you will be confronted with a major Temptation and its repercussions tomorrow my beloved child I have

divinely warned you of this I will save you the agony of witnessing it by just

informing you that it is on its way keep watching till the very end of the video

keep in mind that I’m here to support and shield you no matter what difficulties or Temptations you

encounter on your life’s path Temptations will always be there but res

resisting them will bring you nothing but misery and regret I beg you keep

believing don’t waver and always try to make the correct Choice there are many

subtle and obvious Temptations but they all have the same objective to make you

stop doing what you should be doing if you take the path I’ve outlined for you you might encounter momentary happiness

and then persistent sorrow I pray that you give enough thought to the decisions you make today for tomorrow so that they

don’t affect your future in a negative way when we are faced with temptation we

may receive guidance via prayer and meditation this holy book is

invaluable wealth of information and guidance about overcoming Temptation if you are seeking

Enlightenment and inner peace there is no better time than now to become a part

of our Holy Family by clicking the join button and participating in our transformation Journey the the message

it teaches is that you can trust me and that you have not been tempted beyond what is typical for humans you will no

longer be tempted beyond what you can bear nevertheless I will also provide

you with a way out of every Temptation so that you may continue I believe that surrounding

oneself with good influences like supportive family and friends is the shest path to a better life you have a

better chance of receiving the help and resp responsibility you need to fight Temptation if you surround yourself with

encouraging individuals remember that you are not alone and that you must

remain determined through my assistance several people have been able to triumph over

comparable adversities pay attention to the sound you produce As you move our bond becomes

stronger or weaker with each decision you make think carefully about your choice your decisions now affect not

only your own life but also the lives of others around you living an honorable

life offers rewards and calm while giving into temptation brings struggle and sorrow I get that there will be

times when you cave in but resisting temptation isn’t necessarily an act of Purity continue forward despite this I

am the god who is kind and fashionable if you come to me repentant I will

forgive you and put you back on the right path please know that my love for you is is Limitless and that I eagerly

await your return spend some quality time getting to know me curl up in my

company come and be enveloped by my love and knowledge you will be protected from

Temptation by the relationship you have with this individual once my spirit has

entered you you may be utterly resistant to Temptation with your increased

fortitude you will be able to reject evil and praise Good Deeds my darling

little toddler this world is fleeting but the joy and peace that will be yours forever are the true Treasures keep your

eyes fixed on what will stay forever rather than on the fleeting pleasures of

this life I find this fascinating considering the advantages of living far

beyond any Temptation if you put your faith in me I will lead you along the

path of justice and my plans for you are good and they will not hurt you they

will give you hope and purpose we can overcome any obstacle that comes our way

if we are together know that I am always loving you guiding you and safeguarding

you my little one by the time this letter is over do not squander my honor

instead prioritize your trust in God and fight the temptation to waver from it

you can count on me to be by your side every step of the way even when the going gets tough the last victory is

already in the bag so keep that in mind through my son Jes Jesus Christ you are

not only given the ability to resist temptation but also the promise of everlasting life my sweetheart be strong

and always feel my loving embrace the film should be a reminder that we may

resist temptations by having faith and embracing God’s truth even though they

will always be present I hope that you will put your faith in Jesus Christ so

that we may face life’s difficulties together and grow in our relationship with him

if we pray surround ourselves with positive influences and stay focused on God God promises this to my lovely kid

it is my responsibility to guide and shield you from harm while you are a human being even if you may not think

this is necessary as I am your writer and heavenly father my guidance and

protection will be most needed when you are feeling lost confused or even

rebellious on the road I have set out for you join me on this incredible trip through life where we can both grow and

learn I wish you all the love and happiness in the world but like with any

Expedition there will be difficult situations hurdles and temptations along

the Route as your father it pains me to see you go through this that is why I will

never leave your side even in the face of adversity I will hold out my hand

impart my knowledge and shield you from harm there may be moments when you question my existence and my intentions

toward you a few difficulties have come your way and you may be asking why they

have materialized never forget my love that the small things in life aren’t

just for fun they’re there to help you grow develop into your best self and

draw you closer to me I see the forest for the trees and I will guide you to a

location of wealth and prosperity so trust me even when the path ahead seems

Rocky my preferred methods of reaching you are through the Tranquility of your soul the beauty of your environment and

the teachings contained in the Bible I am present in some of these areas and I

encourage you to listen to my voice and let me guide you with an open heart while it may not always be reliable it

will often work out well for you finally I protect you against strategies that

aren’t always easy to see or Implement my protection ction may come in the form of a diverted Road a closed door or the

response to my prayer these visits may seem discouraging now but they are

really my methods of guiding you or protecting you your protection makes no

sense but as your heavenly father I always look out for your great interests

so I still agree with it my heartfelt wishes for you are a life filled with

love happiness tranquility and meaning do what I say and adhere to my moral and

ethical standards if you want to enter my world just because you are human

doesn’t imply you won’t face obstacles or mess up from time to time rest

assured my love has no bounds my grace is plenty and my forgiveness is at your

fingertips whenever you need it I understand all the pressures and temptations that this world has to offer

my lovely baby consider this the yearning for health and worldly possession is fleeting living a life

rooted in my love and the truth will bring you Eternal pleasure and fulfillment unlike any of these stay

steadfast in the life I’ve planned for you A life of devotion service and love

and don’t give into the Temptations that would lead you astray from me along the

way you could meet some folks who might end up becoming my own children you should love them as much as I love them

and I implore you to bestow upon them knowledge empathy and generosity you

have the ability to bring people to me via your words and deeds and my love for you is real be a beacon of optimism and

encouragement to others around you even when things are tough my beloved sweetie

you have to know that I will never leave your side in times of Joy I share in your joy in times of Sorrow I share in

your sorrow in times of uncertainty I am here to reassure you and and in times of

overwhelming sorrow My Love Will Find its way to you have faith in me I will

be by your side through thick and thin it is my responsibility and joy as your

heavenly father and your writer to lead and shield you from harm at some point in your life please if you care about

following my directions and being safe come with me please follow the way I’ve

set out for you I promise it will lead you to a life of many blessings and a deep deeper relationship with me my love

for you is eternal my grace is sufficient to meet all your needs and my arms will be wide open when you come

home you must remain steadfast in your faith my little kid fear not I will

accompany you every step of the way as you pursue the road that I have laid out for you we can overcome the world’s

Temptations and our own struggles together and you will be able to accomplish the great Mission I have for

you you have no idea how much you mean to me you are my whole world and I will

never leave your side as I love protect and guide you like a little child this

message serves as a gentle reminder that God’s loving Direction protection and

guidance are ever present knowing that his path for us is full of love

transformation and rationality it urges us to follow him in seeking his will and to live it out even

when there are no outward signs or Solutions we may be able to discern God’s plan by carefully examining the

wisdom we gain from our struggles and the fortitude we acquire by triumphing

over them the point of these Tales no matter how difficult they are is to

bring us closer to God to strengthen our faith and to teach us to depend on his strength without our own you may always

pray to me my sweetheart when you feel afraid or unsure of yourself prayer being there to listen and being prepared

to provide consolation are the three things that keep me going when our bond

is strong and the air is still you’ll sense my presence more than when we’re out in public keep in mind that prayer

is a powerful means of connecting with your heavenly father who is me it takes

resolve and commitment to live my life in accordance with my will on a consistent basis living in accordance

with the values and ideas I have imparted to you is a means of making a conscious decision even when faced with

societal pressures to conform to be genuine is to show empathy compassion

tolerance and understanding it implies helping others as a way to express the

love that I have for you by following this path you may become a source of

inspiration for others attain long-term success and find inner

peace I hope you keep in mind how challenging your trip and our bond your

insecurities and feelings of inadequacy will prevent you from experiencing the joy and fulfillment that I want for you

if you let yourself be consumed by comparisons to other people take comfort in the knowledge that I am by your side

while you travel this path toward your destiny when You Face obstacles don’t

let yourself get disheartened since I am a god of D probability you know you can

always rely on me to forgive and restore you crucial are your efforts to learn

from your errors ask for my pardon and improve I can help you with the kind of

progress that often comes from embracing our missteps you take flight once again

but this time you’re armed with knowledge and power keep in mind the many blessings and beautiful things

around you as you go about your day you can see my affection and concern for you

in the presence I have given you I want you to learn them be thankful in specific ways and acknowledge my hand in

your life additional blessings flow into the life of a thankful soul my darling

you will understand that this life of yours is a mere Blink from a cosmic perspective although these challenges

are temporary the beauty that awaits you in my country is eternal keep this

eternal purpose in mind and it will motivate you to live a life that draws near to your heavenly father me

throughout your whole existence I shall be by your side offering guidance and protection you have my

whole attention rely on my defense and consult with me embark on this adventure

with confidence and bravery knowing that I am by your side every step of the way

I want us to go handin hand into the future that I have planned for you since it is full of Hope and Destiny you are

my treasured toddler and my love for you has no bounds stay close by and follow

my love’s guidance warm and comforting this message serves as a constant reminder that God is with us there is a

caring parent guide and handbook available at all times to help us through life’s complexities and enjoy

his advantages to the maximum I will lead you to a life that is safe wonderful and full of benefits if you

adopt me as your own my sweetheart says God the arena you often compete in may

not be the most ideal or predictable one and I completely understand that in

spite of the unfairness overwhelming dread and apparently insurmountable

challenges you may encounter know that I am by your side gently leading you

towards a future filled with aspirations I will be the one to take your hand and lead you on the Journey of

a lifetime when times become dark and difficult whenever things became tough

you could always count on me to be a Guiding Light a safe haven from storms and a rock of stability trusting my

strategy implies having confidence that I’m taking care of everything for you no

matter how tough Things become your name is derived from a philosophy that goes

beyond meeting fundamental needs give thanks to God I want for you to grow in

my love experience my grace and Delight in the advantages I have planned for you

even though they may not be dressed benefits such as times of clarity tranquility and love are free frequently

decided all the love you pour forth every relationship you forge and every

self-improvement you do to sustain a full existence have these traits in you

I am seeking identity despite everything so that I may motivate you lend me your

spirit pay close attention to what I say and let it guide your decisions give me

the lowdown on your day as soon as you open your eyes in the morning and I will be the driving force behind everything

you do joining my plans for your success is what this means to you please do not

derail my attempts to make your dream come true and provide you with a future truthful communication is the Bedrock of

trust my dear little one please share your hopes anxieties and concerns with me as we pray together pay attention to

me when your day is peaceful because my voice frequently Rings truest in moments of Silence a number of sources such as

firsthand account accounts the Bible or the advice of a Dependable friend May support my advice I will lead you to

success if you will only let me be a part of your life problems may arise

however you should not see them as signs of my absence but as opportunities for growth you grow in fortitude faith and

complexity with each test you overcome you have my unwavering confidence which

will see you through any difficulty and teach you Knowledge from every setback rather than fixating on the past

or fretting about the future Focus entirely on the present moment and allow yourself to be embraced by the abundance

of love and pleasure around you put your concerns about the future into perspective the next day will be

terrifying no matter how much you want to escape the present there will be many

difficulties in life but I am here to assist you in overcoming them fulfill your desires Shield you from harm and

Lead You day by day so that you may appreciate the ways of life I have given you many of the good things in your life

go unnoticed unless you make an effort to be grateful for them I have already

done much to bless your relationships with other people and a grateful heart is ready to accept even more blessings

because it demonstrates the Same Love mercy and forgiveness that I have bestowed upon you your interactions with

others are a living proof of how my love has changed your life beloved neighbor

love your neighbor as yourself and send them my way and they will live happily ever after my love for you my little

toddler will last forever and never end provided that you listen to God’s plan I

don’t think anything you do could ever alter my love for you it’s unwavering and

unchangeable nothing would make me happier than to spend the rest of my life with you in your arms as we

experience the whole spectrum of human emotion love joy Serenity and purpose

this life on Earth is only a stepping stone to the incredible Adventure I have planned for you so savor it being a part

of my life is about more than just this moment it’s about eternity the problems we face in this world are fleeting but

the joy and satisfaction we have when we share them with one another will last forever trust in me my beloved child and

I will lead you to a life that is blessed with plenty of safety and prosperity dive head first into the

depths of my stare if you let me my love and knowledge will find their way into

your heart join me as we walk hand in hand down the path I’ve laid out for you

it leads to a future full of Hope joy and immeasurable favor rest assured I

will never leave your side have trust in me and I will lead you on this marvelous adventure to the end of time following

your heart and mind will get you where you need to go then you’ll be more equipped to handle adversity with poise

and emerge stronger when it comes to developing one’s character abilities and

knowledge the process is more significant than the final result the grand Narrative of your life is enhanced

with each deed undertaking and achievement with wisdom bravery and a

proactive attitude my dear you can face life’s minor hurdles head on as you get

older you can deal with problems as soon as they come up encourage Good Conduct

and make decisions that are to your ultimate Benefit Stay on track and avoid any needless obstacles on your route the

world is complicated and there are so many Alternatives and problems that it may be easy to feel

overwhelmed staying connected to your inner knowing and following my instructions while we are together can

help you calmly and clearly navigate these Seas be peace with yourself and

know that there is a purpose to everything that is occurring in your life you are capable of overcoming every

obstacle that you encounter you can never find knowledge and pleasure if you let your anxieties about the future and

the unknown drive you wrong at all times be faithful and receptive to God’s

instructions even in the darkest of times you are being led to light and prosperity deal with life’s difficulties

in a kind and understanding manner raising the spirits of individuals around you not only helps you recover

and even flourish but it also lifts your own Spirits your every move no matter

how little has the potential to trigger a domino effect of immense change as you navigate life’s challenges take a moment

to appreciate the beauty around you being grateful transforms what we have into more than enough which is a

powerful force that alters our perspective in the midst of excitement and wonder remember that you are not

facing this challenge alone whenever you need me you can count on my unending

support care and love in times of need you may rely on me to provide Comfort

guidance and strength your entire existence should be a testament to the power of Faith tenacity and love to

transform our planet no matter how little the challenge overcoming it will provide you with more strength wisdom

and a deeper connection to your true self no matter how little the threat you can handle it with poise and

intelligence you may trust that love is guiding your every step my darling take

flight with Assurance no matter how little the threat you must always be alert to it nonetheless you must never

lose sight of the tremendous potential that is inside you Embrace nurture and

let shine as you go out on this adventure called life inside you is is a

spirit capable of great things because the knowledge gained the love shown and

the Lessons Learned are the things that stay with you the longest as you accomplish tasks and Conquer problems

these precious artifacts will light your path and Enlighten your spirit you are

growing into the person God always meant you to be strong kind and deeply rooted

in your community my love for you is unwavering and eternal my darling you must

understand this I am available at all times to provide you with guidance motivation and emotional support no

matter what comes our way we will stand together may you find solace in my love

strength to overcome adversity and wisdom in my teachings regardless of your size bravery or lack thereof my

darling continue to walk in faith you are loved protected and valued abundantly now and always also while you

go through life life and make all these decisions I can’t make you pay attention to me at this time of free choice you

get to decide how you live your life what you eat and where you go but I’ll be right here with you the whole time

Whispering advice showing you the way teaching you new things and loving you

no matter what there is nothing I can do to make you do anything other than

listen observe and obey my commands if you get there who will care follow your

your own path this is your trip if you want to savor this Liberty my beloved

child you must develop discernment keep in mind that your Deeds have repercussions and comprehend the impact

of your decisions on both yourself and people around you the fabric of reality

is woven by decisions the power and Beauty will be infused into every thread

as it is colored with the pics you are making I watch over you hoping that you’ll want me to be a part part of your

life and include me in the choices and struggles that you face while some may eventually break I’ll step aside and

give you room to learn and develop at your own speed learning about things that really interest you may often lead

to the richest and most lifechanging experiences even though you may feel

completely alone on this journey please know that I am always by your side no

matter the chaos or Tranquility my love will always be there for you I I am

always here to connect with those who are seeking my direction and sense my presence but you are far from the only

one who needs to see that your life is a magnificent narrative unfolding there may be highs and lows

lessons and Pleasures in every chapter regardless of your choice no matter how

happy your ending is my dear baby remember that there will be obstacles as you face the unknown and seize the

Limitless potential life has to offer because knowledge is a gift you should learn to respect listening and enjoy

life to the fullest you can’t force me to pay attention but I pray you’ll listen with an open heart and mind to

the feelings signs and clues that point the way being an expert is more than

just knowing what to do nonetheless there are numerous Opportunities For Learning and Development in the lessons

you may learn from those who lead you wrong from the individuals you meet to

the moments you take a breath and contemplate there is always something to learn and gain Insight from in

Partnerships it’s important to have an open mind and be willing to take risks by discussing intimate facts and

emotions love teaches us to persevere to be kind to forgive and to be resilient

the significance of listening not just to me but to everyone and everything has

become clear to you now that we’re in love being a genuine listener shows empathy and connection even when you

remain silent the best way to make a difference in your field is to pursue what your passionate about and follow

your heart when you put your own talents to good use the world will be a better place for all of us watching you find

and live out your mission brings me Delight even if I can’t join you on the journey the road includes to put it

frankly dealing with the consequences of your choices with certain decisions you

may have happiness and fulfillment even though other individuals might provide both lessons and hardships Grace is

abundant there is a possibility of rebirth progress and a new beginning on

every road although I strive for a life filled with love joy and peace I am well

aware that challenges are inevitable May the knowledge that you are not confronted with your challenges in

isolation provide you solace in this challenging period my hands are always prepared to provide you comfort healing

or an embrace my beloved child there are no limits to my love for you you are the

one who must decide to go on the voyage of your life I may not be able to direct your attention or set your course in

life but I will be by your side every step of the way loving and supporting

you as we navigate its complex and wonderful Road the capacity to create

your own world which brings you fulfillment and happiness is is a Priceless gift that comes with free will

divine love and guidance are present in every heartbeat and everything has a purpose a lesson and an occasion to

celebrate in every moment in every Endeavor and in every happiness know

that you are loved more than words can express listen up make the connection

and take my advice or leave it to me always remember how much we adore

appreciate and value you no matter matter what as you continue on your

journey my darling do it with courage optimism and the knowledge that your story is an important part of something

bigger each choice you make adds a thread to the quilt that is your unique

and lovely Life Could you face each day with the ability to make a conscious decision the insight to know when you

need help and The Bravery to pay attention to what your intuition and heart are trying to tell you I I can’t

force you to concentrate but with a little prodding I can point you in the correct direction shedding light on your

path and making it more pleasant the world and your future are both impacted

by your choices so go into the experience with an open mind and heart

the magnitude and variety of the effects your decisions will have on other people’s lives are beyond your

comprehension there may be far-reaching effects from your acts of care or affection because love is the force that

unites us heals our wounds and transforms the world when we are confused or unsure if the road ahead

seems muddled stop and attempt to find a peaceful spot in the silence my voice

becomes more discernible not as an authoritative directive but as a kind guide whose words harmonize with your

inner truth let my Everlasting Love and these internal facts guide you there is

an expectation that you will not go alone on this path Souls who will challenge you motivate

you and adore you may cross your path in the short term they will accomplish

their mission and leave an impression on your heart in the long run they will be

there to provide companionship and memories in your quest for joy and contentment nourish all of these

relationships because they are your growth and your narrative accurately residing helping

others and keeping a reference to me all lead to those states of being not

specific places discovering Joy lies in savoring the present moment in being at peace

with yourself as you go forward on your path and in being grateful for what you have remember that pushing yourself to

your limits is not a sign of failure but rather of increased potential welcome

challenges with courage and the knowledge that you will become stronger smarter and more resilient with each

struggle you must know that my love for you is Limitless unending and

unconditional since you probably don’t want to do anything to earn it there’s nothing you can do to bring it down any

further it’s quite typical like the sun rising each day and bringing warmth and

gentleness at joyful times in times of sadness draw strength and comfort from me and share your appreciation with me

your way of life is a Priceless gift I cannot compel you to focus or your follow a set path but I can assure you

my precious capable child that your life choices are just as important as you are

by default I want you to feel my presence which I use to gently nudge you

into a life filled with love purpose and pride so go on my precious little one

with the Liberty to choose your own path keep going strong love sincerely and

never lose sight of the fact that my love is enveloping you at all times

let this knowledge be a source of strength and comfort for you as you navigate the ups and downs of life

always keep in mind that even when you can’t hear me I am speaking to you through the difficult times the good

times and the celebrations you share no need to worry I am always here only a

whisper away to love guide and cheer you on in all your endeavors living in line

with your Soul’s purpose brings tranquility and may your love lives reflect the love and light inside you

shining brightly for everyone to see with my affection and your unwavering

will as our guides let’s embark on a journey filled with wonder boom and an

abundance of Love there are many things in this world that might lead to your demise my Pampered child according to

God there will be plenty of challenging circumstances and hurdles but there will also be plenty of opportunity for

development and Enlightenment on this voyage it is critical to be alert and intelligent as you go through life

understanding that not everything shiny is gold the Allure of monetary riches

first and foremost poses a tremendous danger to your health coins goods and

Status all have their Allure but they are transient Pleasures that may lead to a never-ending cycle of choosing and

discontent keep in mind that true Joy originates from within and is found in the connections we value

the love we share and the inner calm we bring into our lives the second piece of

advice I can give you is to be wary of The Company You Keep even positive

people may derail your progress and harm you in the long run any decent person

might fall victim to a crooked boss who steers them away from their true calling and undermines their abilities pick

companions who have qualities you like and want to embody however in a society

that constantly tells us we should be happy successful and beautiful striving for Perfection may be a trap we might

easily convince ourselves that we are inadequate feelings of inadequacy worry

and needless tension might result from this Quest keep in mind that you are

delightfully mistaken and that it is precisely these flaws that give you your unique value similarly worrying that you

may fail could make you do nothing and stop you from going for for your goals

failure is not an end in itself but rather a necessary step on the road to

success in achieving your goals make up your screw United States training that

pushes you farther towards your goals never again will you let the thought of

making a mistake prevent you from trying the lack of forgiveness is the other

functional downside you may poison your coronary heart and mind with anger

resentment or bitter if you hold on to it it will lead to disappointment and bad Health learn to

forgive yourself as well as others you may free yourself from the shackles of the past and go on with Grace and

serenity when you offer yourself the gift of forgiveness even with all the activity in your day-to-day existence

it’s easy to lose track of your non-secular health if you let it taking care of your spirit is easy to take for

granted whether via prayer meditation or just spending time in nature finding a

way to connect with the Divine May provide Direction so be sure to make time for it a feeling of security and

acceptance another trap in this era of immediate satisfaction is the desire for

it nothing is ever far away it seems that patience is a lost quality yet

being prepared enduring and persisting through difficult times leads to some of

life’s most rewarding experiences get away from the trap of comparing oneself to other people and

find methods to enjoy the trip itself not just the destination each

individual’s path is unique including its own assortment of difficulties and

victories feeling inadequate and dissatisfied are possible outcomes of comparing one’s life on social media to

another’s highlights make the most of your own successes no matter how little

they may seem and learn your path also keep in mind that you shouldn’t let go

of your principles and beliefs it is critical to hold on to your principles in a global Society where moral

relativism is common you should not put your principles on the line for temporary gain or to blend in stay true

to who you are and what you believe in they will guide you in life maintaining

your mental and physical health is essential for this challenging International degree to carry out this

way of life you rely on your body and intellect be respectful and kind when you speak to

them even when you’re emotionally or mentally sick it’s important to exercise

often eat well and get treatment when facing life’s challenges a healthy body

and mind are invaluable assets life is a precious gift my little baby so keep

that in mind pride and grief are threads that are braided together to form a tapestry every experience good good or

bad molds you into the person God intends you to be so soak it all up

maintain your integrity have faith and never give up on your dreams realize how

much someone loves and values you and that you are here to do something meaningful with your life you may also

navigate life with wisdom bravery and empathy avoiding the problems that may

arise always remember that my love guidance and support are here for you my

darling the original activation served as inspiration for this story which aims

to teach readers how to deal with life’s challenges by focusing on their own principles building resilience and

seeking personal development outside of the secular realm God promises that you

my darling child may find the love you’ve been seeking have plenty of money Drive the automobile of your dreams and

learn a new passion all across life’s vast fabric there is a narrative of

hopes dreams dreams and Journeys toward fulfillment amidst the gentle guidance

and unwavering determination my beloved child your path is adorned with aspirations like these each one holding

the potential for fulfillment and success an opportunity for a fulfilling

career one that speaks to your heart’s desire is waiting for you doggedness

trust and ongoing Endeavors are required keep in mind that each setback is only a

stepping stone on the road to your ultimate goal the foundation of your success on this journey will be the

reading opportunities that you seiz so make the most of each One Financial

Security may also seem like an impossible ideal but believe it or not

the stars are aligning to provide you plenty if you manage your money well the

path will be paved with careful saving and smart investment you will be able to

look at your account and see that you have been given more than enough to live well and give back someday having isn’t

really the essence of Plenty rather it’s flourishing and giving possessing the

car you’ve always wanted is a mark of success and progress toward your goals you have worked very hard shown great

self-control and achieved several Milestones all at once and this vehicle is miles of witness to all of that

everything you do is in line with what you want possessing the keys to your loved automobile is within your reach

let it be a constant reminder that your dreams can come true if you give them enough thought and effort a deep need

for love persists if love is genuine it will find its way to you even if it

doesn’t come in the expected packaging or on the scheduled day be certain that it will be perfect and amazing let

yourself be receptive to love in all its manifestations when you least expect it

the love you’ve been yearning for will grow when you cherish your family and develop your friendships at some point

along the path this love may become an unimaginably rich source of strength joy

and friendship improving your lives in incalculable ways problems and obstacles

are just stepping stones my little kid although they used to be signs of failure they might today be signs of

great success you will get more determined and capable with each setback

stay steadfast in your faith for it is the beacon that may illuminate the path to your aspirations even in the darkest

of times your principles are the north star that keeps you on the straight and narrow be true to them at all times

permit empathy to guide your words and compassion to Grace your interactions my precious toddler you are

going to have a positive impact on people’s lives and the World At Large although you may feel alone on your

journey to toward your objectives know that you are not no matter what you can

count on me to be by your side celebrating your triumphs and sharing in your tragedies I have found in you the

strength knowledge and courage to overcome any obstacle therefore believe

it to be real as you go forward keep in mind that the experience not the

destination is what determines pleasure appreciate every two-dimensional surface

Savor the little little joys in life and make the most of every moment my precious little one cling steadfastly to

your dreams they are more than just locations they are journeys that reveal your true self with tenacity

determination and a faith-filled heart you can achieve your goals the project you need the Financial Security you seek

the car you want and the love you crave for you will enjoy the life you have dreamed of my pricey toddler which you

love must be remembered let your gentle light shine brightly the world Longs for

the wonderful talents you can provide you are beyond measure endowed with boundless potential and destined for

greatness dearly beloved child I’m cautioning you to exercise caution

according to God there are many possibilities to grow and Thrive along the Charming path that is life be

careful and watchful my dear while you travel the treacherous roads of life because all the joy and Splendor aren’t

without their risks you should use caution and mindfulness in all your decisions and deeds I implore you the

world is huge and full of amazing things but it also has bothersome circumstances and hazards that may harm your heart

desires and health always proceed with caution and discernment in life keep in

mind that not all opportunities are created equal and not all good deeds originate from sincere desires avoid

easy Solutions and quick fixes on your path to fulfillment and success honesty

persistence and hard work are the pillars upon which true success rests

you risk losing sight of your true motivation and capabilities if you give in to the Allure of instant fulfillment

instead embrace the journey with perseverance knowing that every step you take toward honesty and striving leads

you closer to your dreams since God is with you people associate with have the

power to influence your thoughts actions and ultimately your destiny so be wary

of the business agency you maintain gather around you positive value sharing

people who will inspire you to be the best version of yourself get away from

people that sap your energy entice you or divert your attention from your goals

keep in mind that true friends are those who celebrate with you when you succeed and who support you when you fail in the

face of adversity protect your heart from becoming cynical and bitter although it may be tempting to shut down

emotionally you will discover the strength and fortitude you need by maintaining an open and caring heart

take extra precautions so that no more damage comes to you a coronary heart

that can love forgive and heal itself is a heart that can flourish in issues of Love Therefore strengthen your coronary

heart be be cautious and clear it is not carelessly handed away but rather adored

since the coronary heart is a precious treasure you should take the time to learn about someone’s man or woman and

their ideals before you give them your heart the kind of love that endures financially is one that is kind generous

and founded on Mutual acknowledgment exercise caution and consideration in all your interactions

you must no longer let the pursue of riches tempt you to act unethically or recklessly be kind manage your resources

well and never forget your fate keep in mind that riches are not defined by the

amount of worldly possessions but by the richness of contentment and a glad

Spirit be wary of the traps of Hedonism and pleasure while you work toward your

objectives although success brings admiration and praise it is important to remember that these things should not

wash away the modesty and appreciation that keep you rooted in reality enjoy your accomplishments with a modest

spirit always keeping in mind the path that got you there and the one who helped you every step of the way my

precious little one as you navigate your moments of Discovery leadership and

competence if you’re feeling lost or confused a reflected picture and prayer

might help you get your bearings in harmony with the wisdom that descends from on high you will find the way and

the path that lead to contentment and success also avoid becoming too

comfortable or unconcerned it requires your Gentle Touch Your Enthusiasm and

generosity do not evade chances to stand out do the right thing and share kindness and compassion even the

smallest of your actions may have a profound impact on the globe caution does not imply to live in dread but

rather to pay close attention take responsibility and appreciate the courage moment of life to its fullest

making choices that are true to your principles is also part of it protect

yourself and make an undeniably valuable impact on the world my little kid keep

in mind that no matter where life takes you you are never really alone Always by

your side I will lead you Shield you from harm and adore you with an everlasting love live a life that isn’t

only comfortable but also widespread and delightful the key is to strike a balance between

being cautious and careful and being daring and compassionate remember my precious

little one that being careful means respecting the life you have been given and the purpose for which you were made

be receptive to the guidance that comes from above by navigating each day with

awareness love and a pure heart when you do this you’ll be able to gracefully

face life’s challenges and come come out on top After experiencing a life that

isn’t just safe but also abundant in joy and resources can you continue to walk

in understanding the focus of my expensive kid is the beacon that shows

the way to genuine joy and contentment your planned life is a mosaic of choices

each with its own specific impacts and lessons as you float forth pricey

newborn let your steps be measured think about how your choices will affect your future and the people in it every

decision you make adds a thread to your life’s fabric shaping it into a pattern as time goes on be careful what you say

and how you move speech has tremendous power the ability to heal injure or

destroy carefully choose your words and express the truth while being compassionate and courteous bear in mind

that words have no room for correction they shape how others see you and your dedication to your field

the moment you say them exercise caution when dealing with misleading or

incomplete information are you particular about the information you accept as fact and looking for data from

reliable sources in a world where information is limited the ability to filter out irrelevant details and get

the correct Insight is valuable think of learning about it as an adventure that

will last a lifetime and provide you with spiritual and mental fulfillment use caution while interacting with this

generation via social media the technology can connect and provide light

but it can also deceive and divert attention make good use of them to Adorn your life and the lives of others around

you rather than to escape reality or propagate negativity remember that

nothing can match the authenticity and depth of real life interactions and testimonials in today’s digital age

protect your spiritual health as diligently as you do your physical and mental ones praying meditating and other

acts of faith will nourish your spirit in a world where Commerce is constant

and uncertainty Reigns Supreme be wary of those who would want to steer you away from your non-secular path you have

the ability to make a difference and be a Guiding Light in your beliefs sign up

for our channel to get daily God benefits exercise caution while also extending sympathy your

journey is unique but you’re not alone others all over the globe are experiencing it with you and they have

their own dreams worries and challenges protecting your own journey and regulating the manners of others are

both accomplished by racing towards empathy listening attentively extending a shoulder to cry on and offering

assistance when needed always be aware that being cautious does not mean you

should ignore potential threats sometimes the key to success and prosperity is abandoning religious dogma

and putting your faith in something more personal like a dream or a calling while

you go forward with knowledge and discernment it is crucial to carefully consider these risks seek guidance and

remember the potential implications on your path to a Divine Destiny even the chances you take now

could prove to be stepping stones keep your eyes open for the many blessings that are all around you stay optimistic

and non-judgmental much to be happy about much to wonder about and lots to

appreciate abound Every Day brings fresh chances for Joy growth and love life is

a blessing ultimately my beloved child remember that caution and attentiveness

are manifestations of love for oneself for those around you and for the life that has been bestowed upon you my love

is all around you as you walk this path it is directing you protecting you and

encouraging you my dear little one go with caution and courage in your heart

but know that you are loved and cherished and that I am always here for you immerse yourself in the beauty of

each day and let your life serve as a testimony to understanding love and The

Wonder of living I wish you a safe Voyage a courageous heart and a life

that is kind to others on this great and beautiful Earth each careful move and

every decision you make adds a chapter to your story Embrace caution and

optimism while striving for a life well- lived because the key to a fulfilling and joyful Journey lies in the balance

of caution and boldness this is The Narrative of purpose reason and desire

my precious little one remember that you aren’t just preventing harm you are embracing the wisdom that leads to true

Everlasting Joy when you move cautiously and carefully it may not seem like a big

deal at the moment but God says it’s a real danger my costly toddler looking

into your pain is something I no longer want to do living a life of purpose is

an experience full of highs and lows triumphs and seemingly insurmountable

obstacles while you travel this road you may come across situations that seem small or harmless at first glance

however keep in mind that for my expensive baby even the tiniest danger might grow if left

unchecked my intention is no longer to scare you rather it is to protect you

from the difficulties that lie ahead and I love you very much never forget the

difficulties no matter how large or small are an inevitable component of life it is through these experiences

that we grow learn and sometimes even make the most profound Revelations about

who we we are and the world around us when difficult conditions are disregarded or undervalued they have the

potential to become even more formidable obstacles the routines you establish the

order you keep and the decisions you make on a daily basis are all important

even if they seem small now aspects of your lifestyle May greatly impact your

future it just takes time for a seemingly innocuous Reliance to become a real problem unsupport friendships May

drag you down unintended Pathways and impulsive decisions might cost you in the long run the roots of capacity

issues and more importantly the chances for development and Mastery are in the

tiniest things therefore I tell you my child to Be watchful and attentive when

you encounter what seems to be a little issue pause to consider how it can

affect your future consider if this is helping you grow into to the person you want to be

remember that my compass is with you at all times guiding you and providing power turn to me in times of

contemplation and prayer as you seek understanding and Tranquility my job is to help you sort

out the insignificant dangers from the innocuous ones and to show you the way to make the right

decisions my dearly loved kid I refuse to see you suffer through it any longer

I hope you may save yourself needless suffering especially if it is preventable via rational means and

awareness since I really believe that suffering can really lead to Greater strength read up on other people’s

experiences and be receptive to the acknowledgment that comes with maturity and

pleasure steering is available to help you negotiate any obstacles on your route so there’s no need to walk an

unpleasant Road simultaneously maintain a state of mental emotional and spiritual Wellness

by actively seeking it out putting one’s own needs first is more essential and

does not constitute egocentrism I want you to feel my love and Direction More profoundly when your

body is healthy and I want you to feel my love and guidance more thoroughly when your soul is nourished being in

touch with oneself makes it easier to see and handle little dangers before they become major problems my little one

be an impacted person a unique quality staying strong enables you to see beyond

the Here and Now comprehend the outcomes of your actions and make choices that benefit your future with dogged

determination comes knowledge and with knowledge comes the capacity to Traverse

the intricacies of life we are gracefully and powerfully seeking the company of others who encourage you to

grow who take you on as your perfect self and who give guidance through life’s unavoidable challenges the only

way to overcome hardship and lessen pain is to surround oneself with loving and

positive people your allies are training and knowledge get the tools you need to face life’s challenges headon by

learning as much as you can from books other people and your own research a

wealth of information gives you the power to solve issues and avoid dangers

that may not be immediately obvious in their exact sizes no matter how big or

small I always keep in mind my little child that every task is an opportunity

to learn and develop into something stronger incorporate faith and courage

into these times knowing that you have support as you go on know that I am by

your side directing you loving you and doing my best to be absolutely

spectacular for you do it with a spirit of awareness and a Heart full of openness always keep in mind how your

actions might affect those around around you in the face of life’s challenging circumstances remain purposeful and make

choices that reflect the love and wisdom that already reside inside you

regardless of how big or small know that you are not alone in seeking help what was once yours is no longer something

you’re willing to stick by please remember me your family and your mentors

in your prayers coming together we can be powerful and when we are strong my

pricey baby we can overcome any challenge learning and growing are constants in life be resilient and make

the most of every moment good and bad remember that no matter how big or small

the problem seems there is always a way out and a strength waiting to be found in any situation I am watching your

every move breath and choice as you navigate this journey of life my little

child God says typically you can count on me to be there for you of offering

unwavering love guidance and protection to prove that right now watch the video

all the way to the conclusion in honor of your existence I hope that you enjoy special benefits and groundbreaking

discoveries furthermore May these words find a place in your heart to serve as a constant reminder of my love and

presence amidst the global Mayhem and unpredictability I ask for a peace that

is beyond human understanding I want for you the same that you find inner

Serenity let this Serenity protect your thoughts and your mind so that you may be aware of what is good right pure

beautiful and admirable please click the join button and join us on our

transformational journey if you would like to join our spiritual family immediately in order to clear a path to

Enlightenment and inner peace do not be worried or scared remember that my

serenity is not always what the industry provides as you navigate the challenges

of your lifestyle I ask God to give you the courage and strength you need there

will be moments when you are vulnerable exhausted and ready to quit but keep in

mind that my grace is enough for you and my power is perfect in a vulnerable

place the strength to overcome any obstacle Ascend any mountain and walk

through any Valley will materialize when you rely on me I beseech you to show me

the way to choose the best options life is full of choices and figuring out

which ones to choose may be challenging inquire of me and I will gladly divulge

the facts to you without finding fault so that you may confidently follow my will I will illuminate your path and

Lead You by my side regarding your way of life I offer prayers for Joy which is

your strength through adversity you are my baby and my love for you is

Unbreakable may you find an unfathomable joy in knowing this in the face of

adversity May This Joy be your strength giving you the will to face each day

with optimism and a grin I wish that your heart overflows with love and that

it finds its way to everyone it meets a love that knows no limits cherishes you

may my love change you as you experience it so that you may love others as much as I love them

unconditionally the power of love to mend Broken Heart hearts and unite people is a testimony to your very being

I hope that all your desires will be granted put your trust in me completely

and stop depending on your own knowledge no matter whether it’s material support emotional support or something else

entirely I will meet your needs since I know what they are before you ever ask

I’m able to handle you as your issuer I hope for physical and mental well-being

the one who cures you is me God if you can only tell me how you feel I can mend your Brokenness and heal your wounds I

have the power to cure the wounded and restore healing to the downtrodden

whether you’re facing challenges in your relationships career physical health or spiritual journey I hope that you’ll

find breakthroughs in every area of your life in terms of breakthroughs I am a

deity I will bring order out of chaos and I will turn the tables on you so that you benefit and I can get the

credit my sincere wish is that our connection would improve if you come near me I will

come near you invest some time in being with me studying my words and praying to

me give yourself over to the love knowledge and outlook on life that I have to offer everything else will

become clear as you mature on my path you have my undying love my best

intentions for you and your consistent faith in me my darling these things will never change my life

rest easy and see the Miracles I can work in your life my beloved you are

mine and I am God in you I want you to keep to a vow that is as true as my love

for you as you go through life’s adventures you won’t lose sight of what really matters in the bigger picture the

depth of my affection and the extent of my dominion over everything give rise to

this guarantee when life seems like a constant ups and downs a typical EB and

of it may wear on your heart and soul however I’m here to remind you of a

deeper truth one that goes beyond the current challenges you’re facing whatever is planned for you whatever

adds to your ultimate and everlasting tale will not be lost In My Kingdom or in my arms remember that I will always

be here for you no matter where you go or what you do along with you I am here

I am almost as close as a whisper even closer than your next breath no matter

how good or bad things go my presence is always there with me at your side you’re

never really alone my love for you will remain unwavering till the end of time

your love for me has no bounds it will never cease what you do or don’t do

isn’t necessarily a factor if I’m being really honest it mostly depends on you

my favorite baby trouble issue persecution starvation risk danger sword

or maybe death itself cannot separate you from my love no longer will you be able to disturb My Serenity on this

often tumultuous Planet the gift of my Tranquility is one that endures I can

Shield your heart and intellect with the Tranquility that passes all information

my pleasure is yours to hang on to so even when worries and anxieties try to shake you remember that my calm is yours

to speak the source of your strength an inner stream of energy that no matter

what happens to you may lessen is my delight your unending desire for me is a

constant source of joy for me and it may rise to the surface even while I’m going through tough times this Joy stems from

the immutable realities of my condition and is not reliant on outside forces

your cause will no longer be lost on you there is a purpose to your creation and the reason I have put you in this

particular time and location even when you feel lost or unsure of what the future holds the

talents and callings I’ve given you cannot be taken back know that I am leading you to your ultimate purpose

using every event for the greater good of both you and me complications can no

longer cause you to lose the knowledge you have gained valuable instructions accompany every challenge you overcome

and every activity you undertake domesticate resilience strengthen faith

and shape indiv indviduals the advancement it gives is priceless and irreplaceable despite the fact that the

procedure may hurt the world may shower you with short-lived praise and Pleasures but you will no longer be

deprived of the Eternal blessings that were planned out for you I assure you

that the benefits will last forever unadulterated and unfading every loving gesture religious

act and sacrifice performed in response to my call is being recorded and may be

recompensed at the proper time your feelings for me will remain strong a

glimmer of hope amid the depths of Despair wish is alive and well this

anticipation is based on my promises thus it is not wishful thinking like in

this video it provides Solace and companionship to the spirit while weathering life’s storms and

uncertainties you will never be cast out of my Everlasting family if you believe this to be true in God’s eyes because of

your religious adoption into my family no one or object can ever disprove that

you are my baby Heaven is a safe haven for your inheritance protected from

insects and rust and a Haven from robbers keep these assurances in mind

and hold on to them strongly as you go through life particularly when it seems like everything is falling apart you are

safely ensconced in my affection my purposes and my Everlasting Homeland

these are the unchangeable elements of the Epic story I’m crafting about your lives I hear a prayer that is genuine

and wants to give me power on the trip inside the Stillness of your heart dear

father I am here for you please know that I’m paying attention and I’m here

to help I am here at every turn ready to give you the strength you seek and the

encouragement you need because I’m not meant to travel this road of life alone walking in a certain direction diretion

has its own unique set of difficulties ups and downs sometimes it seems like everything

is falling into place and the road is full of wonderful experiences looking back at the artwork

of your lives I can see my hand leading you and blessing your steps remember to

Express gratitude and hold on to the joy of those times since they are gifts from me to you the terrain ahead of you may

be steep at times and the nights may be quite long feelings of crushing disappointment exhaustion and

uncertainty are common in these circumstances during such moments your heartfelt plea for strength will

transform into an urgent plea from inside I want you to know that when such

moments come I am right here ready to help you get through them just so you remember your weakness enhances my might

when you feel like you’re about to die that’s when my strength will be most apparent

you can trust me Lee and I will be your source of energy my energy is at work

inside you not your own and you may find that you can endure more than you ever imagine possible as you go allow the

serenity I bring which exceeds knowledge to envelop and keep you knowing that I

am in charge and that my intentions for you are genuine even while you endure upheaval in addition I provide you with

journey related information there are options to consider and ways to go if you ask me for direction I can show you

the way if you ask me for information I will gladly offer it to you shedding

light on what to do next and helping you make the right decisions remember that I

am never alone I’m here right by your side ready to hear your joyful cries for

help whenever they come if you ever need someone to lean on I’ll be here for you

give yourself up to the power of my love it’s the kind of love that stays the same no matter what happens bring

yourself close to me and I will fill you with my love giving you the strength to endure any challenge that life throws at

you you need to stop being scared to let me see you when you’re weak the emphasis

is on my electricity God it’s a long way to express that I want you when you really admit that you need me I am able

to contribute more completely to your lives also make sure you have a support system of of Christians who can

encourage you pray with you and help you along the way you are not meant to go on

this journey alone the body of Christ is here to serve as my hands and feet

providing practical assistance and love stay grateful even when times are bad

with the Thanksgiving energy you may see my hand at work in your life even in the tiniest ways and your Viewpoint May

transform above all else be true to your wish that my promises are valid and my

loyalty will remain Forever The Journey may be lengthy and the terrain may be

challenging but the end result is worth it together we are drawing nearer to the

End of Time the place where we may wipe away every tear and find Eternal pleasure my beloved child you must know

that I’m listening to your need for strength and providing it have faith in me rely on me and let me power you and

guide you at the same time we can continue on this journey together and I will never leave you or abandon you with

the arrival of a new year upon you I extend a more substantial invitation one

that is both straightforward and deep to you come with me when a parent says this

to his child it’s usually more of a loving command than a recommendation I would want to be the

one who directs your brush Strokes while you paint a masterpiece on the canvas of time which is transformed every year you

have taken a giant leap of Faith by putting your faith in me as your leader by trusting that I know what’s best for

you and by believing that I will carry out my plans for your Prosperity rather than your Affliction having faith in me

doesn’t mean you’ll never face challenges but it does mean that I can handle whatever assignment you throw at

me to begin begin each day by joining me so that my message may be heard before

the stadium becomes too noisy we are finding a place of Peace bring Serenity

Direction and purpose to your day by letting our morning meetings set the tone during these times I can illuminate

the way forward the choices to be made and the steps to be taken this year let

your faith be an embodiment of the unknown just as every year has its share of unknowns but remember that even

though you can’t see the future you do know who holds the Eternal future and I can see beyond the turns in the road

when you let me lead you go on with confidence not relying on sight knowing

that I can lead you through any difficulty no matter what pay attention to my voice I express myself in several

ways through words through people through events and through silence you

cultivate an attentive heart that is sensitive to my murmurs amidst a world that demands your attention little voice

inside on this journey with me you will learn to distinguish my voice from others and to follow my lead there may

be moments to act courageously and times to wait patiently let me decide how fast

it should go being too hasty may lead to wasted time and disappointment while

being too slow might allow good things to slip through your fingers if you continue to walk with me I will show you

everything that I have for you tell me what your planning I implore you to

stick to your plans even if you have a detailed calendar for the year I would be more than happy to let your

schedules and agendas go in favor of mine even if we have to go a different route my ideas for you are typically

fantastic you will discover Liberation and contentment in letting go as you

embark on your adventures this year cultivate an attitude of thankfulness and success spend some time getting to

know the ways I’m working in your life celebrate the winds big or little and remember to say thank you whenever

possible having a grateful attitude encourages Miracles which is a sign of loyalty in

all of your decisions this year you seem to be seeking my input it will provide

you with options some will be spotless While others may be more challenging

seek my counsel in all matters both large and small if you seek my knowledge

I will gladly impart it to you and it will guide you and help you make decisions that are in harmony with my

desire join other people on a shared journey in addition to guiding you on your spiritual journey I’d like to show

you the way to healthier relationships in the love you give and the service you do let me show you how to interact with

other people joining forces with other Christians and having the opportunity to

testify to those who do not know me would greatly enhance your journey my

love will bring you rest at some point there may be times this year when you feel EX exhausted because the path ahead

seems too long and the loads are too great whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed just come to me on a daily

basis my love for you provides a surge of energy and revitalization you will find all you

need to continue the voyage my beloved child in my love this year I pray is the

year you finally give me the authority to lead it will be more challenging now but ultimately more rewarding in the

long run in this shared experience you will see my unmatched devotion discover

the depths of my love that you have never experienced and witness my Mastery

of the art of painting join me as we welcome the new year filled with hope

for all that I can do to help you through the ups and downs of the EB and the drift of life’s Journeys please

bring everything to me I will hold all of your successes and failures by doing

this you acknowledge my authority over your life and commit to relying on me to

guide support and sustain you as you Excel join me in celebrating and

expressing my gratitude no matter how little it may seem every blessing you

experience reflects my love and provision in your lives this is a time

to celebrate your Victory while also remembering that none of it would have been possible without me make your

triumphs a testimony to my love and faithfulness let them be signed that I

am by your side giving you the strength to accomplish everything that I have planned for you but don’t let yourself

become conceited because of your successes keep in mind that you were

able to achieve your success because of my strength and expertise I am the source of all good things so boast

modestly about your accomplishments and give me the honor in the face of

adversity your triumphs serve as chances to draw people closer to me by showing

them where you draw strength and pleasure if you need Solace direction or assistance come to me I am a refuge a

strength and an everpresent gift to help you through life storms feeling crushed

and alone is a common reaction to challenges rest assured however that I am in no way alone when it comes to you

in the middle of your trials I am here with you ready to take your worries and

give you Serenity that is greater than than anything you can imagine give me your problems your anxieties and your

uncertainties set them down at my feet so I may pray for them believe that I

hear you and see your tears I am no longer God but rather a kind father who

is concerned about every detail of your life as you look to me as a source of strength and guidance in your trials you

have the opportunity to feel my Embrace and grow in your faith always keep in

mind that your hardships are not insignificant in fact they are the same

things that may give you strength love and determination although the journey may

be challenging at times it always leads to personal development and a stronger

dependence on me in the end with every success and setback I use them to mold

you reveal you and prepare you for the plans I have for your life hold yourself

in prayer no longer can we just communicate when we’re grateful or in need it must be ongoing you build our

friendship through our everyday discussions learning my voice and my heart more digitally indulge in my

Expressions to the fullest in it you will find Solace strength and direction

you can trust that my promises will last they shine a light when you win keeping

you rooted and they shine a light while you’re fighting illuminating your way

when you achieve success share your story with others those around you may

find strength in your story even in the darkest of times you may be strengthened

and lifted up by the counsel and prayers of other Christians this journey is not suitable for you to take a leely walk by

yourself the body of Christ is built to support one another through thick and thin to laugh and to celebrate together

put your trust in me my timing is always just right and my plans for you are

perfect at times you can wonder why things are unfolding the way they are

having said that please believe that I am in control I can see the beginning from the end and I can see that your

journey is full of valuable lessons time is of the essence when it comes to your

triumphs and there is a purpose behind your trials whether you’re happy or sad

provide It All To Me constantly with the guarantee of my presence and my last right to paint for your existence my

little baby let me power you soothe you lead you and satisfy your desires take

comfort in knowing that I am loving you and accompanying you as you enter a message of Desire consideration and

giving up is woven into this letter which leads you and operates everything together according to your liking it

gently guides the reader to give God both their successes and their failures

stressing the importance of humility prayer networking and and religion through good times and bad there is

Beauty and vitality even in the midst of turmoil so God tells my little baby that

it’s okay to laugh weep and break down and that you may achieve those breakthroughs it is necessary to feel

every feeling since life is a journey full of ups and downs Your Capacity to

experience a wide spectrum of emotions is with you the whole time letting you

immerse yourself in The Human Condition warm makes you stronger and more resilient so remember to grin as you

fight an indicator of your inner Vitality not only a statement of enjoyment no matter how bad things go A

smile can make everyone around you feel better it serves as a constant reminder that there is always a reason for

optimism regardless of the obstacles you encounter an oasis of kindness in a

world that may be harsh at times your smile shines brightly it is as important

to cry you are being tested by your electricity not your fragility when you cry they

demonstrate that you are brave enough to feel profoundly let yourself be vulnerable and confront your feelings

directly always let your tears float they may be a restorative release of pent up pain and a gateway to Fresh

Beginnings there may be times when you break down but it is also part of the trip there will be low points when you

feel like giving up and the weight of the world is too much much to bear nonetheless it is during these low

points that breakthroughs become apparent when you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom remind yourself that you

have what it takes to get back up again your trials are preparing you for a greater purpose and they are molding you

into the person God intends you to be after the battle breakthroughs can be

accomplished those are the points where comprehension development and change occur they are the fruits of your labor

when you refuse to give up in the face of adversity and instead demonstrate your resolve to overcome obstacles every

challenge you encounter has the potential to make you stronger and more resilient and breakthroughs serve as a

constant reminder of this despite the fighting Beauty remains while fighting

you learn the most about your strengths and weaknesses your true strength bravery and capacity for love and

compassion passion are revealed to you it is in the midst of adversity that you learn to appreciate the little things in

life and that is what the war teaches you you are not alone on this path my darling I want you to know that my

guidance comfort and love are here for you at all times realize that I’m always

here for you ready to help you through the tough times and celebrate the good times and accept me as true Embrace

positivity even when challenges arise feel the tears when you want to mend the

breaks when you feel crushed and the victories when you reach your full potential each of those Tales is a

lesson in strength faith and perseverance each of those Tales is an

important component of your journey as you continue on your journey remember

that every challenge presents an opportunity for personal growth that every tear brings you one step closer to

healing and that every Leap Forward showcases your incredible power you will

learn your partner’s genuine intensity and your own Limitless potential through the ups and downs of the journey so be

supportive of it in the end remember that life is a lovely tapestry stitched

from all kinds of moments happy sad fighting and triumphant no matter how

light or dark they may be take part in every second reflect on every encounter

and keep moving forward forward the key to realizing your full potential is within your journey which is a Priceless

present you have superpowers my darling toddler believe in yourself recognize

that you are authentic in your journey and know that I am always here to support you encourage you and rejoice

with you when you achieve your goals go forth fearlessly lovingly and with

desire knowing that you have all you need to conquer any Challenge and achieve your heart’s desires you are

loved beyond measure and I see an eternal flame within you even in the

darkest of times there may be light at the end of the tunnel and the chance for Change and

Improvement God’s presence is like a constant flow of power and Solace it

encourages us to embrace our journey with optimism and Faith sometimes when things get tough it’s the most important

thing for you to know that I’m by your side You are not alone in the difficulties you encounter I’m here to

help I feel your anguish I see your tears and I hear your prayers think

about how those difficult times aren’t random there are opportunities for us to grow closer even though you’re growing

as a person and fortifying your faith during this challenging time you can’t see the end of the tunnel your troubles

may be too much to bear but I am here to provide you with energy and Solace put

your trust in me and I will provide the tranquility and relaxation you seek what

excites me the most about you is your vulnerability when you feel like you’ve reached your Breaking Point my electric

powers kick in your life is being orchestrated by me so have faith

everything is happening for a reason even though it’s not always easy to see you are the object of my hopeful dreams

for the future behind the scenes I’m working to ensure that everything works out for your ultimate benefit even as

you face difficulties if you are worried or have any issues please do not hesitate to talk to me in prayer pour

out your soul to me no matter how big or small the topic is I am always here to

listen and address it Solace and guidance are waiting for you the Insight

you need to get through this challenging time is within my reach think about how weak you are apart instead you can

confront these difficulties knowing that I am with the of you during this season

anywhere there is a gathering of people responding to my call pay attention to the possible classes you can grow closer

to me and more resilient through every test because of the lessons you learn from them recognize the opportunity for

development that this season presents and cling tenaciously to the hope that

it will pass enjoyment begins with the Dawn and the challenges of the present

will give way to the successes of the future no matter how bad things become there’s always something for which to be

thankful therefore cultivate an attitude of thankfulness by directing your attention

to the positive aspects of your life you may change your Viewpoint from one of scarcity to one of Plenty maintaining an

attitude of thankfulness can help you weather any storm and may serve as a constant reminder of my provision my

word is a candle that will guide you and keep you from wandering you may discover

Promises to Keep you going truths to help you navigate and Comforts to help you feel included in the texts you may

feel my phrases Vitality as it speaks to your situation and brings Solace to your broken heart you must realize that this

difficult time is not always the last chapter of your tale Grace and Redemption are the words that I use when

I record the story of your life the beauty lies in the fact that it is possible to Rise From the Ashes and

electricity that accompany this suffering keep your focus on me and let your faith triumph over your

anxieties my love for you will never fade or change so please keep that in

mind no matter the challenges you encounter my love for you remains unwavering you are invaluable to me and

I will always adore you no matter what my little child you will discover the

optimism fortitude and bravery to persevere dur during this season I will

never leave you or abandon you even if things aren’t always Rosy in your life right now my love will be your light as

you navigate this dark period lean into my arms and take my promises at face

value as the reader reads this letter they will be reminded of God’s unchanging love strength and presence

which will provide them with peace and encouragement at this difficult time I

get it life is full of fights tough times that drain your strength heart-wrenching events and religious

crisis you may feel as if you are walking through a typhoon trying to find your way in the darkness but when you

have Jesus guiding you through these fights Everything Changes Jesus is your

stronghold he will guard you Shield you from harm and lead you in the right

direction his mere presence illuminates the deepest recesses and calms the most

tempestuous tempests in every conflict he is at your side lending you his might

remember that Jesus has already triumphed over this sector even while yours is waning what this implies is

that with him you can win any battle you face fears can’t take root in your heart

when you have Jesus he gives you faith when you’re doubtful he is your source of strength when you feel weak the way

you fight changes when you have Jesus by your side you put your faith in his EXP

IES and stamina rather than your own instead of fighting anxiety or despair

you learn to fight faith and desire Jesus shows you how to see the forest for the trees beyond the

immediate difficulties and into his eternal purpose for your life Jesus is

with you always fighting the good fight he clears the way ahead of you and stands by your side to provide you with

with a helping hand when you’re tired as you feel dejected he is there with you

he will raise you up your prayers reach his ears he knows exactly what you need

he represents you in court get on your knees and ask Jesus to lead you in the fight the path to truth and existence is

via him a torch is his term his teachings illuminate your path providing

guidance for every decision you make he teaches you to forgive even when it hurts and to love without conditions in

Jesus you have a constant companion who promises he will never leave you or abandon you in the Stillness of prayer

he meets you speaking peace into your heart and Reviving your spirit his

presence is a source of strength and comfort reminding you that you are never alone in your struggles bring your

worries fears and uncertainties to him and he will never leave you he loves you

so much that he wants you to trust him with all your worries his Serenity which

is greater than any amount of data is yours for the taking remember that Jesus

knows how hard it is for you to keep your mind and heart safe he has seen hardship firsthand having lived on on

this planet and overcome many Temptations in your hour of need he

extends his grace and sympathizes with your frailties he has an intense secret

affection for you and wants to be there for you through every assignment standing with Jesus teaches you to see

adversity as a a chance for personal development an adventure is a risk that

may lead to a deeper agreement with him stronger faith and the opportunity to see his might in action in your daily

lives you learn that God can use your trials for good transforming you into the strong resilient person he intended

you to be so that you may encourage others by sharing the good news that Jesus is with them through thick and

thin you may also share your thoughts on his faithfulness and how he has helped you provided for you and led you through

difficult times a community of Christians United may be a stronghold for you and your story can serve as a

lighthouse to guide others to Jesus you may be there for each other in prayer

provide assistance and share testimony of Jesus’s transforming power in every

conflict but particularly in this one the body of Christ is built to support one another to love one another and to

guide one another direct your focus on Jesus the trust you have in him was

written and refined by him a desire and the strength to overcome it emerge

inside you no fight is ever too tough for him since his strengths are precisely where your weaknesses are you

are never alone never without desire and never without a method to Triumph in these struggles if you have Jesus

battling beside you my little babe Embrace his power and love think about

out his promises and let them Lead You In all your endeavors my pricey baby I

have Divine assistance but I need you to take the first step by opening up to my love and

guidance sometimes I need other people to accompany me on this path you’re on

I’m here to assist you and lead the way but it will take your choice to allow me in to believe what I say while I’m

around and to think about my plan for taking the first step which may be scary in and of itself if imagine standing on

the shore of a vast ocean knowing that you must plunge into its depths to uncover its hidden riches feelings of

dread anxiety or doubt could be there those feelings are normal but they

shouldn’t hold you back put it this way let them motivate you to take that risk

you are deserving of my undying love if you establish yourself as important to me in the same way that I love you your

knowledge has no limits it is both unlimited and constant you are already

loved unconditionally there is no longer any need for you to prove it embracing

this love is the source of your strength and bravery it is what will carry you through the worst times and introduce

brightness into your lives you may use my Direction as a compass to find your

way bureaucracy is everywhere in the soft murmur of your heart in The Wonder

of nature in the expressions of others and in the Tranquility of periods of

reflection you must Master the art of listening if you are to be receptive to my teaching observing and experiencing

it requires persistence and an openness to perceive Beyond apparent factors my

little one remember that standing up for yourself isn’t a show of weakness it’s

the last Act of strength in doing so you are expressing your willingness to

accept assistance and admitting that you do not possess all the answers the fact that you need help from someone other

than yourself to figure out how to handle your life’s many complexities is an acknowledgment of how difficult and

complex life is there will be a change the moment you take that first step the

weight and Tranquility that accompany realizing you aren’t alone will wash over you you will start to see the world

in a different light taking note of the Wonders and Splendor that are all around you my love and guidance have become a

source of constant strength and Solace transformation is something you will start to enjoy as long as you keep

allowing yourself to be loved and guided by me even if you’re more resilient than

before problems will still come a stronger Faith a more receptive coronary

heart and a more attuned Spirit may help you seize the chances that await you

there will be bumps in the road along the way but remember that every one of them is a chance for a boom at all times

I am by your side directing encouraging and supporting you I want you to know

that my intentions for you are full of Hope and promise even as the journey becomes too arduous to go alone

beginning the journey to my love and guidance is an ongoing process that requires daily dedication the conscious

decision to trust and the ability to remain open there may be times of uncertainty but it is at these times

that we must Reach Out rather than Retreat remember my unending love for

you and my vow to accompany you on this journey at all times tell others about your journey telling your story of faith

and vulnerability might Inspire those around you to do the same a life of

reason and pleasure is found in faith and strength is found in vulnerability show them this an

adventure of love Faith and perseverance awaits me in the long term my little

child discovering your own identity and the extraordinary potential you possess

is an exciting Journey step forward let your heart open and let my love and

guidance fill your belief in the adventure for it’s a magnificent one it’s a voyage back to a love that has

been waiting for you since the dawn of time always keep in mind that you’re never really alone no matter how far you

go at every turn I am here to Love You Lead You and encourage you I want you to

know that my love for you is unending and unendingly strong it is a love that

will never end and will always be there to guide us give yourself completely to

this love and let it guide you comfort you and Empower you you can conquer any

challenge achieve any personal goal and face whatever the future brings with

this love your journey is just beginning my little baby so many surprises await

you so much knowledge to be found and so much pleasure in Mastery come on this

adventure with an open mind and heart let my love and wisdom guide you and you

will see the most magnificent and breathtaking developments in your life My One True desire is for us to continue

living a life together brimming with love joy tranquility and purpose since

you are my beloved child let yourself be as vulnerable as I am and let us walk

this journey side by side things will become clearer as you go along if you

would only consent my pricey infant I will show you a sanctuary where you may rest and recover from this life’s trials

during times of difficulty you may feel as if the Earth under you is giving you nothing and that Darkness obscures your

path in these Darkest Hours I beg you to put your faith in me I will be there to

see you through the darkness and into the light our courtship is Guided by

contemplation it is the link that binds your Beating Heart to mine to trust me

and let my love and guidance into your lives means to accept my love without

reservation which will keep you grounded in the knowledge that my plans for you are perfect even in the middle of

turmoil and will lead you to a safe haven where you can heal in times of

Stillness hear my voice seek my presence in all things and follow the path I set

out for you before you you will find rest for your tired spirit and serenity

that exceeds all knowledge on this route which isn’t always smooth and might seem frightening at first but it is welld

designed with your ultimate Health in mind restoring repairing and

regenerating what has been worn out is what healing is all about it’s more of a

journey than a goal you will find the strength to confront your pain and let my love shine through your darkest

moments when we we are together here in the safety of my arms healing takes

shape as we journey together my love will teach you that healing often occurs

in stages with each stage unveiling a new degree of completeness and

wisdom you will get stronger more capable and more receptive to my guidance in this realm of healing and

safety with each stride you take forward and you will be able to let go of the

things that have held you back there is support for you stay strong my love and

calm are enveloping you right now if you want to replace your worries uncertainties and anguish with desires

faith and pleasure here is the place for you happiness abounds while I am around

and the joys that are close at hand are ever increasing for my precious child to

trust in me I must also let go of manipulation I must let go of the urge to understand everything and instead

embrace the mystery of my techniques my ways aren’t your ways and my ideas aren’t your thoughts but with

my knowledge I can see the big picture of your life and how each experience contributes to your healing from time to

time I will lead you into dark and unknown valleys however have no fear

these are not abandoned areas but rather opportunities for profound Spiritual Development and my personal presence

through these lowlands you will learn to rely on me in ways you never have before

and you will find joy in my constancy in ways you never have before never forget

my little one that my love for you has never wavered it is a love that has saved you and claimed you as my own and

it is a love that has always called you by name you may rest certain that you

will not fail on this trip with me because my love is perfect and fearless

so put your faith in me and let my love be the rock upon on which your Soul’s unwavering desire rests be still listen

closely let your heart follow my guidance and be aware of my presence in your life I assure you that the path

ahead may be long and challenging but I also guarantee that it will be

worthwhile at the conclusion of this trip you will find not only the greatest safety and healing but also a stronger

bond with me your father your guardian and your healer so so my precious

darling come with me on this adventure in the event that you consent I will

show you the way to a place of refuge and healing a place where you may let

your spirit recharge and your heart find Tranquility here you will find the

Everlasting profound love that I have for you an affection that has no purpose

of helping you die let me guide you if you’ll only agree with me my darling if you let me be your compass you can face

the challenges of your lifestyle with poise and bravery obstacles can be surmounted Vitality could be hiding in

an unexpected Place finally you will emerge we can go through fire without

being burned we can trust me through water without being pummeled if we are together through you I invite you to a

life of Plenty a life where my blessings and Good Will abound you give me

permission to use you in ways you can’t fathom and I’ll use that to bring about about a change that will Amaze you after

all I am the deity of the impossible my darling listen up God is telling you not

to wait any longer the more you put it off the more of an impact it will have on your life’s journey there are times

when you have to move quickly and taking your time might cause you to miss out on chances and escalate conflicts in these

times I want you to trust that I’m guiding you and to follow the steps I have set out for you

of course I have faith in God a dangerous opponent procrastination May

creep into your life undetected and keep you from reaching your full potential

you may find yourself mired in a NeverEnding Loop of inaction anxiety and

uncertainty not only does putting off following my advice stunt your growth but it also fortifies the barriers that

prevent you from living the life I have foretold for you the more time you pause

the less clear the path becomes and the more Shackled You Are by the shackles of delay when you’re hesitant the adversary

of your soul might plant the seeds of doubt and make the journey ahead seem

more scary than it really is nothing is ever too high quality or too scary when

you have me by your side my little one sometimes the most difficult thing to do is to just do it it requires trust

bravery and a Readiness to leave your comfort zone but know that the first step is also the most important in

starting the path to Liberation development and satisfaction you could discover that the

subsequent steps are easier to do after you’ve taken the first one while you

follow my hand and my mild do not let fear dictate your moves the adversary

uses fear to keep you from moving and from taking advantage of the richness of life that I provide instead trust that

faith will lead you the moment to act is now my beloved child my love for you is religious as

are my plans for you and the assurance that I will never leave you or abandon you the industry is anticipating the

gifts you may provide because I’ve planted the seed of Eternity inside you

every passing day is a lost opportunity to enter the future I’ve crafted for you

and that’s why I’m so sad when it all goes put off letting go of the things that are dragging you down

soak my toes in them here I can help you relax stay angry with those who have

harmed you and put off forgiving them you will discover Liberation through forgiveness put off fulfilling the

wishes I’ve placed in your heart for the time being find your true calling keep in mind my little one that I am the

deity of two-dimensional probability and the savior of lost time you may start

over with me at any time but the sooner you do the sooner you will be able to enjoy the richness of the life I have

made for you people who take a leap of faith relying on my timing and direction

will have a life filled with purpose joy and Tranquility keep your gaze fixed on

me as you progress let the light of my word guide you and illuminate your path

within its Pages you will discover the courage to overcome doubt the wisdom to Choose Wisely and the Tranquility that

accompanies knowing you are following my will the power of baby steps should not be

disregarded in religious Pursuits each action brings one closer to success and

further from the preservation of delay the shackles of delay will fall off as you go forward and you’ll be able to

Glide effortlessly toward Liberation and achievement I am very proud of your

bravery and will always be rooting for you my darling kid my Beating Heart celebrates with you as you take another

stride toward the life I’ve experi experienced remember you’re not on this journey alone all three of these

attributes my love my power and my presence envelop and Empower you get out

of your rut of procrastination and into the light of action and purpose my kid

take my advice trust in my power and go ahead confidently knowing that I am by

your side your lives which I have built for you are too precious to squander

carelessly therefore act immed immediately at every turn the upkeep or

put off May diminish with each step and The Sensation of momentum advancement

and Delight may take its place my will for your life is unmistakably one of progress prosperity and Triumph when it

is your moment to shine my darling do not put it off any longer now subscribe to our Channel since this message is

benefiting God every day the need to act quickly and The Perils of putting things

off till later are both both emphasized by God he assures that he’s always endowed to lead and guide and he

promotes trust faith and bravery forward momentum carries us toward fulfilling

our Divine Purpose breaking through barriers and relishing in the abundance of the loving lives God has planned for

us my precious child I’m offering you a way out a chance to loosen the bonds

that may once again bind you to your life says God at times you may feel

Shackled by external factors internal uncertainties and the criticisms of others around you even if

these bonds seem insurmountable I am here to tell you that if you decide to hold on to them there is hope and

freedom waiting for you on the other side one step toward Liberation is

realizing that these constraints are knowledge and that the things that restrict you aren’t necessarily external

events but rather internal struggles the voices that tell you you can’t that you

you aren’t good enough and that you don’t deserve to be happy you are the only one who can give those voices power

over you they are not real my darling I present you with religion as an escape

route think about the possibility and give into the faith that there may be a purpose to your life beyond what you can

see in this world have faith in my love for you knowing that I want what’s best for you and that my intentions are to

bring you Prosperity rather than damage let go of the urge to control or

comprehend everything and instead rely on me allow me to show you the way into

the unknown this way out is more of a shift than a departure from reality what

matters most is that you see the difficult times you’re going through as opportunities to mature strengthen your

faith and become more dependent on me you realize that seemingly

insurmountable bonds are really rather pliable when you examine your lives through this prism

liberating yourself from such constraints requires bravery it is leaving your comfort zone facing your

worries and doing it despite your concerns because you are aware that I am by your side keep in mind that courage

isn’t being Fearless but rather being determined to keep going even when things get tough you break free from

your shackles with every courageous stride another option I have is the

power of forgiveness both to toward those who have wronged you and towards yourself so that you may move beyond

your mistakes clinging to negative emotions such as anger and shame can

only make your situation worse as you begin to release yourself from the shackles of the past forgiveness will

serve as the key that unlocks the door to Freedom allowing you to go ahead

burden free find individuals who raise you up who see the best in you and who

push you to go after your dreams that’s how you build a strong support system restoration and progress are

effectively pushed forward by the community this is not a path I should take you on alone as you saw toward

Liberation let the love and encouragement of others be your wingman my kid keep in mind that the Escape

Route I provide isn’t an occasional option it’s a decision you may make every day Faith rather than concern

gives way to management forgiveness rather than bitterness and connection rather than isolation are choices that

may be made every day you are moving closer to the Abundant Life I’ve promised you on this path to Liberation

with each step you take away from the shackles that forly bound you do not

give up because you will experience uncertainty and disappointments these are natural parts of the process when

you fell down but then got back up relied on me and continued on what topics were those for you my grace is

sufficient and in your weakness my might shines brightest a feeling of

unparalleled Freedom will wash over you the moment you release yourself from these constraints once you free yourself

from the shackles of your chains you’ll find hidden talents and resources inside you even in the face of seemingly

insurmountable obstacles you may the opportunities and the knowledge that you are walking in my plan for your life

will bring you profound Joy Jo and contentment so watch out for the exit my

little kid to live a life firmly grounded in faith to embrace it as real

and to give up is to have freedom and I am offering it to you shake off the shackles that bind you and walk freely

into the Abundant lives I have planned for you presence of Reason love happiness and Tranquility the road ahead

may seem daunting but know that I will be by your side the whole way I will

always be available to you my love for you will never fade and my energy will never die let us walk down this road

together it will bring us closer to freedom and we can celebrate my little toddler’s Triumph when we reach there

you get to choose are you planning to stay are you determined to avoid the chains that support your back or are you

planning to take a different route this is yours to take as I step into Liberty and give it to you with love support and

guidance I I am here and ready to be by your side every step of the way my

darling choose Liberty prioritize ways of living choose happiness follow your

heart’s desire for the path that will bring you to your greatest potential you will grow closer to me to your authentic

self and to the path I have planned for your life as you inch closer to Independence in order to see more videos

like this please subscribe to our Channel and hit the like button amen

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