plans the faster I will bring your destiny to

fulfillment and my kingdom influence will flood with

ease just as old Jacob wrestled tenaciously to gain the blessing so to

will the angel fight until all of God’s promises are fulfilled for

you boldly I have decreed make my message known until you experience its

fulfillment clear orders are communicated [Music] state that doors are open imagine your

dreams coming true when your faith and sight finally line up since my genuine

power is stronger than anything in heaven or on Earth will be released for the benefit

of my dear ones if someone dares to challenge my plans for you I will

tremble the universe until the benefits I have in door for you surge out like a

tidal wave the enemy’s plans will fail because

I will remedy their wrongs bring out the Legacy that has been preserved from the

beginning of time there is no principality or authority that can stop

this you will be filled to the brim with Glory as I bring my mighty presence into

your life seek my face alone my lover for all

the power and Beauty in the world do not let anything divert your attention from

the profound love that awaits you when you surrender to My Embrace and spend

time with me a life filled with spiritual

emotional and physical abundance await you as you walk side by side with me I

will meet meet all of your needs and fulfill all of your heart’s

desires as we journey together I will reveal my goodness at every turn and you

will live a life full of testimonies of my unwavering love your days will be

filled with more than enough J and you will taste the finest wine that I have

saved for last this is just the beginning my

beloved come with me to the mountaintops where our vision is bathed in light and

we will explore the vast unknown an endless deepening of our bond

is my response to the want for more of me there is a lot more coming from me

today I am reminding you by my call that all power and authority are

mine the world’s Illusions will not lead you astray money silver and gold are all

fleeting possessions that were temporarily bestowed to me such riches

in the eyes of those who do not know me is the Pinnacle of

success if you want to control your fate you have to manage your wealth yet my

truth remains Eternal everything that you see is a product of my boundless

riches up in heaven the timing and amount of Supply that enters your life

are determined by me as I have told my prophets the

Splendor I intend for you will surpass anything that you have encountered so

far no amount of Happiness can compare to the Brilliance of the house we will

build together and the life we will live together whatever we achieve together

together or on your behalf in the past was used I am getting ready to answer your

prayers perform Miracles and shower you with gifts from my Throne chamber that

will blow your mind so take heart for this is only a taste of what’s to

come I will also keep my word and provide you peace not just a temporary

reprieve from trouble but my my actual presence enveloping your house and

guiding you through each day for the simple reason that I am God

and not a human I will bless you abundantly as a couple if I give you a

present I always make sure to give you the whole

amount with me you may expect a plentiful inheritance including a

dwelling amid my works that bear witness to my

Majesty you may be guaranteed that I am working to find you a permanent

residence if you are currently living in an unstable nomadic or Trent

setting everything in the safe inviting home I show you next will be mine and I

swear to you that it will be more magnificent and radiant than anything

you have ever seen on Earth I commanded the Heavens to bend to

my will the land to my shape and the Great Rivers and seas to flow at my

leisure they did as I said and I was informed by my beloved ones that whole

galaxies could swing at my command would there be any miracle I couldn’t do for

you through my heavenly troops I might bestow upon you every blessing

imaginable formerly again I will reorient the course of your life toward

me unlock doors that were formerly sealed and arrange for chances to

present themselves as I lift my skeptic toward a

person favor and blessings pour in like water yet my grace envelops you always

enough for today tomorrow and all the years of your life and unlike Mortals I

do not falter from my Throne nor diminish and Authority my vision is

solidly set because the ruler of Heaven has control over the keys to Earth my

choices are adorned with Splendor I have sent Legions of angels to watch over

your safe arrival so you may hold your heads high and freely in at all

promise as my ears use words imbued with lifegiving power to generate Marvels

from my domain I want you to fully embrace your Authority in every place where Darkness

meets light you proclaim the growth of my kingdom heaven resounds with the

veracity of your speech countless Heavenly beings are stirred to action by

the power of your prayers which reach even the Unseen

worlds listen up kids what you say matters the exercise of power in my name

has the power to alter the very fabric of reality speak up and bring Joy to the

World by freeing those who are enslaved just as I molded Adam from clay

imbuing him with my my soul I am now molding your character as well igniting

a fire of rebirth in your hearts and doing so I erase my

imperfections and imprint my qualities into the fabric of your

being I illuminate that inner light which in turn unveils peaceful Pathways

across the Wilderness of Life come closer let us go hand in hand and I will

show show you the way past the gates of Destiny into the field the promise where

flowers will Bloom no matter how dark things go I

will always be there for you with my kindness and compassion I am hustling

Comfort tactics for surviving Rock footholds during climbs so you don’t

have to worry for the time being you will comprehend everything when we reach the

last Ridge I will not let any Lambs go astray Good

Shepherd my Healing Touch softly lays upon your head as a blessing since I

bought it at such a price I bless you with favor that is Rich and thick like

all you will soon be illuminated from the inside

out relationships in other Realms and this Endeavor communities will soon feel

its effects a glimmer of that brightness is felt by everyone who meets one of my

children perspective and inspiration are bestowed to those who come into contact

with you as my children Traverse this land as

living letters Messengers sent from Heaven’s Court to preach the story of

Salvation may you be blessed via Association you are the embodiment of my

compassion heral freedom because I made my kingdom known

through you things are changing even as we speak infusing your words with my

power causes your bindings to break and prisoners greet the new dawn with Hope

For Freedom your life is intertwined with eternal purpose every moment we come

commun only when you surrender your voice to my song will you begin to

perceive how cherished you are and how important the role I drafted you to

play your trust even in the smallest of ways fans my Flames higher across every

Horizon giving hope to the cynical and tired you are blessed with the wealth of

creative br leadership abilities artistic abilities

scientific aptitudes and knowledge passed down through generations my

children please put these valuables back into my work follow my example and

devote your time and energy to creating Beauty expressing the truth and lovingly

meeting people’s needs direct all of my resources toward

helping those in need and restoring broken countries these are the values

that most deeply resonate with me when everything is restored you will

have a part to play you are the rightful owner of this ministry of

reconciliation at this very moment my speech becomes tangible on this planet

via my limbs your Readiness to fulfill my innermost Desire by giving your life

for me is a living testimony of my glory and I crave to see

it you are really being worshiped when you respond to this supreme calling in

fact you were made for it your identity In Me Is defined by

these words that I have said over you my precious child they also reveal the

roads I am Paving before you my beloved the songs of my voice now

provide the long awaited Solace you’ve been seeking yes I am familiar with the

complexities of your trip where the root has been hidden by fog or

confined it is this why and straight path that I plan to Traverse desserts

and wildernesses paved with opportunity physical Marvel and undeserved Supply

groups of friends the most magnificent leg of your

marathon is still to come but you will complete it with Grace and strength

journeying across worlds both visible and invisible in this world and the

knee do you remember the first time time I spoke your name My Soul reawakened

Your Heart as the kiss of morning wakes a sleeping meow you have been with me

through many seasons my precious child life may have seemed peaceful on

the outside but I could feel the churning of restless waves inside your

spirit as you sat Snuggly in the Cradle of complacency rocked by routine that

demanded little bravery or faith the hushed pleas for adventure

could be heard through the wellb built barriers you had erected so I extended

an enticing offer to meet you beneath the wide sky is it not in your nature to

seek for the Realms of Glory I created you for more than just

monotony my darling even your most extravagant fantasies would fall short

of capturing me I crafted your heart to withstand

extraordinary danger your Awakening brought your Tale To Life which had been

inscribed across the stars and counted Through the Ages before to the start of

the clocks yes as I Envision those first

fragile animon unfolding amid those ancient waves we were in mind

thousands of years ago when Crimson Maples began Autumn’s Carnival I saw you

I was humming your name before you even knew who I was in the sound of your laughing what

Mysteries lie in wait what Uncharted Territory do you go through finally when

you give up all material Comforts to answer my goal let your hopes unfold

my darling in this Safe Haven of ours all the hopes and aspiration you’ve

buried for fear that the cold hard world will rip them to shreds can finally

Blossom Under My Loving Care go with me stepping out of the known and into

the vast unknown of Love find out who you are when there is no intermediary

between us I wrote you your T so you may reflect my Everlasting friendship and

unwavering generosity yet pointless diversions Cloud the

vision being to busy causes you to lose sight of the fact that you were created

to hold and display my Majesty eliminating distractions is crucial if

you want to live a meaningful life and have clearer interactions with with

me I hope you can see how my presence is like Golden Threads running through your

day easing your fears and fulfilling your desires until my actuality

surpasses all Illusions and you can focus on the one thing that really

matters me you will undoubtedly undergo a shift

if you fix your gaze just on me my beloved child those fantasies of

feudalism have no use now I believe you are metant for Greater

Heights and deeper Seas despite the world’s efforts to manipulate you with

Hollow Promises of status stability and consolation

rewards can you not feel the pull of Destiny’s crunch drawing you closer to

the Vista that have been Burning Brightly in your mind since you were a little

child while the den of business dies down the dreams that have been sparked

in your heart from the starts still whisper their secrets into tonight’s

attentive ear do you not understand my darling

that I brought you into this world so that my kindness and Imagination May

shine through why am I so afraid of being seen

when I’ve been so happy with you a gift for my broken world where truth beauty

and Redemption flow from our unfettered oness however the majority of my

children choose to ignore this truth and instead focus on fleeting Ambitions that

will ultimately fall short they hold on to to Hidden desires till the end of

time but you are the exception not them No Grave could ever stifle the

radiance of your spirit my lover not when boundless Vitality courses through

your veins and an unquenchable flame dances in your eyes get up and Seize

Your individuality with courage embrace the mystery and the

Uncharted Territory embark on a journey through Lion’s Den Guided by the Wild

Spirit of Love Giants intimidate Egypt’s superpower with threats because my

praise is the only one that counts in your heart do you still hear

any unfulfill dreams what unspoken but cherished Creative Visions did I implant

in you get ready to belt out the song of life’s seductive Melody challenges are

inevitable you were certain to succeed even if naysayers cast out on your

decision and hit you repeatedly I fought till the dawn of time so that I may see

the day and hope revived Hope’s long thought

dead am I the only one who can see the first hint of Morning Light the night’s

season Fades away as I welcome something new Awakening the Eastern

Skies the outdated paradigms and ways of thinking the anxieties and setbacks that

clung to you like a corpse I remove them and then roll the pebble

Away From the Ashes of our past hurts and disappointments what could might

emerge I say no instead I invite you to ascend into Destiny’s broad place a

place I prepared and filled to the brim with promise where you may let go of the

burdens that have held you back and realize your full

potential there are some who mistrust you and others who oppose you but I have

prepared a feast table only for you when you take a daring leap of trust in me I

will fill your cup to overflowing in every space that seems

vacant I shall plant the seed of a greater calling when pain distorted a

person’s true self-image my Healing Touch made them seem even

better as soon as you put your faith in me I will start doing Marvels that will

Astound you for the sake of shaming the clever the weak and the improbable I

choose the dumb in response to my cry for help once

in a lifetime Heroes and heroins will materialize out of nowhere those open

vessels who are trusting and available are filled with wonder power from Souls

who have surrendered Great Rivers Pooh my darling child you must always know

that my desire is to exalt you through you you will never know what’s possible

if you’re to Proud to trust me completely or to scared to take

risks I have seen the hardships many of you endure just to satisfy your most

basic need and have heard your calls for help this lack of PL

and ease into your life was never part of my plan and it tears my

heart you will have breakthroughs and benefits Beyond Your Wildest Dreams in

the new year I say to you this day from my Celestial world I am unleashing

Divine plans right now I shall in part knowledge and

insight into your souls on the proper management of the re resources I am

about to bestow my own Throne chamber is the source of these plans not human

intellect or the structures of the world I will show you how to get money

and how to make it grow so that you can support your family and realize the

dreams I’ve given you although the previous season was challenging

Financial reports will show a significant Improvement in the coming year the weather is

changing I want to see my children flourish and my kindness are things I

want you to remember the happiness of my staff brings me immense joy as I provide

for you my blessings are not intended to be kept for yourself but to pour forth

into the lives of others do not be stingy I have given you

plenty even when you don’t have a complete view some of you still have

ideas get ready by starting to set up and construct the

structure hold on to the seed you soul and I will raise it up into full bloom

when the time is right please till the soul with all your might an anticipation

when I tell you too to not waver in the season whether

the land seems fertile or parched then when the time comes for the rain to fall

you will be ready to harvest a bountiful crop keep in mind that I am the source

of all genuine wealth all the cattle in the world belong to

me I am the source of all the Abundant Blessings that have been bestowed upon

on you I did not say I would give you the ability to amass money thus when

Prosperity comes be humble and thank me that I am the donor then be good

stewards of what I give you and bring honor to my

name in the days to come my beloved ones you may be sure that my financial and

spiritual benefits will be revealed as I guide you into this new age may your

hearts be kind and open prioritize seeking my

kingdom my spirit will guide you you will experience Provisions like never

before as you match with my intentions

opportunities contacts and resources poured forth by God are on the horizon

dear ones I have much in store for you so be ready and stand in a position to

accept it I can see that some of you are wondering whether This Promise is indeed

for you I want to reassure you that my plans and perks are very

sincere all the children I’ve ever made are embraced by my tender care and my

wish to shower them with blessings help them let go of fears and doubts and

depend on the power of the human Spirit might cherished just think of it this way

while you’re with me nothing is Out Of Reach by typing amen you affirm your

belief in

God [Music]

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