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according to God you are about to receive a tremendous Financial bone and

the abundance that follows will Astound you obtaining Financial Independence

will be a Breeze by the year believing people please like this

video inspiring days of breakthroughs Miracles and blessings are ahead you are

about to enter an era of unprecedented success joy and prosperity similar to a

constant stream of water wealth will envelop you in an

abundance enter yes if you hold the belief I will change your life for the

better and shower you with blessings that are more abundant than you could have imagined your unspoken anguish and

sorrow will eventually subside please watch this video all the way to

the end so that you may receive the blessings and peace that are upon you

this season the month of January is

going to be filled with plenty chances and blessings for you and your loved

ones with my blessings and healing I will turn every bad situation around for

you and your loved on wishing you abundant joy and happiness

as you anticipate the arrival of genuine love financial success and excellent

Health God bless you abundantly and Grant you long life sound mind boundless

happiness and abundant Prosperity do say I believe in Jesus Christ and Saturn

will flee from you unexpected blessings good news and miraculous events that

will change your life will be happening one after the other this month you will

feel Joy recovery and development all over

again no amount of effort on your part will bring you the joy health and wealth

that your heavenly father intends for you his people will be blessed with good

health abundant peace and safety according to the Lord’s

promise declare with Assurance the Lord is my shepherd I lack nothing surely his

goodness and unfailing love will follow me all the days of my life and I will

dwell in the house of the Lord forever select a man as your belief

level see the link in the comment section for the the shocking wealth

secrets revealed by an aent scientist if you wish to effortlessly and quickly

attract huge wealth beginning today no matter how low I may fall I

will always rise again and even in The Darkest Hours the Lord will be my light

according to God God has been hearing your prayers and he will surprise you

with a blessing when you least expect it he is so good you will soon see it

joyful life-altering blessings are on their way to you and you can put an end

to your anguish suffering and restless nights now an agonizing and frustrating season

is almost over for you you are being set free from addiction Despair and Misery

by God keep in mind that that no matter how ugly your situation

gets God will never ignore your cries for help ignore your prayers or ignore

your suffering there is someone who can see here and save

you going ahead of you I will smooth your way and bring you opportunities the

correct people and answers to all your problems your love is my life

blood no blessing will come to you until Heaven has worked its magic I swear let

all your troubles and trials be gone from your life as I command it in jesus’

name Faith is praising God in the storm trusting him in the valley and following

him in the darkness I am the bread of life whoever comes to me will never go

hungry and who whoever believes in me will never be thirsty if you ask God he will show you

the way on the correct path and through the correct entrance pray now and you will win God

is rescuing you from every destructive pattern in the name of Jesus Christ you

are invited to welcome a new era of Liberty plenty health and Power

you will be led into your destiny by God and he will also demonstrate to others

that he is supporting you do not put your confidence in anyone or anything

other than God no matter how bad things get he has the ability to transform them

into something positive tap yes to access this it has

been said by Jesus that God God is rescuing you from all your troubles and

replacing them with a life of healing ease and

plenty there is a miraculous thing waiting for you whether it’s the job of

your dreams the love of your life or a breakthrough you’ve never

imagined let us join together in prayer and declare today I will receive the

love healing and abundance that I deserve Miracles will be performed when

I need them and my entire family will be healed this week you can expect

breakthroughs good news answered prayers favor likee never before and miraculous

events God who is Everlasting is a safe haven under high sesting arms you will

find Eternal rest he will destroy your enemies and drive

them out before you persevere in your Devotion to God and he will shower you

with abundant success instead of weeping over difficulties you will rejoice

because God has heard and answered your prayers and every trial you endure the

Lord will fight your battles and deliver you Triumph God has with you and he will

never leave your side he will also carry your burdens when you’re feeling down

and out hold on to these three things put your worries in prayer

instead praise God for everything he has done for you and your loved ones and

then pray about your needs a strong and courageous person should be for God who

made the world in six days days and then rested on the eventh May Empower you and guide you

through any challenge God will intervene good news will come in a miraculous way

and gamechanging discoveries will be made in the next week building a

relationship with Jesus Christ as primary a person’s heart can be mended

and their wounds soothed by his mighty power you will find joy and contentment

beyond measure when you put your trust in his grace and

love press Amen to verify the Lord promises that when he

decides to bless you no matter how many people try to stand in your way

everything will work out for the best recognize the blessings you have

and be open to the many more more that God has in store for you as you feel

true gratitude for what you have and by the grace of God you will

begin to receive more compensation prepare yourself to be amazed by God’s

plans for your life whether they involve a happy marriage a huge breakthrough or a

winning lottery ticket everything that goes wrong will be turned

around the sun will rise on all people and the moon will set on all bounds

Health stronger relationships and more Financial

Security are some of the ways I will improve your life anyone who seeks my happiness will

find it in my presence forever if you’re sick of feeling down lost and hopeless

I’m here to help in times of great sorrow keep in mind

that God is with you God will never leave your side and God will always be

there when you need him what a wonderful achievement someone is going to win a

large Lottery prize within the next hours this is a miracle that will change

your life forever a large sum of money will be set to your account you and your

loved ones will be blessed abundantly with pleasure happiness and good fortune

for many years to come huge sums of money will be drawn to

your hands and you will see an influx of prosperity into your life similar to how

sugar draws ants you have overcome many obstacles and now is the time to do it

again regardless of what the adversary has taken from you I will return at

everything I am about to W you with boundless Health money and success if

you want to see God’s surprising wonders you have to watch this film all the way

to the conclusion God will continue to be loyal to you because you have been faithful to

him if you put your faith in him he will make good on his promises in order to

alleviate your financial burden and safe guard your loved ones from harm I am

dispatching guardian angels to your home today rest assured I will be at your

side during this whole process no one can stand in my way if I am on your sigh

because you are my kid I will never leave your sigh [Music]

in addition I am getting rid of all the things that are depressing you from

suffering difficulty and scarcity to Healing ease and plenty I am

transferring all of that to you the Holy Spirit wants you to speak

these words right now I have experien the separation from God I recall the

days when our connection was not existed listen closely because God says

my life was miserable and I had no hope or Direction but then I met Jesus and

everything changed he promises that a new season of

joy and peace will come into your life and that my love will be experienced in

a strong and fresh manner you are never really alone in

your faith I am with you at all times and the Holy Spirit will live within you

you have an advocate a consolation prize and a compass in the Holy Spirit my

feathers will surround you my darling and you will find safety beneath my

wings I will defend you from any danger with my unwavering loyalty when you need

someone to lean on am mid life’s storms you can count on me to be your rock I

adore you because you are my beloved kid an individual’s words have the

potential to do great harm it is our duty as Christians to confront Satan and

his minions by speaking God’s message we may overcome obstacles and

Achieve Triumph by declaring and praying for it in Jesus name confidently

proclaim the message of God being aware of the fact that it may

alter your situation and the environment around you I hope that you may find the

strength to talk to Jesus in prayer when you are feeling sad or

depressed he hears you and knows what it’s like to be hurt he is there to

console you and provide strength then let us join hands in

prayer the little ones under my care over this new week I pray to you

heavenly father in jesus’ name I am filled with appreciation and admiration

as I stand before you today your kind gaze and everything that you do for me

are much appreciated your Divine favor Accord

according to your glory filled resources please provide all my wants

breakthroughs blessings and plenty will be yours this week I swear

it the grace compassion and love that you have shown me are much appreciated I

have faith in the destiny you have for me I eagerly await your future

endeavors I am going to do something incredible for you and I want you to

know it I will unleash the floodgates of heaven and shower you with everything

that you have prayed for and anticipated bigger and greater than

anything you could have dreamed of as on the way your breakthrough therefore keep hoping if

you continue to put your faith in me and pray I will provide a way even when you

think there is none many of you are probably going through tough times right

now your relationships health or bank account might be causing you

stress feelings of tension or discomfort can be getting the best of you however

please know that you can always count on my support I am here to help you to

provide you and to come you down select am men to

confirm the peace of God will envelop you when you pray to him according to

his promise your spirit mind and body will all be healed by me plus I will

shower you with immeasurable blessings I am able to alleviate your sadness and

deliver Joy no matter what you are facing help a alleviate your stress I

would gladly accompany you if you only call me a significant turning point in your

life is just around the corner you are now on the path to Greatness having

overcome the worst you have made me proud my kid bravery and resilience in the face

of hardship are qualities you have shown you have put your faith in me and I have

never left your side the moment has come for you to

seize your fate in my honor you will do great things and I can’t wait to see you

succeed please make sure that I am in the Forefront of your mind as you go

about your week by doing this I will ensure that

your journey is adorned with plenty of delight oh and

Splendor I will show you the way to happiness if you would only believe

me keep in mind that I am here too help you whenever you feel like giving up

come with me I will show you the way I am God there is no need to

move our combined abilities are Limitless you are in my prayers and

thoughts and I will bless you I I am kind toward you and my face is upon

you I look down on you with a peaceful face and offer you my blessing let me be

the rock that you lean on when times are tough if you put your faith in me I will

remove all your worries fears need and suffering my blessings peace love and

plenty will over flow into your life just have faith in me that’s

all I beg you to publicly declare the Lord will rescue me from every evil deed

and bring me safely into his Heavenly Kingdom may his glory be praised forever

and ever if you put your faith in me I will show you the way to

Paradise so my darling have faith in me and know that I can do anything you ask

of me I am ready to bestow my blessings upon you now that your season of Plenty

has come Miracles will happen in your life if you have faith in the depths of my

affection I will never leave your side no matter how bad things become you

can always count on my support I am here holding your hand and leading you

towards light so you don’t have to face your fears and isolation

alone thank me because I have showered you with countless benefits you should

treasure every minute of your life since it is a gift seek my counsel and

Direction whenever you feel confused or lost I will not mislead

you numerous reward WS will shower onto your love life and spiritual quest in

the months to come these are my offerings bestowed with love and

intention indulge in them for happiness and satisfaction click on yes to get it I

will provide so you don’t have to worry about money the Lord promises when you

put your faith in me I will show you the way to success ESS and

plenty have trust in God at all times I am always with you keep in mind that I

will be on your side no matter what keep going even when things become

tough if you put your trust in me I will lead you on the path of righteousness

and Grace only I can provide everlasting life not even doctors attorneys or

troops oh always seek me and I will show you the root to Eternal happiness and

contentment seek my wisdom and protection in your prayers no matter

when you need me I’ll be here to listen and take your call stay at my side and I

will protect you from danger rest assured I am ever present

and attentive to your every need life is isn’t always easy and you may experience

moments of confusion or loneliness but know that no matter what

I will never leave your side therefore come to me when problems emerge when

others flourished it brings me Delight because I bless

them the fact that they ignore me and claim credit for their achievements

still in knows me stay strong stay wise and sees chances for your achievement

because I am your Source it is only fair that you

recognize my influence and Express gratitude when you succeed I will

continue to bless you and Lead You toward your destiny if you remain closed

to me do nice Deeds for those who detest you and love your adversaries so

challenging it is essential for a life filled with blessings doing good deeds for those who

hate you may win them over and bring them to me as a witness for Christ

loving one’s adversaries exemplifies his character praying The Lord’s Prayer or

going to church won’t cut it to love the father with all that is in you man to

love your neighbor as yourself is my father’s wish I am pleased and delighted when you

enter my Realm by living a life of love you remain away because of your ego

materialism and pry to my realm and from mine I am the

god who repairs redeems and blesses even when faced with difficult ulties

disappointments and setbacks what you lament will become

dance what as ashes will become Beauty and what is grief will become pleasure

your adversaries will see me as your God and you as my darling because I will do

it publicly be still seek me in your most

private location love your adversaries submit to my father’s plan and have

faith that I will restore you and reward you

abundantly to get it type amen according to God tomorrow will be a

very different day for you I will provide you fresh opportunities for

blessings and miracles because I have heard your

petitions praise and thanksgiving bring more reward your way so be sure to do

both anticipate a spectacular recovery by the month’s

conclusion leading to full health and Financial Freedom blessings development

and growth await you in the future get well get back in touch with loved ones

and get your money back if you can make it through this whole film your family will be blessed

with long term health happiness Financial Security and

Tranquility I am here to help you open a door in your life that no one else can

close get ready for a plethora of blessings including increased happiness

Better Health riches love and miracles what do you think of my

strategy you are about to embark on a time of abundant benefits and miraculous

events I pray that this next week is filled with extraordinary blessings Joy

lovely people and precious moments in the name of Jesus Christ you

will be protected from danger and your health riches peace and family will

flourish you will amass vast fortune and have an easy time drawing it in you and

your family will be showered with Abundant Health pleasure and happiness

as a result of divine favors God bless you and preserve you as

he graciously turns his face to you and shines his face upon

you I will alleviate your suffering and transform your failures into triumphs

why boundless benefits will soon stream into your life ending your days of worry

and sorrow whoever once and needs Jesus Christ may be covered and blessed by the

Priceless Holy Blood rest assured I will grant your

every want hand alleviate all your anxieties as you sleep I will PVE the

road giving strength restoration and healing even when you believe it’s

impossible I am the one who gives light to the world and everyone who follows me

will also have light say it out loud though I walk

through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for you are

with me let go of all your worries concerns and tensions I will take care

of them I guarantee an end to all conflict and and a new beginning for all

people no matter how strange the manner I respond to your prayers may seem I

have never neglected them be ready to experience a plethora of gifts and

miracles as you approach this season IEM Jesus is the

savior happiness laughter love and plenty of benefits will soon replace the

sorrow of the past According To Jesus before you go to sleep Let Me ease your

worries Good Times bad times mountains valleys tears blessings and trials are

all part of life just remember that I am with you

always I will always love you want you and be there for you no matter how many

times you mess up money will flow easily and negativity will disappear you’re

going to be happier than you’ve ever been before let me bless you and those you

care about turn around negativity and ease your suffering through prayer you

will be guided to the correct route the correct individuals and the correct

chances in the near future you can anti anticipate Financial breakthroughs

bigger smiles and blessings after the sixth day of

creation I your God rested believe in my ability to make a rapid impact on your

life a time of Wonders is upon you when progress and Triumph go hand in hand I

adore you because you are my beloved child you will no longer have to

struggle borrow or beg when doors open for you the hand of God is on you and

with his help you can overcome any obstacle and rise to new heights remain

motionless and observe my benevolence I will fight your battles believe me

completely rely on more than just your knowledge even when things seem hopeless

I will be there to help you you find the light at the end of the tunnel you will

soon find that your prayers have been answered through the opening of a great

door despite the fact that you have gone through pain tears and questions behind

closed doors I am come to publicly bless restore and redeem you in the presence

of your adversaries your loved ones your health

your house your safety your worries and your emotions are all in my capable

hands please know that you are not alone that you are loved and that you are

cared for whenever you feel the overwhelming grief that brings tears to

your eyes the week ahead is going to be absolutely amazing full of joy love and

harmony Lord I am ending the vicious patterns that have been plaguing you the

time of your Liberation success and plenty has come until your dying breath

I will be there to help you and come to your rescue if you need it yah will

regain everything that the opponent stole during this return

Season prepare to be showered with an abundance of benefits have faith in me

my my darling I have supported and shielded you throughout your whole life

no matter what you faced morning after morning my blessings

grow if today isn’t your lucky day don’t give up hope tomorrow will bring even

more prospects for rewards is this the year you finally

achieve your greatest success I am going to W you with my kindness so be

ready trusting in God through Dark Times praising him amid storms that is what

true Faith entails my grace and love will bring your ideal marriage to

fruition put more faith in me instead of putting more effort your life will be

changed when you stop striving and start trusting an era of boundless love and

and planty is about to come your way as fate would have it the stars are

converging in your favor right now you are about to experience a life-altering

tidal wave of benefits and possibilities so hold on to your

faith I am transforming your suffering into power and your difficulties into

advantages turns into gift your life is being Guided by a magnificent plan that

will bring you healing prosperity and freedom from the challenges you’re now

facing nothing that has transpired to you so far has thwarted God’s purpose

the path to your destiny is known by him although it may take some time believing

in a higher Tower will bring about incredible ch changes in your

life for those who love God and are called according to his purpose we know

that everything works together for their good find comfort in God at all times he

is with you constantly no matter where you are or what you’re going through

nothing ever happens in isolation God would not abandon you

therefore you need not be worried when you ask for his forgiveness he will

gladly Grant it and wash away any wrongdoing God will be with you in the

good times and the bad so don’t let anybody tease or threaten you because of

your religion by turning your focus from your

problems to the one God and one mediator Jesus Christ who reconciles God and

Mankind God teaches today that worship may help you endure rough

times praying and expressing gratitude to God should replace anxiety doing so

releases further miraculous events into your life as a result of his favor if

you are seeking Eternal Bliss and are feeling hopeless lost or

depressed if you want lasting Cal pray you will get guidance and answers from

God if you continue to ask seek and knock praying that the Lord watches over

you and protects you from any danger affirm your Reliance on God

declare your need for his assistance and resolve not to let fear or uncertainty

consume you know matter what trials you face if it is your will God I beg you to

come to my home and alleviate my anxieties and problems I also ask that

you bless and keep my family safe do not be surprised if tomorrow

brings you optimism pleasure and plenty instead of Despair grief and financial

difficulties get ready to experience a plethora of love wealth and health over

the ma hours a sum of $, will magically appear in your

bank account from somewhere you have no idea about very soon are you

prepared your life is about to take a dramatic turn for the better as you are

selected to experience unprecedented Prosperity fulfillment health and happiness I am

here to help you become well physically and mentally so that you may feel safe

and secure in every way get ready for a surplus of Plenty

after you watch this video all the way through you will start to attract an

abundance of money health and success let it be known I attract huge

amounts of money with these and I now have more wealth than I ever thought

possible this week you are about to experience a miracle that will alter the

course of your life forever unexpected benefits are going to shower

upon you there will be tremendous breakthroughs and miracles in the next

days as you embark on a new season of Plenty may God’s grace envelop you in

Joy love and Harmony you might expect a dramatic

Improvement in your financial situation and the arrival of the one true love

you’ve been hoping for in you are the one who will provide

your family boundless Health riches and

success amazing things will begin to happen in your life and doors that have

been shut for long long time will unexpectedly open God is always there for you so turn

to him when you feel lost and lonely when your heart wants companionship always know that you have

support press yes to access this God promises to make things right

restore what has been lost Vanquish what has been harm and clear the way for you

Proclaim that a dramatic shift is about to occur in your life there will be a

change from a state of stagnation to one of flow and from scarcity to

plenty from Haze to light through suffering to relief you will be blessed

abundantly by God because of his unfaltering love and

faithfulness you are more than a conqueror and his favor is upon you

there is a tremendous and life-altering event for which God is getting you

ready this week something really miraculous will happen so brace

yourselves physical ailments debts marriages and addictions are all being

healed by God trust that he has wonderful things

in store for you he will bless you you and those you care about mend whatever

is broken fortify your weaknesses cure your illnesses and

reignite your inner calm we might pray this together oh God I will not fear I

will put my confidence in you I know that you will not abandon me

and I will see through to completion all the plans you have for me I’m men Lord I am seeking your

direction as I face obstacles at work my child come to me with big

expectations I am your God you are going to get all you have

hoped for health money love and inner peace your praise will continuously be

on my lips dear Lord I have faith in your plan

and time I pray that I want won’t end up in undeveloped or unprepared areas I

know that the way you’ve planned for me is for my benefit and your

glory as the Son of God Jesus Christ came to Earth as a prophet and teacher

Illuminating the way to God’s Everlasting Kingdom through love and

forgiveness he was Among Us communicating with us curing us and

loving us his message was for everyone even if he came from poor

Beginnings you will be saved if you publicly Proclaim that Jesus is Lord and

believe in your heart that God resurrected him from the dead Rejoice always pray continually and

give thanks in all circumstances for this is your will for us in Christ Jesus my life can be

transformed at a moment’s notice God I will never give up hope since you always

provide a miracle at the moment I think it’s all over I pray for all those who are in

need of a quick Miracle only you can do what seems impossible and only you can

provide a way when there seems to be none the power of God is so great that

he alone can turn a disaster into a message a trial into a Triumph and a

victim into a conqueror press the Jesus is Lord

button my word is final your adversaries will not be able to hurt you the Lord

will open Heaven’s Door and bring rain on your land and season to bless your

efforts I Proclaim Triumph peace healing and financial benefits over your

life he will guide us and give us the Triumph and we can believe that we will

not be destroyed today let us celebrate in the victory that has already been

gained since as Jesus said life will not always be the same because he will come

again your health relationships and finances will be rest stored shortly by

God suddenly you will have enough money to pay all your expenses and even do

something more for your children this will happen without you

having to do anything at all and it will happen at the perfect

moment even at The Darkest Hours when we have turned to God Alone he works

miraculous changes in our lives the Bible tells us that God’s love is

constant and that his mercies are Everlasting in the name of Jesus Christ

we pray that all your efforts will be rewarded with success may the Lord be

with you always shining his favor upon you and showering you with graciousness

may he raise his face to you and Grant you peace you are excellent and perfect

perfect and it is a privilege to be your child I praise you for making me and for

loving me so much that you sent Jesus to die so that I may have my sins forgiven

Lord I Thank You for Your unending love both in the lowly times and in the High

Times you are entering a new season of Freedom wealth and plenty may we always

keep in mind the boundless benefits from you for your love and grace are

Limitless God’s grace is breaking every bad cycle in your

life you will find Refuge behind the strong wings of God and his faithfulness

will envelop you like a shield and Fortress giving you the fortitude to

overcome any challenge that you may encounter you may be certain that the

plots of the adversary will be shattered when the might of God’s angels is with

you the anguish will diminish the tears will dry up and a way to miraculous

change will be shown in the name of Jesus Christ I pray

the Lord takes my fears anxieties and concerns and puts them in your hands I

ask that you will lead my feet this year and keep an eye on me please Shield me from harm and remove

any obstacles that stand in my way amen it makes no difference what your

adversary has planned for you my dear child I am the god of Plenty and I want

to bless you with money and success and give you the courage and knowledge to

conquer any difficulty that comes your way true love love riches and health

will shower upon you as you watch this film filling your life with enormous

pleasure and happiness in the following s days you

will experience remarkable things as you embark on a season of Joy love and

plenty of money I assure you that as long as you watch this movie all the way

to the Finish money will come come to you easily and endlessly leading you to

a life of Plenty I am blessed I am prosperous and

I have the favor of God keep saying it even when things go

tough your health relationships and wealth will be restored very soon by

God this weekend you may anticipate an unexpected turn of event in your career

bank account health and relationships next week you will experience tremendous

breakthroughs miraculous events and even larger

gifts get ready for tremendous Miracles because God plans to take you to Heights

no one in your family has ever achieved keep in mind that with God you can do

all things he can create a way when it seems there is no

way in the Lord will shower you with blessings cure you lead you provide for

you and shield you from danger as you embark on this wonderous season

anticipate a string of Victories overcome every difficulty and Triumph in

all your endeavors pray this with me Lord I

believe that you are the Son of God the difficult position you’re in will soon

be ended a golden moment in your life is about to begin an exceptional blessing

from God is on its way to you by the end of this month who gave their life on the cross

to redeem me from my sins and give me everlasting life now the Lord your God

is a work in your life ch changing your circumstances from poor to rich turning

your tears into joy and your defeats into

comebacks remember that worldly things like homes cars money and jobs are Trent

but that God’s love and wisdom are Everlasting to confirm type

yes you are entering a season of Revival when you will reclaim Serenity and

prosperity According To Jesus say with conviction today I am worthy of the love

healing and abundance that are coming my way through God’s grace have faith that

anything is possible with God God will multiply your benefits

tenfold if you consistently give thanks for the little things and the large I

turn from my sins and become more selfless I humbly submit to your will

and seek your pardon come to your proper position as my savoir and

Lord leading me towards a life that brings you Joy because you have trusted me I will

repay you with life get ready to laugh and feel love again because God will

restore what your adversary has stolen from you declaring his love for you the

Lord promises to rescue and Safeguard you Lord I Thank you that you supported

me while I was doubting you taught me to be courageous in the face of adversity

you helped me learn to forgive when I was harmed from now on everyone sees you in

me my heart is overflowing with appreciation and admiration as I stand

before you now do it for me and keep an eye on

me in the name of Jesus Christ I command you to recover from any illness you may

be suffering my joy is in the Lord no matter what my faith is in the Lord and

my praise is for his kindness with these things I will fill you with Everlasting

Peace Bear in mind whatever you ask for in prayer believe that you have received

it and it will be yours the Bible teaches that one cannot satisfy God

unless they have faith Seekers of God must have belief in his existence and in

his recompense for those who seek him with all their heart when we have no no one else to

turn to except God we must pray and leave all to him then when we are

completely destitute we will see his wonders God cradles you in his arms when

you’re unhappy he wipes away your tears When You Weep he mends your broken heart

he is your safe haven where you’ll be safe from danger and angels will watch

over you wherever you go when you seek solace in God’s company

and when you feel thisor to D alone put your confidence in him for when you give

God control he provides for your every need press Amen to indicate your

belief declare immediately God is my source of joy and strength when I am set

and lonely the Lord says what distinguishes God from people is that

the former gives forgives and continues to give while the latter acquire forget

and acquire more it is prudent to listen to my

teachings and follow them just as someone builds a home on Solid Rock yes

I am the gate as Jesus once stated any one who puts their faith in me will be

saved and will find Freedom and food you’re anxious and

frustrating condition is about to come to a calm and gratifying end God is

going to replace it with eternal peace Lord I want to know that you are with me

all the time that you see and hear my prayers you care about me that you are

for me and that you love me do not be afraid God is with you

providing strength assistance and support he has already triumphed over

life’s obstacles so stand up and strengthen your Victory with God’s

word you will soon be able to recount a new tail one of recovery achievement

Wellness plenty Joy contentment and and serenity in the depths of your trials I

will accompany you no need to fear drowning as you navigate treacherous

Rivers after all your waiting crying praying and perseverance you will soon

see benefits and breakthroughs in your life when you put your confidence in the

Lord completely not in your understanding when you acknowledge Him

in all you do he will straighten your

Pathways according to the Bible when you walk through the fire of Oppression you

will not be burned the Flames will not consume you this means that whatever God

does next will be great for you and your family your family’s life will be

transformed within the next hours by unexpected finan IAL benefits debts will

be paid off dream houses will be obtained and loved ones will be cared

for come confidently to the seat of Grace where you will receive compassion

and Grace in your time of need God will pour out even more

blessings on you and open the floodgates of miracles in your life if you remember

to praise and thank him for everything you get by the end of

you will be rich successful happy and healthy even at midnight there is a

miracle that pertains to you abounding blessings excellent Health

joy and pleasure will be showered upon you before the week comes to a close be

on the lookout for miraculous interventions from God [Music]

to claim it typ yes believe in God’s promise because you

trusted me I will reward you with life trust me and I will turn every negative

situation around I will bless your family and he will cure whatever needs

healing declaring his love for you the Lord promises to rescue and Safeguard

you I will bring you people resources and

money in for that you never imagined imaginable your health will

improve your finances will improve and your blessings will grow I have

entrusted angels to pay your payments and debts and keep your loved ones

safe as you rest this night God will answer your prayers and put an end to

your anxieties soon you will see incredible changes in your professional

life and a daage of miraculous events will uplift you on all levels mental

physical spiritual emotional and

Financial in terms of money health and relationships

since your your life will be filled with unexpected blessings love and plenty

winning a life-changing Lottery will put an end to your tears suffering and

sleepless nights I will correct every wrong make up for every loss overcome

every enemy and remove every obstacle from your path I assure you of

this from being overwhelmed to overflowing your tail is changing to one

of Good Fortune luck Miracles and joy

October for will bring benefits opportunities and abundance for you and

your family this week May the Lord hear your prayers and help you

conquer God has selected this day to begin a new chapter in your life and it

will be filled with with tremendous benefits immense pleasure and deep

satisfaction so Rejoice over all your present troubles because tomorrow is a

day of divine favor and Rich blessings you and your loved ones may

anticipate a dagee of plentiful gifts this coming weekend which will alter the

course of your lives irrevocably when you give yourself over to God he

improves your lot in life mends your wounds and even makes a stunning

recovery from setbacks get ready for an abundance of

Love healing and prosperity today announce aloud I am deserving of God’s

grace ready to receive an abundance of these things your riches health and

success will reach and parallel Heights as God’s plans come to fruition

the door you’ve been praying for will be open and the following seven days will

be extraordinary full of love joy and financial plenty embrace the end of

lengthy beeping and embrace the beginning of Joy light love and

prosperity press am men to get it be courageous fearless and unafraid for the

Lord your God is on your side he will not fail you or abandon you as an act of

kindness provide your opponent with food and drink when they are hungry or

thirsty the Lord will bless you and you will pour coals of Love onto his

head as time goes by may your life be filled with more love pleasure wealth

and deeper connections there will soon be a calm conclusion to the difficult

position you’re in Miracles financial assistance and blessings that will

change your life are on their way to you no matter how tired or weak you feel

remember that God is your strength keep praying until something changes God does

Miracles day daily declare your faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and have faith that

God resurrected him from the grave so that you might receive

salvation God has a wonderful purpose for your life so don’t lose

hope God is giving life to things that did not seem to have any you are

experiencing our birth of your hopes relationships help health wealth and

happiness to win God’s favor faith is necessary have faith that he exists and

that we will be rewarded for our sincere pursuit of him in their place you will experience

an outpouring of benefits that Beyond Your Wildest Dreams you will experience

a remarkable Improvement in your health and you will be showered with benefits

that will change your life God will provide a way for you even when it seems

there is no way there is never any use in wasting time waiting for

God problems with money health or relationships might pop up today never

fear I will protect you from harm and never let you down have faith that I am

releasing doors that cannot be closed it is time for substantial Miracles and

benefits I have heard your pleas and seen your Sorrows even before you took a single

move God had a plan for your life like winter melting away to reveal spring

your goals May Fail at times but God’s purpose will ultimately Triumph trust

that there will be better days ahead no matter how bad things become

now everything is going to fall into place for you now that you’re beginning

a successful season do not forget that God showers

blessings on to you every day a poor day shouldn’t deter you from looking forward

to tomorrow a fresh day full of possibilities for

blessings press yes to access this let us join together in prayer says the

Lord so that he may take away our illnesses anxieties and troubles and

replace them with his promise of Eternal Health joy and peace may he save us from

all threats both visible and invisible and may all wicked schemes against us be

thwarted and Aston ing occurrence will take place tomorrow lifting your sorrow

and anxieties and replacing them with an abundance of benefits and pleasure

beyond anything you have ever experienced before get ready for some major

lifechanging developments in your professional life bank account health

and relationships this week healing sustenance

protection and spiritual direction will be bestowed upon you as we approach

God is about to reveal you an incredible Bounty that will leave you

speechless and forever grateful standing at your sigh prepared

to fight your adversaries and ensure your Triumph is the almighty your God

give yourself over to God and he will improve your life and the lives of your

loved ones if you watch this movie all the way

to the Finish he will heal your wounds and make a stunning recovery from your

defeats in the name of Jesus Christ I pray that God blesses you abundantly

both spiritually and financially and that he reinstates your

physical health your bank account and your relationships when you cry out to

the Lord may he hear you and may the god of Jacob protect

you when the time is right I the Lord will Empower you to do what seems

impossible get ready to be astounded by The Bounty that is coming your

way you will be blessed with Limitless money excellent health and success

before the end of this month never lose sight of your beliefs and never stop

sharing appreciation for all that you have he entered the globe to bring light

into a dark world just as Jesus had instructed whether we are rejoicing in

Victory or grieving a loss he wants us to seek him out God impr improves our lives and the

lives of our family when we give ourselves over to him he also heals our

wounds and provides a way out of any difficulty the atoning sacrifice of

Jesus Christ will wash away any curses or negativity that have stood in the way

of your Redemption to claim it

typs according to Jesus God’s love for Humanity is constant and reliable as

stated in the Bible he loves us no matter how much we mess up and he is

always willing to forgive us we grow in intimacy with him and get his Bountiful

rewards when we love and follow him as you go through this time of

transition keep in mind that God is a merciful father and the source of

consolation turning your Sorrows into pleasure and directing you toward riches

and success that is how he is reshaping your life now as you’re feeling

exhausted weak and weary keep in mind that your power comes

from God In The Name of Jesus Christ I ask that you lead me and keep me from

falling in into temptation this week I also ask that you enter my heart and

become my Lord and Savior I hope that your kindness and Everlasting Love Will

accompany me forever being in your presence brings me strength and comfort every day God is

bringing life back to every part of your life that has di all of your hopes

relationships health wealth and happiness are being restored through

Jesus Christ you are on the verge of a phenomenal change if you trust God with

all your heart everything that has been weighing you down will soon be removed

and you will be showered with Benefits that will make you feel forever thankful

from being overwhelmed to being overflowing where luck everything is going well there are

many miracles and happy things God will give you the power you need even when

you don’t think you can go on his Delight will be your strength even when

you feel like giving up even when it seems like there is no

way forward he will make a way all my cares and concerns are laid bare before

you Lord please please Lord show me my sense

of in the ones I don’t yet know I’ve committed and forgive

me I trust that you will cleanse us from all impurities I offer thanks for your

Limitless love and I ask that you give me a fresh start so that my decisions

May reflect your glory this I pray in the name of Jesus Christ

amen God promises that you will become very rich before the year comes to a

close just as water runs gradually to a well so does money and it continues

expanding daily give this video thumbs up if you’re a

Christian while you slumber tonight God will grant your request for financial

assistance and shower you with an extraordinary blessing that will El

deviate all your concerns you may expect a tenfold return

on your investment in the near future and your romantic financial and

spiritual lives will blossome as a result just type on man if you’re

convinced I promise you a financial breakthrough that will blow your mind

Heavenly protection and ACC Health if you watch this whole video you are now

experiencing the manifestation of pleasure wealth success love and

prosperity as you view this video as a result of God’s favor you and

your loved ones will enjoy good health and Financial Security if you stick

around to the very end of this movie you will be showered with wonderful news and miraculous events

that will bring you happiness health and plenty this year you will be blessed abundantly in

love wealth and health all because of God’s kindness everything you’ve ever

dreamed of will be in your bank account and you’ll never miss a payment

again an end is near for your anguish and suffering get ready for an

incredible outpouring of love wealth healing and new possibilities as I open

the windows of Heaven whether in your relationships

your career or even the lottery you may anticipate a series of Victories healing

unexpected blessings Financial Independence and Spiritual Development

in Jan Yuri if you are reading this take heart in the fact that your struggle is

about to be over you will be showered with favor

wealth and people in ways you could never have dreamed the imaginable as

God’s blessings po down upon you like rain you will be drenched in his

knowledge Grace and kindness type yes for

assistance a miracle will be worked out for you while you you sleep tonight your

grieving will be transformed into dancing your difficulties into blessings

and your need into plenty this is what Jesus says if you

watch this movie all the way to the end financial aid lifechanging blessings and

miracles this week is going to be a breakthrough week for you you may

anticipate at breakthroughs in your health money and relationships along with unexpected

benefits an abundance of love and the Breakthrough you’ve been hoping for

there will be breakthroughs in every aspect of your

life God will shower you with blessings that far beyond your expectations what

seems like a lack will become an abundance a test will become a testimony

and uncertainty will become Clarity throughout the week you will also get

incredible opportunities Miracles and favors your relationships money health

and companies will all flourish this week and you can expect an outpouring of

blessings in the form of Peace healing joy and favor beyond anything you’ve

ever experienced when you watch this movie all the way to

the conclusion the hard times of financial mental and physical challenges

will come to an end and the good times will begin the benefits that God has

planned for you and your family are greater than anything anybody has ever

heard of or seen Faithfully claim and gratefully am

embrace the financial breakthrough that God is preparing for you even while your

expenses are overwhelming you a time of great benefits and

miraculous events is coming and you are already part of it you will be showered

with many gifts including riches love health and a place to call your own just

release your anxieties and allow allow these blessings in Tor Life by placing God

first and your life confirm by typing

amen please if you are a Christian help us continue to share the gospel

throughout the globe by making a super thanks donation of up to

$ we are eternally grateful the Lord promises that as you

sleep this night all your needs will be met whether they be material wealth

improved relationships or health praise the Lord and He will bless your food and

drink and he will drive out illness from your midst if you put your confidence in

Jesus he will rescue you and Lead You Out of danger today is the first day of

a new age of infinite blessings peace and favor from God as he anoints you to

positions of unique privilege rest assured your grandmothers

prayers are shielding you from harm and a miracle that will change your life for

the better is on its way keep in mind that nothing you’ve

been through can stop God from working out his plan for you his love for you is

unconditional and will change your life via miracles in days you will realize that

the postponement of your plans was God’s method of protecting you and you will

welcome God into your home and see his Marvels

unfold in times of need may the Lord hear your

supplications and keep you safe tell God how much he means to you and he will

continue to bless you abundantly remember in your prayers that God is a

kind and compassionate God who is benefited you he has provided us with innumerable

chances and we are grateful for them we also pray for his forgiveness for our

faults and the times when we put our trust in things other than

God every morning we begin with an ad itude of thankfulness secure in the

knowledge that God loves us and will never leave us may is a month of Hope

and renewal a time to reflect on the blessings in our lives and express our

thanks for them keep in mind that tomorrow is a significant day for you because an

adversary of yours intents to inflict you financial hardship and other form Ms

of damage however you are secure under

God’s protection and I the god of Plenty can transform any circumstance to your

advantage as you embark on a season filled with joy love and prosperity the

following three days will be extraordinar say it with me I am about

to step into the Great season of my life use the codam man to get

it I will save those who love me and watch over those who put their trust in

my name then I will answer their call and be there for them in times of

trouble they will be honored and rewarded with a long life and my

salvation God promises stop working so hard and start

trusting that will transform everything inside you God can do more than we can

ask or imagine because of the power that works in us so stop struggling and start

believing God will miraculously open doors talk positively about you to the

proper people and remove obstacles in your life and I tell you that unexpected

benefit Ser on their way to you your income will increase from just enough to

more than enough good news answered prayers breakthroughs Miracles and favor will

abound this week rest assured that I am with you no matter how weary anxious or

overwhelmed you may feel I will give you a blessing to remind you that I am

always with you you are being being Guided by a higher power who is actively working to

overcome obstacles tend prepare you for greatness this week you will be blessed

with new opportunities connections ideas healing and

more the supernatural work in your advantage stay close to God and see his

handiwork unfold even in the midst of Trials and you you and your family will

taste Triumph and advancement God will bring about his promises and release you

from the shackles that conf find you God will bring you a blessing that

will change your life before the month is over this week you may anticipate

unexpected and great things to happen including healing restoration of

relationships and the arrival of acceptance letters and checks Rejoice an

receive them with faith breakthroughs are coming in my

life I pray and I ask God to unveil hidden agendas and unmask those who

would harm me while I’m believing in the powerful name of Jesus Christ a deluge

of God’s might not a trickle or stream blessings of Health insight and favor in

the form of a torrent breakthrough thinking is a way of life for me since I am a breakthrough

person in the future I hope that God’s mercy and Grace will asound

me God promises that you and your loved ones will be blessed this summer in

every way imaginable he promises to bring Health success wealth and love

into your lives God promises to finish the work he

began in your life even if it takes longer than expected he promises to set

a new song in your heart and astonish you with his may your prayers be heard and

answered and may the remainder of your life be blessed beyond measure keep in

mind that you are a child of the king and may you soon experience even better

connections opportunities and benefits prepare yourself for more

benefits and breakthroughs because you have been doing the right thing by

keeping a happy attitude even when situations become difficult thanking God

even when it hurts and being kind to people who may have wronged you

always keep in mind that God is in charge and that no matter how chaotic

Things become you can rest certain that he will provide for your every need

provide opportunities connect you with the appropriate people help you mature

and lead you through trials and tribulations do not quit up no matter

how dark the tunnel may seem God is going to show his favor on you in a

spectacular fashion just as a train does not abandon its ticket and jumps off the

tracks when it encounters an obstacle I decree many blessings upon

you today May every broken part of your life be filled with Joanne healing sit

quiet and Trust the engineer trust God today no matter how dark your

circumstances you will come out triumphant no more delays God’s favor

will be with you this season and I am very happy for you my darling within the

next hours the phone you’re using to read this will ring with news that will

alter your life in an irrevocable way expect the unexpected sense God has

already made arrangements for your recovery freedom and advancement via his

righteous Messengers this is a pivotal week and you will see Triumph after

Triumph accompanied by immeasurable rewards to get it just type our

men a supernatural suddenly is about to be released in your life according to

God the chains that have held you back will shatter you you will get the job you’ve been praying for your

relationships will be healed you will see a sudden breakthrough in your finances and your

relationships will be restored currently God and His angels

are actively supporting you and you will experience development and Improvement

in every aspect of your life God has sent healing from heaven and he is

mending your physical emotional mental and familial Health everything is being

turned around for your good one prophecy that this week will be

brimming with pleasant surprises congratulations Abundant Blessings Joy

breakthroughs and answers to your prayers may you always succeed in

everything that you do dot Rod has tremendous plan hands for you and you

may anticipate a mindblowing breakthrough this week of your life this is the answer to

your prayers and I will make all things right in your life I will bless you

abundantly and take care of your health money relationships and

family have faith in God’s plan depend on his word be patient when he answer

your questions have faith in his miracles be glad in his kindness and

find peace in his presence get close to God and he will get close to

you a new season of favor and development has begun and with it

prosperity and plenty God will heal and restore your

health mind heart family and relationship ships I think that by the

end of the month God will have blessed you spiritually and

financially you will be delivered from illness suffering and sadness you will

be blessed lifted up and your dreams will be accelerated you will be given

what you do not deserve and you will be place where you could not have reached

on your own restoration fresh Beginnings

breakthroughs plenty and Triumph are on the way have hope when one door shuts

God opens another better one prepare yourself maintain Faith study his word

follow his laws and remain loyal you are entering a new season of

Victory and I hope that God will restore everything that has been lost to you in

your health marriage business friendships and family I also pray that

God will maintain protect and keep you as you begin this

week I give thanks to God because I know that next year after all the hardship

sacrifice and suffering I have endured this year I pull reap an abundant crop

God can and will accomplish The Impossible and I am waiting for my

Miracle he will open doors that no one can close and I am preparing a path for

you I pronounce peace tranquility and prosperity upon you and

your loved ones the anguish sorrow and Nightmares you’ve endured are about to

pass from Heaven blessings of love of health and plenty will

descend wording Jesus is the savior according to God just when you

believe it’s all over a miracle will come your way and alter your life

forever May be a year of unfathomable blessings

love that Beyond understanding and prosperity that surpasses all your

wildest dreams just as I have healed you in the past I

will heal you again a miracle is on the way this week and it will alter your

life in every way imaginable in the face of seeming glint

from and ton to nods know that I am greater than any disease obstacle or

adversary I will provide a path for you to follow there is a blessing that will

change your life that is waiting for you in exchange for every tear every night

of Despair every betrayal and every sacrifice I will finish the work I have

begun in your life even if it takes longer than expected and I will sing a

new tune to your heart your prayers will be heard and answered during this season

of my kindness and favor dear Lord as we begin this new month I

vow that you are guiding me toward something excellent let us pray together

you have new mercies and your word is alive and active I decree incredible

breakthroughs and blessings that will leave everyone and all of my

existence trusting that you will help me overcome any obstacle in jesus’ name I

will revive you and make you whole again just as I have done before on every

level of your life I will alter it for the better I am the god of the impossible so

even if you feel like you’ve hit a wall know that I can pull you through if you

profess your faith in Jesus Christ and believe in your heart that I resurrected

him from the dead you will be saved if you want to accept my free gift

of Salvation You Must Believe on your heart and Proclaim it with your lips

whether or whether you’re unwell you can be dealing with difficulties in your

life opposing parties or other obstacles all those things can’t compare to me

however I will pave the road for you since my strength exceeds that of

everything you could encounter consequently have faith in me and

believe that I will see you through this Release Yourself from worry dread

tension and suffering I offer you my love healing peace and blessings

instead I make it so that everything falls into place for you and I Proclaim

that you will get wonderful news about something you’ve been hoping for then in

the near future you should brace yourself for an unexpected breakthrough

and a miraculous change in your life simply enter yes to get it trust

that the money and health you need are on the way and even when everything

appears lost I will provide a way these are the words of Jesus the door to your

dreams is about to open and I am bestowing upon you the favor and means

to make it happen you may achieve Liberation

excellent relationships wealth and healing via Faith perseverance and

prayer a two-fold amount of God’s favor and blessing is about to be released

into your life regardless of the difficulties you may have

encountered a tremendous transformative gift from God is on its way to you

remain determined God has a plan after this for you regardless of the

difficulties you’re now facing a better job will become available to you after

the layoff you will meet the one after the setback you will come out stronger after

vering the illness God will transform your many years into the Pinnacle of

your existence no matter how difficult they may be with my favor and resources

I am bestowing upon you I am relasing terminous doors so that you might

release your Ambitions no matter how hopeless things

seem right now know that I have an Unstoppable plan for your life I have

wonderful things planned for you this year I will shower you with my love

bless you abundantly and open doors of opportunity that you can’t even begin to

Fathom you must realize that the delay is not an admission of denial even if

you have been patiently waiting for certain things to happen in your life on

the contrary I am using this period to equip you for the immense potential that

lies ahead I am transforming your postponement into

a Marvel so don’t lose hope and ways you can’t imagine I will respond to your

prayers my kindness and favor will be with you like never before I have a lot

in store for you so be ready to accept it physical mental or spiritual healing

may be necessary for you rest assured I am the great healer and I will provide

you the healing that you need always know that I am here for you my dear

little one having faith in me ensures that I will be there for you through

thick and thin many favors and blessings are on

their way to you Lord anxiety dread tension and Agony are all parts of

life’s path but have faith I will remove all your troubles and replace them with

my love healing peace and benefits always remember that you may

count on my unwavering support and that I will never abandon you some things in

your life have required your patience and perseverance I will make things

happen so that you benefit and then you will get the fantastic news you’ve been

hoping for I am going to do things that will Astound you so brace yourself for an

unexpected breakthrough challenges such as adversaries addictions illness

isolation and familial struggle do not Define your

fate success advancement Independence and plenty are on their way to you and

to you cross the finish line maintain your faith and strength prepare to greet

the Angels the Jo for a wonderful change is coming to your life my

darling keep in mind that the wise build the home on Solid Rock and so to does

everyone who hears and follows jesus’ teachings pray the following prayer Lord

I will sing of your strength in the morning I Will Sing of Your Love For You

Are My Fortress and my refuge in times of trouble in all your ways at all times

remember that God is with you you have made it through the darkest hour my

darling now God is going to shower you with all the good things you have asked

for in prayer including physical healing spiritual intimacy AB abundant

prosperity and more you have a unique position in God’s

dwelling since you are one of his chosen Offspring keep in mind that anything you

pray for will be done for you if you stay in him and his words stay in

you rejoice in the knowledge that the Lord your God is with you at all times

and that he will fight your battles and until you win everything you have prayed for

including Better Health financial success love and serenity is on its way

to you because of your faith and tenacity when you’re happy it will rub

off on others around you making them feel the same way a profound change is about to occur

in your life within the next week you will will experience The Tender Touch of

your soulmates Embrace settle into a stunning new home and amass enough

Fortune to back your aspiration and those dear to

you to get it just type alond this is the month that God will

write a new chapter in your story one filled with joy healing and success so

brace yourselves God says today blessings Miracles and breakthroughs

will pour down on you in an overwhelming Torah throughout the following

days all facets of your life including your career bank account health and

relationships will undergo a miraculous transformation anticipate a an influx of

affection an abundance of wonderful things and rewards that you did not

anticipate Miracles unexpected blessings and an extra helping of love and

happiness are in store for you during the months of October and November it is

the beginning of a miraculous season for you where each day will be filled with

miraculous events significant progress and triumphs that door I’ve opened for

you is Unstoppable and the divine plan I’ve put in action for your life is

Unstoppable as well you may find Solace and strength in

God who is always there for you even when situations are bad all your

problems will go away as this week winds down because your life is going to be

filled to the brim with gifts and angels have been sent by the

Lord to watch after you and your loved ones and he is bringing you resources

money and people you never imagine were conceivable you can’t satisfy God unless

you have faith and he rewards those who seek him at this very now the Lord is

changing your life changing your poverty into riches and your pleasure in into

pain you may put your confidence in God no matter what just like Daniel did

while he was in the Lion’s Dent anyone who comes to Jesus will never be hungry

because he is the food of life he will give you peace when you are

tired and burdened and he is the light that shines in the

darkness if you are looking for happiness and contentment he is the one

to see I wish to shower you with blessings make your grin wider and bring

you Financial triumphs before this we closes my

darling blessings Beyond Your Wildest imagination are on their way to you

because I’m busy working behind the scenes now is the moment for you to

recover you will be able to rest easy and feel wealthy again when God returns

everything that the evildoers took from you just type God is with

me the Lord promises you an incredible feature brimming with prosperity success

and blessings from a place of suffering difficulty and scarcity God is

bringing you into a place of healing ease and plenty I promise promise you that you

are about to be the recipient of a miracle that will change your life so

ignore everything the devil may have told you get ready for an unbelievable

turn of events that will leave your enemies in awe new prospects and

enormous success are just around the corner to obtain God’s favor say this

prayer with me we praise you Lord that you have brought us to may please

protect our loved ones and our family this month your heavenly protection

should envelop us as we ask that you watch over us grant us The Gift of

Health prosperity and fortitude take all our anxieties doubts

worries and tension away give us the strength to rely on you

completely and not on our own understanding when we Face adversity

please accept our gratitude for the blessings you have bestowed upon us

Lord do not be afraid I will keep you safe from dangers since I am your parent

I will shield you from harm there is no danger that can reach

you I will send my angels to protect you wherever you go so nothing bad will

happen to you there will be unprecedented levels of healing

transformation blessings and miracles in the year and you will experience unexpected

Financial benefits in the following day or two love healing and plenty are flowing

into your life as you rightfully deserve them praying and Jesus powerful name

your loved ones will experience physical and spiritual healing at just the right

times if you pay attention to my messages this month I promise that you

will receive Limitless plenty in the form of Health riches and

success keep reading till the Finish or else crucial information will be lost

keep in mind that under God’s might everything is

possible no one else can achieve the seemingly impossible yet he can find a

way after all other options have been exhausted no matter how bad things go

you should always be thankful for another day of life I will supplant your fear with

trust and lead you through all difficulties the power of Jesus is

Renewing Your Dreams relationships health wealth and

joy please input yes if you need this I pronounce healing over you via

the holy spirit in jesus’ name the Lord’s favor is upon you and if you

would just cling to him he will rescue you from your troubles and Elevate you

in life believe that God is active working in your life and that Miracles

are happening daily thus you should expect a great miracle tonight as God is

healing bodies wiping out debts restoring relationships and breaking

addictions it is crucial to declare this how to and to take it

personally a full and Abundant Life is what God wishes for us as Jesus stated I

hurricane so you can have a full and Abundant Life the good news is that you

are entering a season that is Rich with all these gifts and we should live it to

the fullest experiencing happiness love and

peace I am grateful for what I have and I am open to receiving more and more

money you declare the Lord will open the heavens pouring forth is plenty on

your land at the perfect moment and blessing all your efforts you are never alone on your

life’s path angels from God are watching over you ready to lend a hand when

you’re in a jam I effortlessly attract money and my bank account is about to

burst at the seams with more riches than I can fathom in times of sorrow and isolation

God delivers comfort and strength in times of weakness God gives you strength

keep in mind these for attributes of God he prepares a way for you he fights your

battles prayer is a potent medicine and Trust in his

timetable with God Alone miraculous things happen this week you will get a

pleora of benefits new possibilities healing and abundance the storms of the

past will not destroy you rather you will emerge from them healthy and

blessed and successful because you are treasured in my heart T I love you God

will transform your sorrow and to Joy he is listening to your prayers at this

very now the year will bring about miraculous changes breakthroughs

and New Beginnings for you your prayers will be heard and your

troubles will be guided this week God will double your benefits you will

become a bright example of what is possible when you have god with you his

miracles are true may this week open doors a blessing in your

life be prepared to accept it with confidence because God will reward you

abundantly transforming your Affliction into a witness and your poverty into

wealth let us now pray as one our kind and merciful god I thank you that you

are the god of Miracles your gift of forgiveness and a new beginning is much

appreciated thank you for your your Flawless love that never fails your

daily vigil over us is much appreciated says God thank you for making us in your

mhn for loving us so much that you s Jesus to redeem us from our

sins keep in mind that no matter how dark the night you can never be really

alone because God is with you your prayers are heard and and he

sees your struggles believe that he will lead you

through trials and show you the road ahead because God is bringing us Good

Vibes financial assistance Miracles and blessings that will change our lives all

we have to do is believe in his plan I think that the next days will

be filled with Incredible Joy love love and harmony because when we have

confidence in God he will work wonders in our lives he is with us constantly

leading us through problems and surprise us with unexpected

Marvels with the closing of Heavens Windows comes an end to the season of

suffering anguish and sleeplessness love health and prosperity are on their way

and if you’re watching this with tears in your eyes know that God is speaking

directly to your hurting Souls heart via this message he has set

you here to assure you that he is preparing a path for you at this very moment he will mend your physical wounds

open doors of opportunity and Men broken relationships have faith because your

breakthrough is just around the corner if you put your trust in Jesus

who satisfies your hunger and quenches your thirst you will have everything

that you need for a long and fruitful life when you give God your anxieties

concerns tension and suffering he will fill you up with his LED peace healing

and blessings keep in mind do not be afraid

Little Flock for your father is pleased to give you his kingdom faith is singing

praises too God in the midst of a storm putting one’s confidence in him when

things become tough and following him even when it gets dark trust in my Divine kindness and

direction I am with you constantly keeping watch over you and your loved

ones dear God bless a month ahead this is a prayer you may do right now hold on

to our happiness and don’t allow life’s curb balls control our

choices to confirm typ yes let us remember the joy of the Lord

even in the midst of adversity as Jesus says even when things don’t go as

planned remind us of this truth God I lift up the reader of this prayer and

ask that you bless their day in the name of Jesus Christ I ask

that you hear their supplications clear the path for your Bountiful blessings too come into their lives restore their

health Vanquish their adversaries and satisfy all their needs please

God your living SP space exudes and horor of negativity get rid of it right

away since it might cause problems and negativity of laugh for a joyful and

secure household listen to the angels and get rid of

them my darling no plan hatched to harm you will be able to materialize they

will be unable to defeat you in the face of any threat or difficulty you can

count on me too protect you and stand firm in your

defense you are my beloved servant therefore put your faith in my love and

protection I will bestow upon you this weak of plethora of benefits

breakthroughs and miracles that will Beyond Your Wildest expectations no matter how bad things

seem right now I have a magnificent plan for your life

that will help you overcome your challenges and live a life of Plenty am

I someone you can put your faith in never forget that I am the god who

can do everything you ask of me I am the one who worked miracles for the

Believers if you want to experience miraculous signs from God you need to

wash this message all the way to the conclusion additionally I am the god who

restores who can turn sadness into pleasure and make Beauty out of ashes in

the event that your adversary steals everything you own I will return it to

you everything is within my control because I am the god of Heaven’s armies

even the tallest mountains are no match for mine ability to transform Darkness into

brightness I am the Wellspring from Once all things spring life Everlasting

plenty and perfect the penis are my gifts to you my Supernatural hand will touch your

health and blessings that change your life will pour over you I promise to

solve all your issues and show you my healing ability in ways you can’t

imagine Count Me In send am man if you have

faith do not give up hope since I am aware that you may be weak ill and

suffering God says this to us today please know that I am here to help you

in every way physically emotionally and spiritually have faith and I will lead

you to recovery and wholeness put your faith in me with all

your concerns and I will bless you abundantly in all areas of your life

including your finances Health relationships and goals come Lord Jesus

I rely on you you are my salvation please heal not only me but also my

loved ones healing provision protection and

divine direction will be bestowed upon me in the year for by God I am the

one real God and salvation in my son Jesus Christ is the only root to

Heaven he is the one and only path to Everlasting redemption in him you will

find all the information you need every day I provide all of your requirements

as the almighty God who keeps you alive be grateful for what you have

since it will bring you more benefits in the future keep in mind these three things

at all times first have faith in me for I will lead you through the darkest

times secondly be certain that I am active a lineol in your life

transforming any bad circumstance into a good good one and best a wing AAL

blessings on to you and your loved ones when you feel like giving up I will

always be there to give you the strength to keep going a time of Joy love and

pieces about to descend onto your life and I am going to shower it with

plenty warmly welcome this season and bask in the Bounty at his is about to be

yours a miraculous event that will change your life is about to transpire

and the suffering you are experiencing will soon stop just give me a few weeks and I will

bestow upon you an abundance of benefits that will make your grain grow even

larger get ready for an avalanche of incredible chances and financial

breakthroughs keep keep in mind that I the Lord God Almighty I am by your side

at all times and that I will fight on your behalf in times of danger I will

stand by your side and guide you to Triumph in times of difficulty you may

rely on me to lead you through the depths of Despair I will be a source of

Hope for you when darkness looms and a rock of Solace when times become

tough I will make you and those you care about well and I will shower you with

plenty of tranquility and safety I am steadfast in My Vow and everything I say

is true I can never lie or let my word go astray hit yes to get it you may trust

in me because I am your God I will provide for you and Lead You In my

presence you will never really be alone you will no longer have to fight the

need to borrow and beg as you enter the realm of opportunity and a new road will open up

before you in the same way that I fashion the

universe in six days and then slept on the th I have the ability to change

your life in an instant I am worthy of Praise because I am the compassionate

and all knowing father of our Lord Jesus Christ remember this at all times I will

do everything you ask of me in my name granting your heartfelt wishes and

responding to your prayers as a source of great satisfaction for

me your prayers will be heard and I will offer my hand to assist you overcome the

obstacles you are facing there is always someone on your side you can count on my constant

presence keep in mind that I the loving creator of you have wonderful things

planned for you there will be many benefits in your future that will alter

the course of your life in an irrevocable way your situation will be

completely changed and you will be amazed at my faithfulness as miracles

happen right before your eyes put your worries tension and

suffering in the past my beloved children I am here to help you with all

these responsibilities give them up to me and I will supplant them with my blessings

Peace Love healing and Tranquility have Fai faith in my

heavenly scheme I am orchestrating the manifestation of these gifts from on

high the sun will rise tomorrow and with it a miraculous event that will change

your life and put an end to all your anxieties more than you could have ever

imagined your benefits will multiply if you put your faith in the Bible’s

teachings which are very powerful I can bring those teachings into your

life remain steadfast in my promises do not release your grip even though sin’s

wages are death I give you the gift of everlasting life in Christ Jesus the

Lord because I Am The Giver of Life I am both a formidable Defender and

a wise guide for you I will stop scolding you since I am so happy when I

am with you instead I shall use music to convey my happiness at

you you are very important to me and my

love for you will continue forever in the name of Jesus Christ I pray that you

will have health wealth and Restoration in your relationships as well as spiritual and

material prosperity something incredible is about

to happen in your life and I am proclaiming it to you elevating you from the q’s rear to

its head submit the codam man to get it your

resume will go up the ladder and God will mend your broken body broken mind

and broken relationships according to the Lord do not be afraid little one guardian angels

are always watching over you keep in mind that no one can hurt Ya’s long as I

am am at your sigh put your trust in me and believe

that I will protect you from harm things will start looking good for

you in the Realms of health career relationships and money next week your

health will improve and your financial condition will grow incredible once in

the lifetime possibilities and Marvels will abound in

if you want to experience God’s surprising Miracles then you need to

watch this film all the way to the conclusion get ready for an abundance of

gifts and favor from God that will more than make up for all the hardships

you’ve endured you must press on hopeful thinking since God has a unique purpose

for your life good news healing New Opportunities blessings and complete

recoveries will all come your way this week just say it with me again things

are going to improve for me soon in the end I will be able to pay my expenses

have extra money to bless others and get my health back on track good fortune and

miraculous events are on their way to my home if you want my blessings you have

to pray with me please God we are grateful that you allowed us to reach

may this month I beg you to protect our loved ones and

family keep vigil over us and shield us from harm oh

God may you bestow upon us blessings health and strength put an end to every

anxiety tension uncertainty and Dread inside

us please teach us to put our whole faith in you and not put our confidence

on human knowledge when we Face adversity you have answered our request

and blessed us we are grateful as You Follow the holy spirit’s leading

may you be showered with an abundance of benefits and shielded from

harm you should be aware that the bad things happening to you are going to

change for the better with God’s love and grace your relationships health and

career will see tremendous improvements to be saved all you have

two two is believe that Jesus is Lord and confess it with your lips believing

in your heart brings justification and confessing it with your mouth saves

you simply type am men to confirm God says that he wants you to be

a shining example of his kindness that you stand out from the crot and that his

glory shines in your light life your dream automobile parked in front of your

new house with a million dollars in the back will be yours in months you will

Marvel at this sight whether you are on top of the

world or in the depths of Despair smiling or crying blessed or cursed I am

with you constantly no matter what you’re going through know that I’m at your side God

will do exceedingly you Proclaim with conviction exceedingly beyond my wildest

dreams and desires the benefits of God will pursue me and eventually triumph

over me as long as I respect him when the moment is perfect I shall

be there when I’m round people will go above and beyond to help me cloud of

divine favor envelops me your family health and money are valid concerns and

I get it nevertheless keep in mind that God is always on your

side peace healing and Triumph will be yours today if you refuse to give up

even if this is a terrible circumstance I will make something lovely out it I promise I will never

disappoint you that should give you some peace of mind no matter what you can

count on me to be there for you thus be steadfast maintain your

faith maintain your hope and continue proclaiming his word for favor and

blessings are on their way to you my darling always keep in mind that I am

the source of all good things nobody can take away prevent vent or destroy what I

promised you have trust for I am going to show

you an abundance of blessings and Marvels one after the other you are

going to enter a wonderful season in which your every wish comes true just

when you need them in the near future you will experience many benefits and

breakthroughs be ready for them my ability to completely transform

your life in a Flash is not something you should discount in an instant I can

bless people men broken relationships open doors and transform Hearts I

promise that before the month is over you will see me accomplish the

miracle your family your health and your bank account are all things that can be

causing you stress rest assured I am am always on your side peace healing and

Triumph will be yours as a blessing the next event that occurs in

your life will be advantageous for more than just you it will bring you Joy love

and blessings from God you as well as your Offspring and

great grandchildren if you need this just

IPS this month will be full of good news answered prayers breakthroughs Miracles

and favor According To Jesus instead of stressing convert your problems into

adoration instead of misery and hardship God is bringing benefits and the new

level of life to you this year and miraculous recoveries have

faith in me and go forth with courage that career that love and that life

you’ve always dreamed of will all materialize before your eyes trust me my

darling it is from me that blessings and miracles flow no one has the power to

revoke my word to you if you remain faithful I will show

you many benefits and miraculous events one after the other more benefits will

come your way than you could have imagined if you keep believing and

obeying God’s commands you’re never really alone even if I know you’re

worried about a lot of things pray about anything that’s

bothering you and God will give you the strength health and wisdom you need

greater and greater than everything you have ever Fai lies in God’s plan for

your life a lot has happened to you yet you but you’ll soon see the fruits of

your labor if you stick with it properly you will see miraculous improvements in

every facet of your life surpassing your wildest

expectations and shocking even your adversaries no matter how bad things go

there will be a way to turn them around and make them even better my darling you must persevere I

will transform this ugliness into something lovely you are going to have

every Potential Threat to your life removed by God the way forward will

become quite obvious to you your ideal life career and romantic

partner are on their way if this is a sign keep in mind that the Lord can make

a quick difference in your life simply enter yes to claim

it according to scripture God has the power to transform people’s attitudes

bring back what was lost and bestowed in the remaining days of this month yah

will see signs of God’s Mighty hand at work John means saying this because I

love God he will accomplish much more than I ask her

imagine his favor will pursue and eventually triumph over me people will

go out of their way to help me and I will be at the perfect spot at the

perfect moment the kindness of God envelops me I am going to eliminate all

the things that may bring you down to your need again your name has been seizured the

Angels who will whisk you away from your humble abode to a Fantastical realm that

Beyond Your Wildest Dreams these Celestial creatures adorned with

delicate wings and Charming GRS have selected you for an extraordinary

Journey they will tenderly host you into the A and whisk you away to magical

joyful realm a bountiful Miracle is on its way to you my darling and it will

leave you speechless you will find relief from your concerns and anguish

and the things that were once obstacles will turn out to be

gifts prepare yourself to be blessed with health riches and success by being

grateful and having faith now is the moment for you to enjoy unprecedented

prosperity joy and success in all aspects of your life as sure as rain

Miracles are falling into your lap feelings of extreme tension will

soon give way to feelings of extreme joy if you stick around till the finish of

this film I guarantee you’ll experience nothing but good fortune and

success God is rescuing you from every destructive pattern in your life and a

time of great wealth freedom and prosperity is upon you are you prepared

when you put your trust in God he will remove your burdens and replace them

with his love healing blessings and eternal peace happiness he healing and financial

plenty will unfold in a narrative that makes this year the finest one yet for

you and your loved ones your financial situation will improve dramatically this

week as all of your expenses and obligations are paid in

full major breakthroughs and enormous gifts are on the

way and divine surprise es you will have boundless Good Fortune deep connections

Financial breakthroughs and triumphs before the month comes to a close the

favor of God will be upon you and you will be blessed abundantly in all areas

of your life your loved ones will be safe from

harm and your financial obligations will be settled over the following days you

you will experience breakthroughs Miracles and blessings that will Astound

you to get it just type am men good health pleasure and riches will

flood into your life the Lord promises like water pouring into a stream money

will find its way to you naturally even in the darkest of times there will be

light at the end of the tunnel and this week will be full with

extraordinary Miracles with God everything may be

transformed a disaster into a message adversity into a testimony success from

adversity and victim to conquer you have the opportunity to receive the peace and

Abundant Life that Jesus came to provide I I pray that you Jesus Christ

will experience God’s abundant favor and serenity the greatest comeback of your

life is about to happen and God is giving you the strength to do it you are

being visited by Angels your prayers are being heard and divine assistance is

being bestowed upon you financially we might pray this together

father I am grateful that you have Set Me Free from the weight of remorse blame

and transgressions that I have carried about with me in the name of Jesus Christ I pray

that you would help me to put the past in its proper place and focus on the

good things you have planned for me this year you have been there for me through

thick a thin you are wonderful Flawless and supreme it is a privilege to have

you as my God a better life is on the way for you and your family because God

is improving your circumstances you will overcome every

obstacle and experience complete healing from all your

wounds keep in mind that God is with you offering strength and Solace even when

you feel like crying out loud rest assured that difficult circumstance is

coming to a close Miracles good fortune and positive energy are streaming your

way from the cosmos join me in this prayer father I

humbly beg your pardon for every time I have talked ill of myself I will not

subject myself to such severe mistreatment in in the future please

change my mind so I can see how wonderfully you created

me alter my routine so let I breathe words of encouragement and blessing over

my life amen says [Music]


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