my dearest

youngster the reason you were sent on

this planet has been revealed by this

heavenly messenger even though it may

seem scary you shouldn’t avoid the

challenge don’t be afraid to use the

information you’ve gained prop towards


goals there is a purpose to your

existence and if you realize it you may

reach your full potential

act on the advice of the Angel and you

will achieve enormous

success today’s message from the Angels

is a gentle reminder that you can’t

avoid the effort required to bring your

dreams into reality just because the

angels and the universe are on your

side sowing Bad Seeds will only lead to

more bad results head out

of the way of your goals and get rid of

the baggies that is holding you back for

instance if you want to bring about a

new romantic connection you shouldn’t

dwell on prior

disappointments let go of what you have

in your grasp and aim for the stars that

is our message and you can always count

on us to have your

back I hope that people will remember me

as someone who was always there for them

who was willing to give them another

opportunity who was honest about the

negative qualities she had and Who Loved

without expecting anything in

return if that’s not it I’ve totally

bonded keep in mind that we’re only

taking turns escorting each other home

so be

forgiving if you you want to feel

lighter and have more Vitality now is

the moment to let go of the things that

are holding you back it is not necessary

for you to maintain an healthy

attachments there’s more going on here

than meets the I with this message

showing up today simply put your angels

and guides want to remind you of

something your loved ones want you to

know that they won’t leave your side no

matter what challenges come your way you

don’t have to go through this

alone you can count on constant

positivity guidance and encouragement

from them whether you realize it or not

they have been by your side the whole

time softly holding your hand and

leading you ahead with their hands

resting on your

shoulders you will survive this

difficult period and come out the other

side stronger and more prepared for the

future forgiveness doesn’t need someone

else to alter their behavior in order to

experience Prosperity achievement is not

necessary when you love yourself first

you don’t have to seek approval in F or

on anybody else

you can develop self assurance even if

certain aspects of your environment are

less than ideal there’s no need for the

stars to align before you start seeing

positive results one must first believe

and trust before

receiving God is appending your life

shifting people and circumstances in

unexpected ways to get his blessings

however you’ll need to alter certain

behaviors and

relationships no one can continue their

trip with you as you do now as a result

of your good fortune they will not be

able to cheer you on or provide any kind


encouragement you should only bring

those with you who can handle your

success now is your time to shine

simply confirm I am becoming aware by

using this

keyboard things are starting to recall

themselves God is coming to replace men

and restore what you thought was gone

you are only having a work experience

don’t tire out or groan throughout this

time of

change keep the faith and trust that God

has permitted these trials into your

life because he has a plan for you that

you don’t there are instances when God

uses suffering and death to reveal his

plan to give life to other things he

must give death to others thus he must

eliminate certain things some

friendships will end or shift careers

will shift and opportunities will close

but keep in mind

this it’s all in God’s plan nothing

occurs apart from his will remember God

is faithful and fix your thoughts on him

God would never withhold blessings from

his children All That Remains now is for

our faith to be proven things are

starting to recall

themselves your sensitive nature comes

from your good heart and genuine spirit

let’s get one thing straight this is not

a flow in your character but a

strength stop hiding your unique

qualities from the world although you

are not obligated to cure everyone you

encounter along the way you should

strive to maintain your good

attitude avoid wasting your energy on

those who don’t care about you and focus

instead on those who really value

you if anybody has been owed with

enhanced Clairvoyance and Divinity by

the cosmos it is you don’t stop becoming

a beacon of light for others around

you enter yes if you agree with

this yes you should expect some anxiety

but you shouldn’t let it consume you

that there is no way to simultaneously

trust and question someone however the

Lord sees what is in our

minds the only thing keeping us alive is

God’s breath on the dust of the Earth

for you he has tremendous things in

store we have our flaws and he is aware


them he only desires our confidence with

which he will be honor

here’s a little PR to reflect on all the

wonderful things God has already done

for you including delivering you from

difficult situations he is the same

God your life’s events even the people

who abandoned or rejected you will be

seen through the lens of wh y they

occurred one day at the moment it hurts

but but in the long run you’ll be better

off without a partner who doesn’t

believe in

you because God wanted to keep you safe

he made sure the door

shut the heart wasn’t for you and you

didn’t realize it because a good father

makes sure his children are linked with

the right

people you’d never be able to shut the

door so obviously God had to intervene

the person you thought you lost will be

replaced by someone am you see greater

therefore you should be cheerful because

God repairs and everything you thought

you lost turns into a

again enter yes to claim

it don’t stop showing respect for God by

keeping the right frame of mind you may

avoid conflict God will remove the wrong

individuals From the Path and he will

open a door you were unable to

unlock he will restore your health and

make everything right be strong enough

to weather illness Injustice workplace

stress and isolation you have to summon

all that

perseverance the scripture States He Who

endures to the end will receive the

prize don’t give up along the road don’t

become disheartened because this is

taking longer than you imagined your

moment will

arrive fast and easy Tuesday prayers one

dear Lord I pray that you will cure me

of any slowth And Delay coax me to my


potential two please God settle my mind

cheer my heart and Give Me Faith three I

beg you God take it away if it’s not

meant for me make it clear if they

aren’t intended for me stop doing things

that aren’t good for my life and end


now four Lord please watch over the road

I on so that I don’t have to give up for

nothing five God I pray pray that you

will relieve my thoughts menend my

broken heart and remove my anxieties

from me

amen if you are in need of this please

respond with a yes

below count your blessings and thank God

for everything you gained that can’t be

held in your hands right now those are

the fruits of the spirit that I’m


about some of them are love joy peace

patience and

longsuffering and if you are still

breathing and reading this then I am

speaking directly to

you do not minimize the benefits that

have been given to you that are

invisible to others if you can hold off

until then you will be able to reap the

benefits of your efforts and reap the

reward of your sacrifices in the natural

world it’s coming keep up the wonderful

work think of God saying come I’ve got

all this prepared for you for my

expectation for your

life and you respond well Lord I would

but I have to go do this and you lose

out on what God has planned for you

because you refuse to make a choice in

accordance with his word for his

will that God’s best for me would be

lost on account of my refusal to conform

my thoughts words and actions to his

teachings no sir I have chosen to follow

Jesus even as the night becomes deeper

many people are unconcerned are even

actively dismissive of the atrocity that

is being committed without Mercy or

remorse before your

eyes many people deny my existence even

though sin is widespread no genuine

familiarity with the Holy One exist

among them many people believe in and

practice things that I reject hate and

even sacrificed my life

for the cross is my greatest expression

of my my love and yearning for man yet

how frequently am I Refuge rejected and

discarded cly I am not being sought only

a small fraction of people have any idea

much less care how much pain I’ve been

through and a am still going

through these victims souls are

Priceless to me the prize is fantastic

IC to put it plotly those who follow

God’s plan and me will have to endure

hardship people will generally dislike

you Yan will be persecuting

you death has come in droves for me when

I am leading the way why are you afraid

the challenging and difficult path that

few manag to Traverse Rejoice I have

gone before you you can count on me to

always always be here for you I have

loved thee with an eternal

affection lately you’ve been taking a

step back studying your every action and

paying careful attention to the choices

you’re making it’s understandable that

you’re feeling the voyage take on a more


tongue you are going to reap the

benefits of all your hard work and the

universe will finally acknowledge your

efforts the approaching shifts in the

atmosphere are felt by every cell of


body the stars have been aligning for a

long time to bring you an abundance of

breakthroughs and benefits just hanging

there an endless amount of patience

humility faith and thankfulness is what

helped bring you thus far increasing

these values will carry you even

Beyond you’re cleaning up mentally

emotionally and spiritually at the

perfect moment the path ahead of you

will be similarly clear and

lovely a simple amen from you will get

it everything that has happened to you

or will happen to you in the future is

happening for a purpose you need to have

faith that your light team is competent

even if you don’t fully comprehend what

they’re doing right

now those people overheard and saw

things you didn’t see or hear they could

see the roadblocks ahead they can read

your mind and know how much you care

they have access to your innermost

being in other words they have seen your


have faith that they can change things

up for you and bring about the future

you’ve been hoping

for although transitions can be

challenging beautiful New Beginnings can

be experienced much more rapidly if

resistance is abandoned in favor of

acceptance and

flow you are not obligated to sit there

and smile and swallow every it of shy

everyone heaps on you it is okay to want

your own happiness and to care about

yourself the

most you are human and have the right to

say that was shitty of you because you

are more than just a piece of furniture

more than just window dressing and more

than just their shiny

toe you are allowed to demand and better

treatment from others and establish

limits on behavior that violates your

standards of mutual

respect you have a right to do this even

if the rest of the world doesn’t know it

and reacts with shock and outrage if you

actually use

it affirmatively type High welcome

life as God elevates you to new heights

in him he will further isolate you from

those on lower levels don’t be shocked

to some of your crun relationships end

with the end of this phase of your

life see their expectations world view

and even Disobedience can poison you

this is why he muddles your language in

an effort to keep

us but have

faith God willing ensure that you remain

surrounded by the right people T will

even surround you with more people who

will be there for you every step of the

way keep moving on praying and waving

from a distance you are in God’s

hand subscribe our Channel if you love

God you want things to change and God

says I get that the price of genuine

transformation is inevitably blood

staying in the same habits that made you

unhappy are not the way to make positive

changes in your

life put your trust in me and turn away

from the negative people in your life

and I promise you things will start to

look up for

you behold at rest my devoted flock keep

quiet quiet in this I can assure you I

am present always in a nutshell I adore

you that’s it you’re mine now redeemed

you are a creation of my kindness I’ve

collected you all together and given you

Refuge a flag of Love flies over us that

mantle is me you’ve got a sturdy

Fortress there one you hold dear your

Ally you have a lord a God and a savior

yes I am your Abba Father that’s all

you inhaling deeply I impart Vitality to

you indwell by my Divine Spirit giving

you a second chance at life rise my

lovely and accompany me having you round

makes me happy singing to the heavens I

celebrate you

God says today I know you have been

doubting yourself lately wondering if

you are really powerful or sufficient to

do what I placed in your heart to

do do not let doubt or fear discourage

you this message is a reminder that

nothing is impossible for those who have

Christ in their

lives it doesn’t matter where you are or

what you’re going through through God is

the deliverer who is near to those who

call upon his

name with him even the darkest of times

will be illuminated the driest of places

will be blessed and your broken hopes

and dreams will be made whole

again no matter who you are or where

you’ve been God’s arms are open wide

today all you have to do is call on his

name and he will answer some people may

think they need to clean themselves up

or change their behavior before they can

turn to the Divine but that is not God’s

way you can trust in him and he will

answer your prayer keep seeking him and

his goodness and he will use your mess

as a message to transform your life he

the psalmist is making the decision in

this verse to listen to What God Says

and that decision will bring peace

regardless of the

circumstances you may be thinking God

doesn’t speak to me so how can I know

that I should listen to him and to what

he says but the moment you make that

decision peace will be


the Bible however assures us that we are

his sheep that we can recognize his

voice and that we will not follow any

other sometimes the Lord will use a

trusted friend to convey his

message a song a sermon or in the

aesthetic appeal of nature the still

small voice of your conscience may be

God speaking to

you by letting him into your heart

you’ll hear his voice and find the

serenity you’ve been

seeking just typing I am evolving is a


affirmation it’s easy to feel helpless

in the face of life’s difficulties have

you ever been confronted with a problem

that defies your attempts to resolve

it to leave that you have the authority

to command the mountains to move because

God has given you that power today even

if your faith is as small as a mustard

seed all you have to do is believe that

God is on your side and the mountains

will immediately begin to

move make today the first day you

confront your fears headon Proclaim that

you have nothing to worry about because

you are brimming with confidence

strength and rational thought do not

ignore that mountain of

anxiety make a public

Proclamation that God will eventually

resolve all of your problems you should

address that stack of

bills declare that God will fulfill all

your needs and that you will make

intelligent judgments because the

Ancient of Days resides within of you

just speak God’s word to the obstacle

standing in your way and watch it

disintegrate cck come men if you agree


me I can relate to your feelings child

I’m aware of how your problems

challenges and setbacks prevent you from

being happy pay attention to what I’m

saying you’ll only stay down a few give

up after being knocked down by adversity

when something unexpected happens it can

knock you out you keep allowing that the

opponent to keep your mind is centered

on your problems whenever you’re

unhappy you give him permission to

magnify the difficulty which causes you

to fail to appreciate the gifts of both

my father and I

instead of seeing the ocean of Eternal

blessings he have bestowed upon you you

choose to focus on the temporary

raindrops of your

circumstances my love for you and your

salvation will last forever close eyes

to the father to me and to all that we

have given you is the sole reason you

continue to be

unhappy get back into my writings and

allow them consistently refresh your

soul and remind you of what you have

been given then go and inform people of

the excellent things I have done for

you just by typing I taking my power

back you are making a powerful

statement in times of uncertainty I want

to offer you the one thing I know will

help you my calm my complete and utter

silence is yours the kind of calm that

only God’s spirit can provide is what I


you who I man what I have done for you

are revealed to you by my spirit and the

fullness of God’s glory and Majesty can

be experienced in my

Cal let my Cal release you

stop worrying you’ll feel better After

experiencing my calm have faith in the

trly I offer my peace to you this is the

Eternal outpouring of my love for you

that began before the beginning of

time take refuge in the calm Embrace of

my love my sweet

child the story continues from here as

always God as a plan in order to free

you from harmful habits the Lord

sometimes lets you hit rock

bottom only when he takes away all your

usual safeguards will you realize that

Jesus alone can provide true peace of

mind simply enter the phrase I am

abundant to make your

claim psychological stress causes

physical fat fatigue however the

scripture States be not grieved and

depressed for the pleasure of the Lord

is your shield and

stronghold to weaken you the devil seeks

to rob you of your happiness he wants

you to be feeble so that you won’t fight

the chaos he throws against

you and that’s why we need each other

sometimes sometimes God will send people

into your life to restore your hope and

enthusiasm some days he will send you to

someone else who is in a weaker position

because Satan has been beating on them

friend someone

today having someone to pray for them

lift them up and encourage them can be

invaluable enter yes if you’re all set

as well as forward this to five God


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