my beloved

child my beloved child to prove that I

am the finest present Giver to you I

have showered you with several favors if

I could choose to offer you those

present imagine if I were ill prepared

to provide you the ideal present at the

ideal time put your trust in me instead

of worrying about the past present or

fature punch and I embrace my power to

verify and facing those who have cast

you down God will lift you up their

objective was to destroy you because of

your Brokenness but God has made you

stronger because of your

Brokenness God is fighting on your

behalf You Are Not Alone put your trust

in me by my dear

this is not something you’re looking at

by accident your affirmation is this

success will be

yours no matter what it looks like right

now your commitment will be rewarded by

God so hold on tight major strengths for

you and don’t give up your astonishment

will be bestowed upon you

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God today God says here is a perfect

chance for you to forget your mistakes

and focus on the good thing I’m doing in

your life right now soak it all

in another thing I’m doing is creating

the ideal people to be a part of your

daily life and removing the undesirable

ones I’m closing doors that no longer

longer serve you and opening new

one although the pruning process may be

uncomfortable and challenging you should

be aware that it is ultimately

beneficial to you this is the perfect

chance for you to forget the past to

forget the mistakes you’ve

made and bring attention to what I am

doing in your life right now I am also

doing something else I am replacing

certain undesirable people in your daily

life with excellent

ones the pruning method may be

uncomfortable and challenging but you

should be aware that it is for your

advantage I am closing old doors and

opening new ones for

you press I’m hopeful if you’re all

set you are being told by God today that

December will be a significant month for

you success healing unexpected blessings

and freedom from the rat race will be

your constant

Companions and significant growth Your

Life Will Go On as usual since I have

not said anything everything you’ve been

praying for and waiting for will come to

pass my heart aches for

you you may act a growth in your

finances and fulfillment of all your

Necessities as well as an abundance of

favors and opportunities in your

life from every terrible thing that has

happened to you I am drawing out

miraculous claims and lovely Tales your

Redemption is happening right

now spell out I’m prepared to Sparkle to


your brilliant father causing events to

unfold in your favor banishing some

undesirable people setting up wonderful

vacations and reversing unfavorable

situations January is going to be a

banner month for you everything will go

without a hitch now that the obstacles

have crumbled do what God tells you to


act in accordance with his every word

things won’t always be easy but steer

clear of your thoughts since that’s

where Satan tries to talk to you get rid

of him

fast during this season God is doing

something major and you will get his

plan for your life I can see July and

August as massive months September

however will be on a whole other level

for a few of

you assuming you’re ready hit why

yes God is saying to you today I know

there are a lot of things on your mind

right now your loved ones your health

your financial situation your romantic

connection sometimes it seems like the

whole world is pressing down on you but


that you are never really alone and that

you can trust me with all your

burdens I will provide assistance repair

and resources I will spare no effort in

preparing a way for you I have faith in

you rest assured I will spare you no

bombs put your worries to rest I will

address the problems that have been

causing you concern turn today I will

provide a path for you and open doors


you please don’t lose sight of me or dot

my words I love you more than you can

imagine and I will take care of

everything so that you don’t have

to press yes if you’re okay with

it today God wants you to know that he

understands that you’ve been wondering

whether you’re good enough to carry out

the mission he has placed in your

heart it is my hope that this message

May encourage you to keep believing in

Christ no matter what and to refuse to

give into fear or give up on your

dreams regardless of how confused you

are about what I am doing you must trust

me compared to your techniques my ways

are Superior you just have to believe

that the universe is working in your

favor you will be rewarded for your

unwavering faith in me and the way I

choose to do it rest assured that my

grace is sufficient for

you have faith in me even now I know you

have been fighting for long but in

general I’m with you the enemy has tried

to make make you act

normally never fear I will bring about a

change that will benefit you even while

your enemies loon get a hold of my

promises for the rest of your

life in light of my knowledge of your

heart I am able to empathize with the

struggles you are facing God says to you

today I rescued you from the same

situation all over again and this time

I’ll save you from

it do your best to keep your emotions in

check put your trust in me I promise you

you will persevere through this try

again but this time with me I will never

put you in a situation where you are on


own stand before me I will be at your

side I walk close by your sight no

matter what you’re going through right

now know that you have my

support simply type I’m available to

change to

confirm trust me you are under my care

reconstruction will be my gift you will

be returning to La when the time comes

you’ll have faith there will be a time

when you

smile here’s what God has to say

everything is going to work out he

promises to provide abundantly above

your wildest

expectations I’ve got this under

control everything that is happening to

you is known to me I understand the

source of your nightly insomnia I have

taken note of your demands observed your

tears take a seat to and in wine never

again will I bomb you

it has been difficult I know there may

have been times when you felt completely

helpless and that your only option was

to give

you for as long as you can remember I

have been at your side through every

single thing that has happened to you I

was by your side back then and I still

am by your side now I can feel things is

becoming better trust

them to verify please type

yes remember that I am always there for

you no matter what through the good

times and the bad at top mountains and

in valleys thrilled and heartbroken when

it comes to endowments and

initial no matter what you’re going

through I’m here close by time and again

time and again at all times I will

remain at your side because I adore

you have faith in me and I will take

care of you and remain committed to you

wherever you go no matter what you’ve

gone through I’ve been there for

you for the most part I’ve been

accommodating and watching out for you I

agree even if you’re

crying I see the overarching strategy

believe me with all your heart because I

am about to make a difference in most

cases I agree with

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below I am able to save your life

everything is being handled by me on

your behalf every day I leave tiny

fortunes for you to find find them and

as you do thank me for

them instead of worrying about the tasks

that you have to do every day focus on

me and the things I have given you I

curtly have plans for

tomorrow God says to you today maybe you

are facing a tempest and can’t exactly

see an exit plan so rest in me and seek


presence God I know you have a good plan

for my future I know you are guiding and

setting me on the right path just take

it slow and

steady keep in mind that I am actively

involved in your life and will be there

to console you no matter what you

face keep going keep walking through the

storm remembering that every storm

eventually passes you have

one select I welcome the new to

affirm nothing can stand a chance at

against me because I am stronger and

more grounded place your faith and my

might over yours you should hand over

your weights to me whenever you feel

overwhelmed you’ve been waiting for this

advancement for yours and I’m prepared

to handle any situation that comes my

way I will calm the storm and give you

space it seemed like it wouldn’t pan out

sometimes whatever the case may be I

salvaged it just as it seemed to be

dying you remain Resolute the trust was

maintained by

you the degree of suffering you have

endured because of that is genuinely

unknown to anyone now is the time for

you to shine you are someone I trust

undoubtedly you can unwind I promise not


bombo I know that many of you have been

feeling disoriented bewildered and

unsure about what lies ahead my dear

children and I am here today to offer

you a word of encouragement and

comfort in these difficult times you

have been seeking a sign a confirmation

a rock to lean on and I am here to

inform you that it has arrived

simply type I’m abundant to make your

claim I am aware of your trials your

uncertainties and your anxieties I have

listened to your request for help and

direction however please know that I

have always been at your side quietly

directing you toward your destiny and

purpose and I have never abandoned you

no great deed no miraculous occurrence

no thunderous voice from on high and no

dazzling light can be the sign you’ve


seeking the long awaited signal is

already inside you it is your innermost

thoughts and feelings the nudges in your

emotional Center the song in your

spirit however this flame may have been

extinguished or lost in the midst of all

the world’s problems and diversions that

is why I am here today to bring it back

to your

attention cck our men to show your

agreement all of you are my precious

children and I have a special plan for

your lives your being here is not

accidental rather you are here to

accomplish a task

a meaningful impact on the world The

Awakening of this purpose inside you is

the indication you have been

seeking stop being scared and start

living life to the fullest because I am

with you every step of the way embrace

the adventure that is ahead and have

faith in the road I have laid out for

you and always pay pay attention to the

inner indication it will lead you in the

cracked Road whenever you feel confused


disoriented the sign you’ve been seeking

is a confirmation that you can all

achieve great

things dear children I want you to know

that I am here for you at all times so

you may face the world with faith and

bravery may your inner light be Beacon

that leads you to your

mission when we are together we can

build a love-filled world have faith in

me have faith in the sign inside you and

have faith in your own Divine potential

Serenity and unity put yes if you’re in

agreement I am reaching out to you now

my dear children with a message of Love

and Hope hope you have been waiting for

a sign from me for far too

long I have heard your supplications and

prayers and I am here to inform you that

the sign you have been seeking is here

it will lead you on your path and assure

you of my

presence in spite of the fact that you

are always preoccupied with your own

life and the things that may go wrong I

have never left your sight my beloved

ones you have often disregarded my calls

and failed to seek me out you have been

seeking some grandiose indication some

miraculous occurrence to validate my

presence and my affection for

you but my sign is invisible to the

naked sight it must be sensed in the

recesses of your soul to be

understood I am communicating with you

today via the soft murmurs of your inner

self the caress of the sun’s Rays

against your skin and the Splendor of

the natural world that envelops

you because my love is in every single

one of you I am communicating with you

via the generosity and compassion of

others around you

you your long awaited sign is not going

to appear in the material world rather

it will be a spiritual awakening it will

be the understanding that I am with you

at all times that you will never be

alone leading you to your purpose it’s

the knowledge that there’s a purpose to

everything that occurs and that my love

and light will be there for you even

when the darkness sets

in keep your hearts and Minds open my

children so you can see my sign do not

allow your concerns and uncertainties

obscure your

vision believe in my plan for you and

know that all will work out in due

course it has been waiting patiently for

you to recognize it the whole time

I am constantly speaking to you so as

you go about your day seek my sign in

the little things in the unexpected

benefits and in the generosity of

strangers never leaving your side

leading you ever closer to your life’s

Mission have faith in me and the sign

you’ve been seeking will become clear as

day do not despair my beloved children I

Am With You Always may my love and

wisdom illuminate your path through life

The Omen you have sought has

come let it be a constant reminder of my

boundless love for you and it will keep

showing up in the most lovely and


ways hit yes to

confirm for the battles that lie ahead

you you are more than enough refrain

from becoming nervous embrace the

camaraderie you have allies in this

fight you have my support throughout

this struggle it will be over

soon persist in the effort retain the

Assurance keep going don’t stop trying

to beg me in any way pray with assurance

and an undeniable

spear have faith that your requests will

be responded to and trust me as you ask

practice self-control and keep praying

no matter how bad things

become I pick up on unspoken cues and

understand incomprehensible Concepts

because my love eats away at the soul

rather than the lips or the mind I can

feel things becoming better believe it

a lot is probably running through your

head right now you have to take care of

your loved ones maintain your peace of

mind manage your money and advance in


career you feel as if the weight of the

world is pressing down on you just keep

in mind that you’re among wonderful

people pray about all of your concerns

and bring them to

me the offer is mine a way will be made

apparent for you by me you have the

support of paradise’s assets you

shouldn’t worry nothing will be a

problem for

you today God is telling you you have

been dotting yourself recently wondering

whether you are really enough to do what

I have spoken to you to

do please hear me out with Christ

everything is as possible stay in your

imagination as much as possible and

don’t let fear pull you out you will

succeed just remember that I am rooting

for you trust me you’re

capable click I’m plentiful to

confirm you should know that I’m asking

for your means he said rest assured you

are not alone feeling both dissatisfied

FY and anxiety is

unnecessary I humbly contend that you

need to confide in me with all your

essence there will be physical activity

right now I’ve got you figured out I

know you can’t see a lot of it happening


now you don’t understand a single thing

that’s occurring to you given your

current situation you feel like you’re

completely bewildered refrain from


nervous I am available to assist you

this will all make perfect sense I can

move mountains you should keep pleading

because you will experience eor you in

the morning persist in

accepting if you need me I’ll

bether make a little adjustment to your

morning routine to open the flood gates

to boundless wealth happiness pleasure

opportunity and

Assurance I am aware that you have dealt

with a great lot this year numerous

items are now occupying the majority of

your thoughts peace for you and your

loved ones your money and the person


it the weight of the world seems to be

pressing down on you always keep in mind

that you’re never really alone

yourself use prayer to lay all of your

concerns before me a way will be made

apparent for you by me you have the

support of paradise’s assets take a seat

and unwind nothing will be a problem for

you enter yes to confirm this for

yourself your vision imagination

and dedication were all correct children

of God you are not crazy or foolish can

you see the battle going on around

you your sheer existence undermines

Satan who is desperate and that proves

the guarantee it’s a sign that you’re on

the right

track but have faith in my child do not

waver regardless m matter how okay it

seems if you keep walking the route I

teach you other worldly entrances will

soon be accessible to you from

unexpected places and surprising

people type amen if you believe in



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